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fairy tail male characters

Top 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Male Characters – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Male Characters. I’m including only alive characters and their feats during Alvarez Empire Arc. So let us count down from weakest to strongest.

10. Bickslow


Bickslow is one of the member of the Thunder God Tribe. He uses human possession magic, a black magic which allows him to seal wandering souls inside objects and manipulates them as he wills. He’s a member of team Laxus and he wields immense power.

9. Mest Gryder


Mest Gryder is a mage of fairy tail guild. But for some situations he erased his own memories and joined the council. There he was known as DoranBolt. He uses Memory Control and Telepathy Magic. He is one of the top mages in Fairy tail. He is a powerful in his real powers. He is a good hearted guy as well.

8. Elfman Strauss


Elfman is the elder brother of Lisanna and the youngest brother of Mirajane. He also uses take-over magic. He has several demon forms with each one varying in strength and purpose (Defensive and Offensive). What I like about him is that he never gives up.

7. Freed Justine


Freed is another member of the Thunder God Tribe along with Bickslow and Evergreen. He uses Dark Ecriture Magic which allows him to write runes in the air with his sword or fingers to be used for offense to attack the enemy or defense to protect himself from danger.

6. Makarov Dreyar


Makarov is the master of the fairy tail guild and a former wizard saint. Being a former wizard saint is a proof of his power. He was able to hold off Acnologia for a while is his giant state when the latter attacked the guild at tenrou isalnd, and he also wields fairy law magic.

5. Gajeel Redfox


Gajeel is an iron dragon slayer with immense magic power. Being a dragon slayer, there’s no surprise he’s among the strongest mages in the guild. He was able to fight on par with Bloodman, one of the spriggan 12 members. He can rival the likes of Gray, Natsu and Laxus in power.

4. Gray Fullbuster

fairy tail male characters

Gray is a very strong fairy tail mage and he uses ice-make magic. He became much stronger after receiving ice devil slaying power from his dad “Silver Fullbuster”. With this magic, he was able to defeat Invel, a spriggan 12 member and he also held his own against a partially transformed Eterious Natsu Dragneel.

3. Laxus Dreyar

fairy tail male characters

Laxus is a lightning dragon slayer and therefore capable of using dragon slaying magic. He has immense physical strength and he was able to beat jura, one of the ten wizard saints during the grand magic games. Despite being poisoned, he was able to defeat Wall Eehto another spriggan 12 member.

2. Gildarts Clive

fairy tail male characters

Gildarts is definitely one of the strongest member in the fairy tail guild. He usually defeats his opponents with hardly any efforts. He easily defeated God Serena although the latter wasn’t at full power. He was able to hold his own against August Dragneel the strongest of the spriggan 12 alongside Irene Beleserion.

1. Natsu Dragneel

fairy tail male characters

Natsu is the fire wielding dragon slayer of fairy tail and he possesses immense magic power. He melted a stadium without any effort after returning from his one year training. He was able to overpower Zeref with Fire Dragon King Mode. He one-shotted Dimaria, another spriggan 12 member after partially transforming into END.

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