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sage mode naruto

How Strong is Sage Mode Naruto? – We will be taking a look at how strong Shippuden Naruto Uzumaki is in Sage Mode. So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu

sage mode naruto

By the time of mastering Sage Mode, Naruto already possessed techniques like; Rasengan, Rasenshuriken, Shadow Clones and could do the summoning. In Sage Mode he took these techniques to another level; able to make Senjutsu enhanced giant rasengans and rasenshurikens. He had not completely gotten the hang of nature energy in the pain arc so many of said techniques were limited only to a few times. In the war arc however his mastery over senjutsu was such that even his clones could enter Sage Mode and he could use his techniques multiple times without running out of energy.

2. Genjutsu


Genjutsu never favoured Naruto, be it casting it or being immune to it. He was always vulnerable and would easily get caught under even the weakest of genjutsu. In Sage Mode this weakness can be remedied by his immense sensory abilities; he can sense the build up of chakra in the eyes and can also avoid eye contact for visual genjutsu by simply fighting without having to look at his opponent. There’s also the possibly of Sage Chakra being powerful enough to resist some genjutsu (unless it is too powerful of course) since it has to do about nature energy and immense chakra control is needed to balance it.

3. Taijutsu

sage mode naruto

While trying to master Sage Mode, Naruto went through intense taijutsu training with the toad sage “Fukasaku” taking his taijutsu skills to another level. Sage Mode further enhances the taijutsu prowess of any individual that uses it due to the increase in reactions and sensory perceptions. Naruto easily roughhandled any pain body that attempted to engage him in hand to hand combat including the most powerful pain “Tendo”. Only a single punch was needed to completely knockout some of them. Toad Sage Mode also comes with a broken taijutsu technique “Frog Kumite” which allows its users to make use of the natural energy around them for greater effect. If they miss an attack, they can still use the energy around them to connect as seen against one of the pains.

4. Speed

sage mode naruto

In Sage Mode Naruto’s speed and reactions went to another level. We saw this in the pain arc when one of the pain paths launched himself towards Tsunade and in the blink of an eye, it was on the ground completely destroyed by Naruto. Tsunade and even the pain paths with their shared vision only realized what had happened later. In the war Naruto used Sage Mode against the incredibly fast 3rd Raikage and was capable of following, reacting and dodging his attack, which will allow him to take down the Raikage. Against blind Sage Mode Madara, when Madara attempted a blitz, Naruto was able to react and block in time although he couldn’t move out the way.

5. Strength

sage mode naruto

Physical strength for me is the greatest area where Naruto benefited from Sage Mode especially lifting strength. His physical strength was monstrous able to stop an incoming giant Rhino in its track, lift and toss it hundreds of meters into the atmosphere and this Rhino was about the size of boss summons. In the war while battling to gain control over Kurama’s chakra in his subconscious, he was able to lift Kurama by its tail. Naruto’s striking strength in Sage Mode is also quite impressive though not as much as his lifting strength. A single punch using Frog Kata took out one pain (preta pain) and single kick send Tendo flying hundreds of meters. I will say he has greater lifting strength than Tsunade/Sakura while they have better striker strength.

6. Intelligence

sage mode naruto

Naruto showed really good battle smarts against Pain, knowing what attack to use against Pain vision; using Frog Kumite against one of them, using the transformation technique to fool preta path, using smoke bombs to distrupt their shared vision which will allow him to take out one of the paths. He was smart enough to prepare 2 clones who will gather nature energy from him at Mount Myoboku. In the war he took advantage of the scar in the 3rd Raikage’s chest and after getting intel from the 8 tails, he immediately knew what he would do to take out the Raikage. He will then switch to Sage Mode and execute his plan.

7. Defense

sage mode naruto

In Sage Mode Naruto doesn’t really have a reliable form of defense. He will have to rely on his sensory perceptions and reactions to evade enemy attacks or multi shadow clones. In Sage Mode, his body was durable enough to withstand falling into a spike of rocks without a single scratch and his hands were able to break tendo’s black receivers. He will still be vulnerable to attacks however, especially when all these passive defensive methods mentioned above are bypassed.

8. Summoning


Naruto was already capable of summoning a toad from Mount Myoboku back in part one. He got aquainted to the toads when he was learning Sage Mode and against Pain battled with all of them in the battlefield. What am basically saying is at this point, Naruto should be capable of summoning toads other than Gamabunta and should have no trouble summoning any one of them the way it was in part one.

9. Chakra

sage mode naruto

Naruto’s humongous chakra reserves allowed him to master senjutsu and enter Sage Mode perfectly without any problems unlike Minato who was bad at it and Jiraiya who didn’t completely master it. Initially in the pain arc he only lasted about 5 minutes in Sage Mode and if he used the Rasenshuriken 2 times he will immediately run out of nature energy since it contained too much energy. This weakness was remedied in the war where he could enter Sage Mode much quicker; his clones could do same and he could last much longer using his techniques multiple times. Whilst exhausted he made about 6 sage enhanced rasenshurikens to blast off the sharp projectiles on juubi’s hands.

10. Stamina

sage mode naruto

Naruto is an Uzumaki with immense life force and stamina. His stamina was already more than that of adults when he was still a kid which is why he could continuously make hundreds of clones and still keep going in battle. His battle against Pain was long and tiring but he possessed the necessary stamina to keep going; defeating 5 pains using Sage Mode, going 6 and 8 tails, and still could later battle and defeat Tendo. His stamina was still high enough for a final confrontation with Nagato after the defeat of Pain.

From the stats we can see that Sage Mode Naruto is top notch in every department and only has a weakness in genjutsu and defense. We will now find out how strong he really was in the Pain arc and the war arc.

What Tier is Sage Mode Naruto?


In the Pain Arc Sage Mode allowed Naruto to take down 5 pains and it is fair to say the only ones from konoha who were stronger than him at that point were; Guy, Itachi and Obito, he had become stronger than even Tsunade for me. I will say he was”Mid Kage Level+” since he could basically beat all mid kages we know but I wouldn’t say he was high kage yet. In the war his mastery over senjutsu made him far more powerful than he was in the pain arc, his clone was smart enough to act on his own; enter Sage Mode and take out the 3rd Raikage. He could enter Sage Mode in seconds, his clones could do the same, he could make several big ball rasengans and rasenshurikens in one go using clones. Since he had become much stronger he moved a tier higher so, I put war arc Sage Mode Naruto at “High Kage” solidly.

Whom He Beats and Who Beats


Naruto defeated 5 Pains and not many people will be able to do that. The strongest person I see Pain Arc Naruto beating would be Mangekyo Sharingan Sasuke while I see Sage Mode Jiraiya beating him. Jiraiya has the advantage of fusing with the toad sages and he was able to defeat 5 Pains without intel. If he had intel he definitely would have done more. War Arc Sage Mode Naruto is High Kage and the strongest I see him beating the likes of Orochimaru, 4th Raikage, Kisame. On the other hand still see the likes of Onoki, Mu giving him trouble and defeating him with their hax technique.

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