Top 20 Best Idol Manga That Will Make You Sing and Dance

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Top 20 Best Idol Manga That Will Make You Sing and Dance –  Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 20 Best Idol Manga That Will Make You Sing and Dance. An idol manga is a type of story that focuses on the lives and experiences of idols. Idols are typically young entertainers who sing, dance, and often have a strong fan following.

These manga often depict the challenges, dreams, and relationships of idols as they strive for success in the competitive world of entertainment. It’s a genre that explores the glamorous and sometimes demanding life of these performers, offering a glimpse into their personal and professional journeys. So, let’s get started.

20. Denjin N


Denjin N is a manga about Tadahiro Nasu, a convenience store worker who leads a miserable life. He finds solace in watching virtual reality performances of Misaki Kanzaki, an idol who was once his classmate. Tadahiro’s life becomes so unbearable that he decides to electrocute himself.

However, this act transforms his body into pure electricity, giving him the power to control electrical objects. With his newfound abilities, Tadahiro is determined to support Misaki in any way he can, even if she’s not entirely receptive to his help. The manga explores his journey as he uses his electric powers to assist Misaki, driven by his unwavering devotion to her.

19. Oshi no Idol ga Tonari no Heya ni Hikkoshite Kita


Oshi no Idol ga Tonari no Heya ni Hikkoshite Kita is a manga where an idol that an otaku adores moves in next door to him, and it seems like a dream come true.

However, the twist is that the idol turns out to be quite sadistic and not as sweet as expected. This manga explores the dynamic where the idol becomes somewhat of a bully to the otaku, creating a unique and potentially comedic relationship between them.

18. Stan for Salvation


Stan for Salvation is a manga that features angels arriving in Japan with a mission to save the people from demons who have infiltrated the music industry.

However, their unexpected twist is that they plan to achieve their goal by becoming idols themselves! These angels aim to rise to stardom and use their popularity as a means to combat the influence of the demonic forces that have taken over the music scene.

17. Idol Pretender


Idol Pretender is a manga that follows the story of Chinami Eita, a boy who wants to become a more confident and manly person so he can confess his feelings to the school idol, Yuika. His approach to achieving this involves fighting with others to toughen up.

However, things take a bizarre turn when Eita catches a cold and accidentally takes the wrong medicine, which transforms him into a very cute girl. To earn money to return to his male self, he decides to pursue a career as an idol. In the process, he crosses paths with Yuika, who also dreams of becoming an idol.

As their interactions increase, Yuika becomes captivated by Eita’s feminine persona, leading to a unique and unexpected twist in their relationship as they both strive to achieve their dreams in the world of idols.

16. Back Street Girls


Back Street Girls is a manga about a trio of yakuza members who do something quite unusual. They manage to transform themselves into idols and even become incredibly popular. This transformation is all thanks to their strict and controlling boss.

Under their boss’s guidance, these former yakuza men go through a complete makeover and debut as a group of girl idols known as the “Gokudols.” Behind the scenes, they continue with their old habits, such as drinking alcohol and gambling. However, when they step in front of their fans, they transform into the perfect idols.

The manga explores the humor and challenges that arise when these rough and tough yakuza members become the next big pop sensation as the Gokudols.

15. Love Lucky

idol manga

Love Lucky is a manga that tells the story of Fuuta, an average-looking salaryman who has never been lucky in love. However, his luck takes a dramatic turn when he meets a peculiar girl through a dating agency. She’s pleasant but always wears masks during their dates, which is quite unusual.

One day, Fuuta witnesses his mask-wearing girlfriend being attacked by what he believes are thieves. He bravely saves her, and in return, she confesses her love and proposes to him. On the night they get married, she finally removes her mask, revealing her true identity: she’s none other than Kirari, a super-idol singer whom Fuuta admires!

From that moment on, their life as a married couple begins, and the manga explores the ups and downs of their relationship as Fuuta navigates the challenges of being married to a famous idol like Kirari.

14. Idol no Akahon


Idol no Akahon is a manga about three girls who go to a talent agency with dreams of becoming popular idols. However, due to a mix-up or miscommunication, all three of them are recruited instead of just one.

To make the best of the situation, the company decides to form a three-member idol group called Triple Booking with these girls. Together, they embark on their idol journey, navigating the challenges and adventures that come their way as they strive to achieve fame and success.

13. Crash!


Crash! is a manga that follows Hana Shiraboshi, a seemingly ordinary high school girl with a unique secret. Her mother is the president of a talent agency called White Star, and Hana has a peculiar condition: she gets nosebleeds whenever she’s near someone with the potential to become an idol.

One day, while Hana is scouting for potential talents in Central Park, she encounters a group of five boys who are having an argument. Her nosebleed problem acts up again, causing her to faint. To fulfill her dream of becoming a manager, Hana now faces a challenge. She must find these five boys once more within a month and convince them to become idols.

The manga explores her journey as she attempts to bring these boys together and turn them into successful idols, despite the unique obstacles she faces due to her condition.

12. Nante Nasakenai Bokura da.


Nante Nasakenai Bokura da. is a manga that tells the story of Yukiya Iiyama, an ordinary young boy who is fed up with the constant noise of the city. He wears headphones to drown out the loud music that seems to play everywhere he goes.

Yukiya secretly has a strong passion for music and songwriting. However, his creative inspiration has been blocked since his best friend and songwriting partner, Natsumi Souda, became a famous idol whose music is played on the radio all the time. Yukiya is torn between admiring her success and feeling frustrated because he can’t write songs anymore.

One day, Natsumi unexpectedly appears at the music store where Yukiya works. She wants to reconnect with him and asks if he has been composing new songs. She expresses interest in singing his music, just like they used to do together. Yukiya is initially guarded but deep down wishes to regain his ability to write songs and rebuild their creative partnership.

11. Zombieland Saga


Zombieland Saga is a manga that follows the story of Sakura Minamoto, a girl with dreams of becoming an idol. Tragically, she dies in a sudden traffic accident. However, ten years later, she wakes up in Saga Prefecture and realizes she’s become a zombie with no memory of her past.

Sakura meets a man named Koutarou Tatsumi, who explains that he has resurrected her and six other zombie girls from different time periods. His goal is to use them to boost the local economy of Saga by forming an idol group. Taking on the role of their manager, Koutarou starts scheduling events for the girls. The girls reluctantly go along with it and eventually name their idol group “Franchouchou.”

The manga humorously explores their journey as Franchouchou, as they work to save Saga Prefecture while concealing their zombie identities. Along the way, they also uncover their past lives and form heartwarming bonds with each other, offering a unique and comedic take on the idol genre.

10. The iDOLM@STER


The iDOLM@STER is a manga that revolves around the 765 Production Studio, which manages 13 unique and talented professional idols on their journey to become nationwide celebrities. However, the path to stardom is far from easy and involves hard work, dedication, and overcoming various challenges.

They also have to keep an eye on their rival, the infamous 961 Production. As the girls’ fame rises, their time together as a close-knit group starts to dwindle. The very popularity they desired begins to threaten their unity. Balancing their work and their bond as a family becomes crucial, or they risk drifting apart.

The manga explores the personal and professional struggles of these idols and emphasizes that with the loving support of each other, they can overcome any obstacle or hardship that comes their way.

9. Ossan Idol!

idol manga

Ossan Idol! is a manga that centers around Miroku Osaki, a 36-year-old man who is unemployed and deeply unhappy with his life. He has experienced bullying both in his childhood and as an adult, which led him to become a shut-in after losing his job unfairly.

For a long time, his only source of happiness was online gaming. However, everything changes when he tries out a popular idol game called “Let’s Try Dancing!” This game becomes not only addicting but also transformative for him. It inspires him to make a positive change in his life. He starts by singing karaoke and going to the gym, where he crosses paths with Yoichi, the director of an entertainment company.

Yoichi encourages Miroku to pursue his dreams of becoming an idol, setting the stage for a story of personal growth and newfound purpose as Miroku embarks on a journey to change his life and follow his newfound dreams of becoming an idol.

8. Star⇄Crossed!!


Star⇄Crossed!! is a manga that revolves around Azusa Asahina, a devoted fan of her idol, Chikashi “Chika” Chida of Prince 4 U. Azusa’s life revolves around supporting Chika, from waking up early to choose the perfect concert outfit to waiting in long lines for limited edition merchandise. Her dedication finally pays off when she gets a lucky seat near the stage at one of Chika’s concerts.

However, during the concert, disaster strikes when a stage spotlight above Chika crashes down. Azusa wakes up in what seems to be Heaven, and surprisingly, Chika is there too. They discover that they both died as a result of the accident during the concert. In an attempt to make amends for this accidental death, God promises to reverse their deaths and send them back to Earth.

But there’s a twist – somehow, God has switched the bodies of the obsessive fangirl (Azusa) and her idol (Chika), leaving them in a puzzling and humorous situation as they try to navigate their switched lives on Earth.

7. Phantom of the Idol

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Phantom of the Idol is a manga about Yuuya, one half of the boy pop duo ZINGS. He’s known for being the laziest performer in the Japanese music industry. While his partner gives their all during performances and is quite popular, Yuuya’s dancing is half-hearted, and he often shows a hostile attitude towards the audience.

This leads to fans disliking him, and his agent is constantly looking for reasons to let him go. Yuuya realizes that being a pop idol is much harder than he thought, and it’s not all about leisure and adulation. After a particularly lackluster concert, Yuuya meets a girl backstage who appears full of energy and enthusiasm.

However, there’s a twist – this girl is Asahi Mogami, a beloved singer who tragically passed away a year ago. Despite being a ghost, Asahi is determined to continue performing. The story explores the idea of spirit possession as Yuuya contemplates whether it’s possible for him to be possessed by Asahi’s spirit, allowing her to fulfill her dreams on the stage once more.

6. Love Live!

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Love Live! is a manga set in Otonokizaka High School, located at the intersection of three different cities: Akihabara, a trendy and ever-changing pop culture hub; Kanda, a traditional and cultured city steeped in history; and Jinbo, a quiet and sophisticated area.

The school is in danger of closing down because of a declining number of students. In a bid to save their beloved school, nine female students decide to form a pop idol group. Their plan is straightforward: become famous pop stars and use their newfound fame to attract more students to the school, preventing it from closing.

Their goal is to become a sensation overnight and gain nationwide media attention to promote their school. They are aware of the challenges ahead but are determined to give it their all. Thus, their exciting journey to become pop stars and rescue their school begins, with uncertainty and excitement in equal measure.

5. AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jourei


AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jourei is a manga where the protagonist, Urakawa Minoru, decides to crossdress as a girl named Minori to participate in a female idol group audition called AKB48. His main goal is to help the girl he likes, Yoshinaga Hiroko, pass the audition. Hiroko dreams of becoming an idol like her favorite AKB48 member.

This audition is her last chance, so Minoru disguises himself as Minori to ensure Hiroko’s success. Surprisingly, not only does Hiroko qualify for the audition, but so does Minoru in his Minori persona. This unexpected turn of events sets them on the path to becoming female idols, and the manga follows their journey as they navigate the challenges and experiences of the idol world.

4. Girl Crush

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Girl Crush is a manga that follows the story of Tenka Momose, a talented high school freshman who excels in singing and dancing. She’s not only pretty but also smart. However, there’s one area where she struggles – love.

One day, Tenka meets Erian Satou, a girl who is deeply passionate about becoming an idol. Erian’s dedication and enthusiasm for the world of K-Pop idols inspire Tenka. The story revolves around these two young girls as they pursue their dream of becoming K-Pop idols, facing challenges, and growing together in their journey towards stardom.


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IDOLiSH7 is a idol manga story about Tsumugi Takanashi, who starts working at her father’s small production agency. On her first day, she’s unexpectedly made the manager of a new male idol group. Although she’s surprised that her father entrusted her with such a big project, Tsumugi is determined to support the seven young boys in the group.

However, there’s a catch: Tsumugi’s father wants her to reduce the group from seven members to three, believing that managing seven idols is too challenging. Tsumugi disagrees and holds an audition to prove her point. She decides not to cut anyone from the group because she sees the unique qualities in each member that make the group special.

With all seven members intact, they become IDOLiSH7 and work together to tackle the highly competitive world of idols. The story follows their journey as they strive to achieve success and fulfill their dreams.

2. Buddy Go!

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Buddy Go! is a idol manga about Shizuku Ishiai, a 2nd-year middle school student who’s passionate about dancing but struggles to express herself. To overcome this, she crossdresses as a boy and uploads dance videos under the name “Ai” on the popular website “Smile Douga.” Shizuku considers Hayate, known as the “dancing prince,” as her rival.

However, due to some unexpected events and her efforts to outperform him, she ends up being part of an idol group with him. The twist is that it’s an all-male idol group, which adds to the story’s intrigue and humor as Shizuku navigates this unexpected situation.

1. Oshi no Ko

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Oshi no Ko is a idol manga story set in the entertainment industry where lying is a powerful tool and a unique form of love. The main character, Goro, is a gynecologist who is a huge fan of a popular idol named B-Komachi.

One day, Goro’s life takes a dramatic turn when he discovers that his newest patient is none other than Ai-chan, a 16-year-old member of B-Komachi who is determined to become a mother despite the industry’s belief that having children can harm an idol’s career. In secret, Goro helps Ai with her prenatal care. However, on the night Ai is due to give birth, Goro is attacked and killed.

He is then reincarnated as one of Ai’s newborn twins, now named Aquamarine Hoshino. This new life allows Goro to be with his favorite idol 24/7. But there’s a catch – Ai is a somewhat scatterbrained young idol who is used to living a life full of lies. Can she become a good mother? And what about Ruby, Goro’s strangely talkative twin sister?


In conclusion, an idol manga is a genre of manga that tells stories about young individuals aspiring to become idols, typically singers and dancers in the entertainment industry.

These manga often explore their struggles, achievements, relationships, and the ups and downs of their journey to stardom. Idol manga provides readers with a window into the world of idols and the challenges they face while chasing their dreams.

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