Top 10 Best Spy Anime You Should Watch Right Now

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Top 10 Best Spy Anime You Should Watch Right Now – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Best Spy Anime You Should Watch Right Now. Are you searching for the next best anime? What about some spies and missions? You got it, I am talking about the lack of spy-themed anime on your watch list.

You may be wondering, “Why Spy anime?”… Why not? After all, there is a lot of great anime in this category. Anime like Ghost in the Shell, Angel Beats, Akame Ga Kill, and the most recent anime that stole our hearts, Spy X Family! If you are ready, let’s hop in and enjoy the top ten spy anime that you must see! Trust me, this anime list would surprise you!

10. Akame ga Kill!


You’re going to need a box of tissues if you’re going to binge this one. This anime shattered our hearts. So, if you haven’t seen this anime yet, brace yourselves because the finale was devastating! Akame Ga Kill is a spy anime because of the Night Raid idea.

Tatsumi is the anime’s main character, and he and his pals have always desired to go to the big city and establish a name for themselves so that they may return and help their town.

Tragic events occur in the city, and Tatsumi’s friends are killed, so he meets the Night Raid and decides to join them in their efforts to change the corrupt chain of power. The anime does not end well, but the relationship the Night Raid spies formed within us lives on to this day!

9. Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou


If you’re a fan of intense ninja action then this anime is for you. As much as Basilisk portrays espionage, it is also a death game anime. Two Ninja clans are at odds, but one guy was able to bring them together and declare a ceasefire.

Even when they are at peace, these two clans have a lot of bad blood between them, and the story begins when this bad blood manifests itself into an all-out conflict. The two clans at war, Kouga and Iga, disagree over who will take the throne after Leyasu steps down, so Leyasu decides that whoever wants the throne must battle for it.

Leyasu says that each clan will send ten members to battle to the death, and the last clan standing wins. Basilisk revolves around two lovebirds from opposing clans and the fight scenes in this anime are highly exciting.

8. Munou na Nana

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The first season of this anime was outstanding. Nana is a jack of all trades when it comes to espionage. Talentless Nana takes the notion of kids having superpowers to a new level. Nana is sent to an island where talented kids are trained.

They are told that they are on the island to be trained to face humanity’s enemies. A bunch of dumb, entitled kids with superpowers, of course, had to be contained in some way. That’s where Nana comes in.

7. Princess Principal

spy anime

This anime is highly underappreciated! Princess Principal is an anime about a group of girls who spend their days at a prim and proper school but spend their nights as full-fledged spies! I’m talking James Bond spy action.

These girls are slick; they infiltrate high-security buildings like it’s nothing! The character development in this anime is crazy; we see our main character grow from icy to expressive in just twelve episodes!

6. Ghost in the Shell


This anime movie rocked the world! Ghost in the Shell is one of those anime that put Japanese anime out to the western world and gained the Japanese anime culture more recognition back in 1995. It even had a movie adaptation a couple of years back in 2017.

I shouldn’t have to say much about this anime because just from the impact it had alone you should be able to recognize that this one is a complete gem. This anime had great animation, great action, and a great score.

It is set in a world in the future where technology is so advanced that people have shed off their bodies and put their consciousness in a shell that can do anything they want.

5. 009-1


Moving on, 009-1 is another classic spy anime. This anime, like our previous one, features a lot of cyborg action, but it is not set in the future. 009-1 is a science fiction spy anime about a female cyborg who works as a secret agent.

The story is set in an alternate reality in which the East and West blocs have been at odds for 140 years. Mylene Hoffman is the human-cyborg in this anime, and each episode is a spy mission in progress.

4. Angel Beats!


Every time I think about this anime, I think of Anohana, and it’s so strange that both anime made me so sad. The premise of this anime is that when someone dies with many regrets, they end up in limbo living the life they regret not living.

This anime is on the list because of the Afterlife Battlefront, a group of people who feel cheated by God and believe they did not deserve the life they had, so they wreak havoc on their student council president Angel. Angel Beats had a great plot, yet, there should have been more episodes to properly lay out the plot.

3. Spy x Family

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This anime is the diamond in the rough anime on our list. Best in Espionage and best in Comedy. Twilight is a spy for the country Westalis. Westalis is at odds with another country in the east called Ostania. There’s a storm brooding beneath and Ostania is plotting something.

It’s up to Agent Twilight and Operation Strix to stop Ostania’s plot. This anime is great because we have a Spy, an Esper, and an Assassin put together to make a family.

Also, People need to understand that Loid Forger is just an alias, and Twilight is just a codename so we don’t actually know anything about this spy at the beginning of the series. But trust me, Anya is the reason many people want to see this anime.

2. Detective Conan

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Our runner-up anime is a bit of a drag in terms of episode count, but I swear every episode is worth your time. To be blunt, this anime is basically just a little smart boy with glasses solving different cases in each episode. Kudo Shinichi is a seventeen-year-old high school student and the son of famous actors.

A big house, a vast library, and a big brain for our main character, who is a great soccer player who also works part-time as a consultant for the police. So what’s so special here? Well, it’s the plot twist. Kudo somehow became Conan!

Kudo is on a date with his girlfriend when he discovers some criminals engaging in illicit activity. As a consultant to the police, he goes to investigate, but he is caught and given a drug that reverts his body to his seven-year-old self.

1. Death Note

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Finally, at number one we have Death Note! Yagami Light picks up a book labeled “Death Note,” which grants him the ability to kill people just by writing their names in the book. Even if some of you may disagree, espionage is a major theme in this anime.

L and the entire police force are looking for Light, or should I say, Kira. But Light is very cunning because he always escapes the traps they lay out for him. The twists and thrillers in this anime are enough to make anyone go nuts! Seriously, this anime is fantastic. If you have not seen Death Note, start watching it now!

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Best Spy Anime You Should Watch Right Now. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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