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Top 7 Facts About Roxy Migurdia | Mushoku Tensei – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 7 Facts About Roxy Migurdia | Mushoku Tensei. Roxy is known as a talented magician from the Migurd race. She is a magic teacher. She lived as an adventurer and left her village. As an adventurer, she could not live a stable life, which in the end, made her a traveling teacher and eventually became a magic teacher for Rudeus. Roxy is a girl with a thin body and short height. She also has pale skin color and blue hair with blue. The clothes she usually wears consist of a witch’s hat and a large robe. As an adult, she looks like a child, causing some to perceive her as a teenager rather than an adult. This time, we’ll talk about 7 Facts about Roxy Migurdia from Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. Prepare yourself and be ready for the spoiler! So, let’s get started.

1. Migurd Race

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Roxy is part of the Migurd Race. Actually she is a talented wizard, but she chose to go and leave the village to become an adventurer and a traveling teacher. For your information, the Migurd Race is one of the famous magical races from this anime. They are the Migurd races living in the demon continent. They usually have a special ability that allows them to telepathically communicate with each other at close range without looking at each other. The hallmark of the Migurd race is the blue hair with a child body but they can live for hundreds of years.

2. She Cannot Use Telepathy

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As part of the Migurd race, Roxy, in reality, cannot use telepathy although she is said to be a talented magician from the Migurd race. This also caused her to leave, because she felt isolated from her friends in the village.

3. Rank A


As a gifted mage, Roxy was ranked A in the Adventurer’s Guild of the Milishion Kingdom in the Adventurer’s District as the Water King.

4. A teacher


After leaving the village, Roxy became an adventurer and eventually became a staff teacher at one of the largest magic schools in the world, Ranoa Magic Academy. This school is directly sponsored by the Magic Guild of the Magic Triumvirate, with an area that can accommodate more than 10,000 students enrolled. At this school, the academy curriculum will last 6-9 years depending on the class chosen by the prospective students.

5. Stubborn


As a teacher, she is known to be very intellectual and always tries to improve herself and become the best teacher. This is reversed when she was in the village, Roxy was shown as a stubborn girl in her village, who ran away from it because she was annoyed.

6. Romantic Fantasy

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Roxy has a romantic fantasy of meeting her lover who is destined to be in a dungeon, and she, as a girl, who is going through hardships is destined for a hero to save herself. In the end, this fantasy can come to reality when Rudeus saves her in the maze just when she is in danger.

7. The Most Mature


In the light novel, Roxy is about to marry Rudeus. Later on, Rudeus himself will have several wives, one of whom is Roxy. Among Rudeus’s other wives, Roxy is the most mature in both ways of thinking and behaving.

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