Top 12 Best Villainess Manga Recommendations

villainess manga

Top 12 Best Villainess Manga Recommendations –  Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 12 Best Villainess Manga Recommendations. Villainess manga typically follows the story of a female character who finds herself reincarnated or transported to a world that resembles an otome game, where she is cast as the villainess.

These manga often incorporate elements of romance, comedy, and fantasy as the protagonist attempts to navigate this new world and avoid the tragic fate that awaits her. The heroine may use her knowledge of the game to change the course of the story, or she may choose to take a completely different path, forging her own destiny.

Along the way, she may encounter various love interests, both good and bad, as she tries to find her place in this new world. Let us jump right into it.

12. Akuyaku Reijou Tensei Ojisan


As Kenzaburou Tondabayashi finds himself reborn as Grace Auvergne, the villainess of an otome game, he struggles to adjust to his new life. Despite knowing that he should act haughty and arrogant, Kenzaburou’s nature as a disciplined and kind-hearted man prevents him from doing so. Instead, he ends up befriending the heroine and becoming popular among the student body for his elegance.

Drawing on his years of experience as a civil servant and his deep-rooted family-oriented morals, Kenzaburou tries to navigate the challenges of his new life as Grace. He uses his perfect Japanese manners and tries to fit in with the other students, despite feeling out of place as an older man trapped in a young girl’s body.

As he interacts with the other characters in the otome game, Kenzaburou realizes that the story is not following the original plotline. He begins to take matters into his own hands, using his wisdom and knowledge to influence events and steer the story in a different direction. Along the way, he forms new friendships, faces challenges, and learns more about himself and the world he is now a part of.

With his unique perspective and skills, Kenzaburou strives to make the most of his second chance at life and find his place in this new world as the villainess-turned-protagonist.

11. Naturally, I Demand Restitution!

villainess manga

Naturally, I Demand Restitution! follows the story of Yulia Nogah, a young woman with a keen business sense and a knack for turning a profit. Betrothed to Ramor Curion, the marquis’s son, since childhood, Yulia has always seen their engagement as a potential business opportunity, rather than a romantic relationship.

When Ramor annuls their engagement to be with Julie Banache, a girl who believes she’s the main character of a popular novel and has superimposed everyone in her life onto the characters, Yulia is unfazed. Julie sees Yulia as the villainess, Ramor as the secondary male lead, and First Prince Rudonik Reino Palacio as her fated one, based on the novel’s plot.

But Yulia knows that fiction is just fiction, and she’s the one behind the publication of the book. With her entrepreneurial spirit, Yulia sees an opportunity to capitalize on the romance and drama surrounding her, using it to her advantage. She’s determined to turn the situation to her benefit and continue expanding her business empire, even if it means navigating the complexities of romance.

As Yulia sets her sights on new business ventures and schemes to maximize her profits, she’s not one to back down easily. Her sharp wit, strategic mind, and unapologetic pursuit of success make for a captivating story as she navigates the world of nobility, romance, and intrigue with her eyes on the ultimate prize: restitution for her business acumen.

10. Yowaki Max Reijou nanoni, Ratsuwan Konyakusha-sama no Kake ni Notte Shimatta

villainess manga

Pia Rockwell wakes up to find herself reborn as the villainous daughter in a reverse harem otome game. However, unlike the typical villainess, Pia has no interest in pursuing a romantic path. Instead, she is determined to use her knowledge from her past life as a university student in Japan to pursue her passion for paleontology and become a curator of her own museum.

With a timid personality and a strong desire to avoid heartache, Pia decides to break off her engagement to Rufus, the Prime Minister’s son, in order to escape the villainess route and pursue her dreams.

But Rufus is not willing to let her go so easily, and Pia must navigate his cunning schemes to protect her newfound independence and achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a commoner, excavating fossils, and building her own museum.

Will Pia be able to overcome the obstacles in her path and fulfill her dreams, or will her fiancé’s schemes derail her plans? Follow Pia’s journey as she strives to break free from her fate as a villainess and carve her own path in this reverse harem otome game.

9. The Villainess’ Butler: Death Flag Destroyer at Your Service


Cyril, the protagonist of The Villainess’ Butler: Death Flag Destroyer at Your Service, is determined to change the fate of the villainous daughter, Sophia. With the memories of his previous life, Cyril knows the tragic ending that awaits Sophia in the otome game. He is determined to prevent her from falling into darkness and being executed.

Cyril takes on the role of Sophia’s butler and begins meticulously planning to eliminate all the factors that could lead to her downfall. He uses his knowledge of the game’s events to strategically guide Sophia and shape her into a talented and beautiful girl who can win the prince’s love. Cyril is dedicated to his mission, going above and beyond to protect Sophia and steer her away from her dark fate.

However, things don’t go as smoothly as Cyril had planned. He encounters various challenges, including rival characters, unexpected events, and unforeseen consequences of his actions. As Cyril works to alter the course of the game’s story, he must navigate the complexities of relationships, politics, and intrigue in the kingdom.

With his wit, skills, and unwavering determination, Cyril strives to rewrite Sophia’s destiny and ensure her happiness. But as he delves deeper into the game’s world, he begins to uncover secrets and mysteries that challenge his assumptions and raise new questions about the true nature of the game and its characters.

8. Bad Young Woman’s Slow Life in Prison Start From Disengagement


Rachel Fergusen, once the epitome of a noblewoman, finds herself in a dark prison cell after being wrongfully accused of harassment by her former fiancé, Crown Prince Elliot. However, little does he know that Rachel has planned it all along, and this is just the beginning of her grand scheme. With her resourcefulness and cunning, Rachel has turned her prison cell into a luxurious haven.

She has stocked it with the finest foods, comfortable furniture, and all the amenities she needs to live in comfort. It’s a prison cell like no other, and Rachel is determined to make the most of it. From hosting housewarming parties in her cell to sneaking out for adventures in town, Rachel is living a carefree and leisurely life like never before.

Despite the constant attempts of her ex-fiancé, his girlfriend, and his subordinates to ruin her day with their tricks and schemes, Rachel is always one step ahead, outwitting them at every turn. As she embraces her newfound freedom within the confines of her prison cell, Rachel discovers the joy of simple pleasures and the thrill of outsmarting her adversaries.

Her slow life in prison becomes a time of self-discovery, where she learns to appreciate the present moment and find happiness in unexpected places. With her wits, charm, and determination, Rachel navigates the challenges of her imprisonment with style and grace, showing that even in the darkest of situations, a bad young woman can still create her own unique and fulfilling life.

7. The Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Carefree Married Life in a Former Enemy Country in Her Seventh Loop!


In her seventh loop, Rishe Imgard Wertsner is well aware of the inevitable outcome: her engagement will be broken, and she will be expelled from her family. However, Rishe has lived through this moment countless times before, and with each iteration, she has chosen a different path.

From becoming a merchant to an herbalist, a handmaiden to a knight, Rishe has experienced various lives, but they all ended tragically at the age of 20. But everything changes when Arnold Hein, the emperor of the neighboring country, offers her a surprising proposal at the start of her seventh loop. He asks Rishe to become his fiancée and promises her a life of luxury by his side.

In her previous lives, Rishe had never been able to visit Arnold’s country due to the ongoing war. This time, however, she sees it as an opportunity to fulfill her long-held dream of exploring the world. With her curiosity piqued and her desire for a carefree married life, Rishe accepts Arnold’s proposal and embarks on a new journey as the villainess turned fiancée of the emperor.

She finds herself in a world of opulence and intrigue, navigating the complexities of court politics and dealing with the challenges of being in a relationship with the former enemy. She uses her past experiences and knowledge from previous loops to navigate the intricacies of her position and shape her own destiny. Along the way, Rishe strives to break free from the chains of her tragic fate.

6. The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior


Pride Royal Ivy, known as the final boss and a notorious villain in the otome game “Our Ray of Light,” is feared and despised for her heinous deeds. From enslaving her adopted brother to cruelly mistreating her servants, Pride’s actions are pure evil. However, her fate takes an unexpected turn when a normal high school student from Japan is reincarnated into the eight-year-old body of Princess Pride.

Armed with cheat-like abilities, Pride is determined to change her destiny and make amends for her past actions. Her first priority is survival as she navigates the treacherous world of politics and intrigue in the kingdom. With her newfound powers and knowledge of the game’s plot, Pride sets out to save her father, rescue the kingdom from its impending doom, and become a kind and benevolent ruler.

But her path is fraught with challenges and obstacles, including her own inner struggles and the shadows of her villainous past haunting her every step. As she works to win the trust of those around her and unravel the mysteries of the game’s world, Pride must confront her own flaws and strive to become the queen her kingdom needs.

With determination, wit, and the desire to right her wrongs, Pride sets forth on a journey to become a savior instead of a villainess. Can she overcome her dark reputation and create a brighter future for herself and her kingdom? Follow Pride’s epic quest for redemption and transformation in this captivating tale of fantasy and redemption.

5. I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss

villainess manga

As a chronically ill young girl, Irene’s life has been confined to a hospital room, where she found solace in playing otome games. But one day, her reality takes an unexpected turn as she finds herself transported into the world of one of her favorite games, becoming the story’s villainess, Aileen Lauren Dautriche.

At the winter academy’s banquet, Cedric Jeanne Elmir, Irene’s childhood friend and the crown prince, publicly breaks off their engagement and declares his love for Lilia Rainworth, the game’s female protagonist. Determined to change her tragic fate, Irene resolves to conquer the game’s final boss, Claude Jeanne Elmir, by making him fall in love with her instead.

With time ticking away, Irene must navigate the game’s challenges and win over Claude’s heart, all while avoiding the dark ending that awaits her. As she sets her plan in motion, Irene faces numerous obstacles and unexpected twists, including rival characters, unforeseen alliances, and her own feelings getting in the way.

With her determination and strategic wit, Irene strives to change the course of the game and forge a new destiny for herself. Can she tame the final boss and rewrite her own story, or will she be forever bound to the ill-fated ending? Follow Irene’s journey as she takes control of her fate and endeavors to turn the tables in this thrilling tale of romance and adventure.

4. An Observation Log of My Fiancée Who Calls Herself a Villainess


As a natural genius, Crown Prince Cecil Glow Alfostar found everyday life to be a mundane affair. His unmatched knowledge and skills left him unchallenged, and nothing seemed to captivate his interest. That is, until he met someone who constantly defied his expectations – his fiancée, Bertia Evil Nochesse, who claimed to be a self-proclaimed villainess in a world resembling an “otome game.”

According to Bertia, her duty was to impede the relationship between Cecil and the game’s heroine. However, her attempts at villainy always seemed to fall short, as her actions came off as sincere and kind, rather than truly evil. Unaware of her unintended good-heartedness, Bertia passionately embraced her role as the villainess, leaving Cecil thoroughly intrigued and relieved of his previous ennui.

From that moment on, Cecil’s days were never dull, as he observed Bertia’s antics with a mixture of amusement and admiration. Despite her self-proclaimed villainous status, Bertia’s genuine nature and unwavering kindness kept Cecil captivated, and he found himself eagerly anticipating each new day spent in her company.

As he witnessed Bertia’s unique approach to life, Cecil realized that there was more to her than met the eye, and he found himself falling for his fiancée who called herself a villainess.

3. Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte

villainess manga recommendations

In the world of the otome game MagiKoi, Lieselotte Riefenstahl is portrayed as a vile and evil villainess. However, her true feelings and the pain she hides are revealed through her diary, where she confesses her love for Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen. Despite her hidden affections, Lieselotte’s story always ends tragically as an evil witch possesses her, leading to her demise.

In another universe, Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi, members of the broadcasting club, decide to play MagiKoi. Through their gameplay, Prince Siegwald hears their voices and believes it to be a divine revelation from a god and goddess. Upon this revelation, he suddenly noticed something that he had overlooked before – that Lieselotte was undeniably and overwhelmingly adorable!

Unlike the game’s usual course, there are no resets in this playthrough, and Aoto and Shihono have just one chance to change Lieselotte’s fate. In the years to come, Aoto, known as play-by-play Endou, and Shihono, known as color commentator Kobayashi, work together to guide the country to prosperity and greatness.

Can they rewrite Lieselotte’s story and alter her tragic destiny? Only time will tell as they embark on their journey to change the future for the ill-fated tsundere villainess Lieselotte Riefenstahl.

2. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

villainess manga

Catarina Claes, an eight-year-old daughter of a duke, wakes up one day to a shocking revelation. She has recovered the memories of her past life, and she realizes that she is now living in a world that resembles the otome game she used to play, where she is cast as the main villainess. According to the game’s story, Catarina’s fate always leads to a terrible end, whether it be exile or death.

Determined to change her fate, Catarina uses her knowledge of the game’s storyline to her advantage. She takes various measures, from cultivating her skills as a farmer to befriending all the characters around her, in an effort to alter the course of events. As the years pass, everything seems to be going according to plan, and Catarina is confident in her ability to avoid her tragic fate.

However, she soon realizes that she made a mistake in her previous life – she never actually finished playing the game before she died. This revelation leads her to discover a new, secret route that may prove to be her undoing. Catarina must now navigate this unknown path and face new challenges and obstacles in her quest to change her fate and avoid the disastrous end that awaits her.

Can she rewrite her story and find a happy ending, or will history repeat itself? Only time will tell as Catarina Claes embarks on a journey to defy her villainous destiny.

1. Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou

villainess manga

Rei Oohashi is an ordinary office worker who one day wakes up to find herself inside her favorite otome game, Revolution, as the game’s heroine Rae Taylor. However, unlike most players, Rae is not interested in any of the male love interests. Instead, she finds herself drawn to the game’s villainess, Claire François, who exudes an irresistible charm with her blonde, drill-shaped ringlets.

In the game’s original story, Claire bullies and harasses the heroine, pushing her towards the male love interests. But Rae has different plans in mind – she wants to win Claire’s heart. Despite being unused to receiving affection, Claire finds herself at the mercy of Rae’s endless teasing. With the power of true love, can Rae successfully convey her heartfelt feelings to the villainess and change the game’s storyline?


In conclusion, the villainess may be able to change her fate and find love and happiness, while in others, she may be unable to escape her tragic end. Some villainess manga may also have multiple endings depending on the choices made by the main character.

Overall, the conclusion of a villainess manga often revolves around the main character’s growth and development, as well as the relationships she forms with the other characters in the story.

That is it from today’s post on Top 12 Best Villainess Manga Recommendations. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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