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black clover characters

Top 20 Strongest Black Clover Characters – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 20 Strongest Black Clover Characters. Who doesn’t love an MC with overwhelming power and strength? While everyone just adores the protagonist, they mainly forget about the antagonists that are present in the film, anime, cartoons, or even novels. There are the characters that help give shape to our hero or heroine and show their real power of them. They are the ones who help our characters grow through good and bad and give them the attitude and personality that we love about them. While the MCs are awesome on their own, it is the work and plans of the antagonists that really lift the anime and take it to a whole another level. As the list doesn’t only speak about heroes or heroines, we have a list of all those characters that come out as the best and the topmost rated individuals in terms of power and strength. So, let’s get started.

20. Witch Queen


The Witch Empress is the parent of all witchcraft and the monarch of the Witches’ Woodland. She possesses the abilities of Blood Wizardry, Healing Magic, and Creation Miracles. She can also command a bird of prey and feel the presence of magic in her environment.

She can see into the coming and a three-leaf clover ancient runes full of blood-based curses. As a result, she is ranked 20th in the standings.

19. William Vangeance


William is the very first leader of the Clover Country’s Magical Knights’ Golden Dawn team. His power is divided into three categories: World Tree Alchemy, Healing Magic, and Union Wizardry.

He can make a hole in the air and conjure plant roots with his overwhelming number of magical properties. He is the 19th most compelling individual because of his three-leaf clover ancient runes, which includes many world forest magic.

18. Charmy Pappitson


Charmy is a Clover Country’s Black Bull Squad 1st Class Junior Magic Warrior. Cotton Power, Creation Wizardry, Detaining Magic, Food Magic, and Reinforcement Wizardry are all skills she possesses. Based on her temperament, she possesses a lot of energy.

In particular, because she is a mix, she has 2 mana preferences. Many kinds of cotton and food-based magical runes can be found in her ancient runes. But as she’s a descendant of an old Dwarf race, she gets to rank 18th.

17. Jack the Ripper


Jack is indeed the commander of the Magic Knights’ Green Mantis unit from the Clover Realm. Slash Power and Reinforcement Power are the two types of sorcery he uses. In contrast to his immense magical prowess, he has increased his speed and strength.

Several slash-based charms can be found in his three-leaf ancient runes. He is now ranked 17th in the standings.

16. Fuegoleon Vermillion


Fuegoleon is the leader of the Magic Knights’ Crimson Lion unit. In contrast to Creation Power, Restraining Wizardry, Spirit Wizardry, & Reinforcement Magic, his major talent is Fire Charm.

He is a good strategist who can exert intense strain on his environment by summoning a big lion with his magical abilities. His grimoire includes magical powers that are focused on flame. In Black Clover, he is indeed the 16th best compelling individual.

15. Noelle x Undine


Noelle seems to have a lot of energy in her, & Yami deserves some credit for noticing it. Her path has indeed been inspirational because she has progressed from just being trained to conduct defensive wizardry to learning several of the most aggressive.

Furthermore, when Undine, the watery spirit, agreed to enter her, it strengthened her extremely powerful Water Power. This even allowed her to beat Vanica, which is an extraordinary feat in and of itself.

14.  Mereoleona Vermillion

black clover characters

Mereoleona is the Crimson Lion Team & Royal Knights’ interim captain. Flame magic & Reinforcement power are two of her specialties. She is indeed an expert at hand-to-hand fighting and favors it in the majority of situations. She possesses incredible power and stamina, as well as increased mana detecting abilities.

She may also improve the potency and reach of her abilities by controlling the energy in a particular region. Various fire-based magical techniques are contained in her three-leaf clover ancient runes. She gets ranked 14th on this chart.

13. Lolopechka x Undine


Lolopechka is the royal & leader of the Heart Land, as well as an Undine sorceress. Undine is a water deity that has served the Heart Land for many centuries. Lolpechka summons Undine to help her in fights using Water Power & Spirit Power.

Undine’s Water Ability is boosted considerably more by Undine. She demonstrates her strength as a person with her encyclopedic understanding and energy area. Together with Undine, her core grimoire has several liquid magical powers, making her the 13th greatest character.

12. Nacht Faust

black clover characters

Nacht seems to be the Magic Knights’ Black Bull unit’s deputy chief in the Clover Empire. He’s a demon host as well. Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and a cockerel demon are his 4 devil companions. Nacht is skilled in Shadow Alchemy, which enables him to easily manipulate darkness to his benefit.

Various wraith magical techniques can be found in his ancient runes. He also totes 4 artifacts, each of which is linked to one of his 4 demons. As a result, Nacht is ranked 12th on this list.

11. Yami Sukehiro

black clover characters

Yami is the very first commander of the Clover Country’s Magic Knights’ Black Bull Unit. He is an expert in Dark Spell, as well as Reinforcement & Restraining Wizardry. He is also a great swordsman with incredible endurance and quickness.

He also has Ki, a concept from his birthplace that grants him a special ability & allows him to detect and respond to invisible threats and people. He wields a Katana as well as a three-leaf clover ancient runes containing inky blackness magic. On that basis, he is ranked 11th inside this ranking.

10. Lemiel Silvamillion Clover

black clover characters

The Clover Country’s Magic Knight Squads’ 1st Magic Monarch is Lemiel. He is an expert in the field of light wizardry. Lamp of Avior, Light arrow Magic, Light Sword Cast, and Lamp of Avior Gloria are among his Light Magic techniques.

He can conduct Union Wizardry by combining his Light Power with Licht’s Sword Power. He’s still a professional artist who can make a wide variety of equipment with a variety of indications. Several light-based charms are contained in his four-leaf clover ancient runes. As a result, he is Black Clover’s tenth most compelling individual.

9. Licht

black clover characters

Licht is the chief of the Elf Clan and one of Sephirah’s 10 Apostles. He is an expert in Sword Alchemy, which enables him to create blades. He too can employ Forbidden Spell, Union Wizardry, and Reinforcement Miracles.

He’s also a great fighter with extreme pace and magical abilities. He can cast tremendously strong spells thanks to his Ultimate Ability. He wields 3 blades as well as his four-leaf clover ancient runes, which includes many sword-based magical powers. As a result, he is ranked 9th on this ranking.

8. Dark Elf Patolli


Patolli, who fits the description and aspect of Licht, is the commander of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. He employs Demon Light Power to create & control dark light to dazzle or outrun his enemies. It is more powerful, quicker, and thick than Light Magic.

Light Blade of Justice, Light Shaft of Divine Torment, and Bright Judgement Whips are among his abilities. He can also conduct healing power, creation miracles, reincarnation wizardry, and union miracles, among other things.

He held a five-leaf clover ancient runes, which Zagred had seized. As a result, he is ranked eighth on this list.

7. Zenon Zogratis


Zenon is a part of the Dark Triad of the Spade Empire. He can produce and control his skeletons thanks to Bone Alchemy. He summons huge knots of skeletons that are impenetrable and piercing as daggers.

He also can use Spatial Charm, which allows him to construct spatial blocks that nullify the energy imprisoned within them. He’s also a demon host, which grants him incredible magical abilities. He is the 7th highest compelling individual in Black Clover due to his double mana characteristic and incredible combat abilities.

6. Yuno x Sylph

black clover characters

Yuno is a 5th Class Intermediate Magic Warrior in the Golden Dawn & Royal Knights Team of the Clover Empire. Eventually, inside the Golden Dawn’s history, he is appointed deputy chief. After finding her manuscript in a crypt, Sylph, the wind deity, decides to assist him.

His Wind Magic, which lets him create and control air, is his most important commodity. He may also call Sylph to help him in fights and improve his Air Magic with his Spirit Power.

He can also unite with Sylph & enhance his magical ability and alter himself through Spirit Infusion. As a result, he and Sylph are tied for the fifth position.

5. Vanica x Megicula


Vanica is a part of the Dark Triad of both the Spade Empire as well as the home of the Devil Megicula. Megicula is among the most powerful monsters linked to the Qliphoth Trees. Vanica creates and manipulates blood with Blood Wizardry.

She also can use Curse-Warding Power to cast strong plagues. Megicula grants her incredible magical abilities, allowing her to simply block Sea Dragon’s Scream. She comes in at number five on this ranking.

4. Prime Julius Novachrono

black clover characters

Julius is the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Warriors’ 28th Magician King. He is a master of Time Power, which gives him the ability to control time. He can speed up, slow down, pause, or even rewind the passing of time.

He can also repair wounds in this manner. He also can employ Restraining & Transformation Power. His incredible supernatural speed and agility add to his already impressive capabilities. He has coverless ancient runes with many time-based abilities. As a result, he comes in the fourth position in the standings.

3. Dante x Lucifero

black clover characters

Dante is a part of the Dark Triad of the Spade Empire, so he’s the carrier of the Demon Lucifero. Lucifero is among the most powerful demons linked to the Qliphoth Trees. He employs both Body & Gravity Power.

In addition, he is an expert in hand-to-hand fighting and a skilled swordsman. Because of his Body Power, he regenerates quickly, rendering him extremely difficult to eliminate. Lucifero also strengthens all of his abilities, giving him the third most powerful warrior in Black Clover.

2. Zagred


The development of Licht’s five-leaf clover ancient runes was overseen by Zagred, a high-ranking demon. He is an expert in Kotodama Alchemy, which enables him to change his environment by speaking.

He can manifest both physical or mystical things, and also copy the magic of everyone else. He can inhabit both elven & human forms, rendering him highly dangerous.

His Kotodama Sorcery is supplemented by a five-leaf clover ancient runes. He can also call many underworld creatures, enabling him to become Black Clover’s second strongest fighter.

1. Asta x Liebe

black clover characters

Asta, who is partnered with Liebe, holds the very first spot. Asta is an orphan who was adopted by a monastery in Hage. Asta obtained a 5-leaf clover ancient runes with an Anti Magical demon within when he became fifteen years old.

As a consequence, he is linked to Liebe, who wields Anti Magic, granting him accessibility to this ability. When he joins forces with Liebe, Asta’s anti-magic abilities are considerably increased, and he becomes immensely powerful.

Demon-Slayer Blade, Demon-Dweller Blade, Demon-Destroyer Blade, and Demon-Slasher Samurai Katana are some of the Anti Magic Blades he can call.


These are the top 20 most powerful characters in Black Clover. While there are many more that couldn’t make it to the list, these are the ones that won’t disappoint you and keep your interest maintained in the anime. Their strength and raw power are just to die for and if not anything you can be sure that these actions scenes and other journeys in the anime will not make bore you. They are ranked on the basis of their best magical and other abilities making these characters extremely insane and highly depicting. Watch the anime to find more about these characters and try to get the feel of each character that is mentioned on this list.

That is it from today’s post on Top 20 Strongest Black Clover Characters. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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