Top 10 Anime Where MC is OP Worth Watching

anime where mc is op

Top 10 Anime Where MC is OP Worth Watching – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Anime Where MC is OP Worth Watching. I gathered the anime, where the main character is the strongest, which you should watch. Well, let’s go to the list.

10. Plunderer

anime where mc is op

The story is set in the fantasy world of the future. All people have numbers printed on their bodies, increasing and decreasing depending on certain actions. Each number is unique and the factors of growth and decrease are different for all people. If the number drops to zero, a tentacle will emerge from the ground and drag the person underground.

The story begins with the main character’s mother being sucked into the abyss (the tentacles). After that, she sets off in search of a special person capable of changing the world. Along the way, Hina (the protagonist) meets many new acquaintances, the key one being Licht Bach.

After this fateful meeting, the characters begin to travel in place, gradually revealing to the viewer the truth about their world. Quite a cool anime, not without minuses, of course, but I recommend watching it.

9. Saihate no Paladin


All the events unfold in a fantasy world. In fact, this is a typical story of a hero becoming a hero to fight evil. The anime raises themes such as the importance of friendship, camaraderie and trust, as well as faith and family. The plot begins with the rebirth of the protagonist in a fantasy world. Except that he will be raised by three representatives of the undead, who will be his mother, father and grandfather.

They will teach him to fight, give information about the world, teach him to pray (and faith in this storyline plays an important role and gives different benefits, depending on the deity and oaths), etc. In time, yogi will learn the secret of his guardians past and encounter an evil god, take an oath to one of the deities and defeat the villain.

After saying goodbye to his guardians, two of whom will go to the other world, Will will go out into the world to glorify his deity, to fight evil, and, in fact, to simply learn about the world that is new to him.

8. Darwin’s Game


A seventeen-year-old boy named Sudo Kaname gets involved in a tempting adventure that a friend has dragged him into. He suggested that he play a mobile game called “Darwin’s Game”, as he couldn’t complete it alone. And the guy, without hesitation, installed the application using the link he had received from his friend… The essence of the gameplay is to destroy the opponents…

It would seem – an ordinary survival toy, but it is not a virtual universe. Players have to fight each other in the real world, and losing it means one thing – death. And Sudo is now forced to suppress his morals in order to defeat all opponents… because only winning will help leave “Darwin’s Game”. Each gamer gets a special ability called “sigil”, which helps in battles.

In addition, for each victory, players earn points that can be exchanged for real money. Will Kaname be able to retain her humanity, survive the game, and find a way to leave it without too much bloodshed? After all, every step in the real world could be his last. And what evil genius is behind all this?

7. Kyokou Suiri


When Ivanyaga Kotoko was eleven years old, she was abducted by demons who set out to make her their “Goddess of Wisdom”-a mediator between the human and spiritual worlds. It was unexpected, but the girl quickly agreed to this adventure. Alas, there was a price to pay for power, and she lost her right eye and left leg.

From that day on, she became an important person in the spirit world, and the ekai and mythical creatures come to her time and again for advice. Six years have passed since then. Twenty-two-year-old student Kuro Sakuragawa has just gone through a painful breakup with the girl he loves. She dumped him because the guy ran off when he met a kappa.

Kuro on the other hand really liked Kotoko and she decided to marry him by all means. But how to win his heart? He becomes her partner in solving supernatural conflicts. As it turns out, he, too, has a certain superpower, and Kuro is quite good at his duties.

Thus began their incredible adventure. And, who knows, maybe the guy will develop feelings for his partner? After all, Kotoko has been dreaming about it for a long time.

6. Dorohedoro

anime where the main character is overpowered

The town of “The Hole” lives up to its name. This place is populated by strange marginal personalities, and there is only one law on the streets: He who is strongest is right. In addition, the Hole is full of magicians who think they are the masters of the city. They conduct experiments on the locals, now and then kidnapping them for their secret and terrible designs.

Cayman, who has also been subjected to inhuman experiments and almost turned into a lizard, decides to defy the wizards. He remembers nothing of his past life, his appearance has been altered, and he longs for revenge, to regain what he has lost and end the outrages. His “rebirth” has also played another cruel trick on him – he is constantly hungry, he has nightmares…

He understands that only mages can make him human again and is not going to give up. All but Nikaido, his brave friend who owns the Hungry Bug restaurant where Caiman stuffs his belly, have refused to help in the search. Ahead of them lies a sea of dirt, blood and very unpleasant pictures, but it’s the only way to find the culprit of all the troubles.

5. The King’s Avatar

anime where mc is op

The modern world cannot be imagined without online games. A lot of people around the world regularly or at least occasionally play or try. At the moment the market can offer a product for all tastes and styles, the flight of fancy in which is incredible. Anime has also increasingly touched on this popular topic in recent years.

China, one of the developed cybersport countries, as not bypassed this niche, as we will see in the presented story. The protagonist of this story – a real cyber athlete Xu E. He is a member of MMORPG, bearing the name “Glory. There are millions of users on the battlefields and at the top of them all is our guy. But reality sometimes makes even great warriors like Xu Ye leave.

He decides to quit the professional team and focus on his own life. He takes a job at a local Internet café, abandoning his hobby. Time passes and the developers launch another server in order to lure new gamers. The young man can not resist and returns to the battlefield.

That’s just the balance of power after leaving seriously changed. Now the former player will have to start from the bottom and gradually return the forgotten position.

4. Hellsing


Victoria Seras is a courageous representative of a special unit, which at a certain point, together with her companions are sent to the village where people mysteriously disappear. In addition to ordinary citizens in the settlement even an entire police unit disappeared. The girl’s colleagues turn out to be the victims of a fatal accident. The main character herself also almost falls into a death trap, but is magically saved.

However, now she is not an ordinary person, but a vampire from the secret Hellsing community. For a long period of time, the organization has been immersed in the fight against the dark forces. The leader of the team is Integra, a lady who deftly manages a collective of trained warriors. The main weapon against the ruthless monsters has become a powerful ghoul Alucard.

A strange virus steadily spreads throughout the country. Citizens are reincarnated as bloodsuckers for inexplicable reasons. Victoria and Alucard decide to launch their own investigation. They soon learn that the ranks of the enemy include not only ghouls, but also mysterious individuals who dream of destroying Alucard, Integra and other desperate fighters.

3. Demon Lord, Retry!


Akira Ono is the administrator and creator of an online game released fifteen years ago, which is due to close soon. Akira spends his last moments in the game playing as the demon Kunai Hakuto, known as “Demon Lord. When it comes time for all servers to close, he is pulled into a parallel world in his character’s body.

Although no one in this world has heard of Kunai or the world he came from, he nevertheless retains powers appropriate to his character. In the new world he meets a pretty red-eyed girl named Zloe, with an injured right leg. After chatting and learning a little about the world, they decide to travel together. But who will allow the Demon King to walk around this world, and so the hunt begins for him.

After all, the coming of the Demon King does not bode well for anything. Demon King on the outside, normal man on the inside, how will this misunderstanding be resolved?!

2. Noragami

anime where mc is op

Yato is a wandering Japanese god who recently lost absolutely everything. The protagonist has come down to earth and tries to do whatever he can to survive. It turns out that every divine creature needs people who believe in him. This adds up to an incredible amount of power, but things are getting too sad for Yato. He has no admirers and is also abandoned by Maya, who is his weapon.

He has to hide from demons trying to kill anyone who gets in their way. A girl named Hiyori Iki while rescuing a stranger named “Yato” accidentally gets hit by a truck. She is brought to the hospital, and upon waking up she learns that she can now be between two worlds. Her new ability can be tragic for her, as she will die if she stays out of her body for too long.

When she meets the grieving god Yato, she asks him for help. But it turns out that he is powerless and can do nothing to help her, but he takes on the case anyway. Will he be able to put things back the way they were?

1. The Seven Deadly Sins

anime where mc is op

The lands of old Britain still remember the ancient magic, in secret places fairies flutter and monsters live. But in the kingdom of Lyonesse, the main monsters are the Seven Deadly Sins – seven great warriors who once served the people faithfully, and then began to kill to overthrow the king and seize power.

The Order of Holy Knights drove the traitors away and has kept the peace of the kingdom ever since, but the escaped underdogs are hiding somewhere, so the order is forced to increase its vigilance, recruit men and build new fortresses. But young Elizabeth, the youngest princess of Lyoness, told her savior, the young owner of the Cabana Hat Bar, a different story.

It turns out that the Holy Knights have been operating at random for years, and recently sent a puppet king and his family to prison-she herself barely escaped. “Saints” everyone is afraid, so the princess decided to look for the Seven – no one else can help her.

Well, ahead of a brave girl a lot of interesting – the role of a battle-waitress, a visit to the City of the Dead, the villains in white and race on a fighting pig.

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Anime Where MC is OP Worth Watching. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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