Top 30 Best Vampire Manhwa You Need to Read Now

vampire manhwa

Top 30 Best Vampire Manhwa You Need to Read Now – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 30 Best Vampire Manhwa You Need to Read Now. Vampire manhwa is a captivating genre of Korean comics that revolves around vampires and their supernatural world. These comics bring readers into a realm where ancient creatures of the night, vampires, take center stage.

In vampire manhwa, you’ll encounter a wide range of stories that explore the lives of these immortal beings. These tales can be a mix of horror, fantasy, romance, and action, offering a diverse reading experience. You’ll follow vampires as they navigate their existence, interact with humans, and sometimes even fall in love with them. Let us jump right into it.

30. My Secret Master


My Secret Master is a manhwa that follows the story of Linxi Ren, who works as a domestic helper for Xiuping Chen to support her dream of becoming an actress. However, Linxi’s job becomes increasingly difficult due to Xiuping’s mistreatment. Fed up, Linxi decides to quit her job.

However, Linxi soon discovers that Xiuping is not an ordinary person; he is a thousand-year-old vampire. Even more alarming, she realizes that Xiuping plans to kill her to eliminate any witnesses to his true nature. The manhwa explores Linxi’s journey as she faces the challenge of not only surviving in the presence of a powerful vampire but also potentially turning the tables and winning his heart.

29. My Fiancée Is a Vampire Hunter!


My Fiancée Is a Vampire Hunter! is a manhwa that begins with a dramatic turn of events. Louis, the protagonist, is ensnared and pushed off a cliff by Maxie, a ruthless vampire hunter. However, when he wakes up, he discovers that Maxie, who was determined to kill him just moments ago, now believes that they are engaged, and her memory has been altered.

As the story unfolds, Louis faces a dilemma. He must decide whether to reveal the truth to Maxie, risking his own life, or go along with the false engagement to a notorious vampire hunter whose old memories could resurface at any moment. The manhwa explores the consequences of a little white lie when your life is on the line, as well as the evolving relationship between Louis and Maxie.

28. Model


Model is a vampire manhwa that centers around Jae, a Korean student who has come to Europe to pursue her studies in art. Her life takes an unexpected turn when her friend Melissa brings a drunken stranger to her apartment one night and asks if he can stay over.

Jae reluctantly agrees, but that night she has a vivid dream in which the drunken guy drinks her blood. To her shock, she soon discovers that the dream was not a dream at all; the stranger, Michael, is actually a vampire. Surprisingly, Jae is unafraid of him and proposes an unusual arrangement.

In exchange for allowing Michael to feed on her, she requests that he pose for her as a model for her artwork. His otherworldly beauty and captivating presence could be just what Jae needs to achieve success as a painter.

27. Lost in London


Lost in London is a manhwa that centers around a town plagued by mysterious murders, causing unease among its residents. Anne, the protagonist, may appear to be an ordinary teenage girl to humans, but there is something about her that attracts vampires.

It could be her blood type or even something in her skin, but the exact reason remains a mystery. As the story unfolds, vampires continue to arrive in the city, even infiltrating Anne’s school. Fortunately, she has her brother to protect her, and the arrival of a mysterious new guy adds an element of intrigue to the narrative.

26. Vampire Academy

best vampire manhwa

Vampire Academy is a vampire manhwa that begins with a high school field trip gone terribly wrong. After a devastating accident, Paloma wakes up to find herself in a world where there are two moons in the night sky and she is surrounded by vampires who believe she is a goddess.

However, the situation becomes more complicated as Paloma fears what might happen if the vampires discover she is not actually a deity. As the story unfolds, Paloma must navigate her new reality in the Vampire Academy, where she is surrounded by vampires who have mistaken her identity.

25. The Vampire’s Flower

vampire manhwa

The Vampire’s Flower is a manhwa that takes place in a world where humans and vampires struggle to coexist. The story follows Seoyoung, a girl who desires a peaceful life, spending time with her high school friends and working part-time at a flower shop. However, her life takes a dramatic turn when she encounters Louie, an ancient and powerful vampire.

Louie seeks Seoyoung’s assistance in tracking down the mystical “Vampire Flower” before it falls into the wrong hands. This quest thrusts Seoyoung into a dangerous battle between humans and supernatural creatures, as she becomes involved in uncovering long-hidden secrets and sinister schemes.

24. Vampire Chef


Vampire Chef is a manhwa that tells the story of Kijun, a master chef who also happens to be a vampire with a craving for human blood. His life takes an intriguing turn when the young girl who was his “first bite” stumbles into his restaurant, unknowingly falling into his trap. Kijun anticipates the opportunity to savor her blood once again after 25 years.

However, he is disappointed to find that her blood tastes terrible. He begins to wonder about her diet and what could have affected the taste of her blood. To address this issue, Chef Hong, as he is known, decides to put his culinary skills to good use. He sets out to create a lavish and delicious meal for Miro, the girl he once bit, hoping to improve the flavor of her blood.

23. Hyulla’s Race

vampire manhwa

Hyulla’s Race is a manhwa that focuses on the story of Jung-Woo Surh, a college student who suffers from Gynophobia due to a traumatic experience in his past. Because of this fear of women, he has avoided relationships with them. However, Hae-Soo Yoon appears to be an exception in his life, and he begins dating her, thinking he can trust her.

As the story unfolds, Jung-Woo’s life takes a dark turn. He falls into debt and faces betrayal from Hae-Soo. In his dire situation, he receives unexpected help from Eun-Na Pi, a famous and beautiful college professor. The manhwa explores the mystery surrounding Eun-Na Pi’s intentions and why she chose to assist Jung-Woo.

22. Red Honey

vampire manhwa

Red Honey is a vampire manhwa that follows the story of Hwanhee, a tall and boyish schoolgirl who has a crush on the captain of the volleyball team.

However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she receives a confession from a childhood friend. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Hwanhee is not an ordinary schoolgirl; she is the descendant of powerful vampires and is destined to become the queen of the vampire society.

This revelation thrusts her into an extraordinary world filled with supernatural elements and responsibilities that she never anticipated. The manhwa explores her journey as she navigates her newfound identity and the challenges that come with it.

21. Blood Type Love


Blood Type Love is a manhwa that explores the concept of human blood as a premium ingredient for winemaking in a world where modern vampires are no longer in need of blood but are seeking specific tastes. In this world, humans with exceptionally sweet and flavorful blood can exchange it with vampires in return for things they desire.

The story centers around a girl living in the modern era who possesses the most aromatic and unique blood type, which not only attracts mosquitoes but also captivates vampires. This rare blood type makes her a target for the vampires who seek her blood for its exceptional taste.

20. Glotoneria


Glotoneria is a manhwa set in 17th century Europe and revolves around the life of Isaac, a vampire living deep within a forest. Isaac has a reputation for devouring anyone who enters his domain. However, he spares a girl named Livana because her flame-like hair reminds him of his own mother, stirring up long-forgotten memories.

As the story unfolds, we learn about the unfortunate events that continuously plague Livana’s family, leading to her rejection by others due to her unique hair color. Despite the challenges she faces, there are individuals like Ethan who have always admired her, and her brother appears to have unusual feelings for her.

19. The Blood of Madam Giselle

vampire manhwa

The Blood of Madam Giselle is a vampire manhwa that tells the story of Giselle, a woman trapped in a miserable marriage with a violent husband. She is forced to play the role of a submissive and meek wife, leading a life filled with unhappiness.

However, one fateful night, while exploring her new home, Giselle makes a startling discovery: a young boy confined within a cage. This boy is an inheritance from her husband’s eccentric father and is believed to be a monstrous, immortal entity that sustains itself by feeding on blood. Despite her initial fear, Giselle becomes drawn to the boy and begins visiting him secretly each night.

18. Nobody Knows


Nobody Knows is a manhwa that revolves around the life of Ban, a girl with a relatively normal life, despite her divorced parents. However, her life takes a mysterious turn when her mother, Eun-Joo, unexpectedly brings Jin-Whan, a “distant relative,” to live with them. Ban’s mother has always avoided discussing her family, leaving Ban with many unanswered questions.

As Ban tries to unravel the mystery surrounding Jin-Whan and his true relationship with her family, she begins to uncover hidden secrets from her mother’s past. The story delves into the enigmatic past and the strange events that seem to follow Jin-Whan. Instead of asking who he is, the more pressing question becomes: What is he?

17. My Boyfriend Is a Vampire


My Boyfriend Is a Vampire is a manhwa that follows the story of Gene, an eighteen-year-old boy who is constantly mistaken for a girl due to his delicate and beautiful appearance. Despite his looks, Gene is far from delicate and is known as the leader of a group of tough kids in an all-boys’ school. He doesn’t hesitate to use force against anyone who suggests that he looks like a girl.

However, Gene’s life takes a dramatic and unexpected turn when he stumbles upon strange occurrences in the forest. He finds himself drawn into a world of vampire intrigue and sinister romance that he never knew existed. As he becomes entangled in this new world, Gene discovers that there are even worse things than being turned into a vampire – such as being turned into a girl.

16. The Maid and the Vampire


The Maid and the Vampire is a vampire manhwa that tells the story of Areum, who finds herself in a strange world called ‘Soltera’ after a car accident. Due to her unique hair color, she is mistaken for a vampire and is sold to a Duke’s house by a slave trader. The Duke’s house is owned by Millard Travis, the only vampire in the world.

In order to survive in this unfamiliar world, Areum becomes Millard’s direct servant, pledging to serve him as her master. She is determined to adapt to her new life and make the best of her situation. As she serves Millard and gets closer to him day by day, his attitude begins to change, and their relationship takes unexpected turns.

15. Dark Moon: The Blood Altar


Dark Moon: The Blood Altar is a manhwa that follows the story of Sooha, who possesses superhuman abilities and has been hiding them her entire life to avoid being mistaken for a vampire. Due to a tragic incident in her childhood where she was accused of being a vampire and blamed for her friend’s death.

Sooha decides to enroll in Decelis Academy, a night school believed to be safe from supernatural beings like vampires and werewolves. At Decelis Academy, Sooha meets Heli, a fellow student who discovers her secret but offers her friendship. Heli introduces Sooha to his close-knit group of friends, each of whom possesses unique powers.

They are inexplicably drawn to her, feeling a strong connection and a willingness to do anything for her. As the story unfolds, a recent murder attributed to a vampire sparks tension and reveals unsettling histories among Heli and his friends. Sooha is gradually drawn deeper into the world of the supernatural, despite their efforts to shield her from it.

14. The Vampire’s Plans to Die in Peace


The Vampire’s Plans to Die in Peace is a manhwa that follows the story of a female protagonist who, after a failed suicide attempt, is reborn into the body of a vampire unable to die. To her shock, she realizes she is Luna, the Final Boss of the novel “The Hunter and the Saintess,” a story she had read before her suicide attempt.

Luna discovers that her only chance for a peaceful death is the painful fate awaiting her at the hands of the novel’s protagonists. With centuries to go until the protagonists are even born, Luna devises a complex, multi-generational plan to alter the course of the original story. Her goal is to provide the protagonists with all the tools and advantages they need to destroy her quickly.

However, her involvement in the protagonists’ lives keeps derailing her intended outcomes. Armed with powerful abilities and influence over noble houses, Luna must navigate the complexities of her plan while dealing with the unintended consequences of her interference. The story explores whether Luna’s efforts to raise her destined killers will succeed, ultimately leading her to the peaceful death she desires.

13. Bitten Contract

vampire manhwa

Bitten Contract is a vampire manhwa that revolves around Chae-i, an actress who is plagued by chronic headaches, damaging her reputation in the industry.

However, her life takes a surprising turn when she experiences relief from her pain after being bitten by Ijun, a top star who turns out to be a vampire. Fascinated by the relief she gains from his bites, Chae-i asks Ijun to continue, but he proposes a contractual relationship instead.

12. The Blood Moon

vampire manhwa

The Blood Moon is a vampire manhwa that tells the story of Linnea, who is married off to an aristocrat as soon as she reaches a certain age, in exchange for a significant dowry. In this arranged marriage, Linnea finds comfort and support from Aleksis, her new husband’s son.

However, the plot takes a dark turn when disturbing secrets about the family begin to surface after Linnea and Aleksis cross a forbidden line. The manhwa explores the challenges and mysteries surrounding the family, as Linnea grapples with the question of whether she can escape from the hellish situation she finds herself in.

11. Vampire of the East


Vampire of the East is a vampire manhwa that follows the story of Yangsun, a young woman whose family has fallen from grace, forcing her to live as a book seller while concealing her true identity. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she visits Eumseokgol to deliver books and encounters Sungyul Kim, a scholar of breathtaking beauty who, unbeknownst to her, is a vampire in disguise.

Despite their mutual attraction, their love faces numerous challenges because one is human while the other is a vampire. The story revolves around the complexities of their relationship and the obstacles they must overcome to be together, all set against the backdrop of the mysterious Chosun dynasty palace, adding an eerie and captivating element to the narrative.

10. Bloody Romance

vampire manhwa

Bloody Romance is a vampire manhwa that revolves around the story of Bang Hari, an aspiring Mukbang star who is determined to achieve fame by indulging in eating videos. However, her dreams take a drastic turn when a doctor’s warning forces her to lose weight to avoid serious health issues. To achieve her goal, Hari starts exercising daily after school.

Meanwhile, her classmate, On Doyun, is dealing with his own challenges. As a half-vampire, he struggles to control his urge to drink blood and faces inner turmoil. When he’s unable to resist the scent of Hari’s blood, the two form an unusual bond. Hari offers Doyun her blood to help him satisfy his cravings, leading to a unique arrangement of weekly blood-sucking sessions.

However, Doyun is puzzled by the irresistible allure of Hari’s blood and her willingness to go to great lengths for her Mukbang career. As the story unfolds, he discovers the secrets behind her blood’s sweetness and realizes that he is not the only vampire interested in Hari, as both her blood and her heart become the center of attention.

9. The Red Nights at the Duke’s Castle

vampire manhwa

The Red Nights at the Duke’s Castle is a vampire manhwa that revolves around Sorel Idris. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she encounters a stranger in her home, a situation her father had warned her about. However, what surprises her even more is the faint scent of blood in the air, and she soon learns that her soon-to-be husband, Duke James Calier, is a centuries-old vampire.

To add to the intrigue, Sorel also discovers that she is the heiress to a significant fortune. As she navigates her newlywed life with Duke James, who is much older than her due to his vampire nature, Sorel also pursues her dreams by attending the university of her choice.

8. Crepuscule


Crepuscule is a vampire manhwa that follows the story of Lark, a boy who is different from other children due to his red eyes, which resemble those of vampires. Because of this difference, he faces bullying and isolation from his peers. However, his life takes a turn when he meets Setz, a genuine vampire from a noble clan who treats him with kindness, unlike others who label him a monster.

As Lark and Setz become friends, their bond deepens. When Lark faces the possibility of returning to an orphanage, Setz, determined not to lose his friend, invites Lark into the world of the vampires. This sets the stage for a compelling story that explores their unique friendship and the challenges they encounter in the vampire world.

7. Homework of the Mind


Homework of the Mind is a vampire manhwa that centers around the story of Yi Gyung Jo, who experienced her first love’s mysterious disappearance 13 years ago. She relocates to a new town with the hope of starting a peaceful life. However, her plans take an unexpected turn when she discovers that this town is home to vampires.

The manhwa unfolds as Gyung Jo becomes entangled in the world of vampires and encounters her first love again, who has now become a vampire himself. The story explores her journey as she navigates this newfound reality and deals with the challenges and mysteries that come with it.

6. Orange Marmalade

vampire manhwa

Orange Marmalade is a vampire manhwa set in a world where vampires, despite having signed a peace treaty with humans two hundred years ago, are still treated as outcasts and forced to hide their true identities. They satisfy their hunger with pig’s blood instead of human blood.

The story focuses on Baek Ma Ri, a young vampire who has faced discrimination and prejudice throughout her life. Baek Ma Ri, along with her family, moves to a new city in the hope of finding a place to settle down peacefully. However, her past experiences have made her skeptical about forming friendships or experiencing love.

Everything changes when she encounters Jung Jae Min, whose sweet-scented blood awakens something within her, causing her to bite him. This encounter sets in motion a series of events where Jae Min begins to fall in love with Ma Ri, even though she is a vampire.

5. unTOUCHable


unTOUCHable is a vampire manhwa that tells the story of Sia, a modern-day vampire with a unique ability to absorb energy from humans through touch, rather than by drinking their blood. She lives next door to Jiho, whom she’s been eager to touch. However, there’s a significant obstacle in her path – Jiho is a germaphobe, someone who is afraid of germs and cleanliness.

The central theme of the story revolves around Sia’s desire to break through Jiho’s mysophobia, allowing her to make physical contact with him. The manhwa explores their interactions and the challenges they face as they navigate this unique and complicated relationship.

4. Bloody Sweet

vampire manhwa

Bloody Sweet is a vampire manhwa that revolves around a gloomy girl named Shin Naerim. She is the daughter of a shaman and is frequently bullied at school.

One day, her bullies lock her up in an abandoned church, where she discovers a mysterious man sleeping in a luxurious bed. This man turns out to be a vampire who is hundreds of years old. From that point on, Naerim becomes entangled with the vampire, and her life takes a dramatic turn.

3. Noblesse

vampire manhwa

Noblesse is a vampire manhwa that tells the story of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, also known as Rai. Rai is a vampire who has been asleep in a white coffin for 820 years. When he awakens, he seeks the help of his loyal companion, Frankenstein, who is now the principal of a high school.

To adapt to the modern world, Rai enrolls as a student at the high school, and Frankenstein becomes his guide. However, their plans are disrupted by the challenges of modern society and unresolved issues from their past. Rai is eventually forced to use his mysterious powers to protect his loved ones.

The story revolves around Rai’s journey to fit into human society, his relationships with others, and the challenges he faces as a powerful vampire in a world that has changed drastically during his slumber.

2. Unholy Blood

vampire manhwa

Unholy Blood is a manhwa set in a world that drastically changed ten years ago with the emergence of vampires. These vampires possess immense strength and an insatiable thirst for blood, and they closely resemble humans, making it difficult to distinguish between the two.

They ruthlessly prey on humans to satisfy their desires. The story revolves around Park Hayan, an orphan who desires a normal life, where she can protect her siblings and make friends as a college student. However, the rise in vampire attacks threatens to shatter her aspirations and triggers traumatic memories from her past.

After a tragic incident makes her a target for the “Angels of Death,” an underground organization led by the most powerful vampires, Hayan decides to confront her past. She forms an alliance with Euntae Hwang, a member of the police force who hides secrets of his own. Together, they embark on a mission to eliminate every vampire and put an end to the terror that plagues their world.

1. Trapped


Trapped is a vampire manhwa that revolves around Chae-a Han and Yunsu Park, who may appear as perfect individuals at church, but in reality, they have hidden secrets. Chae-a is actually a foul-mouthed ex-convict, while Yunsu is a vampire. The story takes a dramatic turn when Yunsu blackmails Chae-a with a murder she did not commit, putting her in a difficult situation.

Determined to escape this predicament, Chae-a searches for opportunities to free herself. However, circumstances take an unexpected twist, and now Yunsu’s life is in Chae-a’s hands. As the two become entangled in a life-or-death game of cat and mouse, they find themselves falling deeper into each other’s traps.


In conclusion, vampire manhwa is a captivating genre of Korean comics that revolves around vampires. So, if you’re a fan of vampire-themed tales that blend the supernatural with human experiences, vampire manhwa is a genre worth exploring. It’s a world where darkness and light, love and danger coexist, providing readers with thrilling and memorable stories.

That is it from today’s post on Top 30 Best Vampire Manhwa You Need to Read Now. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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