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naruto and sasuke

Are Naruto and Sasuke Nerfed? – We will be taking a look at Are Naruto and Sasuke Nerfed? I am sure we’ve all seen the latest episode of Boruto. Naruto and Sasuke were easily defeated by Jigen (Isshiki Otsutsuki). Before we get to the details, the question is; have they been Nerfed in the Series? So, let’s get started.

From the very onset; that is since the start of Boruto, many have always had the following that the two of them will be seriously nerfed. They’ve had questionable performances compared to what we got used to in the war.

naruto and sasuke

The battle against Shin Uchiha was questionable. We are tempted to say they held back, but still they got hurt and appeared to be very rusty. If this was back in the war where their battle sense was top notch, it would be impossible.


There’s the battle against Momoshiki Otsutsuki where they were both not at full power, due to having a huge portion of their chakra used before the battle. They proved stronger but I personally could still feel that rustiness.


Fast forward into the story, Naruto will battle against Delta. Of course the excuse was, he’s holding back to get info and prevent harming the village. However we could all clearly see that something is wrong. I clearly felt the nerf.

All Naruto used in the battle were Giant Rasengans, no usage of his full arsenal, was slower than he normally should, was said to be running out of breath at the end. We all attributed this to him holding back.

naruto and sasuke

Then came the ultimate battle against Jigen. We all felt that this is where Naruto and Sasuke could finally go all out and use every single ability of theirs. Even if they are to lose, it should be with their heads held high.

However, the almighty duo were absolutely stomped. That is not a problem considering the enemy was simply too strong. Using Taijutsu only, Jigen was able to easily handle their avatars. Kicking the hell out of them like nothing.


It shouldn’t be too strange considering, Kaguya, far from her prime could also easily handle the avatars back in the war. So we can conclude that this was probably a prime Kaguya level enemy but are some details we can’t ignore.

Naruto who can sense Limbo couldn’t sense Jigen when he shrunk himself. Sasuke only used Taijutsu and Amenotejikara despite the Rinnegan’s arsenal. With Rikudo powers, Jigen’s black rods shouldn’t have been too much to handle.


Those are the areas where I feel were used to nerf them. Other than that, we are not sure it would have made a difference anyway. The Otsutsuki using Jigen as a vessel seems to be too much to handle at least for now.

We need to ask ourselves if Naruto and Sasuke as a duo can handle Prime Kaguya or Hagoromo. The answer will be absolutely not. This is an Otsutsuki who is most likely around the same level as those two.

naruto and sasuke

So, were they nerfed? Yes, they have always been nerfed since the start of Boruto to give way to the new generation. However I don’t think it would make a huge difference if they were not since the foe was simply too strong.

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