Top 10 Manga Where MC is Kicked By His Party And Turn Out OP

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Top 10 Manga Where MC is Kicked By His Party And Turn Out OP – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Manga Where MC is Kicked By His Party And Turn Out OP. These are action fantasy manga recommendations where the main character is kicked out of his party. Well, let’s go to the list.

10. Boku no Kawaii Musume wa Futago no Kenja


Elcan, a dark magician, is fired from his party due to his lack of talent with offensive magic. As he wandered the streets he came across twin babies and decided to raise them. Time skips forward, He teaches magic to his daughters and it turns out they are geniuses.

His daughters turn out to be an S-rank sage and they want to form a party with him. Thus, a new adventure between a father and his daughters begin!

9. A Warrior Exiled by the Hero and His Lover

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Toru, is a poor guy who got netorare’ed and expelled from his party. With a feeling of despair, he defeats a demon he meets outside the city, and his ability limit is broken, and now he’s level 300. With his new awaken ability, he goes on an adventure with his new companion.

8. The White Mage Who Was Banished From the Hero’s Party Is Picked up by an S Rank Adventurer ~ This White Mage Is Too Out of the Ordinary!

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Lloyd, a white mage, is banished from the hero’s party, and he even got forced to pay them. After that, there’s a cute girl who happens to need a white mage and he got invited to S-rank party.

He has to demonstrate his skill before he can join the party, and it turns out, his skill is more than capable… wow.. what a surprise…. He is actually an extraordinary support mage, and his previous party that kicked him, are really blind huh….

7. Tsuihou Sareta Onimotsu Tamer, Sekai Yuiitsu No Necromancer Ni Kakusei Suru


Randall, the beast tamer, is treated as deadweight by his party. When the party is in a pinch, he is betrayed and got left behind.

His beast familiar died protecting him, after that he’s ability awakened and his job suddenly change from beast tamer to necromancer. Then he goes on a journey and get acquainted with a vampire lord, Mirim, and form a party with her.

6. Maken Tsukai no Moto Shounen Hei wa, Moto Teki Kanbu no Onee-san to Issho ni Ikitai


Seto is an ex-boy soldier, who was expelled from the party of heroes because of his ruthless fighting style. Then he meet with an injured sorceress onee-san from the demon king army, Satis, who escape from her army after being branded as a failure. He saves her and he feels companionship with her then they are goin on a journey together.

5. The Rise of the Unemployed Wise Man


Karna is a boy that was given the title of “Wise man”, and is scouted by the hero party that had great expectations for his skills. However, he is too capable, and the hero party practically become useless with him there, so they kicked him under the pretense that his skill is too creepy for them.

When he’s on a journey alone, he accidentally invaded the Demon Lord Territory, and one thing led to another, Cecilia the demon offers him to join them, and he got bribed by the high salary.

4. Kaiko Sareta Ankoku Heishi (30-Dai) No Slow Na Second Life

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This one.. is not being kicked by his party, but the premise kinda feels similar… The dark soldier Dariel is forced to retire from the demon king army because he’s a demon who can’t use magic.

When he wanders alone, he rescue a girl from a monster attack in the forest. Then he is invited into her village and starts realizing that he may actually be a human and find his place there.

3. Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou Sareta Beast Tamer, Saikyou Shuzoku Nekomimi Shojo to Deau


Because Rein was a weak and simple beast tamer, he was kicked from the hero’s party. He still wants to be an adventurer, then he has an encounter with a cat girl, named Kanade.

The cat tribe is considered to be the superior race in this world, and Rein is able to form a contract with her using his skill as a beast tamer, then they will go on an adventure together.

2. I Was Dismissed from the Hero’s Party Because They Don’t Need My Training Skills, so I Strengthened My [Fief] Which I Got as a Replacement for My Retirement Money.

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This manga is also the one where the main character get kicked by his party, because his skill reached it’s limit, and he’s no longer necessary for the Hero’s party.

But at least, this time, his party is not a bad people, and some of them actually care for him, and they give him land where he becomes a lord. Then, he awakened his true potential as the great kingdom founder.

1. A Rank Party wo Ridatsu Shita Ore wa, Moto Oshiego Tachi to Meikyuu Shinbu wo Mezasu

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Yoke Feldio, A Red Mage, is ridiculed by his party and thought of as useless. This chad is leaving the party by his own before they kicked him, but he still gets mocked.

Then he meets with his former student who is of course all girls, and join their party. After that, his abilities is revealed, and he is actually… kinda overpowered… Jeez… What a surprise…..

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Manga Where MC is Kicked By His Party And Turn Out OP. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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