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How Strong is Edo Madara Uchiha? – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing about How Strong is Edo Madara Uchiha? Compared to his alive version and to the other shinobi that participated in the Fourth Great Ninja War. So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu


While already being quite adept in Ninjutsu, as an Edo Madara gained extra techniques from possessing the Rinnegan which he awakened as an Edo and couldn’t use it to its full potential due to it being fake but he could use of its paths like; Preta Path, Tengai Shinsei etc. Possessing Hashirama’s cells, he could also make use of Wood Release, capable of using Deep Forest Emergence and the Wood Dragon Techniques. He had all these alongside his own personal Ninjutsu Techniques.

2. Genjutsu

madara uchiha

Madara only used genjutsu a few times as an Edo; during his taijutsu sequence against the shinobi alliance and against the Fourth Raikage when he battle against the 5 Kage. However in the past he possessed genjutsu powerful enough to control the Nine Tails. As an Edo he’s powered up by Hashirama’s cells which should at least boost his genjutsu.

3. Taijutsu


We saw Madara’s immense Taijutsu skills as an Edo when he took on a large section of the shinobi alliance by himself and got rid of hundreds of them using Taijutsu only. It is by no means an easy feat and it goes to prove that he’s definitely one of the best at Taijutsu. It shouldn’t be too surprising considering asides from his immense reflexes the Sharingan also gives him precogintion which further makes his Taijutsu better.

4. Speed


As an Edo Madara didn’t shown any impressive movement speed but his reaction speed was top notch. Although he couldn’t move out of the way, he still reacted in time to block an attack from the immensely fast 4th Raikage. He could also react to block and reflect a Mini Tailed Beast Bomb from a Bijuu Mode Naruto Clone using his gunbai. These two feats are very impressive considering Naruto and the 4th Raikage were the fastest characters at that point.

5. Strength


Madara was physically weaker as an Edo despite being boosted by Hashirama’s cells at least from Hashirama’s statement and the feats he showed the moment he got revived. He was still very physical as Edo though, enough to take out numerous shinobi in one move and sending them flying (this is during the taijutsu battle against the shinobi alliance).

6. Intelligence

madara uchiha

We all know that Madara is intelligent. He’s a genius in battle like many other shinobi but he’s also a manipulator and can plan ahead. He managed to stage his revival many years later and he succeeded and was one of the primary masterminds behind the war. As an Edo he did everything possible to make sure he got fully revived and he succeeded there as well. He continued to plan everything accordingly but unluckily there was an even bigger mind behind everything.

7. Defense


As an Edo Madara still had his ultimate defense “Susanoo” and he could use Perfect Susanoo as we saw against the 5 Kage and as we know, very few defenses surpass or are a match for Perfect Susanoo.

8. Summoning


Back in his day Madara made a contract with Kurama (9 Tails) which he could summon at any time to aid in battle under his control as we saw against Hashirama. As an Edo, the contract still stood but Kurama now had a Jinchuriki and so he was unsuccessful when he attempted to do the summoning. It also appeared as though he couldn’t summon the Gedo Mazo since the Rinnegan he possessed was fake and he was limited to only a few techniques. So, as an Edo he lacked a summon.

9. Chakra/Stamina

madara uchiha

In his time Madara was a chakra and stamina monster enough to battle for a day against Hashirama. As an Edo, even more so as he was boosted by Hashirama’s cells and also benefitted from being an Edo. We actually saw other Edo getting tired or saying they were out of chakra and thus had to recharge, but Madara was different, he had no such problems throughout the war.

From the ratings we can see that the only thing Edo Madara lacks compared to his alive version back in the day is the full physical capabilities and a summon but he makes up for most of it by having extra abilities acquired as an Edo. Let’s continue to determine how strong he is as an Edo.

What Tier is Edo Madara Uchiha?

madara uchiha

Without a doubt Edo Madara belongs in the “Legendary Tier” according to my tier system i.e. the tier just before the God Tier. In the same tier you have Bijuu Sage Mode Naruto, Hashirama Senju and his different versions, Rinnegan Obito, Edo Bijuu Mode Minato etc. I will put him right at the top end of the tier behind only his revived version with Rinnegan and Alive Sage Mode Hashirama. So I am basically saying his Edo version is above his alive EMS version back then simply due to gaining many extra abilities as an Edo.

Strongest He Beats and Weakest Who Beats Him

madara uchiha

Edo Madara has all his abilities plus the Rinnegan and Wood Release. Taking all of this into consideration I see him beating everyone who isn’t God Tier (he has the abilities to take care of the likes of Bijuu Sage Mode Naruto, Edo Bijuu Mode Minato and Rinnegan Obito) and will only lose to, as already indirectly implied; his Revived self with Rinnegan and Alive Hashirama with Sage Mode. I forget he will also lose to his self back in the day with Kurama.

That is it from today’s post on How Strong is Edo Madara Uchiha? If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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