How Strong is Nine Tails Chakra Mode Naruto? | Naruto Shippuden

nine tails chakra mode

How Strong is Nine Tails Chakra Mode Naruto? – We will be taking a look at how strong is Nine Tails Chakra Mode Naruto? | Naruto Shippuden. This is the version of Naruto after battling against Kurama and gaining control over its chakra. So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu


Naruto didn’t really gain any extra Ninjutsu upon obtaining this mode. He still only had his usual; Rasengan and variants, Rasenshuriken and shadow clones. However the scale and potency of these techniques were on a different level than before. So what he lacked in versatility he made up for it with power. He could create multiple; Chou Odama Rasengans and Rasenshurikens including other variants like the Planetary Rasengan etc. He also created 13 KCM clones and one of them was strong enough to battle against Edo Raikage.

2. Genjutsu


We never got to see Naruto’s level of immunity to genjutsu in this mode. He was still very weary of Itachi’s Tsukuyomi when he and Bee encountered the latter and Nagato. He wasn’t a perfect jinchuriki yet so there’s no doubt he was still very vulnerable to powerful genjutsu. However am sure with the very potent 9 tails chakra he should be immune to genjutsu that are not overly powerful.

3. Taijutsu


We only saw a taste of Naruto’s Taijutsu in this mode during his short scuffle with Itachi. It may or may not tell the true extent of his taijutsu prowess but it was enough to tell us that he was at that point far more skilled than ever. I am to sure but I always feel Sage Mode gives better Taijutsu than KCM due to Frog Kumite but the speed of KCM and the ability to use chakra arms gives a clear edge to Kyuubi Chakra Mode.

4. Speed

nine tails chakra mode

When Naruto obtained KCM his speed became top tier. He would blitz Kisame in a way which appeared as though he had teleported. During his encounter with the 4th Raikage he initially struggled but by going max speed he managed to evade the latter’s fastest attack. The 4th Raikage was the fastest shinobi at that point in the series at least by his own statement and this justified as he was too fast even for a Mangekyo Sharingan to follow. So Naruto dodging that punch officially placed him above the Raikage in speed.

5. Strength

nine tails chakra mode

Naruto’s punch was enough to make Kisame bleed despite his high durability. While in Nine Tails Chakra Mode, his physical strength significantly enhanced enough to lift boulders easily using a single chakra arms. He could also temporarily prevent himself from getting swallowed by 4 tails “Son Goku” by holding off its mouth. I will say the strength of KCM is more or less on the same level with Sage Mode.

6. Intelligence


Naruto showed good battle wits when he battled Edo 3rd Raikage. After realizing he couldn’t break through his cloak, he discovered a scar and managed to get intel from 8 tails “Gyuki” on what actually happened. Even then he still had to take advantage of the scar which he did with aplomb. Using Sage Mode and making use of its reactions he managed to get the 3rd Raikage to hurt himself by dodging his attack and using the Rasengan to direct his hand towards the scar. This was amazing considering its Naruto who isn’t known for battle smarts.

7. Defense


The Nine Tails Chakra Mode made Naruto extremely durable. Hardly any attack could hurt him for example Roshi’s lava style only managed to corrode his mode and not completely burn through it and he received little to no damage. In the war this same mode was able to resist the Juubi’s Tenpenchi. With this feat, no other proof is needed on how durable he was whilst using this mode. If he was vulnerable it will most likely be against piercing attacks or once that ignore durability. The former must be very powerful though and there were only few of the latter.

8. Summoning


As always Naruto could summon toads from Mount Myoboku to aid him in battle. When he first obtained KCM he summoned a toad to execute the food cart destroyer technique on White Zetsu. He also summoned Gamakichi in the war to aid him get close to the 10 tails, so he could use the Rasenshuriken. Considering the amount of chakra he has at this point he can summon more than one for battle.

9. Chakra/Stamina

nine tails chakra mode

By battling the 9 tails and stealing its chakra Naruto obtained this mode. He still didn’t have full access over all the chakra of Yang Kurama since they were still at odds but it was still huge, much more than that of any other shinobi alive at that point in the series. He could make 13 KCM clones which appears small considering he could make thousands, however these clones could turn the war in favor of the shinobi alliance. It was only until Madara was reanimated that the tide turned back in the enemy’s favor. This tells us that he gave huge chakra to each of these clones and of course many of them had the stamina to last for a long time.

From the ratings we can see that Naruto is top notch in every area. So most likely in order to defeat him one will need to be totally superior in power, or have hax like genjutsu or other broken abilities. Let’s continue to determine how strong he is.

Nine Tails Chakra Mode Naruto’s Tier

nine tails chakra mode

This iteration of Naruto is overall superior even to War Arc Sage Mode which I have as High Kage. The only advantages Sage Mode could have is Taijutsu and Physical Strength but very slightly if there’s any advantage at all. So I will have this version a tier above Sage Mode and in my tier system it is”High Kage+”. If we look every character that is High Kage, I don’t think anyone there can pull out any one against this version of Naruto so a tier higher is fair.

Whom He Beats and Who Beats Him

nine tails chakra mode

I think Obito with Mangekyo Sharingan and Sage Mode Kabuto are the most plausible people who could defeat this Naruto. Obito has Kamui which Naruto will have problems against. While range and sound genjutsu would be a problem as well. Pain, Killer Bee and Mu may have chances. Pain can if he manages to trap Naruto in Chibaku Tensei, Killer Bee Bijuudama and Mu Jinton. However he wins most; Can sense Mu’s emotions, could take out Pain before Chibaku Tensei comes into play and Rasenshurikens would greatly harm 8 tails. He should beat the rest in the same tier unless it is their Edo Iterations since he has no sealing jutsu. He should beat Kabuto fight EMS Sasuke as well. All in all, only Top Tiers and above should totally beat him.

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