The Seven Deadly Sins Members and Their Powers Explained

The Seven Deadly Sins Members and Their Powers Explained

The Seven Deadly Sins Members and Their Powers Explained – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing The Seven Deadly Sins Members and Their Powers Explained. The 7 Deadly Sins are known throughout Britannia because of the crimes they committed in the past.

Despite their crimes, the members of the 7 Sins were also known to be very powerful, and that was the main reason they caused so much fear in the kingdoms of Britannia. And even though, throughout Nanatsu’s history, groups of extremely powerful characters emerged, the 7 Deadly Sins were still recognized by everyone, and their powers were the main reason for everyone to remember them.

We will focus more on the innate techniques of each of them and focus less on these “secondary” powers, in addition to also mentioning the Sacred Treasure of each of the 7 sins. And you, do you still remember the power that each of the 7 sins had? So, come with me and we ‘ll explain exactly what the powers and abilities of each member of the Seven Deadly Sins were. Well, let’s go to the list.

1. King


The fairy king, King – or “Harlequin” – has several minor powers, such as levitation, telekinesis, shapeshifting, and immunity to disease, but his innate power is called “Disaster,” a power that all fairy kings possess. Throughout Nanatsu’s history, King has displayed two versions of his innate power.

He often uses his power to further strengthen the properties of something, such as turning a scratch into a deep wound, turning a weak poison into a deadly poison, and so on. When he and Meliodas trained, King used his power to make a drop of water as strong as a metal ball, being able to destroy the training wooden sticks very easily.

However, King always uses his “Disaster” on his sacred treasure, called the Chastiefol Spear. The treasure was created from the Sacred Tree itself, and naturally, the spear has up to 8 shapes. With King’s innate power, he can further enhance the strength of each of his Sacred Treasure forms, making the Chastiefol Spear the most versatile sacred treasure of all.

However, when King finally grew his wings, his innate power became so powerful that he was able to not only increase the efficiency of each of his spear forms, but he was also able to use up to 4 forms at the same time! With this power, King has proven himself more than capable of redeeming himself from his sin of sloth, being able to protect everyone he loves while also facing his enemies.

2. Diane


Next, let’s talk about the new Queen of the Giant Clan, Diane. Her natural power is called “Creation”, a power that only giants with a strong connection to nature possess. It allows Diane to control the land as she sees fit, creating all sorts of things you can imagine. However, it seems that much of his power is restricted to his sacred treasure, a giant war hammer called “Gideon”.

With this weapon, Diane is able to make much more use of her “Creation”, generating new powers such as summoning giant fists from the ground or opening a huge crater, capable of destroying an entire city. After Diane returned to the past in Drole’s body, she evolved her powers further after learning more techniques from one of the first kings of the Giant Clan.

She grew strong enough to be able to summon a tsunami of rocks and even lift huge walls of diamond! Another parallel technique she learned was the “Drole’s Dance”, a technique created by Drole himself, the former king of the giants, and with this dance, the user can further increase their connection to the earth, which also ends up increasing the force of power “Creation”.

With all this evolution, Diane became strong enough to hinder – and a lot – the plans of the King of Demons after possessing Zeldris’ body. She was able to lift a colossal platform of earth from the ground, pulling the king away from the magical lake he used as a power supply. After showing all this strength, Matrona herself admitted how much Diane had already surpassed her.

3. Merlin


Possibly the third most powerful member of the 7 Deadly Sins, but this position could be even higher depending on who you ask. Undoubtedly, Merlin is the member with the most powers, and all of them are ridiculous in terms of appeals, since in the past, the woman received gifts from both the King of Demons and the Supreme Divinity.

These gifts not only gave her things like immortality and immunity to curses, but also expanded the possibilities she could do with her innate power, called “Infinity”. This power makes Merlin able to control the time of anything, being able to make flames burn forever, ice never melt or make her spells last forever – as long as she doesn’t deactivate the effect.

Its power can also be used to amplify the strength of its allies’ spells, cancel all spell effects of others, or even trap people. Merlin’s sacred treasure is a small floating crystal ball, called “Aldan”. As her “Infinity” is already very powerful alone, Merlin doesn’t have to use the sphere that much, but with it, the sorceress can do things like transfer her soul into it or even use it as a drone to patrol her allies or enemies. .

With such a large list of powers, Merlin has always been recognized as the most powerful sorceress in all of Britannia, and even if her purposes were somewhat dubious at various times in history, in the end, she proved to be someone who, despite being so powerful, she cared about protecting her allies and letting go of much of her sense of indifference.

4. Ban

the seven deadly sins

In the past, Ban once lived a life as a thief, and his innate power proved perfect for thieving for a living. His power, called “Snatch”, allows him to steal any kind of thing, such as physical objects, vitality and even distance between himself and other enemies. The Snatch was quite useful in defeating the demons, as Ban could simply steal the heart from within their bodies quite easily.

As time passes, Ban grows stronger and more focused, while his enemies grow more tired and weak. However, Ban couldn’t store that much vitality inside his body without getting hurt because of the energy overload, since his body wasn’t that resistant. But after his long visit in Purgatory, Ban became much more resistant and already managed to store enough vitality to make even the King of Demons tired!

His power was proven during his fight against Meliodas in the form of King of Demons, where Ban survived a windstorm capable of killing any living being. Ban was even bold in saying that it was practically a “breeze” compared to Purgatory. Lastly, his sacred treasure was a 4-part Nunchaku, called “Courechouse”.

Honestly, Ban is the cardinal sin that least depended on or used his sacred treasure to date, so much so that throughout history, he used a simple 3-part nunchaku and it already seemed more than enough for him. Without a doubt, Ban was the member who most redeemed himself from his own sin, and all that his greed seemed to want most now was to live a life together with Elaine.

5. Gowther

The Seven Deadly Sins Members and Their Powers Explained

Gowther is a 3000 year old doll created by the legendary sorcerer who had the same name as him. The sorcerer, in addition to being one of the 10 commandments, made his Gowther doll so powerful that even Merlin admitted that she had no way of perfecting it. Gowther can alter his own appearance as he pleases and even be easily reassembled if he loses a limb or body part.

Considered one of the darkest and scariest within the Seven Deadly Sins, its power is called “Invasion”. As long as he can touch a person, Gowther can completely mess with someone’s head, being able to control his own will, alter or erase their memories, trap people in illusions, and even invoke traumatizing memories in people.

With his sacred treasure “Herritt”, Gowther completely frees himself from dependence on being close to someone to activate his Invasion. Heritt is a dual bow made of energy that can be summoned whenever needed. Another feature of the doll, despite not being a power but a last resort, is its self-destruction. Gowther himself asked Merlin to create a self-destruct device for him.

This device used Escanor’s solar magic as a base and was further augmented by Merlin’s Infinity. It was said that the explosion could kill any living thing within a 16 kilometer radius, but unfortunately – or fortunately, right – we never saw such an explosion happen. At the end of the work, Gowther remained a puppet, but despite being an artificial human, he developed entirely human feelings.

6. Escanor


Escanor possesses the grace of the Sun, which previously belonged to the archangel Mael. With that power, Escanor gets so high and pumped that his power level was the highest among all the 7 Deadly Sins for a long time, he only lost his rank after Meliodas regained all his demon powers. Escanor’s strength depends on the sun, meaning his pumped-up form only appears during the day.

But if Escanor wants to, he can also summon a giant fireball, the “Cruel Sun”, to practically melt his enemies. Like Kratos’ axe, Escanor can “call” his Divine Ax Rhitta from any distance it is placed, and its main use is to store the energy Escanor releases from his body during the day. For a single minute starting at noon sharp, Escanor gains a frightening increase in strength.

That power was enough to face Meliodas in his Assault form and to face the King of Demons when he possessed Zeldris’ body. During this fight against Zeldris, Escanor showed that he still had an ace up his sleeve. If he wants to, he can convert all of his vitality into energy to maintain his midday strength longer. This further increases your power, but at the cost of your own life.

In the end, the sum of that power with the help of the 7 deadly sins was enough to defeat the King of Demons in the body of Zeldris, but Escanor did not resist. So he left his Grace of the Sun to Mael, the original wielder, and admitted that the Archangel could make use of that power far better than he could. Thus, the arrogant man finally redeemed himself from his pride.

7. Meliodas

The Seven Deadly Sins Members and Their Powers Explained

The captain of the 7 deadly sins and also a legitimate son of the King of Demons himself. Meliodas doesn’t exactly have innate power, but his demon power is already more than enough to fall into that category. As the son of the leader of the entire Demon Clan, his strength was so great that, should his rage get out of control, he could obliterate an entire city in the blink of an eye.

Even though he doesn’t exactly have an innate power, Meliodas always uses an ability he learned from the demon Chandler, called “Total Reaction”. This skill allows Meliodas to counter any blow or shot from his opponent, while returning the blow with 100% more power. However, to use this move, he needs to use some melee weapon.

But to further improve his skill, Meliodas uses his sacred treasure called “Lostvayne”. With it, he can create 4 clones of himself, which despite being much weaker than the original, can use Total Reaction at its maximum! Finally, Meliodas can also use an “enhanced” version of his total reaction, which allows him to transform all the damage he has received into a form of energy release, Total Revenge.

The captain has several other minor abilities, but perhaps the most notable was during his solo fight against the King of Demons after Meliodas had his body possessed. At the end of it all, Meliodas defeated his father and abandoned his demon powers, just to live a happy life together with Elizabeth.


The 7 deadly sins are just one of several groups that exist in Nanatsu no Taizai, and as we said at the beginning, other stronger groups ended up emerging, such as the 4 Archangels or even the 10 Commandments themselves, all of them having a more appealing power than than the other.

That is it from today’s post on The Seven Deadly Sins Members and Their Powers Explained. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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