Top 11 Best Defenses in Naruto Series

naruto series

Top 11 Best Defenses in Naruto Series – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 11 Best Defenses in Naruto Series. We will be ranking the best defenses in naruto series. Taking into consideration feats, strengths and weaknesses. So, let’s get started.

11. Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven


This technique is one of the secret abilities of the main Hyuga family. It is a defensive technique executed by emitting chakra from all chakra points in the body. The user then spins rapidly, repelling any attack that comes towards them or anything in the vicinity away and creating a protective shield for as long as they continue to spin. The greater the force of an attack, the greater the force with which it’s repelled. It is a very powerful defense indeed and has shown to protect the user against some really powerful attacks. Still I think it will not be able to handle highly destructive attacks and the user cannot continue to spin forever which is a big drawback.

10. Hydrification Technique


This is the signature defensive technique of the Hozuki clan where the user liquefies any part of their body at will, from the hair on their head to the muscles in their arms making them invulnerable to physical attacks as whatever part is struck liquefies, causing the attack to pass through them. This technique allowed Suigetsu to survive a Tailed Beast Bomb from Killer Bee although he was left unconscious in the end. While being an incredible form of defense, the user is vulnerable to lightning release and if the attack is too powerful it could incapacitate them or even kill them by just completely vaporizing everything.

9. Lightning Release Chakra Mode


This is a technique used by the 3rd and 4th Raikage. By cladding themselves in lightning all their physical parameters are significantly enhanced while also providing them with an incredible form of defense to add to their immensely durable bodies. Not any kind of attack can get through their lightning cloaks, it has to be immensely powerful. The 3rd Raikage only got scratches after being hit by a Rasenshuriken. Throughout his many battles, we only ever saw the 4th Raikage getting damaged a few times.

8. Sand Shield


The Sand Shield is a defensive technique used by Gaara and there are many variations of it. At the Chunin Exams Gaara was able to cover his body with a layer of sand like an armor such that even 5th Gated Lee could only crack it and this isn’t anywhere near his other defenses. He also has the automatic sand defense which protects him automatically even if he isn’t aware of the incoming attack. Then there’s the shield of Shukaku built from the strongest minerals upon the earth which protected him from Kimimaro’s bones (which were as hard as steel). As an adult Gaara’s defense is such that it can protect him and the Kage from Fused Momoshiki’s powerful attacks.

7. Yata Mirror

naruto series

The Yata Mirror was an ethereal shield wielded by the left arm of Itachi’s Susanoo, said to be endowed with all nature transformations and able to change its characteristics to any nature transformation to completely negate any attack, whether it be spiritual, or physical. Of course these are only statements with its biggest feat being deflecting Orochimaru’s Hydra technique with ease. How will it fare against highly destructive attacks? It also has a weakness in that it is omnidirectional, so any explosion or attack from a different direction will make it irrelevant.

6. Rashomon Gates

naruto series

The Rashomon Gates are massive gates made of metal and capable of intercepting nearly any attack. While one already boasting enormous defensive properties, the user can summon three, in the case of Orochimaru or five in Hashirama’s case to block an incoming attack. Hashirama used it to change the trajectory of a Tailed Beast Bomb equipped with a Susanoo sword fire by the combination of Madara and Kurama. It is indeed a powerful defense.

5. Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder


We saw Minato using this technique back when Tobi used the 9 Tails to invade Konoha. Minato incorporates the use of the Flying Thunder God formula to erect a barrier space capable of wrapping away anything that comes into contact with it to another location. It was capable of wrapping away a super charged Tailed Beast Bomb from Kurama which would have destroyed the entire village. It is indeed a very powerful defense mechanism.

4. Shinra Tensei

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Known in english as Almighty Push is a technique used through the Deva Path of the Rinnegan. The user creates a repulsive force, commonly created around them as a defense, repelling nearby opponents or incoming ninjutsu. It can also be used to disperse ninjutsu that have already struck the user. It can be made more powerful by using more chakra as we saw with the Deva Path. He used one to destroy the entire Leaf Village. Its weakness is that if the attack or object in place is very resistant, it might not be able to push it away as seen when 6 Tails Naruto resisted it. Still it depends on the user, a more powerful user will make it far more powerful than what we saw from Nagato or Pain.

3. Perfect Susanoo/Kurama Avatar

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The Perfect Susanoo and Kurama Avatar are two of the most powerful defenses in the series. Naruto’s Kurama Avatar even before the Six Paths buff was able to withstand the Ten Tails Cataclysm. It is durable enough to withstand all kind of attacks. It became even more powerful when Naruto obtained Six Paths chakra, enough to tank Sasuke’s Six Paths enhanced Kirin and withstand attacks from the Tailed Beast Perfect Susanoo. Sasuke’s Perfect Susanoo us equally durable since both received the same amount of damage after their first Tailed Beast Bomb/Six Paths Chidori clash.

2. Truth-Seeking Ball


The Truth-Seeking Ball is a technique/power granted to Six Paths Senjutsu users. It can be used offensively and defensively. The user can manipulate these Orbs into all kinds of shapes and forms to either attack or defend themselves from an attack. When imbued with Yin Yang release it negates all Ninjutsu and they are vulnerable only to Senjutsu attacks. They can disintegrate whatever the touch unless it is Six Paths enhanced or Senjutsu enhanced. By shielding himself with them, Obito easily survived the explosion from 4 Juubidama which he fired to eliminate the shinobi alliance. By far the best physical defense.

1. Kamui

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Kamui is a technique granted by Obito’s Mangekyo Sharingan. It serves two purposes; Teleportation and Intangibility. By making himself intangible no attack could ever hurt him no matter how powerful it is. Kamui therefore acts as a passive form of defense. You could say there’s no weakness since an attack can’t touch him so long as he is intangible. However if the opponent is fast and reflexive enough, they can land their attacks since he was to switch to attack mode and to do this he must become tangible. However for an opponent to succeed they must first figure out how Kamui works and before he makes himself intangible again they can land an attack as seen with Minato. We however don’t have many shinobi who are fast or intelligent enough to accomplish such.

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