When Does Luffy Use Gear 4? Episode Revealed!

when does luffy use gear 4

If you’re a One Piece fan, you’re definitely aware of Monkey D. Luffy – the protagonist with his sights set on becoming the Pirate King. As he progresses through the series, he gains various abilities and Gear 4th is one of his most impressive.

Gear 4th is a transformation technique where Luffy blows air into his body, bulking up his muscles to increase his strength, speed and durability. It might look hilarious, but don’t let the appearance fool you – it’s a powerful tool in battles.

So why does Luffy need Gear 4th? Well, as he’s facing stronger and tougher foes, he needs to continuously evolve and improve his abilities. And Gear 4th is a result of just that – pushing himself beyond his limits and reaching new heights of power. Keep reading to find out when he first activates it and how it’s used in subsequent battles.

What is Gear 4th?

Gear 4th is an advanced form of combat used by Monkey D. Luffy in the anime and manga, One Piece. This technique enables Luffy to utilize his Devil Fruit powers more effectively. Appearance-wise, Gear 4th turns Luffy’s body into a much larger size, akin to that of a hulking behemoth. His body also becomes more muscular, with his arms resembling the limbs of an actual gorilla.

The primary ability of Gear 4th is that it significantly enhances Luffy’s strength, speed, and durability. Luffy gains an immense boost in power, allowing him to deliver devastating attacks to opponents. Furthermore, he gains the ability to bounce off surfaces at incredible speeds, a technique called “Boundman.”

Despite its numerous benefits, Gear 4th comes with its share of drawbacks. Luffy’s body becomes much heavier, limiting his mobility to some extent. As the technique requires a vast amount of energy to maintain, Luffy can only use it for brief periods. Once he reverts to his normal form, he experiences severe fatigue and decreased battle readiness.

Overall, Gear 4th is a game-changer in Luffy’s arsenal, making him an even more formidable opponent than before. His unique fighting style and incredible strength make for some exhilarating battles, undoubtedly keeping fans glued to the series.

When did Luffy first use Gear 4th?

Who doesn’t love monkey D. Luffy and his eccentric character? Definitely not me! In the Dressrosa arc, we witnessed Luffy unleash his power by activating Gear 4th. It was surreal!

In his fight against Doflamingo, Luffy sensed that his previous techniques were no match for Doflamingo’s immense power. That’s when he activated Gear 4th, to everyone’s amazement. The technique’s reason for activation was simple, defeat Doflamingo at all costs.

The impact of Gear 4th on that battle was astonishing. With increased speed, destructive power and defence, Luffy was able to fight Doflamingo on equal grounds. Doflamingo wasn’t so pleased but the audience was left awe-struck.

Fact is, Luffy’s activation of Gear 4th was a worthy decision considering the battle he was faced with. Who wouldn’t use their best weapon when faced with an enemy whose powers are far greater than theirs? With Gear 4th, Luffy can take on almost any opponent.

Why did Luffy activate Gear 4th against Doflamingo?

when does luffy use gear 4

Luffy’s fight against Doflamingo was no ordinary challenge. The latter was a man who could control people’s minds, had mastered the use of Haki, and could travel at breakneck speeds using his strings. Doflamingo’s exceptional abilities made him an incredibly challenging opponent to defeat.

But Luffy was not to be outdone by anyone, and certainly not by Doflamingo. He knew that if he continued with his usual fighting style, it would take forever to bring down the Shichibukai member. This is where Gear 4th came in.

With the need to end the fight quickly, Luffy had to dig deep and push beyond his previous limits. He was willing to take the risk of activating the Gear 4th even though he knew it would take a toll on his body. Given Doflamingo’s immense power, Luffy had no choice but to take the risk and unleash his full potential.

In summary, Luffy activated Gear 4th to overcome Doflamingo’s abilities, end the battle fast and push beyond his previous limits for a chance to succeed.

Use of Gear 4th in subsequent battles

Luffy’s Gear 4th is not just a trump card that he used once and then forgot about. In fact, he has used it several times in subsequent battles, with varying degrees of success. Against Cracker, he used it to finally land a decisive blow on the powerful adversary. However, he was unable to use it against Katakuri initially, as he needed to come up with a new form to counter Katakuri’s advanced observation Haki.

This resulted in the creation of his advanced form, Snakeman, which he eventually used to defeat Katakuri. Against Big Mom, he used Gear 4th to initially land a strong attack on the Yonko, but it was not enough to defeat her. However, it did demonstrate just how powerful Luffy had become, as he was able to harm one of the strongest characters in the series.

Overall, Gear 4th has become a staple of Luffy’s fighting style, and he will no doubt continue to use it in future battles. With his continued growth, there’s no telling what other forms and abilities he might develop in the future. One thing is for sure though, Luffy’s adversaries will never be able to predict what he will do next.


After the intense fight against Doflamingo, Luffy realized the need to evolve beyond his limits. This led to the development of Gear 4th, which not only expanded his abilities but also marked the evolution of his overall combat style.

Luffy’s future use of Gear 4th remains unpredictable, but it’s safe to assume that he will continue to refine and develop this technique, just as he has with all of his other abilities. This evolution of Luffy’s abilities is what makes him an exciting character to follow. Who knows what incredible techniques he’ll develop in the future?

In conclusion, Gear 4th isn’t just a new ability – it’s a testament to Luffy’s determination and willingness to push past his limits. As he continues to grow and evolve, it’s exciting to imagine what new and incredible abilities he’ll develop to help him take on the challenges that lie ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Gear 4?

A: Gear 4, also known as “Gear Fourth,” is a special transformation technique utilized by Monkey D. Luffy. It enhances Luffy’s physical abilities, granting him immense strength, speed, and agility.

Q: When does Luffy first use Gear 4?

A: Luffy first uses Gear 4 during his battle against Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the main antagonists of the Dressrosa arc in the One Piece series. In Chapter 784 and Episode 726, Luffy reveals Gear 4 for the first time as a surprise attack against Doflamingo.

Q: When does Luffy use Gear 4 Boundman?

A: Luffy primarily uses Gear 4 Boundman during his major battles against powerful opponents. He activates this form to gain an advantage in combat, overwhelming his enemies with his increased strength and speed. Notable instances include his fights against Doflamingo, Cracker, and Katakuri.

Q: When does Luffy use Gear 4 Tankman and Snakeman?

A: Gear 4 Tankman is first introduced during the Whole Cake Island arc when Luffy faces off against Big Mom’s forces. It allows him to become an immensely durable and powerful form capable of absorbing powerful blows. Gear 4 Snakeman is revealed during the fight against Katakuri in the same arc, emphasizing speed, flexibility, and unpredictable attacks.

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