Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in Attack on Titan

Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in Attack on Titan

Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in Attack on Titan – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in Attack on Titan. As much as Attack on Titan is an acclaimed story around the world, there are many people who cannot watch the anime for one reason, which is the brutal way in which several characters are killed.

Thanks to the titans, who in the beginning were considered “natural predators” of humans, there were several “creative” ways to kill an Attack on Titan character. If as soon as you saw this anime for the first time, you thought about abandoning it just because you couldn’t stand to see all the brutality, rest assured that others have already thought like you.

But it is a fact that all those tense scenes marked all fans, so if you want to remember how strong emotion you felt in those moments, come with me and we will make you remember “The most brutal deaths in Attack on Titan”. Well, let’s go to the list.

10. Carla Jaeger


Starting with the first death that marked everyone who watched the anime. Already in the first episode, Eren’s mother met a cruel fate. After the Colossus Titan kicked down the Shiganshina District gate, the debris flew far away, and some hit the Jeagers’ house. Carla survived this, but her body was trapped in the rubble and she couldn’t get out.

Behold, a pure titan appears, which although no one knew at the time, that titan was Dina Fritz, Grisha’s ex-wife and Zeke’s mother. Her titan was called by others as “smiling titan”. Dina easily removed the debris and lifted Carla in her hands, and before she even went to take a bite, Dina broke Carla’s body with a twist and, finally, devoured her.

With a strong scene like this, Attack on Titan was already telling its audience that scenes like that would be common in several episodes. And although everyone remembers that moment as something tense and desperate, after we found out that the two were Grisha’s women, all kinds of jokes emerged, for example, that moment was a “reckoning” between the two Grisha women.

This helped to soften all the trauma we had with this scene a little, but still, the first time we saw a known person being killed by a titan, we saw that we had not even taken the first step towards “future traumas” .

9. Marco Bodt


Marco Bodt was one of the cadets who graduated from the 104th Division, along with Eren, Reiner, Mikasa, Bertholdt… Anyway, from the group of protagonist characters. He was a kind boy, and always wanted to talk to people to get their point of view on things – quite the opposite of how Eldians and Marleyans saw each other.

But precisely because of his personality, he ended up getting involved where he shouldn’t have been. 5 years after the attack on Shiganshina, the Colossal Titan reappeared and kicked down the gate of Wall Rose. The world already knew about the existence of humans who turn into titans, after Eren showed his titan and used it to carry the stone that would cover the hole in the gate.

On this mission to plug the hole, Bertlhodt and Reiner broke away from the 104th Division group, and began talking about their attack on the wall. Marco arrived at exactly that time, and heard things that no one else could have heard. For an instant, the identity of the warriors was compromised, and as much as they didn’t want to do that, they would have to take Marco’s life.

With Annie’s help, the group removed Marco’s DMT and let a titan take care of the rest as they watched the poor cadet get devoured. He had half of his body devoured, which left his corpse intact on one side, but with nothing left on the other side. The most brutal thing wasn’t even the way he was killed, but seeing how the people with whom he trained and lived together, betrayed him just like that.

8. Levi’s Squad


Without a doubt, this is one of the moments that generated the most hatred, sadness and trauma in fans, which was the slaughter that the Female Titan did against the members of the Levi Squad. As they fled on horseback from the Female Titan in the forest, Eren had to choose between two decisions: Trust the squad and go through with the plan, or take care of the Female Titan with his own Attack Titan.

After a few tense seconds, Eren decides to trust them. In doing so, the squad managed to seriously damage the female titan and apparently had won the match. Thus, Eren thought he made the right decision. But there was still a lot about the titans that the people of the walls didn’t know.

Annie focused all of her titan’s regeneration on one of her eyes, and just like that, she regained her sight in time to snap up her first victim: Eld. From here, it was just doom. After she got up, the female titan ran towards Petra and pressed her body against a tree. And finally, Oluo tried a risky maneuver to go straight for the titan’s neck, but had his blades destroyed because of titan hardening.

That gave Annie time to react and kick him, still in the air. Thus, in a few seconds, Levi’s entire renowned squad was killed by the female titan, and Eren’s hatred for the titans only increased. Many remember this moment as the most tragic to date in anime, where it seemed that the protagonists finally had hope of defeating a titan, but in the blink of an eye, all that hope turns into despair.

7. Nanaba

Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in Attack on Titan

Nanaba was a veteran member who had a long run in the Survey Corps, showing that she was a highly experienced and skilled soldier. She, along with a few other veterans, was assigned to supervise some 104th Squadron cadets on a mission. At dusk, Nanaba and her subordinates sought refuge in an old abandoned castle.

Only suddenly, pure titans started attacking the tower, and Nanaba and her companions had to take care of the giants. However, the number of titans was too great, and the entire squadron was no match against that huge horde of giants. And besides, their DMTs were running low on gas, and they would soon be unable to move with the device.

Nanaba realizes that one of her companions is about to be devoured by a pure titan. So, she immediately advances towards the titan to try to kill him, but her blades end up breaking in the attack and she quickly sticks to the castellan’s wall to position herself. But when she least expected it, she was already surrounded by a group of pure titans, who were about to capture her.

Then the worst happens and she is grabbed by several titans at once. All fighting each other to see who would devour Nanaba first. With that, she begins to be violently pulled in different directions, while screaming in despair… until finally she has her head devoured by one of the titans! This was, without a doubt, one of the most brutal deaths ever shown in anime.

6. Miche Zacharius

Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in Attack on Titan

Mike was considered the second best soldier in the entire Survey Corps, second only to Levi. Indeed, he was an excellent soldier, and even though he was alone in a difficult environment to use DMT, Mike was still able to defeat several titans. But of course, it’s worth remembering that he was the first person to meet Zeke’s bestial titan, and became his first victim.

After Mike called his horse, Zeke took the animal and shot it directly at the roof where Mike was, which made him fall. A smaller titan ended up catching him and caused severe damage after biting his legs, but the bestial titan emerged and killed that titan with his bare hands.

Here, there wasn’t one who had his pants clean after he saw Zeke’s titan for the first time, as he was the first titan we saw that could talk! This was, without a doubt, the most tense part of Mike’s death. After taking the Eldian’s DMT, Zeke allowed the surrounding Pure Titans to devour Mike.

While being attacked, Mike did not stop screaming in despair until the titans finally took his life. Hearing Mike’s desperate screams and knowing that there was a talking titan was also traumatizing for many people, and there are no people who can rewatch this scene without getting a knot in their stomach.

5. Ilse Langnar

attack on titan deaths

Ilse is a character that only appeared in an OVA of Attack on Titan, which tells the story of how she had her squad killed by the titans while outside the walls. Ilse was a researcher like Hange, and she wrote down everything about her expeditions in a special journal. Once lost in the forest, Ilse encountered an anomalous titan. Thinking she was going to die right there, the titan began to speak!

He called Ilse “Ymir”, and bowed to her. Ilse saw it as an opportunity to try to get information about the titans. She asked a few questions, but the monster didn’t answer any. The tension of the moment made Ilse go wild, criticizing and cursing the titan for eating humans for no apparent reason, as they didn’t need to eat to survive.

The titan showed signs of anxiety and uneasiness at Ilse’s words, and within seconds, he was back to acting like a normal pure titan. Ilse tried to run away, but was caught by the titan. The most tense part of it all is that, in no time, the woman dropped her diary! She kept writing everything that happened, even with the titan right in front of her.

Even when Ilse’s head was between the titan’s teeth, she didn’t stop writing. She only stopped even after she had her head squeezed by the giant’s teeth. Later, Hange found that diary, and Ilse’s words helped a lot in researching our favorite four eyes.

4. Reiss Family


The entire Historia family met a very tragic end at the hands of Grisha Yeager’s attack titan. Imagine yourself in the Reiss’ situation: The chapel where they met was top secret, and no one else on the island knew where it was or that it even existed! So, imagine how desperate you would be if a stranger invaded that secret place without even warning you!

Thanks to Eren’s manipulation, Grisha was forced to transform and steal the founding titan for himself. Not even with Frieda’s titan strength, they were able to stop Grisha. After killing Frieda, Eren had given his father another mission: Kill all other members of the Reiss family, with the exception of Rod. Thus, helpless children and adults were brutally killed by Grisha.

Trampled, crushed, torn apart… No matter how it was done, Grisha took care of them all. Even though we already knew this scene happened, it was still shocking to see how it happened, as soon as Season 4 came out. That slaughter was terrifying for many people, but no one was more emotionally destroyed from that moment than Grisha himself.

3. Bertholdt Hoover

Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in Attack on Titan

Bertholdt had one of the most “poetic justice” deaths in anime thus far. During the mission to seal the gates in Shiganshina, Bertholdt used his colossal titan once more and wreaked havoc on the district. Even if someone tried to get close to him, he suffered because of the enormous steam from his body. The only one who managed to discover a weakness in the colossal was Armin.

He found that the titan’s body became thinner and more exposed as it released more steam. But still, exploiting that weakness was risky, because to force the Berthlodt to release more heat, someone had to stay in the steam’s range long enough. Armin sacrificed himself for this.

This bought enough time for Eren to appear out of nowhere in his human form on the back of the colossal’s head and pull Bertholdt out. With his arms and legs amputated, Marley’s warrior was unable to fight, and after Levi chose to save Armin over Erwin, the blondie turned into a pure titan.

Thus, Berthlodt was devoured alive by the person he thought he had already killed, and not only that, but that person now had his titan power. This scene was very heavy, because while being devoured, Bertholdt was begging his former companions to save him from the titan, and nobody did anything.

2. Willy Tybur

Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in Attack on Titan

The most respected Eldian on the entire continent of Marley, and as his reputation was known, only he had the power to say something and make everyone believe it. Willy and Magath prepare a stage to announce a declaration of war on the Isle of Paradis, however, the two fear that the enemy is already inside the mainland and will attack Willy during his speech.

Even knowing this possibility, Tybur made the speech. He said how much he wanted to stay alive, so he could see the people of eldia pay for their sins. However, as soon as Willy announced the start of the war, the enemy attack began.

To Willy’s dismay, he wasn’t going to be killed by a sniper shot coming out of nowhere or by the explosion of some bomb implanted on the stage, but rather, he would be devoured by Eren’s own attack titan, who suddenly appeared on the stage as soon as he left transformed.

Just as someone throws popcorn in the air and tries to catch it with their mouth, Eren did exactly that with Willy’s body, and thus, the greatest representative of Eldia inside Marley was mercilessly devoured by the person he swore to defeat.

1. 80% of the World’s Population


And finally, we have the biggest genocide in the entire history of anime, which was when Eren activated the Crash with his founding titan. It was said that by the time it reached Fort Salta, Estrondo had already wiped out more than 80% of the entire world population. And how did they die? In the same way that ants, cockroaches or any other insect are killed by us humans: Trampled.

An army of giants of more than 60 meters walked through almost all the Earth’s territory, flattening several terrains and claiming billions of human lives just for the fact that they walked. We saw how desperate someone was in front of Estrondo when we saw little Ramzi, the refugee in Marley, being trampled.

The desperation, the inability to do anything, to run away, to fight, to stop this… This was the feeling that billions of people felt before being trampled by the Crash. And despite all of Eren’s efforts, that genocide only increased the world’s fear of the Eldians even more, and the war between the two sides continued even after the end of the Rumble and with his death.

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in Attack on Titan. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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