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Top 5 Fun Facts About Milim Nava – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 5 Fun Facts About Milim Nava. Milim is the second seat of the Demon Lord of the Octagram. Apart from being the second seat, she is also one of the strongest demon lords, known as the “Destroyer”, who is a demon lord with the threat level of “Catastrophe”. Despite possessing extraordinary strength, Milim has lots of time to be wasted, so that she only wanted to do something to prevent boredom. In her appearance as a demon lord, Milim is depicted as a teenage girl which makes her looks harmless since she’s a young girl. She has pink hair with twin pigtails. This time, we’ll talk about 5 Fun Facts About Milim Nava from Tensura. So, let’s get started.

1. Dragonoid Race


Even though her body is a little girl, Milim is actually a descendant of the Dragonoid race that once existed. Her strength as a Dragonoid race and also a demon lord is said to have reached the Disaster level, so that she can easily destroy everything around her. When it comes to power, Milim is even stronger among all the current Demon Lords.

2. Daughter of the True Dragon


As a dragonoid race, Milim has tremendous power because she is the daughter of the strongest True Dragon of all time, Veldanava. This made Milim a Dragon Child, who inherited her father’s power. It is said that in the world of Tensura, a True Dragon is a Divine Beast Spirit of the highest level, as the strongest being in the world, even superior than a True Demon Lord and a True Hero.

3. Never Seeing Her Parents Faces


Milim was born to true dragons, Veldanava and Lucia. In her story, Milim never saw the faces of her parents, and her only friend was a pet dragon created by Veldanava with the aim of becoming a vessel for his reincarnation. It is also said that after the death of her pet dragon that was killed by a country targeting her, in anger Milim went on a rampage and destroyed the country and awakened the true demon lord within her.

4. The Demon King Has Brat Traits

milim nava

Despite being a demon lord and also a dragonoid race, it doesn’t make Milim look mature in terms of thinking. Even so, Milim is a character full of passion and loves to be praised. In another line of demon lords, Milim is also known as a girl who is grumpy and childish. But if someone treats her like a weak person, it will raise her anger. Regardless of her appearance and nature, after all she is part of demon lords that could destroy the earth at any time.

5. Loli Legal

milim nava

Having pink hair and twintails as well as blue eyes, Milim is described as a very cute and seductive loli girl. Even though she has physical characteristics like a perfect loli, who would have thought that Milim’s age has reached thousands of years. This is influenced by her descent as a dragonoid race which makes her live longer than most other creatures in the world.

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