How Strong is Konohamaru Sarutobi? | Boruto

how strong is konohamaru

How Strong is Konohamaru Sarutobi? – We will be taking a look at how strong is Konohamaru Sarutobi? | Boruto. So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu


Konohamaru is actually quite skilled in Ninjutsu, being able to use fire and wind release nature transformations. He could use his uncle’s Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning while still a genin. He would later learn his clan’s Fire Release: Great Flame Technique, as well as his grandfather’s Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet. He can use multi-shadow clones and as an adult can use the Summoning Technique, Big Ball Rasengan and has one extra nature “Lightning Release: able to flow a stream of electricity around himself that will shock anyone who comes into contact with him”.

2. Genjutsu


Konohamaru is probably not proficient in Genjutsu. Just like Naruto, it was never his strong point since he was a kid and it would likely still be the same. We’ve never seen his prowess in either casting or avoiding Genjutsu.

3. Taijutsu


Konohamaru is shown to be highly skilled in Taijutsu as an adult, able to easily defeat several academy students during the Genin Exams, including the Sharingan wielding Sarada Uchiha. He could also perfectly counter the attacks of two mercenary ninja, while in mid-jump holding a person.

4. Speed


Konohamaru showed incredible speed during his battle with Hidari and his troop in Boruto. Using what looks like the body flicker technique to get to Kiri and able to rescue her before the detonation of the paper bombs. As initially stated, although in mid-air and holding the person, he was still fast and reflexive enough to counter the attacks of Hidari and his partner.

5. Strength


We cannot measure Konohamaru’s strength since we haven’t really seen him showcasing strength feats. But as a top ninja he must possess decent physical strength and majority of his training regiment throughout the series also focused on strength.

6. Intelligence


Konohamaru at a young age successfully understood the mechanics behind the multi-shadow clone technique as well as the Rasengan which led to him mastering both. In battle he was able to formulate a plan which will allow him to trick and defeat Naraka path one of the Six Paths Of Pain. These show that he is quite intelligent.

7. Defense

how strong is konohamaru

Konohamaru doesn’t have an ultimate defense but being able to use several natures, he can counterbalance an attack from a foe with his own. He can also use multi-shadow clones as a form of defense. It isn’t nearly as effective as the big guns but he can use it to handle a lot of attacks depending on how many he can make. Unless attacks launched towards him are large scale, it will take some time to get rid of dozens of clones allowing him to formulate a plan.

8. Summoning


In Boruto, Konohamaru is able to summon a giant toad from Mount Myoboku named Gamagoro. From its name we can tell it’s from the Gama family. We don’t know about its abilities and how strong it is but for him to have made a contract with it, it must be very powerful and as a new generation toad, it could probably rival the power of the old generation.

9. Chakra/Stamina

how strong is konohamaru

Konohamaru possesses the necessary chakra reserves and stamina to summon a giant toad from Mount Myoboku and use the multi-shadow clone technique. This technique was forbidden because it greatly divides the users chakra. So both the summoning and multi-shadow clone technique require a lot of chakra and for Konohamaru to be able to perform them, his chakra/stamina must be far beyond average.

So those are Konohamaru’s stats. He’s skilled in Ninjutsu and his physical stats; Taijutsu, Speed, Chakra, Stamina are quite good. Let’s continue to determine how strong he really is.

Konohamaru’s Tier

how strong is konohamaru

We know that Konohamaru is a Jounin by rank in Boruto and leads his own team “Team 7”. He even served as an anbu. He’s been praised by Shino and Kashin Koji, with the latter noting him to be a formidable opponent after their battle. He has a summon in his possession and can use several nature transformations including the wind release Rasengan with high destructive power as seen in his battle with Hidari. His only formidable feat as of now was his fight against the latter since he doesn’t put up much of a fight against Kashin Koji. However, taking his abilities into consideration, he merits his rank as a Jounin. Could be “Elite Jounin” with his summoning. Being affiliated with Mount Myoboku he is likely on course to mastering Sage Mode and considering he may become Hokage, it has to be the case as he needs to become much more powerful than he is to get to the level of Hokage.

Whom He Beats and Who Beats Him

how strong is konohamaru

I will say Konohamaru is most likely the strongest new generation Jounin by portrayal and would likely be able to beat the others. Comparing him to the old generation Jounin I can see him beating his uncle Asuma and many Jounin from that generation thanks to his abilities. He can use wind release and fire release like Asuma but probably even better and has a summoning. He can probably give the Konoha 12 members in Boruto like; Kiba, Sai, Shikamaru and Neji from Shippuden trouble and maybe even defeat them. On the other hand I see part one Kakashi beating him. Kakashi is much smarter and has all kinds of abilities as well as Sharingan.

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