Death Note Season 2 : Release in 2020?

death note season 2

Death Note Season 2 : Release in 2020? – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing Death Note release date updates.

Its been a long time for fans of the Death Note to wait for season 2. After watching the first season of the Death Note, fans have started posting Instagram, Twitter, and other social media handles and begun demanding Death Note new season, which is expected to be released soon.

death note season 2

One among Instagrammer has requested an official account of movies to delete their account. Moreover, one has openly admitted that the movie may be wasting your time compared with that anime, Death Note, the second season has not been returned.

There is such a lot of pressure on developers to release Death Note Season 2 as we’ve been told that people demand for this sequel. However, you may be getting sad to understand that there is no official announcement has been made up of officials about the disclose date. It is speculated that a pandemic COVID 19 is an additional reason which is delaying the announcement.

death note season 2

In addition, the season one of the Death Note is a self-conclusive with 37 episodes, and therefore, Manga may not release the second season. In addition, see the manufacturer requests can think of it as a business opportunity and disclose season 2, maybe next year 2021.

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