Top 10 Korean Movies to Watch in 2024

top 10 korean movies to watch in 2024

Top 10 Korean Movies to Watch in 2024 – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Korean Movies to Watch in 2024. From pulse-pounding action blockbusters to heartwarming tales of love and loss, the most trending movies right now offer a diverse array of genres and themes that cater to every taste and preference. So, let’s get started.

10. Alienoid: The Return to the Future

top 10 korean movies to watch in 2024

Ian finds herself trapped in the past while attempting to prevent an alien prisoner from escaping a human host. Despite facing numerous challenges, she discovers a new weapon capable of opening a time portal, ultimately rescuing Thunder.

Meanwhile, Mu Reuk grapples with an enigmatic presence within himself. As the search for a divine sword ensues, involving characters like Heuk Seol, Cheong Woon, and Neung Pa, Ja Jang begins pursuing Ian and Mu Reuk. Amidst escalating casualties caused by the alien substance Hava, Min Gae In realizes the impending catastrophe.

With time running out, Ian opens a time gate to return to the present alongside Mu Reuk, Thunder, and two immortals. Together, they must confront the alien threat, prevent the detonation of Hava, and safeguard humanity. Alienoid: The Return to the Future has a 6.7 rating in IMDb.

9. Exhuma

top 10 korean movies to watch in 2024

After enduring a series of unsettling paranormal occurrences, a wealthy family residing in Los Angeles seeks the aid of a young and emerging shaman duo, Hwa Rim and Bong Gil, to rescue their newborn child.

Upon their arrival, Hwa Rim detects a sinister presence, as an ancestral shadow has ensnared the family in what is known as a ‘Grave Calling’. To release the ancestor’s grip and bring relief to the family, Hwa Rim enlists the expertise of renowned geomancer Sang Deok and mortician Yeong Geun.

However, their efforts lead them to a grim discovery—a hidden grave located in a remote Korean village. Unaware of the impending consequences, they proceed with the exhumation, unknowingly unleashing a malevolent force long confined beneath the earth. Exhuma has a 7.4 rating in IMDb.

8. 12.12: The Day


In December 1979, Seoul grapples with the harsh grip of winter as the specter of spring looms on the horizon. Following the assassination of President Park, martial law descends upon the city.

Suddenly, a coup d’état erupts led by Defense Security Commander Chun Doo Kwang and his loyal band of officers. Capital Defense Commander Lee Tae Shin, a staunch advocate for keeping the military separate from politics, stands in opposition, determined to thwart Chun Doo Kwang’s ambitions.

As the conflict escalates and military leaders hesitate, with the Defense Minister missing, Seoul’s long-awaited spring takes an unexpected turn amidst the chaos. 12.12: The Day has a 7.8 rating in IMDb.

7. Badland Hunters


Following a devastating earthquake, Seoul lies in ruins, resembling an apocalyptic wasteland. In this lawless realm, survivors grapple not only with the aftermath of nature’s fury but also with internal strife, where might makes right.

Amidst this chaos stands Nam San, a seasoned wasteland hunter who navigates the treacherous landscape alongside his ally, Choi Ji Wan. Together, they brave the perils of this lawless world, facing threats from both nature and fellow survivors. Badland Hunters has a 5.9 rating in IMDb.

6. Under Your Bed


Naoto was often overlooked by others, but during his school days, Chihiro was the first person to acknowledge him by name. Since then, Naoto has harbored a longing to reconnect with her.

After 11 years of searching, he finally tracks her down, only to discover that she has undergone significant changes. Despite this, Naoto’s fixation on her intensifies. He surreptitiously enters her home and hides under her bed, consumed by his obsession. Under Your Bed has a 6.0 rating in IMDb.

5. Boston 1947

top 10 korean movies to watch in 2024

In 1936, Ki Jung clinched the gold medal at the Berlin Olympics, but due to Korea’s subjugation under Japanese colonial rule, he bore the Japanese flag on his chest.

Fast forward to 1947, after Korea’s liberation, Seo Yoon Bok, a 24-year-old marathon runner, gears up for the 51st Boston Marathon alongside Head Coach Son Ki Jung and Coach Nam Seung Yong. Mastering the challenging 42.2-kilometer course in Boston demands rigorous training and resilience.

Yet, for Korean athlete Seo Yoon Bok and his mentor, Son Ki Jung, triumphing isn’t solely about victory; it’s about proudly adorning the Korean flag on Yoon Bok’s chest as he crosses the finish line at the prestigious race. Boston 1947 has a 7.1 rating in IMDb.

4. Smugglers


In the 1970s, Guncheon was home to Haenyeos, including close friends Jin-sook and Chun-ja, Jin-sook’s brother, and Jangdori. Their livelihood depended on harvesting seafood underwater. However, the construction of factories near the abech posed a threat to their traditional way of life.

Left with no alternative, the Haenyeos reluctantly turned to smuggling to sustain themselves. Initially, this illicit trade seemed manageable, but it soon spiraled out of control for Jin-sook’s family, leading to the gradual erosion of peace and harmony in the village. Smugglers has a 6.2 rating in IMDb.

3. The Man from Nowhere


Living a tranquil life managing a pawnshop, Cha Tae Shik’s world revolves around his only friend, a young girl named So Mi, residing nearby.

So Mi’s mother, Hyo Jeong, grapples with addiction to heroin. However, their peaceful existence is shattered when Hyo Jeong pilfers drugs from a notorious criminal syndicate led by Oh Myung Gyu.

In retaliation, Myung Gyu dispatches his henchmen, brothers Man Seok and Jong Seok, to reclaim the stolen narcotics, resulting in the abduction of Hyo Jeong and So Mi. Driven by determination, Tae Shik embarks on a perilous mission to rescue them. The Man from Nowhere has a 7.7 rating in IMDb.

2. Brave Citizen

top 10 korean movies to watch in 2024

Once a promising boxer in her student days, So Shi-Min now serves as a contract teacher at a high school, harboring the sole ambition of securing a permanent position there.

In pursuit of her goal, she remains focused and oblivious to the school’s myriad issues. However, her resolve is tested when she crosses paths with Han Su-Kang, the school’s most troubled student known for his frequent involvement in fights. Brave Citizen has a 6.6 rating in IMDb.

1. Past Lives


In Korea, Na Young and Hae Sung are childhood friends who share a close bond, often walking home together after school. However, their paths diverge when Na Young moves to Canada and later to New York with her parents, while Hae Sung remains in Korea to pursue his studies and career.

Despite the distance, they stay connected through periodic video chats, reminiscing about their shared past and discussing various topics. In New York, Na Young adopts the name Nora, establishes herself as a successful playwright, and marries Arthur, an American.

Intrigued by Nora’s transformation, Hae Sung decides to visit her in New York, where he spends time with her and Arthur. As they reunite and reflect on their past, the question arises: what lies ahead for Nora and Hae Sung in their relationship? Past Lives has a 7.9 rating in IMDb.

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