Top 10 Strongest Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail

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Top 10 Strongest Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail –  Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Strongest Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail. Dragon Slayers are people who utilize a form of Lost Magic and have the ability to consume the element which they wield . So let us count down the list from weakest to strongest.

10. Erik


Erik, formerly known by the code name Cobra.Erik was introduced at the start of the series,he was shown to among the strongest dragon slayers. He completely overpowered natsu throughout their battle. However, we haven’t really seen his progress throughout the series as he has likely been surpassed by the other dragon slayers who have received all kinds of powerups as oppossed to him.

9. Rogue Cheney


Rogue Cheney is a Mage of Sabertooth. At the grand magic games,rogue showed the ability to use dragon force at will although we don’t really know how strong he was while in dragon force since he didn’t really do anything with it.After being possesed by his future selef “Future Rogue” he overpowered gajeel for a while before gajeel turn “Iron shadow dragon mode” to defeat him after consuming his shadows.

8. Wendy Marvell


Wendy wasn’t really all that strong from the beginning, especially considering the fact that she was still too young.But she kept progressing throughout the series, being able to defeat the tartaros demon “Ezel” after entering dragon force. After the one year timeskip she was seen using dragon force at will against dimaria and irene. She was also seen using advanced enchantments against irene.

7. Sting Eucliffe


Just like rogue sting showed the ability to use dragon force at will from the beginning.Using dragon force he was able to overpower an unserious natsu and gajeel for sometime at the grand magic games. He was later able to defeat his guild master “Jiemma” after getting a power boost. His most notable feat was when he defeated larcade dragneel using “white shadow dragon mode” at the alvarez empire arc.

6. Gajeel Redfox


Gajeel was introduced to be quite strong from the very beginning of the series and kept progressing throughout. At the grand magic games, he defeated a boosted rogue after consuming his shadows and entering “Iron Shadow Dragon Mode”. At Tartaros , he was able to defeat “Torafuzar” one of the strongest among the 9 demon gates. At first he struggled against bloodman but eventually overpowered him using the magical barrier particles induced dragon force.

5. Laxus Dreyar


Laxus is a second generation dragon slayer who only got his dragon slayer magic by having dragon lacrimas implanted into his body. He has always been among the strongest characters in the series. At the grand magic games he was able to defeat jura a wizard saint. He defeated Wall Eehto one of the spriggan 12 member while being poisoned and therefore not at full power.

4. God Serena

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God serena is a second generation dragon slayer who is in possession of 8 different dragon lacrimas. He was initally a wizard saint and the strongest mage in fiore before joining the sprigan 12. He’s comparable to gildarts in power based on statements from gildarts himself.

3. Irene Beleserion

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Irene is the creator of dragon slayer magic,and she’s is capable of using dragon slayer magic as well. She also has a dragon form which makes her stronger. When she was introduced with the other spriggans she was considered the strongest among them alongside august. Since she was beaten by erza and wendy, many think she isn’t that strong, but I still don’t see any normal mage beating her in dragon form.

2. Natsu Dragneel

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Natsu has continued to progress throughout the series and he’s now one of the strongest character. He’s attained many forms like LFDM, BDKM, END, Dragon Force and with it he’s been able to defeat 2 of the strongest villains in the series “Zeref and Acnologia”. He is shown to easily defeat a dragon in the movie using a partially transformed dragon form.

1. Acnologia

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Acnologia is still the strongest character in the series. He’s been able to defeat so many dragons throughout his lifetime including the fire dragon king “Igneel”. After defeating a dragon, he bathes in their blood to become even stronger. After acquiring time magic, he became even stronger and it took the effort of almost every single available mage to defeat him.

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  1. Top 10 strongest Dragon Slayer in Fairy Tail
    1. Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D)
    2. Acnologia
    3. Laxus Dreyar
    4. Gajeel Redfox
    5. Irene Belserion
    6. Sting Eucliffe
    7. Rogue Cheney
    8. God Serena
    9. Wendy Belserion
    10. Erik Cobra

  2. Alright no Wendy is stronger than Gajeel the only thing Gajeel has on Wendy is his iron scales and Wendy’s sky magic breakers through those he magic is more affective plus she has more possibilities with sky magic than gajeel has with iron magic

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