One Piece Filler List: Skip or Stick? An Essential Guide for Fans

one piece filler list

One Piece Filler List: Skip or Stick? An Essential Guide for Fans – One Piece is an immensely popular manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda. It follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, as they journey through the vast and treacherous world of pirates in search of the ultimate treasure, known as the One Piece.

As is common with long-running anime series, One Piece includes episodes that are considered fillers. Fillers are episodes that deviate from the original storyline of the manga and are not based on the source material. Instead, they are created to give the manga time to progress or to provide additional content to the anime viewers.

Filler episodes generally feature self-contained storylines that do not affect the main plot. While some fillers can be enjoyable and provide new adventures for the characters, others may be considered less engaging by fans who are eager to continue the main story arc. So, let’s get started.

One Piece Filler List:

Warship Island Arc (Episodes 54-61)


The Warship Island Arc marks the first filler arc in the One Piece anime. In this arc, the Straw Hat Pirates rescue a young girl named Apis from the ocean as they prepare to enter the Grand Line.

Apis had escaped from a warship, and the crew decides to help her return home along with a legendary dragon named Sennenryu. While the arc is considered trivial and lacking in narrative, it provides an optional side story that can be skipped without affecting the main plot.

Post-Alabasta Arc (Episodes 131-135)


The Post-Alabasta Arc consists of five standalone episodes that delve into the individual histories and aspirations of the Straw Hat Pirates crew members.

These episodes provide insight into the characters’ backgrounds and motivations, with the exception of Luffy and Robin, who do not receive dedicated episodes in this arc. The events of this arc unfold after the conclusion of the Arabasta Arc, serving as the second filler arc in the series.

Goat Island Arc (Episodes 136-138)


The Goat Island Arc follows the Straw Hat Pirates as they mistakenly land on an island while attempting to escape from the pursuing Marines. This filler arc, which is the third in the anime, introduces the crew to an old man living among numerous goats on the island.

The Straw Hats decide to assist him in repairing his ship and overcoming the challenges they encounter. Similar to previous filler arcs, the Goat Island Arc is generally regarded as skippable due to its relatively weak storyline.

Ruluka Island Arc (Episodes 139-143)


The Ruluka Island Arc immediately follows the Goat Island Arc and is the fourth filler arc in One Piece, also known as the Rainbow Mist Arc. During this arc, the Straw Hat Pirates find themselves on Ruluka Island, which is ruled by a dictator named Ruluka. The island’s inhabitants suffer from excessive taxation imposed by the dictator.

Luffy and his crew intervene to aid the oppressed people and subsequently depart from the island. While the arc explores the concept of bounty hunters, it is often considered skippable to move directly into the main storyline of the Jaya Arc.

G-8 Arc (Episodes 196-206)


The G-8 Arc is the fifth filler arc in the One Piece anime and takes place immediately after the Skypiea adventures. Considered one of the funniest and best filler arcs in the series, it revolves around the Straw Hat Pirates becoming trapped inside a marine base.

In order to escape, they must navigate through various comedic situations and outwit the Marines. The G-8 Arc is highly recommended for its entertainment value and is often praised as a worthwhile filler arc to watch.

Ocean’s Dream Arc (Episodes 220-224)


The Ocean’s Dream Arc is the sixth filler arc and is based on a One Piece PlayStation game. In this arc, a young man erases the memories of the Straw Hat Pirates, causing them to forget each other’s identities.

The crew members find themselves in a strange situation where only Robin retains her memory. While the unique plot may initially pique interest, the Ocean’s Dream Arc is generally considered skippable due to its limited impact on the main storyline.

Foxy’s Return Arc (Episodes 225-226)


Following the Ocean’s Dream Arc, the Foxy’s Return Arc serves as the seventh filler arc in the series. The arc brings back the character Foxy, leading to clashes and conflicts with the Straw Hat Pirates.

Foxy is known to be one of the most disliked characters among One Piece fans, making this arc less favored. It is often recommended to skip this arc unless you have a particular interest in the character or completionist tendencies.

Ice Hunter Arc (Episodes 326-335)


The Ice Hunter Arc is the eighth filler arc and takes place after the Post-Enies Lobby Arc. During this arc, the Straw Hat Pirates encounter a group of bounty hunters while attempting to assist a damaged ship. The arc explores the concept of bounty hunters but is generally considered skippable as it does not contribute significantly to the main plot.

Spa Island Arc (Episodes 382-384)


Following the Thriller Bark Arc, the Spa Island Arc is the ninth filler arc in the One Piece anime. This arc revolves around the Straw Hat Pirates visiting a spa island for relaxation and enjoyment.

However, their tranquility is interrupted by the presence of Foxy, leading to some annoyance among fans. The Spa Island Arc is often categorized as skippable due to its focus on fan service and lack of substantial narrative.

Little East Blue Arc (Episodes 426-429)

one piece filler list

The Little East Blue Arc is being dubbed a special anime-only filler arc that should be viewed prior to watching the One Piece Film: Strong World.

The arc features the Straw Hat Pirates stumbling upon an island identical to East Blue. Watching these fillers becomes necessary to fully understand the Strong World movie, but they can be skipped if you do not plan to watch the film.

Z’s Ambition Arc (Episodes 575-578)

one piece filler list

The Z’s Ambition Arc marks the tenth filler arc in the One Piece series and serves as the initial filler arc following the time skip. It acts as a setup for the 12th One Piece movie, One Piece Film: Z.

Taking place in the Maubeugemour Sea of the New World, the Straw Hat Pirates become entangled in a battle with the Neo-Marines. To fully appreciate the One Piece Film: Z, it is recommended to watch these four-episode fillers.

Caesar Retrieval Arc (Episodes 626-628)

one piece filler list

The Caesar Retrieval Arc occurs after the Punk Hazard Arc. In this arc, a group of individuals kidnaps Caesar, and the Straw Hat Pirates, along with the Heart Pirates, embark on a mission to rescue him. This filler arc sheds light on the troublesome villain Caesar and provides additional context to his character.

Silver Mine Arc (Episodes 747-750)

one piece filler list

Following the Dressrosa Arc, the Silver Mine Arc sets the stage for the One Piece Film: Gold. The arc revolves around Luffy and Barto being captured by the Silver Pirates and their subsequent attempt to escape from a fortress surrounded by silver mines. While considered a bit boring by fans, it is recommended to watch this arc if you plan on watching the One Piece Film: Gold.

Marine Rookie Arc (Episodes 780-782)

one piece filler list

The Marine Rookie Arc is the thirteenth filler arc in the One Piece series and takes place after the Zou Arc. While en route to Whole Cake Island to rescue Sanji, the Straw Hat Pirates run out of food supplies.

As a result, they devise a plan to raid a nearby Marine base and steal food by disguising themselves as Marines. While the arc offers some entertainment value, it is generally not considered essential to the main storyline.

Cidre Guild Arc (Episodes 895-896)

one piece filler

The Cidre Guild Arc is the fourteenth filler arc and the fifth one occurring after the timeskip in the One Piece series.

Serving as a setup for the One Piece Stampede movie, the arc sees the Straw Hat Pirates unexpectedly encountering Boa Hancock and joining forces with her to confront the bounty-hunting group known as the Cidre Guild. If you plan on watching the Stampede movie, these fillers can be worth watching, although they can be skipped if desired.

Uta’s Past Arc (Episodes 1029-1030)

one piece filler list

Uta’s Past Arc is closely linked to the movie One Piece Film: Red. It delves into the backstory of Uta, whose past is intertwined with Luffy’s own history.

Notably, this arc showcases the youngest depiction of Luffy in the entire One Piece franchise, and with the exception of brief portions of Episode 4, it is the only media where Luffy is depicted without the scar below his eye. It’s worth mentioning that Uta’s inclusion in the One Piece manga confirms her status as part of the franchise’s canon.

One Piece Filler Guide:

Filler Episodes or Arcs TitleEpisode Numbers
Warship Island Arc54-61
Post-Alabasta Arc131-135
Goat Island Arc136-138
Ruluka Island Arc139-143
G-8 Arc196-206
Ocean’s Dream Arc220-224
Foxy’s Return Arc225-226
Ice Hunter Arc326-335
Spa Island Arc382-384
Little East Blue Arc426-429
Z’s Ambition Arc575-578
Caesar Retrieval Arc626-628
Silver Mine Arc747-750
Marine Rookie Arc780-782
Cidre Guild Arc895-896
Uta’s Past Arc1029-1030


In conclusion, fillers are non-canon episodes in the One Piece anime that deviate from the original manga storyline. They are created to provide additional content or buy time for the manga to progress. Fillers are typically inserted between story arcs and can be skipped if you prefer to focus solely on the main plot.

Ultimately, whether or not to watch the fillers is a personal choice. Some viewers enjoy the additional adventures and character interactions provided by fillers, while others prefer to stick to the main storyline and avoid any potential distractions.

Whether you decide to watch the fillers or skip them, One Piece offers an incredible and expansive world filled with exciting adventures, memorable characters, and an engaging main story that has captivated fans worldwide.

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