Hunter x Hunter Zodiac Members and Their Powers Explained

Hunter X Hunter Zodiac Members and Their Powers Explained

Hunter x Hunter Zodiac Members and Their Powers Explained – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing Hunter x Hunter Zodiac Members and Their Powers Explained. The Zodiacs is a very fascinating organization within the Hunter x Hunter. The group was created by hunters handpicked by Isaac Netero himself, being so far one of the most powerful groups and with characters beyond peculiar.

Its members are usually 12 hunters with skills recognized by the highest echelon of the Hunter Association. And even though most of these characters haven’t revealed exactly what their true Nen abilities are. Even so, with the little information we have, we can already get a good idea of ​​what each member is capable of doing and what their power level is.

Each of the members has a code name associated with one of the Chinese zodiac signs, with most of them having the sign that best matches their own appearance. The group holds a high position within the Association, and as advisors to the President, they have the authority to decide anything not specified in the Hunter Bylaws. Well, let’s go to the list.

1. Pyon


Pyon is the member with the codename “Rabbit”, being a young woman who wears a rabbit costume to represent her codename. She is constantly on her cell phone and using her laptop, being a very intelligent hunter specialized in learning and translating ancient and lost languages.

She is part of the Intelligence Team for the expedition to the Dark Continent, perfecting ancient language software to better understand the unknown continent and in case they come into contact with an ancient civilization during the expedition. So far, Pyon has not yet demonstrated what her powers are or any combat feats, actually being presented as an intellectual specialist in languages.

It is very likely that her Nen ability is somehow related to her technological gadgets, as was the case with Shalnark’s ability from the Phantom Troupe. It is also worth mentioning that in chapter 320 of the manga, Hisoka makes an analysis and ranks Pyon’s power at 77, being far above other professional hunters who were in the place.

2. Gel

Hunter X Hunter Zodiac Members and Their Powers Explained

Gel is the member codenamed “Cobra”, having a lean and thin appearance with snake-like eyes, which goes along with her codename in the Zodiacs. She appears to be a calm and thoughtful person, showing signs of resentment only towards Pariston. Gel is a Hunter specializing in various types of poisons and their pharmaceutical use.

As a Poison Hunter, she has great knowledge in chemistry, biology, and medicine. She is also part of the science team, created for the expedition to the Dark Continent. Regarding her powers, we don’t have much glimpse of what her abilities might be, the only information we have is that she can transform her arm into a kind of serpent, which she used to threaten Pariston.

She is shown to have enough confidence in her strength when using her ability with all the Zodiacs gathered. She probably uses this snake to bite and inject venom into her opponents, and can even deal a lethal blow to her enemies.

3. Cluck


Cluck is a Botanical Hunter and member of the Zodiac codenamed “Rooster”. She wears an outfit decorated with blue and white feather accessories to represent her codename in the group. Cluck has shown to have a very temperamental demeanor, not being afraid to show her displeasure with anything she doesn’t like. She is part of the Flora and Fauna team of the Dark Continent expedition.

Cluck’s Nen abilities are yet to be fully revealed, but she is most likely a user of Manipulation-type abilities. She has been shown to be able to control large numbers of birds without much difficulty. Proving to have a lot of control when manipulating more than 600 pigeons to deliver the message of the elections to all the Hunters that were in the most different parts of the world.

So, in addition to being experienced enough to manipulate several targets at once, she still demonstrated to be able to maintain control even being at a huge distance from the birds. Perhaps Cluck even has some kind of restriction on her ability, restricting his control to only animals, which would further increase the potential of her techniques.

4. Kanzai

Hunter X Hunter Zodiac Members and Their Powers Explained

Kanzai is the member of the Zodiacs codenamed “Tiger”, having an overall appearance reminiscent of that animal. He is a temperamental guy with a childlike behavior in most cases, frequently getting into arguments with the people around him. Kanzai is a Treasure Hunter and is part of the Defense team of the Dark Continent expedition.

He has shown himself several times as the least intelligent member of the Zodiacs, being the most impulsive and without much technical knowledge. But despite this, he is a combatant by nature, being a bodyguard and in charge of the more combat-oriented defense division. And while we haven’t seen what his Nen abilities are, he certainly knows his capabilities well.

Kanzai is always bragging about his own strength and was completely confident as he told the rest of the Zodiacs that he would annihilate anything that attacked them on the Dark Continent. I don’t think he was being arrogant at this point, I believe Netero chose very experienced people to form the group, and with a lot of experience also comes self-awareness.

So, I think that even though he wasn’t very smart, that statement wasn’t arrogant, but true confidence based on his experience. Not only that, but even Hisoka ranked his overall strength as 85, a score higher than most professional hunters, including Pyon itself.

5. Ginta


Ginta is the member of the Zodiacs who represents the “Sheep”. He is a huge man who, to match his code name, wears two ram-like horns for his ears and a sheepskin cape. Ginta appears to be a short-tempered and extremely emotional man, having frequent tantrums and crying in various situations.

He is a Hunter dedicated to the study and protection of animals, being in charge of the expedition’s biology division. Despite his size, which gives the impression of being a sedentary and very slow guy, Ginta proved to be very fast in his movements, quickly preventing Kanzai’s attack against Pariston, putting himself in front of the tiger hunter.

But even though we have this small demonstration of his unusual physical ability, we still don’t know what his Nen abilities are. But it is worth mentioning that he was also analyzed by Hisoka, who evaluated his overall strength with an incredible score of 90, being far superior to almost all the pro hunters present in the place and superior to the two Zodiacs Pyon and Kanzai that had also been analyzed.

6. Saccho Kobayakawa


Sacco is the member of the Zodiacs with the code name “Horse”, playing this role so well, that even his face is very reminiscent of that animal. He is shown to be a calm and well-controlled man, with an extremely careful demeanor in his decision-making. He is a Trouble Hunter and acts as a detective. Being responsible for the intelligence and investigation division of the expedition to the dark continent.

As a Hunter, he is shown to be quite versatile, as in addition to being a swordsman, he is also a detective with great intellect. Saccho has some interesting feats, being one of the few hunters skilled enough to earn 2 stars. Not only that, but he was also entrusted with being a combatant level with the tiger and monkey hunters, guarding Beyond Netero, thus exercising multiple functions in the expedition.

He is only in the intelligence division due to his profession as a detective, but it is said that he could very well be part of the defense squad. As for his powers, we still don’t have information about what his Nen abilities are. But because he is a swordsman, and is indicated for missions as a combatant, he has a high chance of being a Reinforcement type user.

7. Mizaistom Nana


Mizaistom is the Hunter who represents the Ox within the Zodiacs, and because of that he wears a white outfit with black spots and a hat with small horns. He is someone who is observant and extremely analytical, displaying well above average intellect. Mizaistom is a criminal Hunter who is also part of the Intelligence team of the expedition to the dark continent.

Like Saccho, he is also a 2-star Hunter, and is very balanced in terms of power and intelligence, showing himself to be smart not only by predicting Pariston’s moves in the elections, but also by discovering with Cheadle that there was a traitor within the 12 Zodiacs. Regarding his powers, he has the “Cross Game” ability, where he uses colored cards that impose restrictions on his opponents.

The blue card forces the opponent into your court, the yellow card makes your opponents trapped, and the red card causes your opponents to be removed. Mizaistom shows his target a yellow card with an exclamation mark on one side and issues a warning… something like “do not approach”!

If the target ignores it and doesn’t obey, Mizaistom turns over the card on the other side, which has a cross on it, and says “Restrain”. With this, the target is encased in a square cobblestone that prevents them from moving fully, though they can still speak normally. The effect wears off quickly, but Mizaistom can use the ability as many times as he sees fit. And it can still be used against multiple targets at once.

8. Saiyu


Saiyu is a blacklisted Hunter and member of the Zodiacs with the codename “Monkey. He is a thin man with a face that resembles an ape and even has a fake tail to match his code name. Saiyu is the type of person who doesn’t mince words, saying whatever comes to mind, without even thinking about the consequences.

He is a combatant by nature, being a bounty hunter, martial arts fighter and part of the Defense Team of the expedition to the Dark Continent. He was shown to be courageous not only in that he was willing to face Ging in chapter 319, but also supported exploration in the dark continent.

His Nen abilities indicate that he is a Materialization-type, being able to wield a staff that can rapidly grow and shrink in size in combat. Saiyu is also able to use Nen Beasts, where he summons 3 monkeys, each with a different ability. If the opponent is hit by the monkeys, he can lose his vision, his hearing or his speech. And if the attacks are combined, the target is deprived of all of this at once.

This technique, in addition to disrupting the enemy a lot, also has a strong impact on their mind, making it difficult for the victim to keep their own skills active. And once the target is weakened by the ability, Saiyu finishes them off with his staff. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Saiyu is the traitor within the Zodiac group, and for that he must be very confident in his combat abilities.

9. Cheadle Yorkshire

Hunter X Hunter Zodiac Members and Their Powers Explained

Cheadle is the member of the Zodiacs who represents the dog. She has an appearance similar to the codename she represents, having a face that somewhat resembles the animal and wearing a headdress with a pair of dog ears. Cheadle is shown to be a calm and intellectual person, being one of the smartest members of the Zodiacs.

She serves as a member of the Science Team for the Dark Continent expedition. She has two major highlights in her achievements, in addition to being one of the only 3-star hunters in the work, she is also the current president of the Hunter Association. Even Ging believed that she should be the president of the Association, where he even said that he would vote for her.

And even though Pariston had won the election, he himself relinquished the position to Cheadle, as he believed in her leadership skills. She is also very intelligent and a strategist, where in addition to having a lot of knowledge in the most varied fields, she has a cognitive capacity greater than that of many Zodiacs. Being the only one who came closest to understanding Pariston and Ging’s election tactics.

But unfortunately so far we still haven’t seen any evidence of what their Nen abilities are. But surely she must be very skilled in manipulating her aura, after all she used to be the great Netero’s training partner.

10. Pariston Hill

Hunter X Hunter Zodiac Members and Their Powers Explained

Pariston is a former member of the Zodiacs who represented the “Rat” in the group, as well as being the former president of the Hunter Association. Unlike most Zodiacs, Pariston has not changed his appearance to resemble the animal he represented, instead he is always wearing luxurious suits and ties. Pariston is an extremely cunning guy with completely unpredictable behavior.

Although many were trained and highly intelligent hunters like Cheadle, none of them were able to compare to Pariston, with the exception of Ging himself. Pariston showed his genius when Cheadle simply wanted to know how long did he know he would win the election. With him confirming that it was from the start, as he managed to predict a frightening sequence of events.

He was also considered powerful enough that he was initially the second-in-command of the expedition team created by Beyond Netero, being yet another example of his capabilities being recognized. Furthermore, Pariston is said to have in his control no more, no less, than 5,000 Chimera Ants that he captured.

We are yet to find out what his real powers are, but it is an intriguing fact that he possesses beings so powerful that he treats them only as pawns in his power scheme. On top of that, he is also a 3-star Hunter and has several indications that he controls events in the underworld, which is another reference to his possible power.

11. Botobai Gigante

hunter x hunter zodiac

Botobai is the oldest member of the Zodiacs, being the member who represents the Dragon in the group. He is a very tall, middle-aged man with an appearance that references the codename he represents. Botobai is a guy with excellent self-control, hardly losing his temper in his interactions. He is a Hunter of terrorists and is part of the defense division of the expedition to the dark continent.

Little is known about Botobai’s power, but despite this, it was said that she was the closest to being the President of the Association in terms of reputation and skills. That is, he is probably close to Netero’s own level in these respects. And that’s definitely no small feat. Because of what we saw of Netero’s power during his fight against Meruem, he was completely out of reality.

And if we assume as true the premise that he was really close to Netero in ability, it means that Botobai really has a prominent position in terms of power. As for his reputation being close to Netero, it means that he must have had several amazing feats, with proof of this being the fact that Botobai is one of the only known 3-star Hunters.

In fact, the only 3-star hunters that we are aware of so far in the work are precisely the Zodiacs mentioned in this list, namely Botobai, Pariston and Cheadle. But despite that statement, we haven’t seen other feats and even Botobai’s power.

12. Ging Freecss

Hunter X Hunter Zodiac Members and Their Powers Explained

Ging Freecss is a Ruins Hunter and a former member of the Zodiacs who held the position of “Boar” within the group. Like Pariston, he never changed his appearance to suit the Zodiacs, being seen in most cases wearing baggy clothes and a cloth wrapped around his head. Ging is a headstrong and totally carefree guy, and while he’s recognized for his genius intellect.

Regarding his powers, he is considered by Netero as one of the top 5 Nen users in the world. And it’s no wonder, because even not knowing his real abilities, we’ve already seen that he’s able to masterfully use different types of Nen. He showed extreme dexterity in emission and manipulation, by placing his aura on the tape assisted by Gon, making it self-destruct, and even withstanding a punch from Killua.

Ging can use other users’ techniques just by being hit by them. With this, he was able to not only imitate Leorio’s punch perfectly, but take it to an even higher level, landing not just one, but several homing punches and finishing off 3 Nen users quickly. Not only that, but he’s shown to be genius in technique development as well, very quickly inventing an ultrasound technique.

Lastly, he was able to use two Nen blasts almost instantly, and through the wall to hit 2 targets at once, making the whole thing look extremely easy. And if all that wasn’t enough, Ging was still capable of several almost unbelievable feats. How to defeat and capture Razor, who was so powerful, that even Hisoka along with several other pro hunters had difficulties facing him in a simple game of dodgeball.

13. Leorio Paradinight


Leorio is a rookie Hunter and one of the newest members to join the Zodiacs, representing the codename “Boar”. He is a tall young man who is usually wearing glasses and a dark blue suit. Leorio comes across as an impulsive person who is always causing trouble, but at the same time he is very reliable and values ​​his friendships.

He is currently a medical student, studying to one day become a great doctor, and he already has a lot of knowledge in the area. As a Hunter, he has shown great evolution, even being considered capable enough to participate in the dangerous expedition to the Dark Continent.

Leorio is said to be an expert in weapons, and his preferred weapon is a knife, which he has already shown to be quite skilled in handling. Regarding Nen’s ability, it is the Emission type, where Leorio is able to generate something like a wormhole at a point far from your location and make your blows travel through this kind of portal and hit your opponent.

He did this with Ging, where after punching the ground, a portal opened and a replica of his punch was redirected to another portal that opened exactly where Ging was. Among the Zodiacs, Leorio is the least experienced, both as a hunter and in the use of Nen in combat.

14. Kurapika


Kurapika is the last survivor of the Kurta Clan, a bounty hunter and current leader of the organization founded by Light Nostrade. He is also one of the newest members of the Zodiacs representing the “Rat” in the group. His main objective as a hunter is to avenge his clan and recover the rest of the Scarlet Eyes that were stolen from his people.

Kurapika proved to be one of the smartest characters and strategists in the entire Hunter x Hunter series and possessing great knowledge in several areas. And because he’s part of the Kurta Clan, when his eyes turn red, he naturally gains an incredible increase in his physical strength and speed. But as soon as he gets his scarlet eyes, he activates his “Emperor Time” ability and becomes a Specialist!

This mode allows him to use all basic Nen types more efficiently than normal, which fortifies all of his chains’ abilities. Speaking of his abilities, the chain on his little finger is called the “Judgment Chain”. It has a blade at its tip that enters the victim’s body and surrounds his heart. Kurapika then issues an order, which if violated, the chain simply pierces the target’s heart to death.

This technique can only be used with Emperor Time active. The chain on her ring finger is called the “Dowsing Chain”. At the end of this chain there is a ball, which can be used for defensive and offensive purposes. The big problem with Kurapika’s skills is that his Emperor Time has very extreme conditions of use. For every second Kurapika spends with this active mode, he loses an hour of his own life.


Although most of them haven’t revealed what their Nen abilities are yet, it’s still clear that they are quite powerful. Now we can only wait to see what each one is capable of doing in a real battle.

When they finally reach the dark continent, we will definitely see them all in action using their powers to the fullest against the threats of the unknown continent. So, which of the Zodiac members is your favorite? And which one do you think is the strongest?

That is it from today’s post on Hunter x Hunter Zodiac Members and Their Powers Explained. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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