Top 10 Fairy Tail Saddest Moments (2021)

fairy tail saddest moments

Top 10 Fairy Tail Saddest Moments – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Fairy Tail Saddest Moments. Fairy Tail has fired up our hearts are made our tears shed for over ten years now and through the years we’ve seen plenty of heartbreak and sentimental scenes emerge from the much-loved manga and anime. We’ve cheered the beloved mages on our cried for them when they were at their lowest points and laughed alongside them throughout their adventures. Let’s take a look at the scenes that made many of us become a faithful member of the Fairy Tail family.

10. Laxus Leaves Fairy Tail


Laxus decision to start a war against members of his own guild, Ultimately led him being kicked out the guild. While the action itself wasn’t what moved us, What came next surely did. As the Fantasia parade carried on and everyone in Magnolia enjoyed themselves a familiar symbol coined by Laxus at a young age with his grandfather near him rose into the hands of all the Fairy Tail members a symbol known as “I’m Looking Your Way” moving Laxus enough to break down and look towards his family with tears in his eyes knowing his family was still there waiting for him to return a better and changed man was more than enough for Laxus to carry on and move on from his past mistakes.

9. Erza Cries For Jellal


When Jellal back on the good side once more many members of the Fairy Tail guild look forward to what happens next for the once enemy wizard. However criminal pasts aren’t easy to overlook especially in the eyes of the law, Soon enough Jellal’s taken away to serve his time for his crimes against Fiore. Despite the efforts of his new friends and allies his parting words were a memory of how he came to give Erza her last name before disappearing. As dawn comes the next morning we’re greeted by the appearance of fairy tales strongest female Erza having a total breakdown a scene that left us in awe of how even the strongest of us have our breaking points.

8. Truth About Cait Shelter


Cait Shelter is the guild that took Wendy in and raised her, Soon be revealed to be nothing more than a mere illusion created by the guild master in order to make her feel happy and loved. While Wendy’s time with her guild would soon come to an end seeing her tears for her guild master and its member to return stuck to our hearts. What really did it and made this moment was when Wendy was at her lowest Erza reached out to help her knowing the pain of losing someone you care for, Erza opened a new door for Wendy and helped to find a new family that family being the Fairy Tail guild.

7. Makarov sacrifice

fairy tail saddest moments

We’ve seen plenty of sacrifices and tough decisions made in the most recent season but few seem to compare with makarov decision to lessen the number of enchanted foot soldiers so his children could continue the battle without having to deal with the minor threats. By using fairy law ultimately leads the Fairy Tail guild master to his own death even though he managed to defeat 70 to 80% of the enemy and with a protective stance Makarov passes away and leaves his children knowing the true cost of war and that they now have something to fight for as well as the desire not to lose anyone else in the final battle between themselves and Zeref.

6. Ultear’s Sacrifice


In The Grand Magic Games none of us thought possible with any warning of the future and many of us witnessing the death of many of our favorite characters it was hard to accept the best possible ending Ultear a villain who’d been moved to do good deciding her own life was not worth more than those around. She castes last ages in the hope of saving her allies from an unspeakable fate after she cast her spell and only manages to rewind time by a mere minute. Her thoughts about her life being worth only a minute takes us on an emotional roller coaster. However what comes next is what truly made all two years sacrifice stick in our hearts as gray catches sight of her old and gray form on the way back to Magnolia she tells him not to seek her out with the idea of him losing his mother and daughter who helped save him he’s moved to tears himself as were we.

5. Gajeel’s Death


Gajeel was introduced originally as a villain with different morals from Natsu but when he joined a Fairy Tail and changed for the better it was clear many of us were becoming attached to him from how he defended the levy and giving his all to make Panther Lily his Exceed companion Gajeel quickly became a favorite in the series. But when Bloodman’s vortex proved too much for him to handle he ultimately decided he needed to take the enemy out with him as well. Despite levy plead for him to let her help she’s held back by Panther Lily then comes Gajeel’s confession saying he wanted to be with her forever and that future without her was his greatest fear then he’s gone and many of us were left terrified that we’d just witnessed the end of the Dragon Slayer but luckily by Irene’s magic he was alive and well again despite the loop of emotions many had been thrown through.

4. Future Lucy’s Death


The arrival of The Melancholy Lucy Heartfilia from the Future made viewers know that what was to come next would be unexpected with future road dead set on killing the current day Lucy it was clear the future Lucy knew she’d have to sacrifice herself in order to save the future and her own past self. She asked to see her guild mark once more as her final words and she takes her last breath. We see how greatly her death would affect the most influential people in her life. From Wendy and Carlos stunned silence with their eyes brimming with tears the Happy’s tearful goodbye to future Lucy and then finally the Natsu’s anger desire to make sure this doesn’t happen again to Lucy it drove many of us to tears so much that when future Lucy did indeed pass on and meet her guild once more in the afterlife we cried in relief along with the celestial mage.

3. Silver’s Goodbye

fairy tail saddest moments

Gray’s past and the trauma of Deliora drove him to become a stronger and capable wizard so when the tataros raised his father from the dead it seemed that Gray was going to relive the past of losing his father to make matters worse Juvia was forced to choose between giving her own life so gray could remain with his father or kill the necromancer who brought him back in order to defeat the demon guild. In the end with a teary goodbye and a new ability gray says goodbye to his father Silver’s parting words help both Gray and Juvia to move forward not feel guilty for their actions.

2. Igneel’s Death

fairy tail saddest moments

The tartaros arc not only had the parting of Gray’s father but also of Natsu adopted father Igneel as well. Since the beginning of the series Natsu had been searching for his father who disappeared. When the pair were reunited it seemed all as well or at least until Acnologia ended Igneel life right there before Natsu’s eyes. Even after Mard Gear was defeated and the other Dragon Slayers were bidding goodbye to their own dragon parents Natsu was mourning the death of his own dragon parent. But despite the pain and tears the Igneel death brought Natsu moved even further and vowed to get even stronger to protect the ones he loved from the same fate.

1. Lucy Breaks Aquarius key

fairy tail saddest moments

Lucy wasn’t known as a brutal fighter in the Fairy Tail series however went back against the wall and with a guild members in need of her help she’s always willing to give her all. In order to save them thus she was given the ultimate choice to make save her friends or keep one of the few Momentum’s of her mother the celestial spirit Aquarius. Despite the hard decision and Aquarius pushing her to do it Lucy was still conflicted to the point where her own life was in danger thanks to jackal but with Aquarius is moving words Lucy breaks a key and summons the celestial spirit king. Despite her saving the day it was clear the loss of Aquarius was something that would take her a while to get over and even in the present-day Lucy’s resolved to find Aquarius new key shows how dedicated she is to having the spirit at her side.

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