Top 10 Anime Characters That Never Lose

Top 10 Anime Characters That Never Lose

Top 10 Anime Characters That Never Lose – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Anime Characters That Never Lose. Being badass is one thing, now being badass to the point of never being beaten, then it’s for few, right. Want some examples? Madara, Aizen, Kaidou and several others are very tough, but they’ve already been hit hard too, do you agree?

So now it’s just to talk about those who are simply untouchable, guys, ok. And that if they were touched, it was so little that nothing happened to them and it was as if a summer breeze had passed, a little wind, ok? Do you want to know who these crazy guys are? So stay with me, let’s go!

10. Sakamoto From Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto


There’s no way, Sakamoto is a practically perfect guy in every way and it ends up being a lot of fun as he plays at doing the impossible until it seems like a very possible thing. Like, the impossible for him is totally possible. Being just like Sakamoto is practically everyone’s high school dream, to be the greatest guy in the galaxy and who’s practically a complete ninja.

Even if he is pushed and is about to fall, he will exert such strong centrifugal force with his arms that he will get back on his feet, brand new. Or will you simply dodge everyone’s attack and use a straw as a weapon to hit someone in the ear in the middle of the beating, look like a joke, right?

9. Fyodor Dostoevsky From Bungo Stray Dogs


Do you know when they invented the term fair-weather friend or when they called someone a snake to say that you trust even a brick, but you don’t trust that person? Yeah, Fyodor is that kind of guy.

With this guy’s unique intelligence and his mega appeal ability, Fyodor manages to stay practically unscathed, okay. That’s because, if someone touches him, the person simply dies, it’s a one hit kill, without crying or candle, it’s over, with him still laughing at the face of the person who died.

8. Iruma Suzuki From Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun


Iruma, even in a school full of demons, with dragon attacks and everything else bizarre and dangerous that exists, he is never beaten simply for the ability to manage to dodge everything, that’s it. Everything that is thrown at him, Iruma manages to automatically dodge and leave everyone with their jaws dropped, drooling, right? This is even a skill that appears in few animes, do you agree?

7. Milim Nava From That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Anime Characters

Another super powerful anime girl, because apparently that’s what Japan likes the most, they love to put these badass little girls. And in the case of Milim, she is also another one who never had to worry about bandaging her arm or feeling the pleasure that is a merthiolate on her knee.

No. Even when she was beaten, we saw that she was so badass that she didn’t take any damage. Nothin’ at all! That’s because the Slime anime is still an anime full of overpower people, right.

6. Dracule Mihawk From One Piece


Guys, Mihawk is one of the toughest in One Piece and to be Shanks’ rival, it’s not for less, right. The guy reached such a level of perfection with the sword and such absurd battle power, that even a Yonko commander doesn’t frighten Mihawk. And maybe his eye isn’t like that because of his absurd observation Haki.

But who knows if when Zoro opens his eye, instead of being a Rinnegan, it will be a hawk’s eye. Although it makes sense, nothing is confirmed. And yes, guys, until today, after more than 1000 chapters, Mihawk didn’t show up right in the anime, I know, I know that, but every time he showed up it was to be a myth and they never even came close to hurting this guy, you know this.

Being the best swordsman in the world is not for everyone. And nowadays there are still people who say that Mihawk is Yonko level. Come on guys, you joking?

5. Satoru Gojo From Jujutsu Kaisen

Top 10 Anime Characters That Never Lose

If we’re talking about characters who are tough and never get hit, there’s no way we can’t talk about Satoru. With the ability to manipulate space to create an infinite distance between himself and the enemy, Satoru is one of those guys who walk the battlefield and if he has to worry about anything, it’s someone who’s close to him he has to protect.

Because with himself, he doesn’t have the slightest concern, what are he going to worry about? On the contrary! The villains’ concern is not having to fight Satoru’s invincible powers.

4. Kusuo Saiki From The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Top 10 Anime Characters That Never Lose

Simply a guy who could destroy the Moon without the least difficulty, but without the least effort, who would do it with a bored face like you when making coffee at work. Even so, Saiki focuses on trying to live a normal life and finding a way to suppress the telekinesis powers that would make even Tatsumaki’s jaw drop, for you to see the power that this guy has.

3. Daemon From Boruto: Naruto Next Generations


Guys, Daemon is one of the biggest monsters in Boruto’s manga currently, and I’m making an exception for the manga, ok. Daemon is such an appeal that I was in doubt whether to put him here or in front of the next one on the list, which you will see, but I was afraid of being lynched in a public square, I know how you guys are.

And the Daemon also has an ability to manipulate space-time, but in his case, the Daemon sends back to the enemy whatever they try to do to him. So, come on, if someone points a gun at Daemon and is about to pull the trigger, when that someone decides to pull the trigger, the bullet will simply appear in the person’s own head. That is, he manipulates the time of that object, that thing.

If someone tries to throw a knife at him, the knife will appear stuck where the person aimed, but on himself, you know? And so with anything you try to do to him. It’s not that the bullet is fired, travels through a space and then suddenly comes back to the person, that’s not it. The bullet will literally and simply appear in the person’s head, like magic.

2. Saitama From One Punch Man

Top 10 Anime Characters That Never Lose

Guys, I was even going to put Tatsumaki here because it would also make sense. Why not? But really, there’s no way for us to consider that Saitama was beaten by Boros, right? Okay, he took a beat and ended up on the moon, but damn, he literally got up and came back as if nothing had happened, he came back and humiliated Boros, that was nothing, you can’t consider that as he got hit, really, you can’t.

Here we’re talking about getting smashed by a beating, and that never happened with Saitama, and really, it won’t happen. Even because, he himself wanted to have time to be beaten, but one punch from him and that’s it, is more than enough. Well, we have someone stronger than Saitama!

1. Whis From Dragon Ball Super

Top 10 Anime Characters That Never Lose

Guys, I’ll make it clear that I won’t even consider that bite he took from Goku. Seriously! That one doesn’t count, damn it, tell the truth right! There’s no way to have another one in the first place. Whis just walks around against all his enemies, as if they were all little kids who are still learning to walk, and we’re just talking, damn… galaxy buster characters, right, those things of destroying galaxies, even universes.

Look at Beerus, right? And he himself took down a god with a neck, damn! The power of a Dragon Ball angel is on another level. And for that, Whis leads the ranking of characters who have never been beaten. Whis is in another level, there’s no way!

I’m not going to deny that Saitama we’d have to find out more to see if he gets to that level, let’s wait for things to happen in the anime, the development of the whole work, but… Whis we know what he’s capable of, we know who he’s up against, right? We haven’t seen Saitama face anyone of that level of power.

Honorable Mention

Killua Zoldyck From Hunter × Hunter

But it’s always really cool to see that, and I think it’s even worth an honorable mention for Killua from Hunter x Hunter. Because since when Killua first used his Godspeed, he was untouchable too. And practically for the same reason, to be able to automatically dodge the attacks and not even Yuupi, who was very tough, got to talk to him.

Unfortunately Killua didn’t make this list because he’s unfortunately been beaten like hell before, it wasn’t once or twice, it was several times. But if you consider Killua on Godspeed, pretend he’s here, okay?

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Anime Characters That Never Lose. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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