How Strong is Hokage Kakashi Hatake?

hokage kakashi

How Strong is Hokage Kakashi Hatake? – We will take a look at how strong Hokage Kakashi or post War Arc Kakashi to be specific. So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu


Kakashi could use all 5 nature transformations; could use water release without a nearby water source, to produce massive torrents, water dragons or defensive walls. With Earth Release, he could move underground for sneak attacks or produce walls to defend himself or block enemies. His affinity is lightning release which allowed him to create his very own jutsu Chidori and its variants, the latest being “Purple Lightning” which he is shown using in Boruto. He could also use shadow clones, summoning and possessed some skill in Fuinjutsu. He may have lost the Sharingan but his Ninjutsu set should remain. He just haven’t been given the opportunity to do so.

2. Genjutsu

hokage kakashi

Due to possessing the Sharingan, Kakashi could use basic Sharingan techniques as shown back in part one against Zabuza. Now that he no longer has it, he shouldn’t be able to cast genjutsu, unless he has learned a technique we don’t know about. Regardless, his chakra control skill is very high and therefore should possess some resistance to genjutsu, unless it is too powerful.

3. Taijutsu

hokage kakashi

Kakashi has always been naturally skilled at Taijutsu. Back as a kid, without the Sharingan, he was always more than a match for his rival Guy and was superior to Obito even when the latter awakened the Sharingan. He portrayed high level Taijutsu against Kakuzu and in the war against Obito which was partly due to the Sharingan but mainly due to his skill. It has been many years after the war, so he must have trained to be better at Taijutsu than he was in the war.

4. Speed

hokage kakashi

While the Sharingan improves reactions it doesn’t really increase someone’s speed. Kakashi was always fast, with speed enough to keep up with 6th Gate Guy. Losing his Sharingan will great affect his overall battle speed but I don’t think it affected his speed that much.

5. Strength

hokage kakashi

Kakashi’s battle style doesn’t revolve around physical strength but he was still able to wield Zabuza’s blade “Kubikiribocho” with one hand for an extended period of time while using it in battle and throughout he didn’t seem fazed by how heavy it was in the least. This is the only real feat we have on Kakashi’s physical strength which should scale to his post war self.

6. Intelligence


When it comes to intelligence, Kakashi is up there amongst the best. He is one of the few who graduated from the academy at a very young age and rapidly moved through the Ninja ranks. He could create his own jutsu “Chidori” and since then has created several related lightning techniques. In battle he’s an incredible strategist, able to quickly figure out his opponents strengths and weaknesses and how to take advantage of them. He should be even better now due to the experience he’s gained over the years.

7. Defense


Kakashi lost a vital aspect of his defense “Kamui” which allowed him to teleport away incoming objects as seen several times against Sasuke, Pain etc. Still thanks to his ability to use several nature transformations, he has shown the ability to create large defensive walls, some from water release and others from earth release, powerful enough to protect him from incoming attacks. He should still be capable of doing these.

8. Summoning


Kakashi can use summoning jutsu, having his own personal pack of ninken, which he raised since they were puppies. He can summon them at any time (some or all) to fetch things from him, restrain targets, or deliver messages. More commonly, he uses them for tracking, picking up trails, or seeking out targets he doesn’t know where to look for. While they are not really battle oriented, they are still very useful.

9. Chakra

hokage kakashi

Kakashi by his own admission had low chakra reserves, but by the war, his reserves increased and he was capable of using his techniques such as Kamui and other lightning techniques more times than he normally did without completely exhausting his chakra reserves. His reserves must have also increased since then and even though we can’t say it is huge, it should now be above average.

10. Stamina


Kakashi now no longer has to worry about the Sharingan and its techniques quickly draining his stamina. Even with it, he already proved capable of fighting for long in the war arc although aided by Kyuubi chakra from Naruto. He should be able to last longer now in battle than he’s ever been able to.

While Kakashi lost the Sharingan, we can see that there isn’t a significant drop in his stats. Even if he can’t use all the techniques he copied with the Sharingan, he should still be able to use many of them.

Which Tier is Hokage Kakashi


I will say post-war Kakashi is “Mid Kage” because of his skill. The main power which would have given trouble to high kage characters “Sharingan” gone. It allowed him to use the very troublesome Kamui, made him more reflexive in battle and without it he may have lost the ability to use many of the techniques he copied. Also looking at those who are High Kage such as Mu, Jiraiya, Kisame etc. he wouldn’t stand much of a chance. He’s therefore in mid kage with people like; Konan, Mei, Deidara etc.

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