Top 10 Anime Giants Compared To Wall Maria

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Top 10 Anime Giants Compared To Wall Maria – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Anime Giants Compared To Wall Maria. Anyone who has watched Attack on Titan knows how terrified the inhabitants of Paradis were when they witnessed the Colossal Titan looking over the Wall. Since at that point in history, no other titan had reached a size that surpassed the 50 meter great walls.

But have you ever stopped to think that in other anime there are even bigger characters than the Colossal Titan? And what would make Attack on Titan’s walls look tiny next to them? Well… to have a better idea of ​​the size of these characters, let’s put some of the most famous anime giants in comparison with the great walls of Attack on Titan. So, let’s get started.

10. Wadatsumi (One Piece)

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With the most human and childlike appearance, Wadatsumi is first on our list. He is a fish-man member of the Sun Pirates, and despite his appearance, he is an extremely powerful character and a threat to be feared. Its physique resembles that of a giant baby, but it has adult hair covering its entire body.

Its mouth is huge, such that Wadatsumi can fit an entire ship inside its mouth, as he did with one of Luffy’s ships. Despite being gigantic, Wadatsumi is not someone who thinks for himself and only acts after following orders from the pirate Vander Decken IX. But anyway, let’s compare its height with that of the wall of AOT.

Wadatsumi stands at an incredible height of 80 meters, making its presence clear to all citizens on the other side of the wall of just 50 meters. As long as he was alone, Wadatsumi wouldn’t be much of a threat to the people beyond the walls, but if Decken were around… He could overcome even the damage caused by the Colossal Titan.

9. Demon King (The Seven Deadly Sins)


Let’s talk here about one of the most powerful entities of Nanatsu no Taizai, the King of Demons. His appearance resembles that of a tired lord, he has a huge beard, carries a gigantic sword and is always wearing heavy armor. Furthermore, his body and face are often shrouded in darkness, making his presence even more menacing.

He is the father of the demons Meliodas and Zeldris, and lives up to his title of “King of Demons” with the power he possesses. The Demon King, like practically all characters in Nanatsu no Taizai, has a very extensive list of powers, and talking about all of them here would be almost impossible.

However, to summarize, just know that the King’s powers boil down to the use of magic that weakens his enemies or strengthens his own weapons. And he can also apply curses, like he did to Meliodas, forcing him to be immortal. Now, as for his height, he is 90 meters. It also makes its presence very clear to the citizens of the wall.

Honestly, the walls would be no problem for him, and if he wanted to, the Demon King could bring down the walls with just a flick, making him one of the biggest threats on our list.

8. Madara Uchiha’s Susanoo (Naruto)

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Imagine the following situation: You are a citizen of the walls, and at the top of them, you can see a man with red armor and long black hair. At first, surely you wouldn’t think he was a threat, correct? But what if, in the blink of an eye, that man conjured up a gigantic humanoid being made of something resembling blue fire, would you still think the same thing? We’re talking about Madara Uchiha’s Susanoo here.

Susanoo is nothing more than a jutsu restricted only to sharingan users who have mastered Mangekyo. This jutsu is basically a colossal human, wearing armor and weapons from Japanese warriors. This giant acts like a “megazord”, where the person who conjured it is always inside it and has full control of the giant.

Susanoo is entirely made of chakra, and depending on the user, it can take on different colors, with Madara’s being Blue. Susanoo is one of Naruto’s most powerful and striking jutsus, and its use basically consists of drastically increasing the fighting power of a Sharingan user. In the case of Madara, he showed all the superiority he has with this jutsu during his battle against the 5 Kage.

As if Madara’s power wasn’t sinister enough, the height of his Susanoos makes him even more menacing: just over 100 meters tall! Now try to imagine 5 of these 100 meter monsters watching you from the other side of the wall. Would you still feel safe? A single hit from Susanoo would be enough to decimate both the walls and the city protected within them.

7. Elder Centipede (One Punch Man)


The Elder Centipede is one of the executives of One Punch Man’s Monster Association, and his disaster level is Dragon. This monster has the essence of a centipede in its appearance: having the long, segmented body of an arthropod with many legs, and an extremely tough carapace. The Elder Centipede’s differential is in its head: In its center, there is a human face that can speak.

When Centipede undergoes an exoskeleton swap, a new human face emerges from the old face’s mouth, creating the terrifying visual of human faces “eating each other”. Beneath the face is a more centipede-like head, sporting yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and two gigantic pincers for each corner of its mouth.

His body allows him to cross the underground very easily, making attacks coming from under the ground his main asset. The height of the Elder Centipede, when it tries to suspend its body in the air, varies from 100 to 150 meters, but if we were to measure the length of this monster, it would easily be one of the largest on this list! However, we are only talking about height here.

Due to so many factors that make the Centipede such a fearsome monster, it could very well attack humanity on the other side of the walls from underground or “diving” over the walls, ending any chance of escape for the citizens.

6. Kurama (Naruto)

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The next giant we’re going to talk about here is the most famous fox in the anime world: The 9-tailed beast, Kurama. He is the most powerful of the Bijuus, or tailed beasts, and is also the largest among them. His destructive potential was first shown when he invaded the village of Konoha, where he attacked the village with the use of his brute force, showing all the hatred he felt for humans.

Thanks to their enormous reserves of chakra, all Bijuu can make use of an ability called Bijuu Dama, the most powerful asset of tailed beasts. The ability consists of releasing and concentrating chakra at the tip of their mouths, forming a huge sphere of energy. After gathering enough chakra in this sphere, it is fired and its destructive power is enough to reduce mountains to dust!

And being the strongest of the tailed beasts, Kurama’s Bijuu Dama is the most powerful of all! As for its height, the fox reaches an incredible 150 meters, depending on how much its tails are held up! With that, he quietly surpasses the height of the walls. In his appearance, he would be much scarier than the Colossal Titan, and the walls would pose no challenge to him.

The walls would no longer have the necessary structure to withstand a physical blow from the fox, and if he wanted to use the bijuu bomb then… It would be an entire district of the walls that would be reduced to ashes.

5. Shenron (Dragon Ball)

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After the most famous anime fox, let’s talk about the most famous dragon: Shenron. He is a dragon that is very reminiscent of eastern dragons, where his body is more like that of a huge snake. He has red eyes, green scales on his body, and deer antlers on his head. Being literally a god, he has the ability to grant any wish to the person who invoked him after he gathered the 7 dragon balls.

However, his powers are not omnipotent. Despite his intimidating appearance and the capacity of his powers, Shenron is an impartial and fair, but impatient entity. If someone takes too long to make the request, the dragon simply disappears without granting any wishes and its spheres scatter again. The case of this dragon’s height is practically the same as that of the Elder Centipede.

Its body has an enormous length, and it cannot be clearly said how big it would be. But when its body is suspended in the air, Shenron can reach up to 160 meters in height. He, by himself, would be no threat to the walls. If he appeared on the other side of the walls, it would be because someone summoned him.

So, everything would depend on that individual… if he had a good heart, nothing bad would happen… But if whoever summoned him had some grudge against the people of the walls – for example, some member of Marley… So, most likely all the Eldians inside would be completely wiped out without Shenron even touching the walls.

4. Sanjuan Wolf (One Piece)


Nothing fairer than talking here about the living being considered by the navy as one of the greatest in the world in its anime: Sanjuan Wolf. He was a being of the “giant” race, but after eating a Devil Fruit, he got even bigger and practically gained the height of a mountain. Soon he received the title of “Colossal Warship” for his size. His appearance is that of an obese man, wearing the striped clothes of an inmate.

He has long, spiky brown hair and a short beard. Thanks to his size, the big guy couldn’t resist and committed several crimes. In this way, he ended up receiving a life sentence at level 6 of Impel Down prison and his existence was erased from history, seeking at all costs to hide the giant’s deeds. However, Sanjuan was taken out of prison by Blackbeard and joined the pirate’s crew.

But for all his crimes, Wolf is a comic, grouchy, and shy guy. Perhaps because he ate a Devil Fruit, Sanjuan has some other ability besides his physical strength, but since we’ve never seen anything other than his raw power, his powers boil down to just his strength. Now, as for Wolf’s height… He stands at an astonishing 180 meters tall.

Being a character with a rather shy personality, he would probably spend quite some time just watching the Eldians over the walls, and when he was noticed, he would perhaps try to hide and come back to spy on them later. But if by chance Blackbeard ordered him to invade Paradis, then the thing would get ugly for the Eldians.

3. Marugori (One Punch Man)

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A character that made a short appearance, but that already left his mark in the anime, was Marugori, the human who turned into a giant mutant. His body is that of a very muscular man. It has a kind of skull-shaped helmet that covers it from head to nose, but exposes the eyes, ears and nostrils. He also has two huge tendons that come out of his back and connect to the tip of his collarbone in his torso.

His skin has a light brown tone and he basically doesn’t wear any clothes. He’s practically a naked giant. But who apparently does not have any genitals. Marugori was an ordinary human, addicted to weightlifting. His greatest wish was to become the strongest man in the entire world.

So, his brother, who was a scientist, developed a serum created specifically to fulfill his brother’s wish, but ended up turning him into a gigantic monster. The giant’s destruction capability puts any Colossal Titan to shame, as with a single sweep of his arm, Marugori created an air current strong enough to reduce an entire section of the city he attacked to dust.

Marugori was 270 meters tall. So, he could already surpass the size of the Founding Titan of Ymir. His threat would be one of the greatest for the people of the walls, since even at an absurd distance, the giant could only bring down the walls with a gust of air. Not only that, but completely erasing an entire district with that single blast.

2. Juubi (Naruto)


We are now going to talk about the most powerful and frightening monster in the entire Naruto anime: The Ten-Tails, or rather, the Juubi. As soon as it finally appeared in the anime, the monster already had several different forms. Some more monstrous and others more humanoid.

However, it has always had some aspects that have remained in all of its forms, which is the only eye, the ten tails (usually being giant arms with hands on the ends), and the light brown skin. The monster is regarded as the true creator of all shinobi in the Naruto universe, and its existence symbolizes Kaguya Otsusuki’s joining with the God Tree after the woman consumed one of its fruits.

The Ten-Tails’ chakra manipulation capabilities are virtually impossible to measure, as the monster was the one who created the chakra. His energy reserves are the envy of even Kurama, and his Bijuu Dama also manages to cause more damage than any nuclear bomb. Well, as if all that wasn’t enough to make this monster so scary, it still has your height. How much do you think it is? 500 meters? 600 meters?

The Juubi is precisely 1 kilometer high! Seriously, do I really need to say what was going to happen to the people on the walls? I don’t need it, right? He wouldn’t even need to use his incredible size to destroy the wall directly… in fact, he wouldn’t even need to be near Paradis to do that… he could simply fire a Tailed Beast Ball from miles away, which wouldn’t destroy just the wall, of course, but practically all of Paradis.

1. Shinsuusenju (Naruto)


Another giant from Naruto who, despite not being a living being, deserves a mention on this list. The Shinsusenjuu, or as it is popularly known: “Statue of Hashirama”, is a jutsu that combines the Wood and Sage Mode styles, and we saw it for the first time after being invoked by Hashirama Senju. The statue entirely made of wood has a human figure at its center, and its appearance resembles that of Buddha.

Right behind the statue, there are thousands and thousands of hands, which circle it forming something like a peacock’s tail. Right on top of the human figure’s head is the shinobi who conjured it. The user of the jutsu manages to have total control over all the hands of the statue, being able to stretch all of them to absurd distances.

Not only that, but the statue has enough strength to grab a Bijuu by the tail without any problem and even destroy a complete Susanoo. The height of the statue also manages to reach a frightening height of 1000 meters. So, in theory, the people within the walls would be in serious trouble against this jutsu, correct?

Wrong! Quite the contrary, the Shinsusenjuu could even act as a huge guardian for the people of the walls, as its sole purpose until now was to keep the peace and prevent war. Despite his height, would pose no threat to the people of the walls. It would just scare the locals a little bit… yeah, not a little bit, it would scare them a lot… but luckily for the Eldians, the 1st Hokage is a good ninja.


There are many more giant anime characters to be explored in this same scenario that we put here. But we decided to do a test with this type of article to see if some of them could or could not be a threat to the walls despite their size, and as you can see, you can be sure of one thing: In anime, size does not matter when the question is “destruction”.

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Anime Giants Compared To Wall Maria. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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