Top 9 Titan Shifters in Attack on Titan

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Top 9 Titan Shifters in Attack on Titan – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 9 Titan Shifters in Attack on Titan. In Attack On Titan story, the Titans are basically humans who can turn into a titan figure. Some of them becoming titan will become wild and prey on ordinary humans. However, it will be different from the person who inherits the ancient power of Ymir Fritz.

In history, Ymir was the ancestor of the Eldian people who made a deal with the devil, by giving Ymir the power of titan. But one day the power of the titan split into 9 different titan parts, including Attack titan, Female titan, Armored titan, Colossal titan, Dancing titan, Beast titan, Jaw titan and Quadrupedal titan.

At first, the Eldians used the power of the titan for human concerns such as in the construction of cities like bridges and other buildings, but over time the power was misused to commit various genocides against nations other than Eldia. So, let’s get started!

9. Pieck Finger


Pieck is an Eldian and plays a role in helping Marley as one of the warriors there. She is the heir to the current Cart Titan. In her human form, she is a young woman with short slightly dishevelled black hair. In her titan form, she walks on all four limbs and she is 4 meters tall. Having a long and flat body makes it easy for her to take various materials and even weapons of war.

Despite being a titan, Pieck is a sweet and kind person, who consistently cares about fellow warriors and other warrior candidates. Besides being cute, she is also a smart person who can conclude any situation. While most other humans only can use the power of the titan briefly because it has dangerous risks, but Pieck can stay in her titan form for a very long time.

8. Armin Arlert

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It can be said Armin is the 15th commander of the Survey Corps. Armin is Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman’s childhood friend. Even though he appears physically weak among the others in the 104th Training Corps, his intelligence and genius make his every strategy an invaluable asset. In a human form, Armin is a young man with a boyish face with brown eyes.

In the form of the Colossus Titan, he appears completely skinless similar to the Bertolt’s titan with long straight arms and short muscular legs. His titan’s feet are shaped in such a way so that he can stand without falling owing to its proportions and height.

Even though he has recently become a Colossal titan, he is able to master and prove how terrible the power of the Colossal titan is, with just one transformation, he bears heat that is able to create a huge explosion in Marley Harbor. Before inheriting the power of the titan Bertolt, he had a titan form with features and form almost similar to his human form, with blonde hair and a relatively small body.

7. Porco Galliard


Porco is known as the Eldian and the younger brother of Marcel Galliard. He is one of Marley’s soldiers who inherits the Jaw Titan power from Ymir. In human form, he appears as a young man of medium height and slender.

In the form of Jaw titan, he has sunken eyes with long blonde hair and a beard typical of Jaw titan. In his titan form, Porco has tremendous Jaw power, his titan’s teeth are tough and efficient enough, even to destroy the harden crystal of the War Hammer Titan.

6. Annie Leonhart

titan shifters

Annie is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps and a former member of the Military Police brigade. Her skill in wielding a sword in battle is extraordinary. Annie inherits the ability of the Female Titan. At the beginning of her appearance, she is the main antagonist prior to her defeat. In human form, Annie is a very beautiful young woman with a small but muscular body.

She has always tied-blonde hair covering part of her face. In her Female Titan form, she changes quite drastically, although her overall physical and facial features remain mostly the same. The body of her titan form consists mainly of exposed muscle tissue with very limited skin coverage.

If it’s seen from other titans, the female titan form looks much stronger with a more physically fit and a slender body full of muscles. As its name suggests, Annie’s titan is the only titan to appear physically female. In her past, she was trained brutally and made her an isolated person, she is rarely seen smiling and often has an expressionless face.

As part of the 104 Training Corps graduate, Annie has a lot of expertise in controlling vertical manoeuvring equipments. Using only the tool bar, she easily kill the Titan.

5. Reiner Braun

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He is the descendant of an Eldian and Marleyan grown up in the Liberio internment zone. Reiner is the heir to the Armored titan power. He is one of the people infiltrating the paradise island with the aim to reclaim the founding titan. In human form, Reiner has short blonde hair and large broad shoulders.

In his Armored titan form, he is 15 meters tall with a body covered with a white plate of hardened skin covering his entire body, his eyes seem to be covered with white organic lenses. Although his titan form looks heavy weight and low on stamina, Reiner is able to have high agility and is able to move at fast momentum.

When Reiner transforms into Armored titan, his body automatically produced hardened skin like armor covering most of his body, except for the muscle tissue behind his feet. The armor is strong enough to withstand concentrated Cannon fire, and even a direct bump from a Colossus titan.

Reiner may actually be inferior and haunted by guilt because of his background, but it can’t be denied, he can use his Armored Titan form to fight well.

4. Lara Tybur


War Hammer Titan is one of the 9 titan having the ability to make structures from titan’s hardened flesh. For years the power of War Hammer is hidden by the Tybur family, but in the Attack on Titan final season series, the power of War Hammer is successfully seized by Eren with the help of Jaw Titan.

War Hammer Titan can generate and manipulate structures made of Titan’s hardened flesh. This structure can be used as a weapon, for example, forming a fairly large spear to stab and lift a Titan, flooding the spike-like protrusions area, and generate the Titan’s signature war hammer.

3. Bertolt Hoover


Bertolt was the possessor of the Colossus Titan’s ability before Armin. As a human, Bertolt appears as a rather tall and slender young man with short hair and brown eyes. Similar to Armin, in his Colossus titan form, Bartolt has a height of about 60 meters, making him 4 times taller than other titans.

Bertolt’s Colossus Titan Form is one of the severely deformed Titans who also regularly releases steam spurt from the surface of his body. He is a quiet young man who identifies himself as someone with a weak will that follows popular opinion. Likewise, his instructor notes him as a person with a great potential, but completely lack of initiative.

2. Zeke Yeager

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In the story, Zeke is the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, and also the half-brother of Eren Yeager. He is the one inheriting the power of the Beast titan. Zeke is a strong Titan. Indeed, he can be overthrown in the standard way, but this guy can turn Eldians who consume his body fluids into Titan.

Titans created out of this way can then be controlled by Zeke as an army. The human form of him has a tall and large body with short blonde hair. Then the titan form of him is an unusual specimen, with an ape-like appearance, but the posture is similar to that of humans in general. When standing, this Beast titan is able to reach 17 meters in height.

1. Eren Yeager

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Eren is a former member of the Survey Corps and the main protagonist of the Attack on Titan series. In human form, Eren appears as a handsome young man with short hair, but in the Attack on Titan final season series, he has long hair that sometimes covers part of his face.

In his Founding titan form, Eren appears to have a proportional upper body, and the original form of titan eren is shorter than his current form, that is only 4 meters tall with short hair.

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