Top 10 New Highest Bounties in One Piece

highest bounties in one piece

Top 10 New Highest Bounties in One Piece – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 New Highest Bounties in One Piece. One piece is a series based on pirates and of course the biggest honor of any pirate in the one piece world is to have a bounty that’s worth of his name.

Many big name pirates take pride in these bounties and its a symbol of their authority for them to establish their supremacy. Well, let’s go to the list.

10. Crocodile | Bounty: 1,965,000,000 Berries


When we talk about the highest bounties it is clear that they are all in billions. So starting this list with a towering figure of ฿ 1.96 Billions Berries, is our beloved former warlord and the one man other than Kaido to have knocked Luffy out twice in a row and still come back and have him kick his ass, Sir Crocodile.

Currently being a part of the notorious Cross Guild, the bounty not only dictates his overwhelming strength which he definitely isn’t lacking by any means.

But also his influence on the underground, along with the fact that his organization is worth more than the emperor alliance between Kaido and Big Mom while they were still kickin’. A respectable and deserved bounty for the user of the strong Logia Sand-Sand fruit!

9. Monkey D. Luffy | Bounty: 3,000,000,000 Berries

highest bounties in one piece

Having achieved many miracles throughout the series, one of which is taking on and defeating one of the four emperors Kaidou! The strongest creature in the world! On the ฿ 3 Billion mark sits our main protagonist. No this ain’t tenet but we do live by the tenet. Monkey D. Luffy the man who will become the future king of the pirates.

Despite the World Government having an agenda against him and lowering his bounty repeatedly in attempts to hide his achievements so he doesn’t influence the masses! Luffy has proven countless times why he deserves to be a part of this list. As he is dubbed one of the new four emperors of the sea.

Now thanks to his overwhelming strength and his large grand fleet led by our guy Bartolomeo that’s under his command! The 9th place bounty spot is also shared by two others.

Kid and Law both defeated big Mom teaming up together but their achievements and contributions in attaining the bounty were much less than you know, Luffy coming back, riding a dragon to Knock Kaido out and all the way down to hell. So he deserves the true spot and to be highlights a lot more than them.

8. Buggy | Bounty: 3,189,000,000 Berries

highest bounties in one piece

Failing his way to success from being a lowly pirate running around the East blue to a warlord (Shichibukai) and then one of the four emperors(Yonkou) this one man has made the world believe that he is insanely strong. Thanks to his PR Team and constant bluffing. We have the one the only Buggy the Genius Jester in the #8 spot with a bounty of ฿3.189 Billion Berries.

That edges out even Luffy and the other worst generations members bounties even after they have defeated Kaido and Big Mom. Buggy’s insane bounty comes from yet another misunderstanding as the organization known as Cross Guild was really founded by Crocodile and Mihawk! Who only required Buggy’s minions and workforce beneath him.

However the world government still thinks Buggy is the actual mastermind behind this group. And is capable of leading strong men like Mihawk and Crocodile, therefore he himself must have an insanely strong secret power. And thus possess enough influence to become one of the new 4 emperors (Yonkou) and have a bounty worthy of the title.

7. Dracule Mihawk | Bounty: 3,590,000,000 Berries

highest bounties in one piece

The strongest swordsman in the entire world and one of the most hyped up characters in the series makes his appearance on this list at # 7. Being a rival of the emperor Shanks and one of the most influential personalities in the entire world not to mention when he sliced our boy Zoro and made him swear his life away.

Dracule Mihawk himself was once a warlord, but now that the system has been dissolved and replaced with a newer weapon from the world government. The pirate world once again witnesses him in all his glory as he actually starts the organization known as Cross Guild and gathers followers from all over the world to cement his place as one of the most neutral but strong zones of power in the world.

His figures are ฿3.59 Billion Berries, and could’ve been much higher if he was at least a little bit more aggressive or not a warlord for so long.

6. Blackbeard | Bounty: 3,996,000,000 Berries

highest bounties in one piece

If someone other than Luffy has proved his mettle in a short period of time then it’s this man. Former member of the Whitebeard Pirates and with a previous bounty of ฿0 berries for like… 30 years! Blackbeard climbed his way to the top from Rock Bottom.

He has gathered some strong followers form Level 6 of Impel Down prison, and with the power of 2 of the strongest devil fruits in his hands he’s become a fiercesome opponent for every one of the strongest contenders looking to become the Pirate King. As he is already one of the four emperors (Yonkou) Now that Whitebeard is dead his figures are a toppling woppling, ฿3.996 Billion Berries.

He actually comes in just slightly behind our next entry, the one the only – He just had a movie come out with him and his unknown daughter.

5. Shanks | Bounty: 4,048,900,000 Berries

one piece bounties

It is time for the man, the myth, the legend to bless our list as he doesn’t really like making many appearances. Knowing this man has been there from the start, we would have expected a lot more of his scenes now that we are 1000+ episodes into the journey, But unfortunately Oda hasn’t had us be that lucky.

However the few scenes he does have all make a statement about how powerful influential and important this man is to the plot. As he sits at #5 with a whopping ฿ 4.04 Billion Berries on the bounty poster. He is the rival of the worlds strongest swordsman and was the youngest member to become one of the four emperors of the seas (Yonkou) before Luffy arrived on that list!

He’s also a previous member of the crew of the pirate King, and has numerous strong crewmembers of his own. Not to mention his ties to Buggy, his bounty is currently the highest among all the active pirates in the world!

4. Big Mom | Bounty: 4,388,000,000 Berries


With one of the most unique crews and territories in the entire new world. The next person on this list is the strongest female in the entire one piece Universe. She is a complete monster and is on par with Kaido in terms of her strength and Durability.

Along with her fearsome devil fruit power (Soul Soul No Mi) That lets her take the lifespan and souls of others and put them into other bodies, elements and other more creepy things.

She has a strong crew and her ties with Kaido as a former member of the notorious Rocks Pirates, puts her in the position she is. Her figures are ฿4.388 Billion Berries. And was one of the four emperors of the sea (Yonkou) before her defeat at the hands of the alliance.

3. Kaidou | Bounty: 4,611,100,000 Berries


Cracking our top 3 is the man who has been deemed the strongest creature in the entire world. With unreal tenacity and brute strength this man has defeated Luffy about 10, 12, maybe 13 or 14 times by now. Having feats like being able to lift an island on his own, taking the brunt of most of the attacks for many many chapters on his own that came from the pirate alliance.

His figure of ฿4.611 Billion Berries speaks for itself as he has nothing left to prove. As he is one of the previous 4 emperors of the sea and also before his defeat at the hands of the alliance he managed to become a monster and thug of the Land of Wano. Who are known for their strength and samurai. On top of having such overwhelming strength he also possesses the Mythical Zoan Fish-Fish Fruit.

Thanks to which he is able to become a dragon his only motto was to die a glorious death and for that he had attempted to kill himself many times. But he was too strong to die just like that.

2. Whitebeard | Bounty: 5,046,000,000 Berries


Breaking the barrier of the ฿5Billion berries mark. This man got paper. The one man who stood against an entire Army and the Navy and the mans on the side. The One man who is deemed the strongest man in the world. The One Man who was considered the undisputed king of the sea after the death of the Pirate King , we have at #2. Edward Newgate.

Aka Whitebeard with a humongous bounty of ฿5.046 Billion Berries. Having a strong crew and an even larger fleet Whitebeard was stronger than everyone. Even as he was dying and was old and feeble. Barely breathing with oxygen in the tank; he has feats like tilting the entire sea and taking on 3 Marine Admirals at the same time under his belt.

As one of the most dangerous people in the entire world before his death. He also died one of the best deaths ever still standing tall with no wounds on his back. His Tat forever immortalized in glory.

1. Gol D. Roger


The one man who everybody gets compared to, wants to be, wants to feel. The person who actually made history by finding the treasure that no one could find. The one man who had everything in this world whether it be wealth fame or anything else.

Yes we’re talking about the true Pirate King Himself, Gol D. Roger. With record best figures of ฿5.564 BIllion Berries. Nothing much to say about him but the fact that he has a well deserved bounty for someone who shook the entire world and turned it upside down with his achievements even after his death. Indeed he was one of the strongest people in the entire series.

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