Top 20 Best Anime Characters With Strongest Eyes

best anime characters

Top 20 Best Anime Characters With Strongest Eyes – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 20 Best Anime Characters With Strongest Eyes. In the anime, various unique powers will appear as the main weapon of the character. For example, the special eye power which become the symbol of the character itself. In this case, the eye power is not only used for the weapons but it also can be used to analyze the enemies, and even, gave the absolute orders. Well, here’s the list of the Best Anime Characters With Strongest Eyes. So, let’s get started.

20. Akashi Seijuro From Kuroko no Basket

best anime characters

He is the captain from the generation of miracles or commonly known as Kiseki no Sedai. Akashi is feared by others since he’s the main antagonist in the Kuroko no Basket. To become the captain of a basketball team, Akashi’s height is short at only 173 cm, making him the shortest in the miracle generation. Akashi’s eyes are heterochromatic as well, with his right eye red and his left eye orange, Akashi’s eyes are completely red, his eyes changed in middle school, during the initial conflict between the generation of miracles. Since his eyes changed, Akashi’s personality has gotten colder. But thanks to that eye, he can know the opponent’s movement before the opponent moves to do it, so Akashi easily cuts off his opponent’s movement. This power is commonly known as the Emperor’s Eye.

19. Mei Misaki From Another


Mei is the main protagonist of the anime Another and she is a 3-3 student at Yomiyama North Middle School. Mei is a very mysterious girl, with short black hair and eye patches, yet, she is a sweet girl. The reason she uses blindfold is because she has a left-doll eyes, which her mother made as a gift. For your information, Mei lost her left eye due to an illness when she was 4 years old. Even so, her false eye has a special power, from which Mei can see the “color of death”. This power can identify people who are dead and people who are close to death. This eye is also the key to unraveling the mystery in the anime Another.

18. Pegasus J. Crawford From the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters


Pegasus or commonly known as Maximillion Pegasus is one of the antagonistic characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh series. Known as the president of Industrial Illusions and the creator of the duel Monster game. He was an artist originally, until before Pegasus became obsessed with Egypt and created duel monsters. The left eye of Pegasus is also a fake eye that has been replaced with one of the ancient artifacts from Egypt which is called the Millennium Eye. Where is the power of these eyes? When a duelist fights, then he can read the duelist’s mind from his enemy just looking through his eyes. This eye also has the power to seal a defeated duelist’s soul, that soul is trapped until the owner of the Millennium Eye is defeated in a duel.

17. Yuu Otosaka From Charlotte

best anime characters

Yuu is the main protagonist of the anime Charlotte. He is a first-year transfer student at Hoshinoumi Academy. Yuu was originally a person who was known with the power that could possess other people’s bodies with his eyes, with this ability he used to cheat the exam answer from other students. The story goes on and we find out that the power of his eyes are very special since it doesn’t only possess, but also rob other people’s special abilities. However, it has its own consequence that the more he robs other people’s abilities, the more he lost his memory and the more depressed he will be.

16. Shiki Ryougi From Kara no Kyoukai


Shiki is a girl who has mystical eyes that can see the perception of a person’s death. This ability allows Shiki to see death in everything whether it is alive or not. Besides having mystical eyes, she’s got a Prosthetic arm that allows her to pick up objects from a distance and can capture unseen figures.

15. Kurapika From Hunter x Hunter

best anime characters

Kurapika is the last survivor of the Kurta clan. He is a member of the Zodiac with the code name ‘Rat’. Kurapika is a quiet person and not an open person, but he is quite intelligent and has lots of knowledge. Before knowing ‘Nen’, Kurapika fought using a tanto, a kind of double sword. When Kurapika’s eyes turned red, her fighting ability would increase drastically. If the eyes turn red, her nen type will change to tokushitsu. With this type of nen, he is able to maximize the efficiency / level of other nen types. In other words, Kurapika had more than one Nen type.

14. Misa Amane From Death Note


Misa is known as a model and she is very obsessed with Kira. Actually, Misa’s eye power comes from a Shinigami named Rem, where this power allows the owner to kill anyone just by knowing their name and face. But, by gaining the power of the Shinigami’s eyes there is a price to pay, Misa must make an exchange by giving half of her remaining life.

13. Viola From One Piece


Viola is introduced as an assassin from the Trebol army division who is from the Donquixote pirates. Viola also shows a manipulative person until she meets Sanji. She is depicted as a dancing girl who has a beautiful face and a curvaceous body. Apart from being beautiful and plump, as a former killer, Viola also has deadly powers, because she eats the Giro-Giro No mi fruit, a paramecia class devil fruit that allows her to form glasses through her fingers, which can she uses to see things like X-rays, the power of this fruit is also to read other people’s minds.

12. Free From Soul Eater


Free is actually the last person of the Immortal clan and not to mention he’s one of the greatest magicians. Moreover, he had ever been confined for stealing Maba’s left eye. As a wolf clan, Free can turn into a werewolf. Besides being able to change, Free also has a power from his left eye named ‘Demon Eye’ which can create illusions, manipulate ice, and even at times he can teleport. Despite his power and cruelty, Free is actually a silly and humorous person.

11. Ciel Phantomhive From Black Butler


Ciel is a child with blue eyes and dark blue hair. It is told that he is the head of the Phantomhive noble family. Ciel also almost always wears a black eye patch on his right eye which is a sign of her Faustian contract with Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian is a demon, with his eyes he can summon monsters by tying the monsters with him, so that the monster he summoned must do whatever Ciel orders.

10. Freed Justine From Fairy Tail


Freed is a magician from Fairy Tail guild. He is the leader of the god thunder tribe. Freed is described as a thin man with average height, and green hair. Yami no Ekurityuru is Freed’s main eye magic, which allows him to write runes in the air, using either his sword or his hand. The runes is depend on what he writes because it will have different effects. Dark Ecriture is a form of magic with runes that is used offensively and can inflict excruciating pain to a person, making it impossible for them to fight back.

9. Hiei From Yu Yu Hakusho

best anime characters

Hiei which literally means flying shadow, also known as Jaganshi Hiei, is the main character in the Yu Yu Hakusho series, nicknamed ‘Hiei of the Evil Eye’. He’s got short stature, slender but muscular body, and he also wears a white headband that covers his Jagan’s eyes. With the power of his Jagan eye. He can use various abilities, among them are Psychic, telepathic, telekinesis, and even long-distance vision. Hiei can also transform into Jaganshi form, where his strength and speed increase drastically.

8. Lelouch vi Britannia From Code Geass

best anime characters

Lelouch is the main protagonist of the Code Geass anime. He is the eleventh prince of the United Kingdom and the son of the 99th Emperor of Great Britain Charles zi of Britain. He is also the leader and founder of The Black Knights under the identity of Zero. With the power of his eye called “Geass”, Lelouch can give absolute orders and cannot be denied by anyone who has seen his left eye.

7. Shouta Aizawa From My Hero Academia

best anime characters

Aizawa is a hero with the nickname “Eraser Head”. He is also a very strict teacher and sometimes lies to make his students try their best in training. Aizawa’s quirk or power is in his eyes, where these eyes have the ability to temporarily erase the power of others, just by looking at them. But this power only worked as long as Aizawa’s eyes were open and turned towards the opponent. Despite having a thin body, Aizawa is quite strong, fast and tough. He is also one of the most intelligent fighters and he also knows many ways to use his Quirk effectively.

6. Evergreen From Fairy Tail


Evergreen is a magician from the Fairy Tail guild and the only female member of the thunder god tribe. Evergreen is described as having light brown hair and pink lips which are very sexy and seductive. She also wears glasses which add to his attractive appearance. Apart from having an attractive body, Evergreen also has the ability of magic eye, which allows anyone who sees her eyes to turn into stone and slowly turn into ashes. The downside of this magic is that it won’t work on people who wear glasses.

5. Ayato Naoi From Angel Beats


Naoi is one of the students at Afterlife school. She is said to be the vice president of the school board. Naoi is described as a young man with short hair who always wears the Afterlife school standard uniform and he is the only SSS member who does not wear the SSS standard uniform. The power of his eyes are hypnosis, which is the ability to control other people and make them enter dreamlike states.

4. Uchiha Clan From Naruto

best anime characters

The Uchiha clan itself is one of the founding nobles of Konohagakure, which is famous as one of the strongest clans with the power of its eyes called the ‘Sharingan’. But, as time passed, the Uchiha clan grew increasingly isolated from the world, all of which culminated when most of them were slaughtered by Itachi Uchiha who became the downfall of the Uchiha clan, leaving Itachi and Sasuke alone. The Uchiha clan was most feared because of their dojutsu kekkei genkai, the Sharingan eyes. They can use their Sharingan to see the chakra, cast various genjutsu and, best of all, can copy the opponent’s jutsu.

3. Leonardo Watch From Kekkai Sensen

best anime characters

Leonardo is the main protagonist of the Kekkai Sensen series. He is a photographer who comes to Hellsalem Lot to help his younger sister named Michella Watch. Leonardo has god eyes called Kamigami no Gigan which is one of the artifacts implanted by a mysterious entity at the expense of the eyesight of his sister. With his god eyes, Leonardo is able to enhance his visual senses, allowing himself to perceive extremely fast movements even in the smallest detail. These eyes are also equipped with a self-healing function, so they will heal themselves from any damage they have suffered.

2. Nagato From Naruto

best anime characters

Nagato himself is the leader of the Akatsuki group. He is one of the antagonist characters in the Naruto anime. Nagato has the eye power named Rinnegan. Thanks to this eye, Nagato mastered so many types of ninjutsu. Even though these aren’t the original eye of Nagato, thanks to the lineage of the Uzumaki clan allowing Nagato to master this eye without weakness. The main ability of the Rinnegan is to give Nagato access to all of the six ways technique, which are the God Path, Animal Path, Preta Path, Human Path, Asura Path and Hell Path which allows the opening access to the king of hell. He can also use the Heavenly Life Samsara Technique to revive the dead.

1. Kurumi Tokisaki From Date A Live

best anime characters

She is originally a human who turned into a spirit. Kurumi is one of the spirits who can be said to be quite sadistic with her Yandere behavior, yet she is an animal lover. Kurumi is also known as the worst spirit and a brutal fighter with unique abilities. After her encounter with Shido, Kurumi slowly became a better person and stopped killing people for no reason. Kurumi’s own strength is Zafkiel or Time Emperor. The clock-shaped eye can manipulate time. Kurumi’s ability has 12 abilities according to the 12 hands of the clock drawn in her eyes. Kurumi can also clone herself to hunt humans to use the 12th bullet.

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