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Top 18 Best Anime With Angels Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 18 Best Anime With Angels. Anime with angels is a broad category, as there are many different sub-genres of the medium. Some examples include shoujo, shounen, and seinen anime. There is even a classification for “enchanted young lady anime”. This article is focused on those that fall into the category of “anime with angels”. 

Many of these shows have come from Japan, but the rise in popularity in Western audiences has seen many arrive here too. So, let’s get started.

18. Neon Genesis Evangelion


Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime that is overflowing with strict symbolism – including heavenly messengers. In this eminent series, holy messengers aren’t winged delights, they’re odd beasts from space that can take almost any structure from an enormous solid shape in the sky to a sort, adoring human structure. Since these holy messengers present a danger to mankind, individuals fight them utilizing mecha. The show sways between high-stakes activity and a profound way of thinking, bringing about a staggering series that is an unquestionable requirement to watch for any anime fan.

17. Gabriel Dropout

anime with angels

In the realm of Gabriel Dropout, holy messengers are relied upon to invest energy among humans to all the more likely get them and apply that information toward their work. At the point when Gabriel White Tenma, a holy messenger at the highest point of her group, advances toward Earth, she fully plans to do precisely that. Yet, her grand objectives rapidly drop off the radar when she finds computer games, anime, and different parts of otaku culture. The once aspiring holy messenger is presently a dropout – which implies that her life will before long be loaded up with different holy messengers attempting to direct her back toward the correct way, just as evil spirits who might adore her for relaxing.

16. Heaven’s Lost Property

anime with angels

Tomoki Sakurai has a common length for heavenly messengers that routinely carries him to tears. With the assistance of his companions, he finds that his fantasy may be associated with an unidentified drifting item in the sky called the New World. The day Tomoki intends to tell the Magical Planet, a strange flying young woman appears from nowhere crashes through Tomoki’s existence. What follows is a shockingly profound – yet additionally adequately hot holy messenger-themed collection of mistresses anime.

15. High School DxD


The universe of heavenly messengers is a risky one in High School DxD. Issei Hyoudou is a salacious secondary school understudy whose fundamental objective in life is to assemble his array of mistresses. At the point when an exquisite lady asks him out, he imagines that his desire may be materializing – however, she ends up being a fallen heavenly messenger keen on ending his life! Rias Gremory, a similarly lovely evil spirit, resuscitates him as her worker, tossing him head-first into the universe of risky contentions among heavenly messengers and devils.

14. Haibane Renmei


In the Old Home, creatures called Haibane are brought into the world from covers. As they create, they develop wings and radiances suggestive of heavenly messengers. They hold no recollections of how they came to the Old Home, or who they were previously. When other Haibane starts to vanish without clarification, a youthful Haibane named Rakka starts attempting to figure out her befuddling and delightful world.

13. A Centaur’s Life

anime with angels

In the realm of A Centaur’s Life, people have started advancing along numerous pathways: centaurs, individuals with creature ears, snakes, mermaids, evil spirits, holy messengers, and the sky is the limit from there. The show centers around the way that this multitude of altogether different people communicate with one another. It’s not in every case pretty – the world has a broad history of war and oppression between the various races, and negligible hostilities mistaken assumptions win. In any case, despite the issues, the heroes figure out how to have ordinary existences together.

12. D.N.Angel


D.N.Angel is a dearest anime from 2003 that follows Daisuke Niwa, a socially abnormal youngster who begins the series by getting dismissed by his crush, Risa. In any case, his discouraging life goes off in an unexpected direction when he ends up changing into a scandalous craftsmanship cheat named Dark Mousy each time he contemplates his solitary love. Dull Mousy is something other than a change, notwithstanding – he’s a heavenly power passed down from one age to another fully intent on taking a work of profound enthusiastic significance. Not exclusively should Daisuke deal with these troubling special kinds of mystery, he should likewise manage an unforeseen foe as one of his colleagues.

11. Midnight Occult Civil Servants


Noon mysterious government workers aren’t totally about heavenly messengers, yet they do assume a significant part. In the realm of the series, holy messengers are one of the numerous non-human species called Anothers. They are enormous, lovely, and communicate in a language that most people can’t comprehend. The human protagonists are accused of taking care of issues that exist among holy messengers and other Anothers – including issues like one heavenly messenger needing to escape with her tengu sweetheart and her family protesting.

10. Angel Sanctuary


Setsuna Mudo is a customary youngster attempting to manage commonplace issues like being tormented in school, yet his standard life concludes when he finds that he has a brilliant predetermination – or is it a shocking one? A gathering of heavenly messengers feels that he’s the resurrection of their chief Alexiel, while evil spirits are letting him know that he once drove them to fight God. As Setsuna attempts to figure out this, the fight between paradise and hellfire is warming up – what side will he take? Does he have a decision?

9. Kobato.


Kobato Hanato is a being from space whose body is occupied by a heavenly messenger. However the series never unequivocally calls Kobato a heavenly messenger herself, she positively has saintly attributes. While on Earth, she will likely gather “koinpeto” – an otherworldly substance that is delivered at whatever point she mends the aggravation in an individual’s heart. The main catch is that she can’t experience passionate feelings for anybody whose heart she’s mended – which is a lot quite difficult.

8. Maria the Virgin Witch


Maria the Virgin Witch offers an extraordinary interpretation of holy messengers. Rather than being benevolent animals who exist to help mankind, they’re there to pass out disciplines. Maria is a strong witch who utilizes her powers to attempt to carry harmony to middle age France. The sky doesn’t see the value in her interfering, so the chief heavenly messenger Michael seems to illuminate her that assuming she loses her virginity, she loses her powers as well. Can Maria continue to battle for harmony in France? Not if the holy messengers – and the actual congregation – have at least something to do with it.

7. Colorful


After an anonymous individual is kicked out of the pattern of resurrection because of sins they can’t recollect that, they believe that they’ve done for – until a heavenly messenger permits them to resurrect into the body of a 14-year-old kid named Makoto who just ended it all. Through investigating the kid’s life, they find out with regards to what drove them to get kicked out of the resurrection cycle, and they additionally find out with regards to what pushed Makoto to the edge. This is a serious anime film that arrangements with a troublesome subject, yet the story is magnificently told.

6. Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan


Did you have at least some idea that holy messengers can likewise be professional killers? Dokuro Mitsukai is a heavenly messenger sent from the future to prevent Sakura Kusakabe from carrying out horrifying wrongdoing. However he may be only a center schooler now, later on, he will concoct a gadget that will prevent all young ladies from maturing in recent years – making them practically undying and unleashing destruction on the normal human existence cycle. Rather than simply taking him out totally, Dokuro chooses to irritate and divert him to the place where he’ll never acquire the abilities he wants to get it going. Assuming you like satire with an ecchi turn, this 2005 OVA merits looking at.

5. Pita Ten

anime with angels

Kotaro is a customary youngster whose life is flipped around totally by the presence of Misha, an understudy holy messenger who doesn’t appear to get that holy messenger should do beneficial things, not terrible ones. He additionally meets Shia, an evil presence who would prefer to help individuals and satisfy them than cause them to experience as a devil should. How might Kotaro adjust these odd new powers in his existence with ordinary school life? It won’t be simple, yet since it’s Pita Ten, it’s most certainly going to be charming.

4. Angel Tales


Assuming you’re searching for a celestial anime with healthy energy, attempt Angel Tales, a 2001 anime about getting along with a horrible man named Goro. After an experience with a psychic outside of a pet shop, young ladies start showing up in his home. Goro is befuddled right away, yet he before long discovers that the young ladies are holy messengers – and all the more explicitly, they’re resurrections of pets he’s possessed previously. For any individual who has lost a pet, this anime offers some genuine wish satisfaction.

3. Angel Beats!

anime with angels

‘Holy messenger Beats’ follows the life or rather eternity of Otonashi Yuzuru. The most compelling thing he can remember about himself is his name. A young lady by the name of Yuri is the person who facilitates his coming to existence in the wake of death. She bears a rifle and lets him know that it is in existence in the wake of death and she is the head of the gathering by the name Shinda Sekai Sensen. The motivation behind the gathering is to take up arms against the shrewd young lady by the name of Tenshi. However, Otonashi feels a specific uncertainty about the evilness of Tenshi and chooses to converse with her. The experience doesn’t go above and beyond figured it would and he chooses to join the SSS and satisfy their objective.

2. Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

anime with angels

Bahamut is a winged serpent who delivers obliteration and unleashes devastation in the place that is known for Mistarcia which is where Gods, devils, and people live respectively. Yet, they can’t dispose of the monster without any assistance. In this way, they choose to collaborate and figure out how to scarcely seal the beast and choose to divide the critical three different ways to guarantee the security of the world would it be a good idea for one of the groups to go crazy. That episode is in the past now and things are very tranquil and individuals like Favaro Leone, an abundance tracker, simply have a great time and care for their requirements.

1. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

anime with angels

The anime is truly fun and comes extremely close to ecchi and spoof. Along these lines, assuming you are into that sort of stuff then, at that point, certainly look at it. Undies and Stocking are two raucous holy messengers who due to their “rowdiness” are expelled from paradise. To repurchase their direction to their residence they need to battle and kill insidious spirits and phantoms in the Daten City. They are being directed by a cleric named Garterbelt. Yet, these heavenly messengers have effectively diverted their side interests. While Panty loves having intercourse Stocking loves eating desserts. Follow these two rebels as they attempt to work for their reclamation.


Celestial anime is a stunning approach to approaching a few issues that only need an extensive open mind and the capacity for tolerance. Great heavenly-themed anime are definitely entertaining and regularly offer a fabulous learning experience to people who need to understand life from different points of view. These heavenly anime have been put together in such a manner that viewers can take after the whole tale and appreciate another individual`s life.

That is it from today’s post on Top 18 Best Anime With Angels. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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