5. Baki

Baki is a thrilling showcase of hyper-masculine legends enacting an archetypal storyline of a young fighter training to surpass his father. 

4. Fate/Zero

This 25-episode seinen follows a group of mages as they compete in a battle royale called the Fourth Holy Grail War over a mythical chalice capable of granting the wish of its possessor.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist:     Brotherhood

For many, Brotherhood is the essential anime experience. The show’s emotional core revolves around the plight of the Elric brothers, Ed and Alphonse, two alchemists sponsored by the authoritarian Amestris military.

2. Neon Genesis:       Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is in a right of its own one of the best anime shows ever created, you may love it or hate it after watching it putting the watcher through an emotional roller coaster.

1. Hunter x Hunter

It consists of so many interesting main characters and if you consider all of their goals and subplots, the story just becomes even more unpredictable and is enough to hold the viewer's interest.

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