Top 31 Best Revenge Manga You Must Read

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Top 31 Best Revenge Manga You Must Read – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 31 Best Revenge Manga You Must Read. Revenge manga typically revolve around a protagonist who has suffered a great injustice, such as the loss of loved ones, betrayal, or personal harm. Fueled by their pain, these protagonists embark on a quest for retribution.

Revenge manga often delve into themes of justice, redemption, and the dark side of human nature. The stories can be intense, gritty, and emotionally charged, as the protagonists navigate a world filled with danger, intrigue, and moral ambiguity. They may face powerful adversaries, encounter unexpected allies, and make difficult choices that test their resolve.

The journey of revenge is rarely straightforward, and the protagonists often face internal conflicts as they grapple with the consequences of their actions. They may question their own humanity, confront the limits of their morality, and discover the true cost of seeking vengeance. Along the way, they may find moments of catharsis, personal growth, and even unexpected empathy. Let us jump right into it.

31. Code Geass

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Code Geass is a revenge manga that centers around Lelouch Lamperouge, a high school student who goes by the alias Lelouch vi Britannia. Lelouch possesses the power of Geass, which allows him to command anyone to obey his orders without question.

With this newfound power, he becomes the masked vigilante known as Zero and leads a rebellion against the Britannian Empire, aiming to free Japan from its oppressive rule. Lelouch’s motives are fueled by his deep hatred for the Empire, which conquered and subjugated his homeland. He seeks to bring down the Britannian regime and create a world where his sister, Nunnally, can live in peace.

However, as Lelouch delves deeper into his quest for revenge, he grapples with the moral implications of his actions and the potential consequences of his desire for power. Lelouch’s character undergoes significant development as he struggles to balance his personal vendetta with his ideals of justice and freedom.

Throughout the series, he forms alliances, faces betrayals, and confronts the consequences of his decisions. Code Geass blends mecha action, political intrigue, and psychological drama to create a gripping narrative. The series has gained widespread popularity for its thought-provoking storyline, memorable characters, and intense action sequences.

30. Psycho-Pass SS: Case. 3 – Onshuu no Kanata ni


The story follows Shinya Kougami, a former detective of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division, as he travels through the war-torn lands of the Southeast Asian Union. His next destination is the Tibet-Himalayan Alliance Kingdom, where he encounters Guillermo Garcia, the commander of a paramilitary group dedicated to restoring peace.

During his journey, Kougami comes across a group of refugees under attack by guerrillas. He intervenes and displays his exceptional combat skills, catching the attention of Tenzing Wangchuck, a young girl of Japanese and Tibetan descent who has lost her parents to the violence of war.

Tenzing is determined to seek revenge against the man responsible for her parents’ death and asks Kougami to teach her how to fight. Although Kougami has strong moral principles against murder, he empathizes with Tenzing’s desire for justice and agrees to train her. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when Frederica Hanashiro from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs appears.

She has a mission to bring back the Japanese emigrants who were once abandoned, including Tenzing, to Japan and reintegrate them into the Sibyl System. The manga explores themes of vengeance, justice, and the complex moral dilemmas faced by the characters. The story delves into the ethical implications of revenge and the consequences of actions taken in pursuit of justice.

29. Seizon: Life


Seizon: Life is a revenge manga that centers around Takeda, a man who has been diagnosed with cancer and feels that his life has lost all meaning. Ready to end his life, he is interrupted by a phone call that informs him that the corpse of his long-missing daughter, Sawako, has been discovered by the police.

In Japan, the statute of limitations for murder is 15 years, and Takeda realizes he has only six months left to live and seek justice for his daughter. Motivated by a newfound sense of purpose, Takeda embarks on a mission to find his daughter’s killer and ensure they are brought to justice before his own time runs out.

The story delves into Takeda’s desperate search for the truth and his determination to avenge his daughter’s death. As Takeda delves into the past, he unravels long-held secrets and hidden connections within his own family. The manga explores the themes of family ties, justice, and the lengths a person will go to when driven by revenge.

Takeda’s journey is one of redemption and reconnection, as he confronts his own past and seeks closure for the tragedy that has haunted him for over a decade. Seizon: Life combines elements of mystery, drama, and suspense as Takeda races against time to uncover the truth behind his daughter’s murder. It portrays the emotional turmoil and resilience of a father determined to find justice.

28. Kaze Hikaru


Kaze Hikaru is a historical revenge manga set in the year 1863, during a time of societal turmoil and upheaval in Japan. It follows the story of Seizaburou Kamiya, a young and inexperienced warrior who aspires to join the Mibu-Roshi, a renowned group of samurai dedicated to the Shogunate system. Seizaburou is motivated by his desire to seek revenge for the wrongful murder of his family.

Seizaburou’s path intersects with the legendary Souji Okita, one of the most skilled swordsmen within the Mibu-Roshi. Souji takes Seizaburou under his wing, unaware that Seizaburou is actually a young woman named Sei Tominaga disguised as a man. As Sei Tominaga, she disguises her true identity in order to pursue her goals and find justice for her family.

The manga explores Sei’s journey as she navigates the challenges of being a female samurai in a male-dominated society, as well as the conflicts and dangers she faces as a member of the Mibu-Roshi. As Sei trains and fights alongside her comrades, she must carefully guard her secret identity while pursuing her quest for revenge.

Kaze Hikaru delves into themes of loyalty, honor, and the struggles of individuals caught in the midst of political and social unrest. It offers a blend of action, drama, and romance, showcasing the relationships and bonds that develop between characters within the intense and demanding environment of the Shinsengumi.

27. For the Kid I Saw in My Dreams


For the Kid I Saw in My Dreams is a revenge manga that follows the story of Senri and Kazuto Nakajou, twins who shared a unique bond. Growing up in an abusive household, they found solace in each other, as they could share pain and visions. One fateful night, their parents are murdered, and Senri witnesses his brother being kidnapped through a vision.

Driven by a desire for justice, Senri dedicates his life to finding the person responsible for his parents’ death and his brother’s abduction, a figure known as the Fire Man. However, despite his efforts, Senri is unable to locate the elusive culprit over the course of thirteen years, and the visions from Kazuto have ceased.

Just as Senri begins to lose hope, he spots a man on television bearing the same scar as the kidnapper. Fueled by determination, Senri embarks on a search for this mysterious individual. However, his pursuit not only raises more questions but also exposes him to unforeseen dangers. Senri soon realizes that there is more to fear than just the Fire Man.

For the Kid I Saw in My Dreams explores themes of vengeance, trauma, and the enduring bond between siblings. Senri’s relentless quest for justice drives the narrative, as he confronts the shadows of his past and unravels the mysteries surrounding his family’s tragedy. The manga delves into the psychological turmoil of its characters and the price they are willing to pay to uncover the truth.

26. The Death Mage


The Death Mage manga tells the story of Hiroto Amamiya, a boy who experienced multiple tragic deaths and seeks revenge against those who wronged him. In his first life, Hiroto died alongside his classmates. In his second life, he was granted immense magic but suffered from extreme bad luck. Unfortunately, he was eventually killed by his former classmates.

God, recognizing the boy’s thirst for revenge, desires Hiroto to find forgiveness and peace. God promises him that after using his third life to calm down, his fourth life will be peaceful. Hiroto is then reborn as a dark elf-vampire hybrid named Vandalieu in the world of Lamda. Although he retains his immense magical abilities, God has cursed his power and sealed it away.

Under the care and love of his mother, Darcia, Vandalieu’s peaceful life is shattered by tragedy. Determined not to have a fourth life, the infant death mage embarks on a journey alongside undead companions, ghouls, and other creatures of the night.

The Death Mage explores themes of revenge, resilience, and the struggle for redemption. Vandalieu’s quest for vengeance drives the narrative, as he confronts the challenges of his cursed power and battles against the forces that oppose him. The manga delves into dark and supernatural elements, showcasing Vandalieu’s growth as he navigates a world filled with both danger and unexpected allies.

25. Ubel Blatt


Ubel Blatt is a revenge manga that follows the story of Köinzell, a master swordsman seeking vengeance against the so-called Seven Heroes. These heroes were believed to have saved the Szaalenden Empire from an invasion by their enemies, the Wischtech. However, the truth is far from what people believe. In reality, the Seven Heroes were the true traitors.

They betrayed their comrades, including Köinzell, and abandoned the battle in cowardice. The four true champions were defeated by the Seven Heroes, and Köinzell, left for dead, has spent the past twenty years recovering and honing his skills to seek retribution for his fallen comrades. Now, the time for vengeance has come.

Köinzell sets out on a relentless quest to eliminate the Seven Heroes and expose their true nature to the world. However, the path to revenge is filled with challenges. The public and the entire nation stand against him, as they believe the lies spread by the traitors. Köinzell must face overwhelming odds and confront not only the Seven Heroes but also the might of the entire nation.

With the odds stacked against him, Köinzell gathers a group of unlikely allies, forming a ragtag team willing to sacrifice everything to support his cause. Together, they strive to prevail against the powerful forces aligned against them and bring justice to those who have deceived the world. Ubel Blatt explores themes of revenge, betrayal, and the pursuit of truth.

24. Ouroboros: Keisatsu wo Sabaku wa Ware ni Ari


Ouroboros: Keisatsu wo Sabaku wa Ware ni Ari is a revenge manga that revolves around the lives of Ryuuzaki Ikuo and Tatsuya Danno. The two were once part of a close-knit family of orphans at the Mahoroba Orphanage, where their beloved teacher, Yuiko, played a significant role in their lives. However, tragedy strikes when Ryuuzaki and Tatsuya witness Yuiko’s murder one fateful night.

Despite their testimony, the police pressure them into silence, forcing the young boys to confront the reality that there is a hidden truth behind Yuiko’s death, one that the authorities are intent on concealing. Driven by their love for their teacher and a thirst for justice, Ryuuzaki and Tatsuya decide to take matters into their own hands and operate in the shadows to uncover the influential culprit.

Fifteen years later, Ryuuzaki has become a top investigator in the Shinjuku Police force, while Tatsuya has risen through the ranks of the yakuza, the Japanese organized crime syndicate. Despite their contrasting paths, the two friends continue their secret collaboration, united by their shared goal of seeking vengeance for their teacher’s death.

Driven by their unyielding desire for justice and love for Yuiko, Ryuuzaki and Tatsuya combine their skills and resources to unravel the truth behind the murder and bring the perpetrator to justice. They are willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means getting their hands dirty, as they are determined to exact revenge upon the person responsible for robbing them of their world.

23. Blast of Tempest


Blast of Tempest is a revenge manga that follows the story of Mahiro Fuwa, a young man seeking vengeance for the murder of his sister, Aika Fuwa. Determined to uncover the truth behind her death, Mahiro teams up with his childhood friend Yoshino Takigawa, who gets caught up in the investigation after a series of events.

As Mahiro delves deeper into his quest for revenge, he discovers that there is more at stake than he initially realized. The government begins to suspect Mahiro’s involvement in mysterious outbreaks of the “iron sickness,” further complicating his situation. In the midst of it all, Yoshino and Mahiro encounter Hakaze Kusaribe, a powerful sorceress imprisoned on a deserted island.

Hakaze, the leader of the Kusaribe Clan, offers her assistance to Mahiro in exchange for her freedom. She holds the key to stopping the revival of the destructive “Tree of Exodus” and saving the world from impending doom. However, Samon Kusaribe, Hakaze’s former aide, had orchestrated her banishment and stripped her of her magic powers.

As Mahiro and Yoshino race against time to prevent the catastrophic consequences of the Trees of Exodus and Genesis, they uncover surprising revelations about Aika’s murder. The world around them spirals into chaos, and their search for justice intertwines with the fate of humanity itself. The manga combines elements of revenge, mystery, and supernatural powers to create a gripping narrative.

22. Ilegenes: Kokuyou no Kiseki


Ilegenes: Kokuyou no Kiseki is a revenge manga set on the island of Ilegenes, a place known for its remarkable advancements in cybernetics and genetic modification. These technological breakthroughs have pushed Ilegenes far from the natural order, earning it the infamous moniker of the Genetic Sodom.

In this society, access to these cutting-edge technologies is primarily controlled by the wealthy, with the thriving black market being an uncontrollable force even for the government. The story revolves around Fon Fortinbras Littenber, a young boy who witnesses the brutal murder of his parents due to their vocal opposition to cloning.

Driven by revenge and a desire to dismantle the corrupt government and eliminate the black market, Fon enrolls in an elite military university. He aims to climb the ranks and bring about significant changes to the system. However, Fon’s journey is not without its challenges.

Despite his disdain for cloning and genetic modifications, his distinctive eye color, exceptional academic prowess, and athletic abilities raise suspicion among his fellow students. They begin to suspect that Fon himself is a modified human, contradicting his stated principles. Ilegenes: Kokuyou no Kiseki explores themes of revenge, corruption, and the consequences of tampering with nature.

21. The Executed Sage Who Was Reincarnated as a Lich Started an All-Out War

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The Executed Sage Who Was Reincarnated as a Lich Started an All-Out War is a revenge manga that follows the story of Sage Dwight, who had once successfully defeated the Demon Lord alongside the hero. However, suspicion fell upon them, and they were unjustly condemned as potential successors to the Demon Lord’s throne.

As a result, they were cast into the treacherous Valley of the Dead with the expectation of meeting their demise. Against all odds, Dwight managed to survive the harsh conditions of the valley for ten long years, but at the cost of losing their flesh and becoming nothing more than a skeleton.

Filled with regret and determination, Dwight clung to the hero’s lifeless body and made a solemn declaration to himself—they would prove that the true problem lies within the world itself. Driven by this resolve, Dwight consumed the Miasma of the Valley of the Dead, undergoing a transformation that surpassed even the previous Demon Lord.

Emerging as a powerful lich, Dwight rose from the depths of the valley, accompanied by countless undead beings under their command. Their ultimate goal: to achieve world peace. As the newly anointed King of the Undead, Dwight initiated an all-out war against humanity, utilizing their newfound strength to challenge the world order.

20. The Count of Monte Cristo

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The Count of Monte Cristo is a classic revenge manga set in the period before Napoleon Bonaparte’s return to power. The story revolves around the protagonist, Edmond Dantès, who faces numerous trials and challenges. On the day of his wedding, Edmond is falsely accused and unjustly imprisoned.

Determined to seek justice and exact revenge on those who betrayed him, Edmond formulates an elaborate plan that eventually leads to his escape from prison. During his time in captivity, Edmond discovers a hidden treasure, which grants him immense wealth and resources. He assumes a new identity as the Count of Monte Cristo and sets out on a path of vengeance.

His quest for retribution involves manipulating the lives of those who wronged him, revealing their secrets, and exposing their betrayals. The Count of Monte Cristo explores themes of courage, revenge, romance, and betrayal. As Edmond executes his plan, he encounters various characters who become entangled in his web of deceit and retribution.

Along the way, he finds love, faces moral dilemmas, and grapples with the consequences of his actions. The manga depicts Edmond’s transformation from a victim of injustice to a powerful and enigmatic figure seeking to balance the scales of justice. It showcases his intelligence, strategic thinking, and unwavering determination as he navigates the complex world of 19th-century France.

19. Shigurui


The story revolves around the sadistic daimyo Tadanaga Tokugawa, who initiates Japan’s first martial arts competition using real swords. The announcement of the competition shocks even the most loyal of his retainers due to its extreme nature. The opening match features Gennosuke Fujiki, a one-armed warrior, against Seigen Irako, a blind and lame samurai.

The spectators, despite their objections, are swayed to view the match as a spectacle, disregarding the combatants’ deformities. Unbeknownst to the onlookers, Gennosuke and Seigen harbor deep-seated hatred for each other. Their rivalry stems from their shared ambition to become the successor to the deranged samurai master, Kogan Iwamoto, who leads the infamous Kogan-ryuu dojo.

Initially, their competition for Kogan-ryuu’s leadership and the affections of Kogan’s daughter, Mie, was friendly. However, a single provocation from one of the young warriors incurs Kogan’s wrath, setting off a chain of events that leads to severe injuries and a bitter rivalry. Shigurui delves into the decisions and choices that brought Gennosuke and Seigen to this desperate point in their lives.

The manga also sheds light on the brutal nature of samurai culture and the lives that are destroyed by its cruelty. It explores themes of ambition, betrayal, and the consequences of unchecked violence. With its atmospheric art style and unflinching portrayal of violence, Shigurui captivates readers as it unravels the complex web of rivalry, vengeance, and tragedy that defines the lives of its characters.

18. Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made


The story revolves around Haruka Tooyama, a twelve-year-old girl with extraordinary precognitive abilities. Her remarkable talent for predicting the future has made her a target for greedy corporations seeking to exploit her powers for their own gains.

When Haruka is kidnapped, she uses her precognition to search for someone who can aid her escape and finds herself drawn to a blind man navigating the bustling streets of Tokyo. Despite his lack of sight, Haruka senses something unique about him and believes he possesses the skills to protect her.

To her surprise, the blind man reveals his prowess when he wields a sword hidden within his walking stick and effortlessly defeats her captors. Realizing that she will be relentlessly pursued for her gift, Haruka implores the enigmatic swordsman to keep her safe. Thus, their journey begins with a pact that binds them together: “Until Death Do Us Part.”

As Haruka and her protector navigate a dangerous world filled with enemies and conspiracies, they must rely on their combined strength and determination to overcome the threats they encounter. The blind swordsman’s exceptional combat skills and Haruka’s precognition create a formidable force against those who seek to exploit her powers.

17. Mitarai-ke, Enjou Suru

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Mitarai-ke, Enjou Suru is a revenge manga that follows the story of two women, Shizuka Yamauchi and Makiko Mitarai, who have a shared past that drives Shizuka’s desire for justice. Shizuka, a 25-year-old housekeeper, harbors a deep-rooted need to right the wrongs of her mother’s past. Makiko, on the other hand, is a 46-year-old amateur model and seemingly perfect housewife who hides her own secrets.

As Shizuka delves into her mission to uncover the truth and seek revenge, she must navigate the complex web of Makiko’s hidden life. With caution as her ally, Shizuka treads carefully, determined to unravel the mysteries surrounding Makiko and her past actions. However, she must be mindful not to get too close and risk getting consumed by the secrets she uncovers.

The story delves into themes of justice, revenge, and personal redemption. It explores the intricate dynamics between the two women as they confront their shared history and the consequences of their actions. As Shizuka digs deeper, she realizes that the path to justice is filled with unexpected twists and dangerous revelations.

Mitarai-ke, Enjou Suru offers a suspenseful narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. It examines the complexities of human nature, the consequences of past choices, and the lengths individuals will go to seek vengeance. Through the intertwined stories of Shizuka and Makiko, the manga raises questions about morality, redemption, and the blurred lines between right and wrong.

16. Onani Master Kurosawa


Kurosawa is a quiet and introverted student who harbors a secret and peculiar habit. After school, he enters the empty girls’ bathroom and engages in a highly unusual act. Alongside this unconventional ritual, Kurosawa possesses a strong sense of justice and a critical mindset toward his classmates.

One day, Kurosawa witnesses the bullying of an awkward girl in his class at the hands of two popular girls. Determined to bring justice to the bullies, he devises a plan for revenge, meticulously plotting his actions. However, his carefully orchestrated scheme takes an unexpected turn when he encounters an unexpected accomplice.

As the story unfolds, Kurosawa’s quest for revenge and justice becomes a complex exploration of human nature, social dynamics, and personal growth. The manga delves into themes of bullying, redemption, and the consequences of one’s actions. It challenges the reader to question their own judgments and perceptions, as well as the motivations behind acts of revenge.

Onani Master Kurosawa offers a thought-provoking and psychological narrative, showcasing the protagonist’s journey as he navigates the intricate web of his emotions and experiences. It portrays the consequences and complexities of seeking revenge, ultimately leading Kurosawa to confront his own flaws and learn valuable lessons about empathy, forgiveness, and personal growth.

15. Shin Angyo Onshi

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Munsu is an Angyo Onshi, a special arbiter entrusted with maintaining justice in the now-collapsed country of Jushin. With his profound knowledge of evil, Munsu finds himself questioning his purpose after the downfall of Jushin. As he travels from one place to another, he confronts various individuals and groups who seek to exploit the chaos and further destabilize the country.

Driven by his unwavering sense of duty, Munsu engages in relentless battles against arms dealers, smugglers, tyrants, and necromancers, all of whom threaten to plunge the nation into further turmoil. Accompanied by Chun Hyang, a skilled female warrior, and empowered by his Angyo Onshi abilities, Munsu fights to bring justice to a world plagued by darkness and corruption.

Munsu’s unique powers allow him to call upon a ghostly legion, amplifying his combat prowess and enabling him to confront formidable adversaries. However, as he takes on his enemies, Munsu also seeks to inspire and assist those who are willing to fight for their own liberation.

He believes in empowering individuals to take steps toward improving their own circumstances, rather than simply relying on him as their savior. Throughout Shin Angyo Onshi, Munsu grapples with the moral complexities of his role and the harsh realities of the world he inhabits. The manga delves into themes of justice, revenge, redemption, and the consequences of wielding power.

14. Seraph of the End

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The world is ravaged by a devastating epidemic that wipes out all adults, leaving vampires to rise and enslave the remaining human population. Yuichiro Hyakuya manages to escape captivity and joins the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, a military organization dedicated to eradicating vampires and reclaiming humanity’s freedom.

Before Yuichiro can become a vampire slayer, he must first complete a daunting task: making new friends among his fellow aspiring monster slayers. These friendships will play a crucial role in their fight against the vampires who seek to subjugate them.

However, Yuichiro and his friends find themselves trapped in a sinister institution disguised as an orphanage, where they are treated as cattle for the vampires. Determined to break free from their cruel fate, the orphans plan a daring escape. But their liberation comes at a high price, and the dream of fighting back against their oppressors is marred by tragedy.

As the story unfolds, Yuichiro and his friends continue to struggle against the vampires and their oppressive regime. They face treacherous battles, uncover dark secrets about the vampires’ origins, and encounter powerful foes. Through their relentless pursuit of vengeance and freedom, they must confront their own fears, make sacrifices, and come to terms with the cost of their actions.

13. Blade of the Immortal


Blade of the Immortal is a revenge manga that follows the story of Manji, a skilled swordsman in feudal Japan who has gained immortality through bloodworms placed in his body by the ancient nun Yaobikuni. Haunted by his past as the “Hundred Man Killer,” Manji seeks redemption by vowing to kill one thousand evil men.

His path to redemption crosses with Rin Asano, a young girl seeking vengeance for the brutal murder of her parents. Initially reluctant, Manji eventually agrees to protect Rin and help her in her quest for revenge. Together, they embark on a dangerous and violent journey, facing numerous enemies and obstacles along the way.

As Manji and Rin confront the individuals responsible for their suffering, they encounter a variety of adversaries, including skilled warriors, corrupt officials, and powerful factions. Through intense sword fights and strategic battles, they inch closer to their goals, all while questioning the nature of justice and the price of revenge.

Throughout the series, Manji’s immortality becomes both a blessing and a curse. While he possesses incredible regenerative abilities, his immortality also burdens him with the weight of his past actions and the eternal cycle of violence. As he fights alongside Rin, Manji grapples with the true meaning of his quest for redemption and the value of human life.

12. Blue Exorcist

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Blue Exorcist is a revenge manga that follows the story of Rin Okumura, a young boy who discovers that he is the son of Satan, the ruler of the demon realm. After a tragic incident where his foster father, Shirou Fujimoto, is possessed and killed by Satan, Rin and his twin brother Yukio are left orphaned.

Driven by the desire for revenge and to protect those he cares about, Rin decides to become an exorcist. He enrolls at True Cross Academy, a school dedicated to training exorcists who fight against demons and protect the human world. Alongside his brother Yukio and other classmates, Rin undergoes rigorous training to harness his demonic powers and learns to control them for the greater good.

However, Rin’s path as an exorcist is not without its challenges. He must keep his demonic heritage a secret from his classmates and the world around him, as demons are considered enemies of humanity. Rin faces internal struggles as he grapples with his dual nature and strives to prove that he can use his powers for good.

As Rin trains and battles against various threats, he uncovers a deeper conspiracy within the exorcist organization, where not everyone is as they seem. He must navigate through a web of secrets and deceit while facing powerful adversaries who seek to exploit his demonic powers for their own gain.

11. Naruto


The Naruto manga follows the journey of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. From a young age, Naruto has faced rejection and isolation from the villagers due to the presence of the Nine-Tailed Fox demon sealed within him.

Assigned to Team 7, Naruto joins forces with his teammates Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, under the guidance of their mentor Kakashi Hatake. Together, they embark on missions and undergo rigorous training to improve their ninja skills. Through their experiences, Naruto learns the importance of teamwork, friendship, and loyalty.

As the story unfolds, Naruto and his friends encounter various challenges, including powerful enemies and the mysteries of their own backgrounds. Naruto’s determination, unwavering spirit, and never-give-up attitude inspire those around him and earn him the respect and recognition he seeks.

Throughout the manga, Naruto faces personal struggles, confronts his own weaknesses, and learns valuable life lessons. He forms strong bonds with his friends and allies, and through his growth as a ninja, he strives to protect his village and bring peace to the world. The Naruto manga explores themes of friendship, perseverance, self-discovery, and the power of believing in oneself.

10. The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap


The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap is a revenge manga that follows the story of Ruri Morikawa, a girl who has always lived in the shadow of her “best friend” Asahi Shinomiya. Despite her beauty, Ruri is often overlooked due to Asahi’s popularity. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when they are summoned to another world.

In this new world, Ruri’s unfortunate fate repeats itself, and she is banished, left alone in the wilderness. Seeking refuge, she discovers a cottage in a neighboring kingdom, where she learns that she possesses a unique power as someone “beloved by the spirits.” Accompanied by cute fairies and equipped with a magical bracelet that can transform her into a fluffy white cat, Ruri sets off to explore the world.

During her journey, she arrives in the capital and catches the attention of the Dragon King Jade, who offers her his protection. Despite Jade mistaking her for a cat, Ruri finds herself developing a close bond with him. However, she struggles with the weight of the lie she is living, as a war looms between the Dragon King’s army and the forces led by the figurehead Priestess Asahi.

As the conflict escalates and Ruri navigates the complexities of her relationships, she must confront her own desires for revenge and uncover the truth behind the brewing war. The manga explores themes of identity, friendship, and the consequences of seeking vengeance in a world where magic and political intrigue intertwine.

9. Gachiakuta


In the slums of a wealthy town, Rudo and his foster father Legto struggle to survive amidst the opulence of the upper class. Rudo is deeply resentful of their wastefulness and regularly scours the town’s trash for anything salvageable from the dreaded Abyss. The Abyss is a colossal pit where society discards anything deemed worthless, even people.

Rudo’s own father was thrown into the Abyss after being unjustly accused of murder. One fateful day, after a chance encounter with a mysterious figure, Rudo returns home to find Legto gravely injured. Authorities swiftly arrive at the scene, accusing Rudo of the crime. Despite his protests of innocence, he is cast into the Abyss, abandoned by those who refuse to believe him.

Instead of meeting his demise, Rudo finds himself in a bizarre and repugnant realm teeming with monstrous beings crafted from discarded refuse. Cornered by these abominations, Rudo is saved by a man named Engine, who reveals himself as a janitor. Janitors are individuals equipped with specialized weapons known as jinkis to combat the trash-born creatures.

Driven by a burning desire for revenge against the one responsible for Legto’s demise, Rudo reluctantly embraces the role of a janitor, determined to fight his way back up and out of the Abyss. In his quest for justice, Rudo will navigate the treacherous depths of the Abyss, honing his skills as a janitor and forging unexpected alliances.

8. Requiem of the Rose King


The story is set during the War of the Roses, a series of civil wars in medieval England, and revolves around the character Richard Plantagenet, who is later known as Richard III. Richard is born to the Duke of York, who seeks to claim the English throne for himself, challenging King Henry VI and his heir.

Richard’s birth is marked by omens and tragedy, and he possesses physical characteristics that blur the line between male and female. His mother despises him, and Richard grows up with a deep self-loathing and a sense of being a demon. Haunted by visions of Joan of Arc, Richard’s life becomes entangled with the fate of his family and the destiny of England.

He is driven by a desire to fulfill his father’s ambition and become king, believing it to be his path to salvation. However, the weight of expectations, both from his mother and the haunting presence of Joan, threatens to lead him down a dark and destructive path. Requiem of the Rose King explores themes of gender identity, societal expectations, and the price of power.

Richard’s struggle with self-acceptance and his complex relationships with his family and the historical figure Joan of Arc drive the narrative forward. The manga delves into the psychological and emotional turmoil of its characters and examines the consequences of their actions within the context of a politically turbulent era.

7. Goblin Slayer

revenge manga

The story takes place in a world where goblins, often overlooked and underestimated, pose a threat due to their destructive tendencies and cruel acts of violence. The protagonist, known simply as Goblin Slayer, is a relentless and single-minded warrior on a personal mission to exterminate goblins.

He dedicates his life to eradicating every last goblin he comes across and takes on goblin-related missions through the adventurers’ guild. During one of his quests, Goblin Slayer rescues a young Priestess from a brutal goblin attack that claimed the lives of her companions. Reluctantly, he begins to develop a connection with Priestess and forms a party with her and other adventurers.

As they embark on various quests together, Goblin Slayer finds himself drawn into larger adventures that challenge him and his party beyond the realm of goblin slaying. Throughout the story, Goblin Slayer faces his traumatic past, gradually opening up to his comrades and learning to trust them.

The series explores themes of trauma, revenge, camaraderie, and personal growth as Goblin Slayer navigates a world infested with monsters while protecting his party members from harm. Goblin Slayer features intense and graphic action sequences, often depicting the brutal nature of goblin encounters.

6. Innocent Rouge

revenge manga

Set during the eve of the French Revolution in 1772, the story follows the Sanson siblings, Charles-Henri and Marie-Joseph, as they navigate a world of aristocracy, executions, and personal vendettas. Charles-Henri Sanson, the eldest brother, is part of the Sanson family—a prominent lineage of executioners. He has grown up in the grim world of death and has embraced his role as an executioner.

Meanwhile, his sister, Marie-Joseph, leads a relatively carefree life in Versailles, far removed from the dark realities of her brother’s profession. However, their lives take a tragic turn when Marie-Joseph’s first love, Alain, is killed by aristocrats. Driven by grief and a desire for vengeance, Marie-Joseph becomes entangled in a web of intrigue and revenge.

The story delves into her pursuit of justice, as she seeks to avenge Alain’s death and confront the corrupt aristocracy responsible. As the narrative progresses, “Innocent Rouge” delves into the historical backdrop of the French Revolution. It explores the tensions and social inequalities between the nobility and the common people, as well as the struggles faced by those seeking justice and equality.

The manga portrays the events leading up to the revolution, depicting the bloody arc of change and the impact it has on the lives of the characters. The series weaves together elements of historical fiction, drama, and revenge, painting a vivid picture of a society on the brink of upheaval. It explores themes of justice, love, power, and the consequences of one’s actions.

5. Tokyo Revengers

revenge manga

Tokyo Revengers is a revenge manga that follows the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a young man who discovers the ability to time travel and seeks to change the past to prevent the murder of his ex-girlfriend. Takemichi’s life is in a state of despair, and he learns that Hinata Tachibana, his former girlfriend, has been killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang, a notorious group of criminals.

Overwhelmed with guilt and regret, Takemichi is given an unexpected opportunity to travel back in time twelve years, to a time when he was still in a relationship with Hinata. Determined to alter the future and save Hinata, Takemichi resolves to infiltrate the Tokyo Manji Gang and rise through its ranks.

By doing so, he aims to uncover the events and circumstances that led to Hinata’s murder, with the hope of preventing it from happening. As Takemichi navigates the dangerous world of the Tokyo Manji Gang, he must confront powerful and violent individuals, face internal conflicts within the gang, and make strategic decisions to influence the course of events.

Along the way, he reunites with old acquaintances and forms new alliances, all in the pursuit of rewriting the future and protecting the people he cares about. It delves into the dark underbelly of society and the complexities of gang dynamics while showcasing Takemichi’s growth as he faces challenges, overcomes personal limitations, and confronts his own weaknesses.

4. Attack on Titan

revenge manga

Attack on Titan is a revenge manga that depicts a world where humanity fights for survival against giant humanoid creatures known as Titans. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the remnants of humanity reside within massive walled cities to protect themselves from the Titans, who devour humans without apparent reason.

The story initially focuses on Eren Yeager, his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their friend Armin Arlert, who dream of venturing beyond the walls and exploring the world. However, their peaceful existence is shattered when a colossal Titan breaches the outer wall, allowing smaller Titans to invade and wreak havoc on the city.

In the chaos, Eren witnesses the death of his mother and vows to eliminate every Titan in existence, seeking revenge for the destruction they have caused. As the story progresses, Eren and his friends join the military to fight against the Titans. They encounter various factions within humanity, including the corrupt government and the Survey Corps.

Throughout their journey, Eren and his companions face not only the physical threat of the Titans but also the moral and political dilemmas surrounding their existence. They uncover dark secrets about the Titans, their origins, and the history of their world, which leads to a deeper understanding of the conflict they find themselves in.

3. Vinland Saga

revenge manga

The story takes place during the Viking Age in 11th-century Europe and follows the journey of Thorfinn, a young warrior seeking revenge against the cunning mercenary leader, Askeladd. Thorfinn, the son of a legendary Viking warrior, joins Askeladd’s band of mercenaries with a singular goal: to challenge and defeat Askeladd in a fair duel.

Thorfinn blames Askeladd for the tragedy that befell his family and is determined to avenge them. However, Thorfinn quickly realizes that he lacks the skill and experience to defeat his formidable opponent. While Thorfinn trains and fights alongside Askeladd’s crew, he becomes embroiled in the brutal and violent world of the Vikings.

Killing and plundering are a way of life for these warriors, and Thorfinn struggles to reconcile his thirst for revenge with the harsh realities of war and the moral conflicts he faces. As he grows, Thorfinn hones his skills on the battlefield, becoming an exceptional fighter. The story takes a significant turn when Askeladd receives word that Danish prince Canute has been taken hostage.

Askeladd concocts an ambitious plan that involves influencing the fate of England and the contenders for the English throne. This plan not only alters the lives of Thorfinn, Askeladd, and Canute but also sets the stage for a larger narrative encompassing political intrigue, power struggles, and personal growth. Vinland Saga delves into the themes of revenge, loyalty, and the consequences of violence.

2. Monster


Monster is a revenge manga that follows the story of Dr. Kenzou Tenma, a talented Japanese neurosurgeon working in post-war Germany. The manga explores themes of morality, revenge, and the darkness of human nature. The story begins with a pivotal decision made by Dr. Tenma.

He faces a critical choice between saving the life of Johan Liebert, a young boy with a gunshot wound to the head, or the mayor of Düsseldorf, who arrived at the hospital shortly after Johan. Driven by his sense of duty as a doctor to save lives, Tenma chooses to operate on Johan, disregarding the mayor’s condition. This decision sets off a chain of events that will dramatically alter Tenma’s life.

Following the surgery, Dr. Tenma’s career takes a downturn. The hospital director, Heinemann, is outraged by Tenma’s choice and strips him of his position. Additionally, Tenma’s engagement to Eva Heinemann, the director’s daughter, is broken off. Tenma becomes an outcast in the medical community, losing his reputation and career prospects.

However, nine years later, a series of gruesome murders begins to occur in Germany. Tenma finds himself drawn into the mystery as the murders are connected to the person he saved: Johan Liebert. Determined to atone for his past decision and stop Johan’s reign of terror, Tenma embarks on a relentless pursuit to apprehend him and bring him to justice.

1. Berserk

revenge manga

Berserk is a revenge manga that follows the story of Guts, a skilled swordsman and former mercenary who embarks on a journey of vengeance after his life is shattered by betrayal. The manga explores themes of revenge, fate, and the human struggle against overwhelming odds. Guts’ journey begins with a traumatic childhood, marked by violence and abuse.

As he grows older, he becomes a renowned warrior known as the Black Swordsman. However, his life takes a devastating turn when he encounters Griffith, the leader of a mercenary band called the Band of the Hawk. Guts initially joins the Band of the Hawk and develops a close bond with Griffith.

He finds solace and purpose in their camaraderie, finally believing that he has found someone he can trust and respect. However, his newfound happiness is shattered when Griffith sacrifices his comrades to obtain demonic power and fulfill his own ambitions. This act of betrayal leaves Guts scarred both physically and emotionally.

Branded with a mark that attracts malevolent entities known as Apostles, Guts is relentlessly pursued by nightmarish creatures from the Abyss. With his immense strength and a massive sword called the Dragon Slayer, Guts embarks on a relentless quest for vengeance against Griffith and the demonic forces that plague him.


In conclusion, revenge manga offer a compelling and captivating reading experience, blending action, drama, and introspection. They provide a lens through which we can explore the depths of human emotions, the complexities of right and wrong, and the transformative power of personal choices. Revenge manga can span various genres, including action, thriller, fantasy, historical, and more.

Whether it’s a lone vigilante seeking to dismantle a criminal organization or a fallen hero rising from the ashes to confront their enemies, revenge manga offers thrilling and often thought-provoking tales that explore the depths of human emotions and the consequences of seeking revenge.

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