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How Strong is Fused Momoshiki Otsutsuki? – We will be taking a look at just how strong is Fused Momoshiki Otsutsuki? Most at times, it is either he’s overrated or underrated by fans. So, let’s get started.

Momoshiki is able to absorb Chakra/Ninjutsu at a very high level using his Rinnegan no matter how devastating it could be. Whether it is a Bijuu Bomb Killer Bee’s case, or Rasenshuriken’s in Naruto’s case he could absorb them easily.


After absorbing a technique, which he does with his right Rinnegan, he could unleash the technique at a much greater power than the original user through his left. He was also capable of absorbing chakra directly, as with Naruto’s chakra.

He is able to use all 5 Basic Chakra Natures at a very high level including Wood and Lava Release, creating devastating techniques out of them. He is also shown using Space-Time Ninjutsu and seems to also possess his very own planet.


He’s also able to manifest creatures; Golem, Birds etc. for battle as well as weapons; Chains, Blades etc. from chakra to use for battle as well. He could also manifest Black Chakra Rods to restrain his opponents as seen with Naruto.


Let’s not forget his physical abilities; Taijutsu, Speed, Strength which were all on a very high level such that, he could simultaneously hold off Naruto and Sasuke throughout the battle and not get completely overwhelmed.



Momoshiki was capable of taking on both Naruto and Sasuke by himself in every facet; until they had to combine their powers i.e. their avatars in order to overpower his own construct. Until this point it was mostly even.



Sasuke speculated that Momoshiki was a greater threat than Kaguya due to the lengths that she went to prepare against him. She prepared an army of White Zetsu for Momoshiki but, we are not too sure it was only to battle him.

Whilst battling Naruto and Sasuke he was also portrayed to be a huge threat such that it needed the Kage including the duo to defeat him. The series didn’t really seem to take into consideration that before the battle, they had spent chakra.



Sasuke was referring to the version of Kaguya he fought and not Prime Kaguya. We all know that the War Arc Version of Kaguya is nothing compared to her prime.

As for the White Zetsu Army that she prepared I speculate that it wasn’t just for Momoshiki and Kinshiki but most likely for the backlash of the entire Otsutsuki Clan.

As for his portrayal, while the series seems to tell us that the combined effort of Naruto and Sasuke were needed to defeat him. There’s something that we just can’t ignore.


Prior to the battle Sasuke had spent a lot of chakra to move between dimensions as well as battle Kinshiki, while Momoshiki had extracted a little over half of Naruto’s chakra.

So by all means, there’s no logical way we can say that they were at full capacity. Maybe their jutsu since it solely depends on them, but physically they were definitely weaker.


Considering Momoshiki’s chakra absorption ability, it was always meant to be a battle of fists (physicals) and the duo defeated him at less than their full physical capacities.

So, it’s easy to conclude that if the battle had began with them at full power (no prior chakra usage or whatever) they could have defeated him faster and easier than they did.


So my final verdict is that Momoshiki is about as strong as Adult Naruto and Sasuke at their full strength individually. Yes, I will put the 3 of them in the same sub-tier in the God Tier. Weaker than Prime Kaguya, Hagoromo and Jigen.

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