Top 10 Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

my hero academia villains

Top 10 Strongest My Hero Academia Villains – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Strongest My Hero Academia Villains. In the world of My Hero Academia, the fact that people have powers has become so common and normal that people aren’t even that impressed when they see someone’s Quirk. Thanks to this, hero work has emerged as yet another common profession.

So many people in this world dream of the day when they will be recognized as heroes by using their powers to save others. However, as in any universe where there are many heroes, there will always be an enormous number of villains, humans who use their powers for dark purposes. And today, let’s talk about the “10 most powerful villains in My Hero Academia”, starting from the weakest to the strongest.

10. Muscular


The villain that Deku faced during the villains’ invasion of the students’ summer camp. He is a gigantic man, about 2 meters tall, and his physical size is also frighteningly large. Goto Imasuji, carrying the villain name “Muscular”, is someone quite sadistic and thirsty to kill people with his Quirk, and if it is necessary to attack defenseless children to quench his will, then so be it.

His Quirk is the “Pump Up”, which makes his muscles grow so much that they end up even expanding outside the skin. The strength provided by his muscles is even capable of causing a huge crack in a mountain, and that’s not even his maximum strength capacity!

Muscular is someone who always belittles his opponents, and never starts a fight by giving it his all. Therefore, his peak strength is rarely seen. Expanding his muscles can also be used defensively.

If someone attacks a part of his body with exposed muscles, Muscular can not only absorb all the impact, but can also trap his enemy between the fibers of his muscles, incapacitating his escape – unless that someone is strong enough to break through its hyper-resistant fibers. Muscular was defeated by Deku after he used One for All at 100% and with a small but significant help from Kota.

9. Stain

my hero academia characters villains

The most influential villain in history in the world of My Hero Academia. Stain was a villain who was furious with the current state of heroes in the world, where they only cared about glory and fame rather than carrying out their deeds for the sake of justice. With that, he started a massacre against several heroes that he himself considered “fake”.

Thus, he sent an indirect message to the heroes, warning them to stop being so mean. However, Stain had enormous respect for a single hero: All Might. For the villain, he would only accept being defeated if it were at the hands of this hero, who he thought was the only one still fighting for justice. His Quirk, the “Bloodcurdle”, allows him to completely paralyze a person’s movements after tasting their blood.

To accomplish this, Stain always carries a massive arsenal of blades with him. However, the paralysis only lasts a few minutes, and even then, depending on the person’s blood type, the effect will wear off faster. Even though his power might not seem like much, Stain possesses an agility and reflexes he acquired through sheer training, and that added to his Quirk makes him an even greater threat.

Because of his influence and his ideals, the villain became a very frightening presence, and was even able to intimidate Endeavor as soon as he uttered his words of hatred towards the heroes. Stain’s influence has impacted the entire world, affecting heroes and villains alike. Examples of villains who were heavily influenced by his actions were Dabi, Toga, and Spinner.

8. Twice


The villain that no one expected to have great potential. Twice has a Quirk that allows him to create clones of himself and even other people, as long as he has all the person’s body measurements – with that, he can create a copy of someone even if that person is far away – and the clones themselves can also generate more copies. Clones also copy someone’s Quirks, albeit in a weaker form.

All copies are undone after taking some considerable damage, turning into a lump of clay. Unfortunately, all Twice clones have free wills, which made the original question whether he was, in fact, the real Twice. To the heroes’ sadness, the villain finally overcame this crisis that prevented him from creating a large number of clones, and today, Twice is already capable of replicating an army of thousands of clones!

And to this day, it is not known if it has any limits! He can just create more and more copies without worrying about limitations! Twice was killed by Hawks, after the villain’s massive army proved to be a real threat.

7. Dabi

my hero academia villains

The villain has been someone quite mysterious for a long time, but some time ago, his true identity was revealed in the anime. Dabi is a member of the League of Villains – now called the “Paranormal Liberation Front” -, and for a long time, it was theorized by fans that his real name was Toya Todoroki, Shoto Todoroki’s older brother who in theory had died.

However, it was confirmed that Dabi is indeed Toya. His power is the same as his father Endeavor, but with two differences. His Quirk, instead of “Hellflame”, is called “Cremation”, and his flames are even more powerful, gaining the blue color. He can attack with his flames from a distance and even set an entire forest on fire just by touching a single tree, as seen in the invasion of the student camp.

It is not known the real capacity of Dabi’s powers, but they are certainly ridiculously large. To give you an idea, when Twice created a clone of Dabi, this copy managed to occupy professors Eraser Head and Vlad King for a long time, and detail: Twice clones copy only a small part of the real capacity of someone’s powers. With this, it is possible that Dabi’s powers surpass even Endeavor’s.

However, the boy is not safe from being burned by his own flames – which explains his entire body completely burned and even patched.

6. Overhaul

my hero academia villains

The leader of the Yakuza “8 Precepts of Death” and bearer of one of the most versatile powers in anime. Kai Chizaki has a Quirk whose name is also used for his villain name: Overhaul. His power allows him to dismantle and reassemble things with a single touch. This can be used both on inorganic things like rocks and weapons, and it can also be used on humans.

Chizaki is even able to disassemble a person’s entire body, practically killing them, but if he decides to remodel everything back to normal, the person comes back to life! This is something he has done time and time again with the villainous Rappa. Overhaul used his powers to remove and reshape parts of Eri’s body to insert the girl’s Quirk into small syringes capable of making people lose their Quirks.

His power can also be used on himself! If he remodels his body and merges with other human bodies, Chizaki can transform into a strange, giant monster with enormous destructive power. Thanks to his versatile powers, Overhaul was one of the hardest villains for Deku to defeat.

He only managed to defeat the villain with the help of Eri, who, by using her powers, allowed Deku to use his One for All at 100% without it being worn down.

5. Nomu (High-End)


The villain who tested the capabilities of the current number 1 hero to the maximum. High-End was another nomus created by the League of Villains, and unfortunately for the heroes, this monster managed to be even stronger and more intelligent than the Nomu that attacked the USJ and faced All Might.

In addition to frightening appearance and superior strength, Nomu was also able to speak and reason, albeit in a reduced form. He faced Endeavor and made the hero suffer after the monster was revealed to have 6 Quirks housed in his body. One of his powers is his transformable arms, allowing him to enlarge and extend his arms to deliver attacks capable of damaging a considerable part of a building.

High-End also has super regeneration, which was even able to survive most of Endeavor’s fire blasts. His other Quirks allow him to strengthen the fibers of his muscles, jets on his shoulders that make him fly, release powerful attacks by concentrating his physical strength and finally, the ability to store living beings inside his body and release them whenever he wants.

High-End was defeated by the 2 best heroes of today: Endeavor and Hawks, who together, pushed the civilians out of the fight and defeated Nomu after much blood that they themselves shed.

4. Re-Destro


The leader of the former group “Meta Liberation Army”. Re-Destro was a calm and controlled, with the desire to make individualities accepted in society as part of the nature of being human. Today, the villain has practically become Tomura’s loyal puppy. His quirk is “Stress”.

All the serenity that the man shows on his face is just a disguise, since his power consists of converting all the anger, frustration and mainly stress, into physical strength and speed. When Re-Destro initiates this conversion, his body turns black spots and he is able to increase his body size. Just the fluttering of his giant arm was able to break all the glass in the room.

The strength in its arms is also strong enough to break someone’s hand bones just by squeezing it between the index finger and thumb. The villain can control the release of stress in his body, and usually 80% is usually enough, but during his fight against Tomura, he had to go further.

Re-Destro can also equip himself with armor that seriously injures his own body, but at the very least, increases his stress levels beyond 100%, making him even stronger. However, he was defeated by Tomura, which made Re-Destro cede his entire army to Shigaraki’s command.

3. Gigantomachia


An official bodyguard of All for One and one of its most loyal servants – if not the most loyal of all. Gigantomachia is literally a giant capable of reaching up to 25 meters in height. When All for One felt that the time had come for Tomura to begin his “training” to become his successor, the giant woke up – literally. Gigantomachia was ordered by his boss to face Tomura until the boy defeated him in a fight.

Giganto didn’t like the idea precisely because he didn’t want All for One’s reign to end, and he didn’t trust Tomura’s ability to become his successor, but still, he followed orders. Gigantomachia has a total of 7 Quirks, and all of them were given to him by All for One.

Just to mention what he is able to do with some, he has the power ” increased durability”, which allows him to survive several days without eating, drinking or sleeping – which helped in his fight against Tomura, which lasted for weeks. He also possesses “Gigantism”, an ability similar to that of the Mount Lady, which allows him to reach gigantic sizes.

His Quirk “Mole” is also very useful, as it helps him dig deep holes where he ends up staying for a long time, hiding and waiting for some command from his boss. His other powers are “Pain Blocker” – which prevents him from feeling pain – “Dog” – gives him the senses and reflexes of a dog – “Fierce Gains” – fortifies and solidifies his muscles – and “Endurance” – his original Quirk.

2. All For One

my hero academia villains

One of the greatest antagonists of My Hero Academia. All for One is none other than All Might’s No. 1 rival, and ironically, the villain himself is the one who was indirectly responsible for creating the hero. His real name is unknown, but all we know is that his last name is “Shigaraki”. All for One has the ability to steal others’ Quirks for himself. He can also grant these Quirks to other people.

The true amount of powers that the man has is unknown, but the villain still manages to make use of them all. Not only that, but it can also combine multiple Quirks to create extremely powerful blows and attacks. The possibility of combining these powers is practically infinite, and a good part of these combinations were used in his “second fight” against All Might, where the two rivals faced each other.

All for One is also a lot older than you think. At some point in his life, he absorbed a Quirk that prevents him from aging, and the man has been alive since the first heir of One for All came into being. Speaking of which, the villain was the one who created One for All after ironically giving this ability to his brother, who had no Quirk at all.

Little did All for One know that the power he gave his brother could be passed on to others, cultivating each one’s strengths and individualities and passing them on. Today, One for All is with Deku, and in the future, we will still see the boy face All for One’s successor, Tomura Shigaraki, where the two new symbols of peace and chaos will decide the future of the world.

1. Tomura Shigaraki

my hero academia villains

The legitimate successor handpicked by All for One himself. Tomura has a very chaotic Quirk, which ended up causing him to kill his own family. When he found himself alone in the world, no hero appeared to help the poor boy, only All for One himself. Tomura isn’t even his real name, it’s just a name given by the man who took him in. His quirk is “Decay”.

As soon as you touch anything with the five fingers of one of your hands, that thing begins to undergo an extremely advanced deterioration process. It can even turn blades to rust dust in a matter of seconds. His power also has an effect on humans, which justifies the death of his family. After all, the Quirk doesn’t affect Tomura’s own body.

In the recent arcs, after the fight against the Gigantomachia and the entire city controlled by Re-Destro, Shigaraki’s powers only increased. After his victories against these two opponents, Tomura underwent a Quirk enhancement experiment conducted by an All for One affiliated scientist. After that experiment, Tomura was even able to deteriorate an entire city with his powers just by touching the ground.

More than worthy of the villain destined to succeed All for One. By the way, Tomura even received the power to steal All for One’s Quirks, already making the villain a new successor. Currently he has already stolen several Quirks. To name a few, he now has super regeneration, black wings, air cannon, object scatter, and countless others.


My Hero Academia manga still seems a little far from over, that is, it is likely that we will still see more interesting villains within the work. But of course we also want to keep following the villains we already know, don’t we? Which of these villains is your favorite? Are there any villains that you feel couldn’t have been missing that we ended up missing from this list?

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Strongest My Hero Academia Villains. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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