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How Strong is Jigen (Isshiki Otsutsuki)? – We already know that Jigen is only a vessel for the new Otsutsuki; Isshiki. From feats shown, we will try to determine how strong he really is.

He is said to have originally come to earth alongside Kaguya before the two will split up. He will then pass his Karma to Jigen who will become his vessel.

His power is actually so overwhelming that, Jigen’s body is unable to handle all of it. This might be the reason he had prepared Kawaki to become his next vessel. Whom we see battling against Boruto in future.


He has yet to show too many abilities, but the few we’ve seen have been pretty OP. He possesses an ability which allows him to teleport across dimensions and from location to location. He does this effortlessly with little to no effect.

He is able to shrink matter to microscopic levels and return them to normal size as he sees fit. He even possesses the ability to shrink himself, unable to be seen via normal means. It was very useful in battling Naruto and Sasuke.


Not forgetting his physical prowess. As we all saw, Naruto and Sasuke were no match for him physically. He was able to kick them out of their avatars which is crazy. He didn’t even bother to use any ability and instead went physical.

So, we’ve seen Isshiki’ feats; how he effortlessly dealt with our duo. We also know that he is probably still holding in a lot of power since the vessel cannot handle all of it.

So How Strong is He?

In order to determine how strong he is, we will use our Duo; Naruto and Sasuke, as the focal point. The duo has fought against powerful foes, so how do they compare to Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Before anything, let’s not forget Naruto and Sasuke are obviously a lot stronger than they were back in the war. Despite not using some abilities as adults, they are still no doubt much stronger.


From Isshiki’s fight with the Duo, it’s clear that he’s much stronger than Momoshiki and Madara. As teens they could battle Madara as a duo and as adults, not at full power, they could still handle Momoshiki.

How About Kaguya and Her Sons?

I don’t have much to say about Hamura but he will be at least as strong as Pre Jinchuriki Hagoromo but how strong is said Hagoromo really?

We should note that, the power Naruto and Sasuke are using is Hagoromo’s and still they can’t use as he could. He was basically a god. So, I personally think, Pre-Jinchuriki Hagoromo might be capable of handling Naruto and Sasuke even as adults. Not to talk of his prime.


Naruto and Sasuke as teens were no match for War Arc Kaguya. Without help from Obito and DMS Kakashi they would have lost. She could handle their avatars as easily as Isshiki could. So, even as adults they should stand no chance against her prime version.

So, In conclusion, from the feats shown, and being limited by Jigen’s failing body. Isshiki for now, somewhere around Pre-Jinchuriki Hagoromo level mainly because in my opinion, the latter could accomplish the same feat against our duo.


He still needs to show a lot more before we can compare him with Prime Kaguya and Jinchuriki Hagoromo. He was Kaguya’s partner but it seems the latter got stronger when they parted ways. He has yet to show his full power and we will see his full power when he fully takes control over Kawaki body.

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