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Sakura Uchiha vs Rock Lee – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing about Sakura Uchiha vs Rock Lee. Who do you think will win if they are to battle it out? It is quite an interesting battle and clear points will be given to determine the winner. So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu


Unlike Lee who has no talent in Ninjutsu i.e. is unable to use any kind of Ninjutsu technique (can only rely on other shinobi arts for combat) Sakura is quite adept at Ninjutsu being a Medical Ninja which requires immense Ninjutsu skills. She’s able to use Tsunade’s 100 Healing Technique which allows her to continuously heal herself in battle and thus is almost immortal. She’s also able to use the Summoning Technique.

2. Genjutsu


As it is with Ninjutsu Lee cannot use Genjutsu and we’re yet to see the extent to which he is immune to it. Sakura on the other hand has shown great resistance to genjutsu. We haven’t seen her casting genjutsu but this is mainly due to the fact that she has taken any time to actually learn it but on the other hand, she’s almost completely immune to genjutsu due to her skills in chakra control. The genjutsu used will have to be really powerful for her to be unable to break out of it for example Sasuke’s Rinnegan Genjutsu in the war. We’ve seen her repelling genjutsu on multiple occasions including breaking other people out of it.

3. Taijutsu


Now this is Lee’s domain. His lack of skill in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu enabled him to fully concentrate on this one aspect Taijutsu and today he’s one of the best at it. He already possessed unrivalled Taijutsu from a young age especially when he uses the Inner Gates which further amplifies his taijutsu. Him and Guy were always regarded as the most skilled Taijutsu users in the entire shinobi world. Sakura has shown that she can handle herself in hand to hand combat as we saw against Shin Uchiha, able to keep up against him in an intense Taijutsu exchange. Her immense strength makes her dangerous in closed quarters and she will only need a single powerful punch to knock her opponent out. So the opponent has to totally outclass her in taijutsu and speed in order to avoid her hits.

4. Speed


The gates provide Lee with immense speed which continue to increase as more gates are opened. Lee was able to open the 5th Gate back in the Chunin Exams and we saw how devastating his speed was. Towards the end of the war he opened the 6th Gate which of course will make him faster. Then he can open the 7th Gate at this point in Boruto which will make him even faster although he’s yet to display it. Throughout Naruto, Sakura didn’t shown any noteworthy speed feats but it is different now in Boruto. We saw a glimpse of how fast she can be against Shin. In an incredibly high paced battle she was more than able to keep up.

5. Strength


Both Lee and Sakura are physical monsters. Lee gets increasingly more physical with each gate he opens. His most notable strength feat was in the movie Naruto: The Last where he and other Inner Gates users were able to destroy half of a meteorite using nothing but their fists. He surely must have provided majority of the power. Sakura is naturally very physical using a single hand to launch a huge object towards Shin. She also uses chakra enhanced strength for more power where a single punch is enough to produce craters, shockwaves and of course K.O her opponents.

6. Intelligence


Right back in the academy Sakura was always amongst the most intelligent ones, being one of the few to get high test scores easily. In battle she’s also very smart, able to figure out an opponent’s tactics and know how to counter them. She was also intelligent enough to quickly master Medical Ninjutsu from stractch under Tsunade, and could also master all of the latter’s techniques in a shorter time than her and all of them at young age. Back in Part 2 she was already capable of creating antidotes for poisons and in very little time. Lee was able to quickly pick up and master the Inner Gates, a feat Kakashi described as genius. It mainly requires hardwork but one must understand that basics.

7. Defense


Sakura and Tsunade are able to use Katsuyu for defense. It is mainly for healing but the rapid healing from the blunt of attacks makes it a reliable form of defense. We saw this against Pain’s catastrophic Shinra Tensei which destroyed Konoha yet Katsuyu was hardly damaged (due to continuous rapid healing) and because of this thousands of Konoha shinobi were saved. A little piece survived Pain’s Chibaku Tensei without any problems. By summoning Katsuyu, Sakura can shield herself from the blunt of attacks if need be. Lee doesn’t possess any defense and can be quite vulnerable to attacks. He will have to rely on his speed.

8. Summoning


We were just talking about Katsuyu and it turns out that it is Sakura’s Boss Summon. Katsuyu can be summoned to aid in battle; for healing, offensive and defensive purposes. Can spit acid to damage her opponents, can split itself into smaller parts for different purposes and the summoner uses it to heal other people. After releasing the chakra she had stored on her forehead, Sakura used Katsuyu to heal thousands of shinobi in the shinobi alliance. Lee, being unable to use Ninjutsu even a little will mean he can’t use even the Summoning Technique.

9. Chakra/Stamina


Sakura learned how to store chakra over a period of time in order to have the chakra necessary to complete the Strength of a Hundred Seal. When the seal is released her reserves become comparable to that of Bijuu. She didn’t run out of chakra in the war and hardly got tired at any point. She used her chakra to heal thousands of shinobi and later will still have more chakra than Naruto’s SPSM clone, enough to open a portal in Kaguya’s dimension. We don’t know how much Naruto put into the clone but it was quite impressive considering she had released the seal many days prior. Lee also possesses high chakra reserves and stamina especially if we consider the strain the gates inflict on the user.

From the ratings we can see that Sakura is much better Lee in a lot of areas except for Taijutsu and Speed which of course is Lee’s speciality. Taijutsu and Speed is all Guy needed numerous times to take out his opponent so how does this one turn out?

Sakura Uchiha vs Rock Lee


We know that Lee is now capable of opening the 7th Gate in Boruto. This is only a statement since we haven’t seen him actually use it. The outcome of the battle will depend on the strong points of these two. Lee’s strong point is speed and taijutsu? Does he have something as strong as Hirudora or stronger or weaker? Sakura’s strong point is immense healing, stamina, strength and summoning, so can she take Lee’s assaults. When we look at all this, we can see that despite his taijutsu and speed Lee will still need something to take out Sakura and simple attacks (kicks, punches) will not do at all. Sakura will easily handle those. Even if he has an attack as strong as Hirudora it will likely not be enough especially if Sakura begins the battle with Katsuyu. On the other hand Sakura will have a hard time to actually get her devastating punches to land due to Lee’s speed.

Final Verdict


Sakura will hardly touch Lee due to his speed but the duration of the gates is too short for Lee to take down Sakura before running out. Sakura can handle his strongest attacks. Let’s know that Lee doesn’t have Hirudora, since that was Guy’s technique but with the 7th Gate he could have his own special attack. However there’s no possible way for it to be as powerful as Pain’s all powerful Shinra Tensei which Tsunade survived with Katsuyu. With Katsuyu in the battlefield, I favour Sakura to win this battle. She can wear him out which is the most plausible way, or one of her punches could eventually connect. Lee is strong and could do better against other opponents but Sakura is a bad matchup for him. High Difficulty for Sakura.

That is it from today’s post on Sakura Uchiha vs Rock Lee. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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