Top 4 Best Badminton Anime Of All Time

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Top 4 Best Badminton Anime Of All Time – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 4 Best Badminton Anime Of All Time. Badminton is a sport that has gained popularity worldwide due to its fast-paced, dynamic gameplay and the physical and mental challenges it presents. In recent years, badminton has also made its way into the world of anime, with several series and short films.

These badminton anime showcase the intensity and drama of the sport, highlighting the physical and mental challenges that players face both on and off the court. From overcoming personal struggles to competing at the highest levels, badminton anime offers a unique perspective on the sport and the individuals who play it.

Whether you are a fan of the sport or just looking for an engaging and exciting anime, badminton anime is sure to deliver. With its mix of action, drama, and heartwarming moments, badminton anime is a great way to experience the sport and the stories of the players who make it so exciting. Let us jump right into it.

4. Emerald no Wa


Emerald no Wa is a short anime film created by Mizutani Shiori as a university project. The story revolves around two girls who cross paths through the game of badminton. The short anime film showcases the power of sports in bringing people together and the personal growth that can come from facing challenges and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.

3. Love All Play

badminton anime

Love All Play is a sports anime that follows Ryou Mizushima, a junior high student who joins the badminton club on a whim and grows fond of the sport. He works tirelessly to improve his skills and qualifies for the prefectural tournament. However, lacking a coach who can bring out his full potential, he plans on attending a local high school where he can play badminton for fun.

Things change when Yokohama Minato High School’s badminton coach scouts him. The school has one of the strongest badminton teams in the region, and it also has Kento Yusa, a player Ryou admires. Despite his initial hesitation, Ryou decides to enroll with the support of his sister.

With proper guidance from his coach and a firm ambition to surpass Yusa, Ryou gains experience and works hard to improve his skills. The anime highlights the importance of having a coach who can bring out one’s full potential and the impact that a strong team can have on an individual’s performance.

The intense badminton matches showcase Ryou’s determination and passion for the sport as he strives to improve and achieve his goals.

2. Hanebado!


Hanebado! is a sports anime that follows the story of Nagisa Aragaki, a high school badminton player who suffers a devastating defeat at the National Junior Badminton Tournament, causing her love for the sport to become distorted. She starts to terrorize the members of her high school badminton club with grueling drills, causing many to quit or be too afraid to join.

However, the arrival of Kentarou Tachibana as the new head coach, an Olympic-level player, and Ayano Hanesaki, the girl who defeated Nagisa six months ago, brings hope to the team. But Ayano is conflicted and wants to distance herself from badminton.

Nagisa must find a way to face her fears of inadequacy, heal her rival’s troubled heart, and bring victory to the Kitakomachi High School’s badminton club. The anime highlights the struggles of dealing with failure and how it can affect one’s love for a sport, as well as the importance of teamwork and the role of a coach in guiding and motivating their team.

The show also delves into the complex relationships and emotions between rivals and teammates, and how they can both inspire and hinder one’s progress. The badminton matches are intense and thrilling, making for an exciting viewing experience.

1. Salaryman’s Club

badminton anime

Salaryman’s Club is a sports anime that focuses on the world of corporate badminton and the challenges that come with balancing a professional career with one’s passion for sports. The main character, Mikoto Shiratori, is a former child prodigy in badminton but has not been living up to his potential in his current position at Mitsuhoshi Bank.

After being fired, he is recruited by the Sunlight Beverage corporate badminton team but faces new challenges as he must work in the sales department by day and practice in the evenings. Mikoto struggles to adjust to his new professional life, especially as he is forced to compete in doubles despite his reluctance.

However, as he gets to know his new teammates, he begins to find the strength and motivation he needs to advance his badminton career. Throughout the series, the audience will see how Mikoto and his teammates face various obstacles, both on and off the court, and how they overcome these challenges to become better players and individuals.

Overall, Salaryman’s Club is a story about perseverance, teamwork, and the pursuit of one’s dreams. It showcases the importance of finding balance in life and how sports can play a crucial role in that balance.


In conclusion, badminton anime offers an entertaining and unique way to experience the sport of badminton. Through these anime, viewers can witness the intensity and drama of the sport, as well as the personal struggles and triumphs of the players. Whether you are a fan of badminton or not, these anime offer a thrilling and engaging experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

With its mix of action, drama, and heartwarming moments, badminton anime is a great way to explore the sport and the people who play it. Overall, badminton anime provides a fresh and exciting take on the sport, allowing viewers to appreciate its physical and mental challenges in a whole new way.

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