Top 10 Time Travel Kdramas You Need To Watch

time travel kdramas

Top 10 Time Travel Kdramas You Need To Watch – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Time Travel Kdramas You Need To Watch. From heartwrenching tales of second chances to suspenseful narratives of altering destinies, these dramas pack a punch in every episode.

Get ready as we explore the mysteries, emotions, and sheer brilliance woven into these time-bending masterpieces! So, let’s get started.

10. A Time Called You (2023)

time travel kdramas

A Time Called You follows Jun-hee, a woman who is still grieving the loss of her boyfriend Yeon-jun, who died in a plane crash a year ago. She somehow travels back in time to 1998, where she wakes up as Min-ju, a high school student. There, she meets Si-heon, a boy who looks exactly like her late boyfriend.

As she tries to figure out the connection between them, she also gets involved in a mysterious case that links the past and the present. The drama is a roller coaster of emotions, as it explores the themes of love, loss, fate, and identity. The actors do a great job of portraying their characters, especially Ahn Hyo-seop and Jeon Yeo-been, who have amazing chemistry.

The plot is well-written, with twists and turns that keep you hooked. The music is also beautiful, with songs that match the mood and the era. a drama that will make you laugh, cry, and think. It is a rare gem that deserves your attention and appreciation.

9. 18 Again (2020)

time travel kdramas

This drama is a remake of the American movie “17 Again”, but with a twist. It tells the story of Hong Dae Young, a middle-aged man who is unhappy with his life and is about to divorce his wife, Jung Da Jung, whom he married when they were both teenagers.

One day, he wakes up in his 18-year-old body, with the same mind and memories. He decides to enroll in his children’s school, using the name Go Woo Young, and tries to reconnect with his family and fix his mistakes. The actors do a great job of portraying their characters, especially Lee Do Hyun, who plays the young Dae Young.

He captures the essence of a middle-aged man trapped in a teenager’s body, with his expressions, gestures, and voice. The supporting cast is also very charming and adds to the fun and humor of the drama. it also has a satisfying ending, that wraps up the story and the characters’ arcs nicely.

8. Alice (2020)


Alice revolves around Park Jin Gyum, a detective who suffers from alexithymia, a condition that makes him unable to feel emotions. He meets Yoon Tae Yi, a physics professor who looks exactly like his mother, who died mysteriously when he was young.

Together, they uncover the secrets of Alice, an organization that enables people to travel to different times and dimensions. The drama has a lot of strengths, such as the intriguing plot, the fast-paced action, the emotional moments, and the stellar cast. Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun deliver excellent performances as the main leads, showing great chemistry and versatility.

They portray different versions of their characters across different timelines, adding depth and complexity to the story. The drama may have some confusing rules, plot holes, or unsatisfying ending. As it tries to mix science and fantasy, but fails to explain some of the key concepts and mechanisms of time travel. Overall, It is a drama that can entertain, but also frustrate.

7. Chicago Typewriter (2017)

time travel kdramas

Chicago Typewriter tells the story of three people who are reincarnated from the 1930s Japanese occupation of Korea to the present day, where they are a best-selling writer, a fan, and a ghostwriter.

As they discover their past lives and their connections, they also face the challenges of love, friendship, and betrayal. The drama has a unique premise and a captivating plot that keeps you hooked from the first episode. The actors do a great job of portraying their characters in both the modern and the historical settings, showing their different personalities and emotions.

The drama shows how the characters fight for their freedom and their dreams in the past, and how they cope with their regrets and their traumas in the present. it also shows how the characters grow and change as they learn more about themselves and each other. The drama is not only entertaining, but also inspiring and touching.

6. My Perfect Stranger (2023)


It’s about Yoon Hae Joon, a young and successful news anchor, and Baek Yoon Young, a frustrated editor, who somehow end up in the year 1987. There, they encounter their parents as teenagers and get involved in a serial murder case that has a connection to their present lives.

The drama is well-written, with a complex plot that keeps you guessing and engaged. The characters are well-developed, with realistic flaws and growth. The chemistry between the leads is undeniable, and their romance is sweet and touching.

The drama also does a great job of recreating the 1980s era, with authentic costumes, props, and music. The soundtrack is especially catchy, featuring some of the popular songs from that decade. It is a perfect blend of genres that will appeal to a wide range of Korean drama lovers.

5. Live Up to Your Name (2017)

time travel kdramas

A historical time travel drama that brings Heo Im, a brilliant acupuncturist from the Joseon era, to modern-day Seoul, where he meets Choi Yeon-kyung, a cardiac surgeon who believes only in western medicine. The two clash over their different views and methods, but also learn from each other and heal their wounds.

It is a perfect blend of comedy, romance, fantasy, and medical drama. It has a fast-paced and engaging plot that keeps you hooked with its twists and turns. The chemistry between the leads, Kim Nam-gil and Kim Ah-joong, is adorable.

They deliver excellent performances as the fish-out-of-water Heo Im and the strong-willed Choi Yeon-kyung. a highly recommended drama for anyone who loves a good mix of humor, romance, and fantasy. It will make you laugh, cry, and swoon with its charming characters and story.

4. Longing Heart (2018)


This is a fantasy rom-com that tells the story of a man who travels back in time to confess to his first love. The drama is sweet, cute, and innocent, with a touch of mystery and nostalgia. It makes you think about how your choices can affect your future, and how love can transcend time and space.

The acting and chemistry of the cast are great. Lee Jung-shin, Seo Ji-hoon, and Lee Yeol-eum play the same character in different timelines, and they do a good job of portraying the different emotions and personalities of their roles.

They also have a good rapport with each other, and with the supporting characters. This is a perfect drama for those who love romance and fantasy, and who want to relive their high school days.

3. Go Back Couple (2017)


Go Back Couple tells the story of a married couple who are unhappy with their lives and decide to get a divorce. But on the day of their divorce, they mysteriously wake up in their 20-year-old bodies, back in the year 1999. They have a chance to relive their college days and meet their first loves again.

One of the best things about this drama is the chemistry between the main leads, Jang Na Ra and Son Ho Jun. They have amazing comedic timing and emotional depth, and they make you root for their love story. The supporting cast is also great, especially the second leads, Heo Jung Min and Han Bo Reum, who add more spice and fun to the plot.

The drama also has a beautiful soundtrack that matches the mood and the era of the story. This is a drama that’ll warm your heart and make you appreciate the people and the moments in your life.

2. Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (2013)


A captivating and thrilling drama that explores the consequences of changing the past. The story revolves around Park Sun Woo, a TV anchor who obtains nine incense sticks that allow him to travel back 20 years in time. He uses them to prevent his brother’s death, save his father from a wrongful conviction, and win the heart of his longtime crush, Joo Min Young.

However, he soon realizes that his actions have unforeseen and dire effects on the present, and he must race against time to fix the mess he created. The drama is well-written, with a tight and coherent plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The twists and turns are unpredictable and clever, and the suspense is palpable. This is a rare gem in the genre of time travel, and it deserves to be watched and appreciated by anyone who loves a good story.

1. Tomorrow With You (2017)

kdrama about time travel

Tomorrow With You tells the story of Yoo So Joon, a successful CEO who can travel to the future by taking the subway, and Song Ma Rin, a cheerful photographer who becomes his wife. Together, they try to change their unhappy destiny and find true love. The drama has many wonderful elements that make it worth watching.

First of all, the chemistry between the two leads is adorable and realistic. You will root for them as they overcome their misunderstandings and grow closer to each other. Second, the plot is intriguing and unpredictable. The drama explores the concept of fate and destiny, and how sometimes there are things that are inevitable.

The drama also tackles issues like corporate greed, family relationships, and life’s regrets. Third, the production value is high and the cinematography is beautiful. The drama has a warm and cozy vibe that matches the theme of living in the moment. The music is also fitting and memorable. A must watch to say the least.

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