The Best Manga of 2022 Recommendations

The Best Manga of 2022 Recommendations

The Best Manga of 2022 Recommendations – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of The Best Manga of 2022 Recommendations. Last year was a promising year for anime. We saw the return of bleach for its final arc, chainsaw man shocking us with its unique plot and storytelling. And as usual, Pretty Boy doing sports anime for the year was Blue Lock.

However, 2022 was also a productive year for mangas as well. So without further ado, let’s dive in and take a closer look at top mangas that started last year, because maybe one or two will be animated in the following seasons.

1. Gachiakuta


This shonen manga follows the story of Rudy, a trash collector from the exile part of the town. He lives in a place where there is separation between high class people and tribe people, which our hero belongs to, with Rudy’s father being allegedly a murderer who got executed and thrown into the abyss; a place where trash and condemned people are disposed of.

And at this point, the true potential of this manga begins to shine. Rudy joins the Abyss Janitors to train and become more powerful until he finds a way to go up to his home and get his revenge. The Abyss Janitors is formed of Givers, a group of people who can give part of their souls to an object to become a weapon.

Rudy himself is a Giver as well, but unlike the others, he wears a glove as a gift from his father that can make him transform anything that he touches into a personalized weapon. I will not be moving along with the story in order not to spoil anything for the readers. It has an interesting power system that seems well balanced and creative, captivating world and a compelling story.

And with a great cast of well designed and entertaining characters. It has the potential to become one of the leading manga in Shonen Jump. And also there is a big chance of it being animated.

2. Earthchild

The Best Manga of 2022 Recommendations

A superhero saves Reisuke Sawada from a car accident and then erases his memories. The following day, after he sees her by accident on the street, he remembers how she saved his life and falls in love with her. A cute friendships start forming between them that turns into a love story, and by the end of the first chapter, they get married and bring a kid to life. Kareri the supehero is an Earth child.

Basically, the Earth granted her telekinesis power like flying and controlling objects through her mind like Darth Vader. But besides that, she is a regular woman with a regular body. When she was saving the Earth from a planet destroying meteor, she has an accident and the new father, Sawada, have to take care of the baby by just himself.

After he just discovered that his son developed a telekinesis power just like his mother. Now he has to teach his son to control his power and not hurt others. Under the supervision of the government and through the strong connection between himself, his son and his wife, he has to find a way to save her from space. This manga plot can be considered an original and blend.

Also, the art style is pretty simplistic. But I think this is completely okay because this story is not about superheroes or mysterious universe or fighting scenes. No, this is a story about family and the connection that they have.

3. Goodbye, Eri

Best Manga 2022

This one shot comes from the brilliant author of Chainsaw Man, Tatsuke Fujiomot. Goodbye, Eri is a one-shot with 200 pages that tells the story of a high school student named Yuta as he documents the final moments of his mother’s life.

I will not be spoiling much from this one shot as you scroll through the pages and sees Yuta’s mother getting weaker and weaker and then in her final moment moment, she dies.

And then it Cast tutor showing this documentary to his high school and everyone who’s watching it is laughing at his work. There is more to the story, but what I can truly say without spoiling this work that this one shot is a mix between disturbing and brilliant, and only you can judge it by yourself.

4. Blue Lock: Episode Nagi

The Best Manga of 2022 Recommendations

This manga is a spinoff that tells the story of the Blue Lock from the point of view of Nagi and Reo. It starts from the moment when Reo met Nagi in school and he started to persuade him to play football together until the events of the Blue Lock.

There are more additional matches, stories and character interactions that were not shown in the manga or anime of Blue Lock, and all these additions are still canon.

By the way, right now there are seven chapters, but there will be one chapter dropping each month, and chapters on average have around 40 pages. The quality and the artwork of this manga is on par with the original one. Therefore, even if you watched the anime, you can give this one a try.

5. Gokurakugai


This manga started recently, but it’s worth checking out and it will probably continue for at least 50 more chapters. The story follows Tao and Alma, a loveable and funny pair who make their living in the sleazy underground of a bustling red light district.

When they’re not collecting bribes to hide scandalous pictures, they’re putting an end to evil monsters roaming the city and helping any innocent with problems that need solving. The world and this manga have a human and beast living together. Also, there are these evil monsters called MAGA, which are a resurrection of dead humans and animals.

The protagonist himself is actually half human, half MAGA, and he uses his blood to fight. The artwork is polished with a beautiful synergy between full page panels and small panels to showcase high action fighting scenes. The manga can also pay attention to the background of many scenes, bringing the atmosphere of the story to life.

The only bad thing I can say about this manga is that there is only one chapter each month, and right now there are only seven chapters released. If you decide to read this manga, I would recommend to check out the original publishing of the story as a one shot back in 2020 so you can experience the original concept of the story.

6. RuriDragon


A slice of life anime about a girl who just woke up and found herself growing horns. She freaks out, and when she faces her mother about it, her mother simply replied, well, it could be because halfway was not a human. And she reveals later that her dad is a dragon. And that’s the story of our protagonist, Ruri, half girl, half dragon, and her life.

With this recent revelation, Ruri’s friends, teachers and everyone around her accept this fact surprisingly well. Like, yeah. What are these horns? Are these horns? some type Of cosplay. Oh, you are part dragon. Really? Can I touch these horns? Can I take a selfie? So, yeah, this story absolutely is hilarious and funny.

And as Ruri grows more dragon power, more awkward situation keeps happening and the more she has to adapt to this new way of life. Sadly, Ruri dragon have only six chapters and currently it is on hiatus due to the poor health of the mangaka. But the series might make a comeback at any time. The manga expressed that he is taking a break, so when he walks on it again, he will give it his best.


I quite enjoyed the mangas that I just mentioned and I’m always on the lookout weekly and monthly for each new release. That’s why if anything interesting happens, I will let you know.

That is it from today’s post on The Best Manga of 2022 Recommendations. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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