Top 20+ Best Succubus Anime Characters You Can’t Resist

succubus anime

Top 20+ Best Succubus Anime Characters You Can’t Resist – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 20+ Best Succubus Anime Characters You Can’t Resist. Succubus anime characters are like super attractive and charming women in anime shows. They have this magical power to make people really like them, especially guys.

These characters can use their charm to influence and control others, which adds a lot of drama and excitement to the story. Sometimes, they’re playful and mischievous, while other times, they’re mysterious and serious. Succubi can be found in all sorts of anime settings, from modern cities to fantasy worlds. So, let’s get started.

22. Sanatoria From So I’m a Spider, So What?


Sanatoria holds a position as one of Ariel’s commanders and is in charge of leading the Second Demon Army. She’s known for her voluptuous figure and is a childhood friend of Balto. Sanatoria hails from a family of succubi who utilize their attractiveness and skills to influence others to do their bidding.

Physically, Sanatoria has long hair that partially covers her left face with her bangs. She is renowned for her well-endowed bust, something that Shiro envies. In terms of her personality, Sanatoria is typically calm and level-headed. She tends to approach situations with a strategic and subtle mindset when carrying out her actions.

During the events of The Great Human-Demon War, Sanatoria stands out for her preference for strategic tactics. She takes great care to ensure that her army faces minimal losses when capturing the Human Fortresses, highlighting her skill in military strategy and leadership.

21. Harumu Yumesaki From Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs


Yumesaki Harumu is a teacher at Yukemuri High School, but she has a secret. She’s actually a half-succubus who longs for a peaceful and normal life. Yumesaki’s appearance includes a short bob haircut with bangs that cover her eyes.

She hides her eyes because she struggles to control her succubus powers. Despite her position as a teacher, Yumesaki is incredibly introverted and shy. She yearns for a peaceful and normal life, but her powerful succubus side continually threatens to disrupt it.

20. Receptionist Succubus From KonoSuba

succubus anime

The Receptionist Succubus works at the Succubus Cafe in Axel Town, a place that services male adventurers. She appears as an attractive woman with a slim figure, long pink hair, cyan eyes, and pointed ears. As a lesser demon, she has a unique ability – she can absorb the energy or life force from men and use it to become stronger, which helps her in battles.

She also has a special power called Charm, which makes her look even more attractive and appealing to the people she wants to impress. This power is often used by the succubi at the cafe to make their male customers feel more desired and satisfied. However, it doesn’t work on creatures like liches or the undead, who are immune to such charms.

19. Babylon From Infinite Dendrogram

succubus anime

Babylon is the Type Guardner Embryo, and it belongs to Rook Holmes. She appears as a tall, red-haired woman with a well-endowed figure, bat wings, and a devil’s tail. Babylon possesses a warm and friendly personality, making it easy for her to get along with most people.

Her caring nature is particularly evident in her relationship with Rook, as she provides him with comfort and support whenever he’s feeling down. Being a Type Guardner Embryo, Babylon has the capability to operate independently from Rook. However, her status is considered below average for a Guardner of her form, and her status correction abilities for her Master are relatively low.

18. Raim From Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun

succubus anime

Raim is one of the esteemed professors professor at Babyls Demon School. She has the role of teaching an exclusively female class focused on the art of seduction. Raim possesses distinct features, including purple eyes, purple hair, and a red tail with a heart-shaped tip.

As a succubus, Raim’s character is known for her provocative and seductive demeanor. She takes great pride in her role as a teacher and is highly supportive of her students in their pursuit of enhancing their allure and sexiness. However, she can also be easily surprised or taken aback by her students’ perceived lack of sexiness, as demonstrated when one of her students, Clara, scored only 2% in that regard.

This shock led her to dedicate a significant amount of her time and effort to help Clara improve her seduction skills.

17. Cubey From Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle


Cubey is a Succubus belonging to the monster species. Cubey’s appearance includes long hair with a magenta-lavender gradient that extends beyond her knees. She also has straight-cut bangs with a white heart-shaped mark on top. Cubey frequently takes on the role of Princess Syalis’ double due to her strong resemblance to the princess.

This means that she often stands in for Syalis during various situations or tasks. Despite her resemblance to the princess, Cubey is generally portrayed as level-headed and calm. However, she tends to find herself being pushed around by the whims of Princess Syalis.

16. Ginny Fin de Salvan From The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody

succubus anime

Ginny Fin de Salvan is a student at the Laville National Academy of Magic. She belongs to the Succubus race and, notably, is a virgin. In terms of her appearance, Ginny is a beautiful Succubus girl with short pink hair. During her childhood, Ginny endured torment from Elrado, which led to severe self-esteem issues and a lack of self-confidence.

This often caused her to stumble over her words. However, as the story progresses and Elrado is defeated by Ard, Ginny undergoes significant character development. She goes through a remarkable transformation and begins to display more confidence. Despite being a Succubus known for her ability to charm men, Ginny falls in love with Ard and decides to use her charm to win him over.

This leads to her becoming both a pervert and a virgin as she attempts to flirt with Ard as well creating a harem. Interestingly, Ginny possesses a darker side, although it is not harmful or self-centered. She is capable of manipulating people, especially with the goal of driving them away from Ard, particularly targeting Ireena.

15. Steina From I’m Quitting Heroing


Steina is a member of the Demon Army and holds the esteemed position of Heavenly Kings and a magic general. In terms of physical appearance, Steina is a tall and slender young woman who possesses elf-like features, including long ears.

Her most distinctive features are her long, flowing yellow hair, which she ties into a ponytail, and her striking purple eyes. Steina’s personality is characterized by her kindness, sweetness, and a calm demeanor. She genuinely cares for others and demonstrates a caring nature.

As one of the primary four generals in Echidna’s Army, Steina is an exceptionally skilled mage, boasting mastery over a wide range of powerful spells, including ancient and forbidden ones. However, her physical combat abilities are not as formidable as her magical prowess.

14. Newbie Succubus From KonoSuba


The Newbie Succubus, sometimes referred to as the Loli Succubus or by the name Lolisa given to her by Dust, is the youngest member of the Succubus Cafe. She was introduced to the series when captured by Aqua, as she was on her way to provide her services to Kazuma. Lolisa is characterized by her dark pink eyes and chin-length light pink hair that flows freely.

Initially, when Lolisa makes her debut in the series, she is portrayed as a very timid and introverted character. She often worries about her abilities and performance as a succubus, particularly in comparison to her more experienced colleagues. Despite her initial shyness, she is a hardworking individual who is eager to improve herself.

Over time, she becomes less naive and more worldly, learning to manipulate and deceive others through her interactions with Dust. As a lesser demon, Lolisa possesses the ability to feed on the vitality of men and can harness that energy for combat purposes.

13. Artemis From Maria the Virgin Witch

succubus anime

Artemis is Maria’s succubus familiar. In her human form, Artemis is characterized by long, straight lemon-white hair and maple-colored eyes. Her owl form features soft pinkish feathers and red maple eyes. As a succubus, Artemis possesses the innate ability to be highly seductive, using her charms to manipulate others effectively.

She takes pleasure in her work and is not one to rush, often advising Maria that her duties cannot be hurried. Despite frequently teasing Maria, Artemis is deeply loyal and caring towards her mistress. She goes to great lengths to protect Maria from harm, whether it’s threats from humans or angels. Their relationship is more than that of a master and servant; Artemis sees Maria as her best friend.

12. Morrigan Aensland From Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge


Morrigan Aensland is presented as a character resembling her video game persona. She is portrayed as a semi-innocent member of the royal Aensland family from the demon world.

Morrigan is more interested in visiting Earth than fulfilling her royal duties, giving her the appearance of an idle rich individual. She frequently leaves for Earth out of boredom, which frustrates her elder guardians from the Aensland family. The anime focuses on Morrigan’s role as a hero, downplaying her activities as a succubus.

While Donovan Baine is depicted as the main hero of the story, Morrigan’s character exhibits a somewhat stoic and pretentious demeanor, contrasting with her typically upbeat personality from the video games. Additionally, the anime showcases her engaging in battles, including fights against Jon Talbain in the episode intros for the first three episodes.

11. Sheila From Shinmai Maou no Testament


Sheila is the mother of both Lucia and Maria Naruse. In terms of her appearance, she bears a striking resemblance to her daughter Maria, sharing the same silver hair color, purple eyes, horns, and pointy ears. Sheila is characterized by her cheerful and caring personality.

She genuinely cares about her daughter’s well-being and shows concern for her. Additionally, she displays a caring attitude towards Basara’s harem and their overall strength and well-being. In her past, Sheila was renowned as the most powerful succubus in the demon realm. Her strength and reputation in that regard made her many enemies.

10. Mercelida Ygvar From Astarotte’s Toy

succubus anime

Mercelida Ygvar is the mother of Lotte and can be described as an extremely promiscuous woman, even by succubus standards. There is a notable incident in her past where she engaged in intimate relations with a man from her harem while her daughter Lotte, who was only five years old at the time, was in bed with her. In the anime adaptation, the circumstances of this event are slightly altered.

Instead of the man coming unannounced when Lotte was already in bed with her mother, he arrived while Astarotte was on her way to her mother’s room. This meant that her mother was unaware of Lotte’s presence in the vicinity. The shock of this traumatic experience is identified as the root cause of Astarotte’s deep-seated aversion and hatred toward men.

It serves as a significant moment in the story, impacting the relationship dynamics between Lotte and her mother and influencing Lotte’s feelings and attitudes toward the opposite sex.

9. Reika Houjou From Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun


Reika Houjou holds the position of student council president at Shungo’s school and is an heiress to the large Houjou Group conglomerate. Reika initially presents herself as proud and haughty, often bothering Shungo. However, her life takes an unexpected turn after she is caught in an embarrassing video where her attempts to seduce Shungo fail.

To make amends, she agrees to become Shungo’s maid and resides with him. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Reika is, in fact, a succubus, and she harbors a dark and serious alternate personality that occasionally emerges. She also shares a past childhood relationship with Shungo.

In the anime, Reika is actively involved in the Houjou Group’s various business endeavors, including influencing national policies, engaging with dignitaries, and contributing to corporate product development. Her alternate personality in the series attempts to claim Shungo for herself

8. Mayu Tsukimura From Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun


Mayu Tsukimura is sent to live with Shungo by Ryoko to help her overcome her fear of men, known as androphobia. Mayu and her brother possess the special abilities of succubi, which in this series means they can attract members of the opposite sex and feed on their life force. However, Mayu struggles with controlling her power, leading to frequent chases by boys.

In terms of her appearance, Mayu has strikingly large deep blue eyes and long light pink hair that she ties with bat-shaped hair accessories. Her physical attributes, including her ample bust and attractive features, often lead to envy from other girls, particularly Reika. Within the story, Mayu Tsukimura is one of the two love interests for Shungo. She is also the younger sister of Mikihiro.

7. Ageha Kurono From Rosario + Vampire


Ageha Kurono is the mother of Kurumu Kurono. She makes her appearance during the school festival under the impression that Tsukune Aono is her daughter’s fiancé. Ageha goes to great lengths, even allowing Tsukune to have a close relationship with her daughter, Kurumu, whenever he wishes.

Ageha is a striking woman in her early to mid-thirties, possessing the same appearance as her daughter Kurumu, with light blue hair and purple eyes. Her beauty is complemented by her well-endowed figure. In contrast to Kurumu, who has learned to restrain her seductive nature, Ageha fully embraces her succubus instincts. She doesn’t shy away from using her alluring qualities and powers.

However, her actions are motivated by her desire to see her daughter happy and in a loving relationship. Despite her succubus nature, Ageha genuinely cares for Kurumu and wants the best for her, including finding the man of her dreams.

6. Lotte From Astarotte’s Toy


Lotte, the main character in Astarotte’s Toy, is a young succubus who, despite being just 10 years old, is informed that she must begin assembling a harem. This unusual requirement stems from her succubus heritage, where succubi need a regular supply of semen for their maturation, similar to how vampires require blood.

Unfortunately, her mother’s extreme excesses have led her to develop a deep-seated hatred and disgust towards all men. In an attempt to avoid this responsibility, Lotte sets a unique condition for her harem: the first member must be a human from the human world.

She is aware of the dormant Yggdrasill tree, which connects her realm to the human world, and she hopes that this demand will exempt her from the daunting task of forming a harem.

5. Vermeil From Vermeil in Gold

succubus anime

Vermeil, a female demon is a formidable succubus-type demon of great power. She made her entrance into the story when Alto Goldfield summoned her from a book in which she had been imprisoned for three centuries. Vermeil is described as a tall and curvaceous woman with shoulder-length violet hair and deep vermilion eyes.

However, depending on the circumstances, she can assume a more monstrous and powerful demonic appearance. Vermeil has a laid-back personality and tends to be quite direct and daring in her actions, sometimes even entering the boys’ changing room without hesitation.

She possesses an extraordinary level of power, even among other devils, and is capable of causing immense destruction, such as obliterating an entire city with a single attack when pushed to her limits.

4. Sakie Sato From Interviews With Monster Girls


Sakie Sato is a mathematics teacher and also happens to be a succubus. Her Demi-human nature presents various challenges and perspectives on fitting into a normal life. Sakie is an average-height young woman with a slender yet curvaceous figure. She possesses a natural beauty that shines even when she dresses modestly.

However, as a succubus, her body produces an aphrodisiac pheromone, an involuntary effect that causes any male in her vicinity to experience heightened desire and attraction toward her. This situation is a source of frustration for Sakie, as it makes it difficult for her to interact with men without unintentionally arousing their desires.

In contrast to traditional portrayals of succubi as confident and assertive, Sakie is timid and shy. She takes great care to minimize her contact with men and to downplay her own attractiveness. As a teacher, she places the well-being of her students above all else, demonstrating her responsible and caring nature.

3. Maria Naruse From Shinmai Maou no Testament


Maria Naruse plays the role of Mio Naruse’s guardian after the passing of her adoptive parents. She is the daughter of Sheila and the half-sister of Lucia. In her human form, Maria is a petite and lovely girl with long silver hair and captivating purple eyes. However, when she transforms into her succubus form, she acquires slit purple eyes and small black horns on her head.

Maria’s personality can be described as somewhat childlike. She enjoys teasing people, regardless of the seriousness of the situation at hand. She takes pride in her ability to bring levity to even the most solemn moments, often in contrast to the seriousness of characters like Basara and the rest of the harem.

Her straightforward nature often earns her the label of the “problematic” member of the family, as she doesn’t hold back in expressing her feelings and desires. Given her succubus nature, Maria naturally thrives on lewd or erotic situations, which is a characteristic common to her kind.

2. Kurumu Kurono From Rosario + Vampire

succubus anime

Kurumu Kurono and is a third-year student at Yōkai Academy. Her initial goal was to win the affection of Tsukune Aono, despite his romantic involvement with Moka Akashiya. Kurumu bears a striking resemblance to her mother, Ageha Kurono. Being a succubus, Kurumu possesses the innate ability to easily captivate and seduce men.

This makes her popular among the male students at her school. However, her feelings took a different turn when Tsukune saved her from Inner Moka. At first glance, Kurumu might appear to be childish and self-centered, but underneath her initial facade, she reveals herself to be more mature and kind-hearted.

She genuinely cares about her friends and is willing to go to great lengths, even risking her life, to ensure their well-being. She is characterized by her strong determination and courage, always willing to stand up for what she believes in. Despite her natural allure as a succubus, Kurumu is determined to win Tsukune’s affection through her own merits rather than relying on her seductive abilities.

1. Albedo From Overlord

succubus anime

Albedo holds the role of Overseer within the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, responsible for managing and supervising the activities of the seven Floor Guardians, which places her in a position of authority above the other characters in Nazarick. Albedo is renowned for her exquisite beauty, characterized by her long, jet-black hair and a face that is often described as divine.

Her physical appearance is striking and captivating. However, Albedo’s personality is marked by her intense loyalty and deep romantic love for the main character, Ainz. Her infatuation with Ainz leads to clingy and obsessive behavior as she constantly seeks his affection. She becomes extremely jealous when others appear to get close to Ainz and can display emotional outbursts because of this jealousy.

It’s crucial to note that her feelings for Ainz are a result of her succubus nature and Ainz’s own programming, making her assertive and sometimes even aggressive in her pursuit of his attention. In some instances, her emotions become so overwhelming that she loses control of herself, leading to extreme actions, such as attempting non-consensual activities with Ainz against his will.


In conclusion, succubus anime characters are like the super attractive and charming people you see in anime shows. They have this special power to make others really like them, especially guys, and they often have a striking appearance. This charm power makes their stories interesting and exciting.

These characters can be mischievous or mysterious, and they can appear in different types of anime settings. They add a unique blend of beauty and supernatural intrigue to anime, making them stand out and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

That is it from today’s post on Top 20+ Best Succubus Anime Characters You Can’t Resist. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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