Top 10 Best Detective Korean Dramas You Must Watch

best detective korean dramas

Top 10 Best Detective Korean Dramas You Must Watch – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Best Detective Korean Dramas You Must Watch. As you delve into the labyrinthine narratives of these detective series, be prepared to embark on a thrilling journey filled with unexpected revelations and heart-stopping moments. So, let’s get started.

10. Inspector Koo

best detective korean dramas

In this intriguing investigative comedy drama, insurance investigator Koo Kyung Yi takes center stage as she delves into a murder mystery. Koo Kyung Yi is a sharp and cunning investigator who thrives on solving cold cases, driven more by the thrill of unraveling mysteries than by the pursuit of justice.

With relentless determination, she pursues the truth behind every case, using any means necessary to uncover the facts. Meanwhile, a college student with a penchant for serial killings concocts a scheme to stage an accidental murder in order to swindle insurance money.

As Koo Kyung Yi dives deeper into the investigation, she must navigate through twists and turns to uncover the truth behind the elaborate scheme. Inspector Koo has a 7.1 rating in IMDb.

9. Zombie Detective


In this gripping drama, a zombie and a writer join forces to unravel mysteries, delving into the eerie realm of the undead. Moo Young, resurrected from the grave due to illicit medical waste, grapples with amnesia as he navigates life as a zombie.

Despite his condition, his heightened sense of smell aids him in establishing a successful private investigation business, specializing in locating missing persons.

Sun Ji, a former TV writer with a passion for justice, becomes entangled in Moo Young’s world when she joins his agency as a part-time assistant. As she discovers his true identity, Sun Ji embarks on a quest to uncover Moo Young’s past, unraveling a web of connections between him and her previous cases. Zombie Detective has a 7.3 rating in IMDb.

8. Catch the Ghost

best detective korean dramas

Catch the Ghost follows Yoo Ryung, a woman driven by justice and gifted with exceptional spatial perception, as she solves cases but often finds herself in trouble due to her impulsive nature.

She crosses paths with the Wangsimni station constabulary chief, a man who prefers stability and avoids cases. However, he inevitably becomes entangled in Yoo Ryung’s escapades and holds the key to resolving the cases they encounter. Catch the Ghost has a 7.4 rating in IMDb.

7. Sketch

best detective korean dramas

The Nabi Project Team operates covertly within the National Police Agency, utilizing the unique skills of Yoo Shi Hyun, who has the ability to sketch drawings of future crime scenes. Named after the Hebrew/Arabic word ‘Nabi,’ meaning ‘Prophet,’ the team aims to solve cases using Shi Hyun’s gift.

Detective Kang Dong Soo stumbles upon Shi Hyun’s sketchbook during a criminal operation and discovers a drawing predicting the imminent death of his fiancée, Min Ji Soo. His subsequent actions inadvertently lead to multiple disasters, giving rise to a particularly determined killer.

As the Nabi Project Team pursues this killer, they uncover a larger, more sinister force manipulating events behind the scenes. Sketch has a 7.5 rating in IMDb.

6. Memorist


Dong Baek possesses an extraordinary gift – the ability to delve into the memories of those people he touches. His remarkable talent, striking appearance, and direct approach have made him a world-renowned detective.

However, his tendency to resort to physical force before words can be a challenge for his colleagues. On the other hand, Han Sun Mi, a brilliant profiler, passed the bar exam at the age of twenty, obtained a doctorate in criminal psychology, and rose to the rank of senior superintendent. She excels in solving cold cases, driven by a personal secret.

When these two exceptional professionals encounter a serial killer with abilities surpassing their own, a thrilling battle ensues. Memorist has a 7.6 rating in IMDb.

5. Mrs. Cop

best detective korean dramas

Choi Yeong Jin, a dedicated female detective, not only leads her squad but also single-handedly raises her daughter, Ha Eun. Together with her seasoned colleague, Park Jong Ho, and their team members Min Do Yeong, Han Jin Woo, Jo Jae Deok, and Lee Se Won, they tackle the most brutal crimes that come their way. MRS. COP has a 7.6 rating in IMDb.

4. Special Affairs Team TEN


Special Affairs Team TEN is an elite criminal investigation unit tasked with solving the most brutal crimes in South Korea, where arrests are rare, hovering at less than 10 percent. Their targets are the most cunning killers who meticulously plan their crimes.

Yeo Ji Hoon, a former top detective turned professor, takes the helm as the leader of Special Affairs Team TEN. Joining him are Nam Ye Ri, whose sharp psychological insights make her a valuable asset to the team, and Baek Do Sik, a seasoned detective with 24 years of experience and a finely tuned intuition.

Rounding out the team is Park Min Ho, a promising newcomer whose exceptional deductive skills earn him a spot on the elite squad under Professor Yeo Ji Hoon’s guidance. Special Affairs Team TEN has a 7.7 rating in IMDb.

3. Nobody Knows


Detective Young Jin of the regional investigation unit is consumed by one goal: apprehending the ‘Stigmata’ serial killer, who tragically ended the life of her friend 19 years ago.

Haunted by guilt and trauma, she leads a solitary existence with no friends, finding solace only in her relentless pursuit of justice. Her routine is disrupted when Eun Ho, her downstairs neighbor’s son, falls into a coma under suspicious circumstances.

Sensing foul play, Young Jin enlists the help of Eun Ho’s homeroom teacher, Sun Woo, as they delve into the mystery surrounding his inexplicable injuries, uncovering a web of secrets and deceit. Nobody Knows has a 7.8 rating in IMDb.

2. Partners for Justice


For a decade, Baek Beom has honed his skills as a forensic doctor, displaying remarkable expertise but keeping his interactions with others at a distance.

On the other hand, Eun Sol, a rookie prosecutor from a privileged background, exudes a sunny disposition. Despite their contrasting personalities, these two must unite their talents to apprehend a cunning serial killer. Partners for Justice has a 8.2 rating in IMDb.

1. The Fiery Priest


Kim Hae Il, a Catholic priest known for his sharp tongue and occasional rudeness, joins forces with Koo Dae Young, a talkative yet timid detective, and Park Kyung Sun, an intelligent and ambitious prosecutor renowned for her beauty and skill.

Together, they collaborate to unravel the mystery behind a murder case implicating a senior Catholic priest. The Fiery Priest has a 8.2 rating in IMDb.

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