All 16 Phantom Troupe Members and Their Powers Explained

All 16 Phantom Troupe Members and Their Powers Explained

All 16 Phantom Troupe Members and Their Powers Explained – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing All 16 Phantom Troupe Members and Their Powers Explained. The Phantom Troupe is a group that includes some of the worst and most infamous criminals from across the Hunter x Hunter world.

Also using the name Spider, they initially appeared within the series with 13 members, all charismatic and exceptional characters in the use of Nen. Even though the group has unethical ideals such as theft and murder, they still show feelings, and most members care immensely for their fellow members. The Troupe received an A-Rank danger rating. Higher even than the chimera ants’ rating.

And it’s no wonder, as they are feared and known as the most dangerous group in the whole world! Let’s talk about everyone who was once a member of the Spider, even if they are already dead or have left the group. Altogether there were 16 known members who were once part of the Troupe. Did you know that? Well, let’s go to the list.

1. Chrollo Lucilfer

All 16 Phantom Troupe Members and Their Powers Explained

Starting with the boss of the spiders, Chrollo is an innate leader, it’s like he was born to lead a group of people who, alone, would end up killing each other. Chrollo is a very charismatic guy, and his lip manages to hide the fact that he is an extremely dangerous criminal very well. Thanks to his charisma, he can make very good use of his nen ability, called “Skill Hunter”, a Specialization-type technique.

Chrollo summons a red book with a palm drawing on its cover. The book serves to store nen skills that Chrollo steals from other users, consequently leaving victims without access to stolen skills. To use these powers, Chrollo first casts the Book and opens the page containing the desired ability. The book then must remain open in his right hand, allowing him to only use one skill at a time.

However, for him to steal a single ability, a lot of restrictions must be followed. First, Chrollo has to have seen the ability in action with his own eyes. Afterwards, he must converse with his victim, asking him questions of Nen which the target must answer. Finally, the victim needs to touch the palm of his hand to the drawing of a hand on the cover of the book.

And this whole process should be done within an hour. It sounds like a tough job, but thanks to Chrollo’s charisma, it turns out not to be that difficult. Chrollo already has a huge list of skills in his possession, and there doesn’t seem to be a set limit on how many powers his book can hold!

2. Nobunaga Hazama


Nobunaga is a very calm guy and one of the friendliest members of the Troupe, being the swordsman of the group. He even tried to be friends with Gon and Killua, offering the boys the opportunity to become members of the Troupe. However, when it comes to business, the swordsman is one of the most serious and bloodthirsty guys around.

His “En” can reach up to 4 meters away, which corresponds to the range of his blade attacks. For those who don’t remember, the “En” is basically the projection of the aura around the user’s body that serves for him to detect any movement within the range of the technique.

In addition, Nobunaga has shown to be extremely fast and have superhuman reflexes, being able to act extremely quickly during combat. But his main characteristics are being a master swordsman, being incredibly skilled in the use of blades, especially his katana. However, to this day we do not know in a concrete way what his ability or his true capacity with nen is.

We only know that he is a Reinforcement type and from what Nobunaga himself says, anyone who enters the range of his sword, no matter how strong they are, will be instantly killed. But in Shalnark’s view, Nobunaga’s nen ability could easily be replaced, should the need arise. Which implies that he’s not all that formidable after all!

3. Feitan Portor

All 16 Phantom Troupe Members and Their Powers Explained

No, that’s not the Gothic Levi. This is Feitan, the most sadistic member of the Troupe. He’s not much of a talker, but when he needs to be, he makes an excellent interrogator, easily resorting to torture to get people to confess to something. When he gets angry, Feitan speaks in some unknown language, making the boy even more intimidating.

Even though he seems pretty unstable, Feitan is the one who leads the Phantom Troupe when Chrollo is away. One of his skills is called “Pain Packer”, which conjures a kind of armor on his body after he feels enough anger and pain. According to what was said by Phinks, this armor has several versions, but we only saw one of them during the arc of the chimera ants.

This armor can protect Feitan from both enemy attacks and his special ability “Rising Sun”, a technique that uses Emission and Transmutation, which can be deadly to him. The “Rising Sun” accumulates all the anger and pain that Feitan suffered during the fight in the form of a ball of fire, similar to a miniature sun. The more damage he suffered during the fight, the hotter and longer the technique will last.

This power has enormous destructive potential, and can easily burn its victims to death. But thanks to his armor, Feitan manages to come out completely unscathed from his own attack.

4. Machi Komacine

All 16 Phantom Troupe Members and Their Powers Explained

She is a rather expressionless, cold and sarcastic girl. When she does express herself, it’s usually her bad temper spilling over. However, Machi has proven time and time again how much he cares for all members of the Phantom Troupe. Her Transmutation skill takes the name of “Nen Stitches”, where she conjures thin but resistant nen threads.

These cords are very useful in surgical processes, where she can sew up wounds and even reattach people’s severed limbs and leave them fully functional. She already did this with Hisoka’s arm, and within seconds of the quick surgery, Hisoka was able to move his fingers, indicating that the stitches also have regenerative properties.

These threads can also be used for various combat tactics. She can use them to control people like puppets or even as traps to capture, strangle or cut enemies. Machi laces are extremely strong and cannot be cut by almost anything. However, as soon as the strands are detached from Machi’s fingers, they completely lose their effect and durability.

5. Hisoka Morow

All 16 Phantom Troupe Members and Their Powers Explained

Hisoka is one of the main antagonists of Hunter x Hunter. He never really considered himself part of the Troupe. He only joined for selfish purposes, and when he saw that he couldn’t accomplish what he wanted within the group, he just left them and that was it. Hisoka always loves to fight to the death with strong people.

And he only joined the Phantom Troupe to be able to face Chrollo, but after the boss suffered the Nen block caused by Kurapika, Hisoka just threw in the towel and left the group, unsatisfied. His techniques, called “Bungee Gum” and “Texture Surprise” are very simple skills, but thanks to Hisoka’s ingenuity, he manages to become one of the best nen users in the work due to the way he manipulates his nen.

Bungee Gum leaves Hisoka’s aura with properties of gum and rubber, where he can create all sorts of tricks with it: It can create rubber walls that protect him from projectiles, stick a fallen arm back in place, stick people, bring an object thrown back and much, much more! “Texture Surprise” allows him to apply all kinds of textures, as if it were paper, on any kind of flat surface.

He did this to hide his injuries, forge a Spider tattoo on his body, and even fake a message written by Chrollo. All these techniques make Hisoka a master of illusion and distraction – quite typical of a clown or a magician, right?

6. Kalluto Zoldyck


As soon as Hisoka left the Troupe, he was soon replaced by a member of the Zoldyck family, and that someone was Kalluto Zoldyck. Kalluto has always been an essentially quiet and obedient person, ever since he lived with his family of assassins. The boy’s nen focuses on Paper Manipulation.

One of his skills, the “Surveillance Paper Dolls”, allows Kalluto to stick a small piece of paper, like confetti, on a person to be able to hear everything that is being said in the vicinity of that person. The skill becomes very useful for gathering information. He is also completely undetectable, and not even the Ryodan members noticed that they were being spied on by Kalluto himself when using this ability.

His other technique is already more offensive. With his “Dance of the Serpent’s Bite” technique, Kalluto raises his hand and pours out several confetti. Then use a paper fan to keep the confetti floating in the air as you make graceful movements. Soon, Kalluto uses the fan to guide the confetti towards the enemy.

Since only one piece of paper sticks to the opponent, Kalluto gathers all the other sharp confetti to violently attack the point on the body where the first paper stuck. This skill was enough to shred the body of a chimera ant without any difficulty.

7. Phinks Magcub

phantom troupe members

Phinks is considered the second most physically strong member of the entire Troupe, second only to Uvogin. He’s a guy who gets irritated easily and is quite a rant, picking fights at all times with anyone around him! Despite this, Phinks is very loyal to Chrollo and the group itself. Interestingly, the person Phinks gets along with best within the Troupe is Feitan. Coincidence? I think not.

Its skill, “Ripper Cyclotron”, is Reinforcement type and is one of the best techniques when it comes to giving power to the user. As Phinks rotates his arm clockwise, he increases the amount of nen contained in his fist with each rotation. It’s unknown how far Phinks can carry his nen, but as we know, he can rotate his arm as much as he wants to gather an insane amount of nen and generate an explosive blow!

With just 15 turns, Phinks managed to completely pulverize the body of a chimera ant with a single punch, but according to his own statement, only half of those turns would have been more than enough for the task. Unfortunately, that’s the most we’ve seen of Phinks’ powers in action. Who knows what he would be able to do if he rotated his own arm 100 times.

8. Pakunoda


Pakunoda was a very intimidating and proud woman, but she was another case of someone who hides her affection for the Troupe behind her feelings petty. The woman was a Specialization type, and her technique, “Psychometry”, allows her to “read” the memories of someone she has had physical contact with and asked a series of specific questions.

Thanks to this technique, deceiving Pakunoda was practically impossible, as she could unravel the truth just by analyzing the person’s memories, revealing not only their true intentions, but also allowing her to gather precious information, such as secrets and enemies’ weaknesses. Pakunoda also owned a revolver that allowed her to “shoot memories” into the heads of others.

The ammunition was called “Memory Bombs”, and the shots did not cause any damage. The purpose of this technique was to share memories of other people – or even herself – to pass on information more accurately. However, if Pakunoda reads someone’s memory with “Psychometry” and later throws that collected memory at that same person, this causes that individual to end up losing that specific memory.

9. Shalnark

All 16 Phantom Troupe Members and Their Powers Explained

Even though he seems like an innocent and cheerful person, it’s possible that Shalnark was one of the coldest members of the group – he didn’t even care about his own life. He even latched onto his victims as if they were mere “toys” to him, which broke when killed. This carefree personality can probably be explained by his ability, called “Black Voice”.

Shalnark can stick small antennae into people’s bodies and manipulate their actions like puppets from a long distance using a special phone. He can control any action the person takes, and the victim acts like a zombie while being controlled. Shalnark can also leave his “puppets” on autopilot, where although they are still under the effects of Black Voice, they do not need to be controlled directly by the user.

However, if the antenna is removed or destroyed, Shalnark loses all control of its victim. He can also put himself on autopilot! By sticking an antenna to his own body, Shalnark gains an immense amount of aura, which makes him practically become a Super Saiyan from Hunter x Hunter, increasing his strength and speed.

This ability also prevents him from being manipulated by other users, as he is already being manipulated by himself. But this technique comes with several cons. The Shalnark cannot exit its autopilot until a certain mission is completed. Moreover, after disabling this mode, he will not remember anything that happened and will experience severe muscle pain for several days.

10. Franklin Bordeau


The Hunter x Hunter version of Frankenstein. Franklin is, without a doubt, the most loyal member of the entire Phantom Troupe, and if the members ever dared to destroy Phantom Troupe, Franklin would kill them all and start the group all over again. He’s also very irritable, but he’s a guy who knows how to analyze the course of a fight to come up with a strategy.

His nen skill is Emission type and he is very straight to the point without any secrets. Called the “Double Machine Gun”, Franklin “opens” the tips of his own fingers, revealing gun barrels. From then on, he is able to shoot aura from his fingers in the form of bullets, consecutively and quickly, as if it were a real machine gun.

The technique has the destructive power of a heavy machine gun, being able to instantly kill dozens of people at once. Interestingly, Franklin cut off his fingertips completely to improve his own skill. It wasn’t necessary, but at least it helped the big guy improve his performance. It is unknown if Franklin can do anything other than just strafe others, so in essence that’s all your nen does.

11. Shizuku Murasaki

All 16 Phantom Troupe Members and Their Powers Explained

She is the most calm, expressionless and passive member of the team. Shizuku is also somewhat inattentive and has a horrible memory, and can even forget the names of people she has known for years. Even though she looks like a fragile girl, she managed to wear Gon out a lot in an arm wrestling match.

Her nen is a Conjuration type, and she can summon a super powerful special vacuum cleaner, which she affectionately named “Blinky”. At the end of the vacuum’s barrel is a monstrous mouth, full of sharp teeth and a tongue. The object is very useful to help clean up all the evidence of crimes left by the Phantom Troupe. Basically, Blinky can vacuum any inanimate object, without any limits.

The only things he cannot suck up are living things and objects conjured by Nen. Puddles of blood, several corpses, destroyed objects… It doesn’t matter how many things or how big something is, Blinky manages to suck everything into him. Not even Shizuku knows where all the sucked things go, and once something gets inside Blinky, it never comes back.

The only way for an object to come out of the vacuum is if it was the last thing sucked in, and then it can be regurgitated by the vacuum. In battle, as long as the opponent has an open wound, Shizuku can even suck all the blood out of the target’s body from that wound, using the vacuum’s powerful suction force to dry the victim’s body completely.

12. Bonolenov Ndongo


Very little is known about Bonolenov’s personality and his reasons for joining the Troupe. He’s a straight-talking guy with a lot of pride in his tribe. Bonolenov is also a formidable warrior and doesn’t really like to fight and kill – only when provoked. The reason his entire body is covered in bandages is because he was part of a tribe whose biggest feature was the many holes in his body.

You can even see through those holes! And how Bonolenov is still alive, nobody knows. As he removes the bandages and air passes through the holes, it generates a sound that sounds like music. If you can hear this melody… Run, my friend. It’s like the opening song for a boss-fight. His technique is a Conjuration type and is called “Battle Cantabile”.

It has several versions depending on the song that comes out. The “Prologue” mode clothes the man in indigenous armor, in addition to also giving him a huge spear. However, this is far from his strongest technique. Its “Jupiter” mode conjures a colossal orb, with the appearance of Jupiter, and crushes its enemies as long as they are still listening to the music produced by its body.

It doesn’t even allow the opponent to run away, as the sphere chases the target at tremendous speed. He also has another mode that he just mentioned but we never saw: the “Metamorphosen”. Apparently, this technique allows him to transform in a variety of ways to adapt to the pace of a fight. It’s a pity that all we have about this power are Bonolenov’s own words.

13. Uvogin


The most physically strong member of the entire Phantom Troupe. Uvogin was an extremely proud, stubborn and reckless man – but he valued all of Troupe’s people. Even without using any nen, Uvogin already had superior physical strength in all aspects. His throat was tough enough to generate a scream so loud it was capable of killing people within sound range.

Just hearing the man draw air into his lungs, the members of Troupe would stop whatever they were doing to cover their ears so they wouldn’t be killed by the sound! Due to his size and strength, containing the big guy’s movements was practically impossible. The only person who managed to do this efficiently was Kurapika. Uvogin was a true Reinforcement-type prodigy, and his ability was “Big Bang Impact”.

Uvogin would coat his entire arm in “Ko” and deliver a punch. Even if it seems like something simple, the force of the impact is comparable to the destruction caused by a small missile, creating a huge crater. The impact can even hit people who are a considerable distance from it.

Uvogin’s goal was to make his blow as strong as a nuclear warhead! And if he hadn’t been killed by Kurapika, he would certainly have achieved his goal!

14. Illumi Zoldyck


Another member of the Zoldyck family in the group. Illumi is Killua’s older brother and is also a pretty deadpan guy – until his insanity is revealed as someone who enjoys manipulating people or protecting his family in the most terrifying ways possible. His nen is a Manipulation type, and all of his techniques consist of doing various things by manipulating needles.

Illumi can alter his appearance and voice by sticking multiple needles into his body. That’s his “Body Alteration” technique, which makes him a true master of disguise – could even put Twilight to shame, eh? The ability “Hypnotic Spell” causes Illumi to place “pre-set” orders on someone after inserting a tiny needle into the person’s brain.

Luckily, this needle can be pulled out after a lot of physical exertion and Nen use. It’ll leave you pretty scarred, but at least you’ll be free. He also has the “Corpse Control” technique, which basically gives Illumi the ability to control corpses as if they were puppets. They can even talk and act as if they were still alive. Finally, we have the technique that is considered one of the darkest in anime: “Needle People”.

Illumi concentrates a huge amount of nen into several needles and shoots them at people’s heads. Soon after, all of them are given a specific order and come under Zoldyck’s full control. He can have an entire army of people like that if he wants to! The only way out of possession is: completing the task given to you, exceeding your physical exertion capacity, or just dying.

15. Kortopi


Kortopi is considered to be the physically weakest member of the spider team. Sad as it may sound, Kortopi doesn’t have a strong personality trait, he just follows all orders given to him without question and rarely says anything. His skill was very useful to temporarily replace objects stolen by the Troupe.

It was called “Gallery Fake”, and it was a Conjuration type. When Kortopi touched an object with his left hand, he could conjure an exact replica of that object with his right hand. So, just steal something, put a copy in its place and presto, job done! However, the copies automatically fell apart after only 24 hours depending on their size, but that was more than enough time for Troupe to escape the crime scene.

Although he had a limitation on replicating living things naturally, he could even conjure an exact copy of someone in the form of a corpse! He even made use of this ability when he conjured corpses from the bodies of all the members of Phantom Troupe, to fake the death of all of them and allow the group to escape the police’s sights.

While still in possession of the original object, Kortopi could also know the exact position of the copy when touching the original, no matter how far away they were.

16. Omokage


He is the character who was said to be the first number 4 of the Phantom Troupe, who in theory was terminated by Hisoka, thus giving his place in the Troupe to him. Omokage appears in the movie “Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge”. he basically was a goth who had a superiority complex over other people. And his goal entering the Phantom Troupe was just to create puppets from the members.

His Nen category was of the Specialization type, he was a creator of ventriloquist’s puppets… which refers to the idea of ​​manipulation, but it goes far beyond that. He sees his creations as being superior to people, almost as an evolution of humans. The doll created will have some of the memories of the person he was based on, possess consciousness and even have his Nen abilities.

However, compared to the original version, the puppets are far inferior, and even though they are aware they are obliged to obey all of the Omokage’s orders. The dolls also don’t have eyes, and because of that one of their skills is precisely being able to steal other people’s eyes, thus blinding the target.

But the only function of eye stealing is to see through that person’s eyes, as the doll does not become stronger or gain any other special abilities. After the doll is defeated, the eyes return to their original wielder. Lastly, Omokage can also use his ability to merge with up to three puppets, gaining increased physical strength and Nen abilities from each of the puppets he has fused with.


But the way the group is always changing members, it’s possible that we still see many more people being part of it. Maybe even some characters we already know end up joining the group somehow, just like the members of the Zoldyck family.

Or who knows, there may even be a well-known character who is part of the Spider, but has yet to be revealed as a member. There are several possibilities, but it’s better to leave everything in Togashi’s hands, right?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who are the Phantom Troupe members?

A: The Phantom Troupe, also known as the Spider, is a notorious group of criminals in the manga and anime series “Hunter x Hunter” created by Yoshihiro Togashi. The group consists of sixteen members.

Q: What are the names of the Phantom Troupe members?

A: The members of the Phantom Troupe are Chrollo Lucilfer, Nobunaga Hazama, Machi Komacine, Franklin Bordeau, Shizuku Murasaki, Feitan Portor, Phinks Magcub, Bonolenov Ndongo, Shalnark, Kortopi, Pakunoda, Uvogin, Kalluto Zoldyck, Illumi Zoldyck, Hisoka Morow, and Omokage.

Q: What are the goals of the Phantom Troupe?

A: The primary goal of the Phantom Troupe is to acquire wealth and satisfy their desire for excitement. They are known for stealing valuable items, causing chaos, and eliminating anyone who interferes with their activities. However, their loyalty to each other is strong, and they prioritize the well-being of their fellow members.

Q: What is the relationship between the Phantom Troupe and Kurapika?

A: Kurapika, one of the main characters in “Hunter x Hunter,” has a deep grudge against the Phantom Troupe. They are sworn enemies because the Phantom Troupe was responsible for the massacre of Kurapika’s clan, the Kurta Clan, who possessed unique Scarlet Eyes. Kurapika seeks revenge against the Troupe and aims to retrieve the stolen Scarlet Eyes.

Q: Has the Phantom Troupe undergone any significant changes or developments throughout the series?

A: Yes, the Phantom Troupe experiences various changes and developments throughout the “Hunter x Hunter” series. They encounter challenges, conflicts, and internal power struggles, which lead to character growth and evolution. To avoid spoilers, it’s recommended to watch or read the series to fully understand the transformations within the Phantom Troupe.

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