Top 10 Virtual Reality MMORPG Manhwa To Read Now

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Top 10 Virtual Reality MMORPG Manhwa To Read Now – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Virtual Reality MMORPG Manhwa To Read Now. These are manhwa about MMORPG in Virtual Reality. Well, let’s go to the list.

10. Worn and Torn Newbie

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This one is a virtual reality mixed with a bit of time travel. Lee Eo-Jin’s life is being wasted on a once popular virtual reality game called Deus Ex Machina, that has it’s decline after 15 years of running.

One day, Lee Eo-Jin somehow suddenly returned 15 years into the past when the game was at it’s peak. He will use his knowledge of the game from the future to reach the top of Deus Ex Machina.

9. Dusk Howler


Kim Jee-Ha is a student with decent grades. However, he can’t enter college because he is always nervous when he tries to have a college entrance test interview.

To overcome his social phobia, he embarks upon the virtual reality game Trikia. And there, he gets into a guild with a rather eccentric guild master.

8. Ranker’s Return


This one is a remake because the previous one got cancelled? Meleegod was the strongest ranked player in the vr game, Arena.

However, he deleted his character and suddenly left because he wants to focus on real life. To his surprise his family suddenly went bankrupt. In order to restore his bankrupt family, he decided to return to Arena once again to make some money.

7. Taming Master

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Ian is a Lv.93 Archer and one of the player in the top leaderboards of a virtual reality game, ‘Kailan’. One day, after hunting a monster, he gets a rare crystal that will have him unlock a hidden class.

But, in order to get it, he has to take a risk and reset his character. And the class he gets is the summoner or monster tamer class.

6. The Strongest Florist

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Jae-ho has a dream to become a florist and open a flower shop one day. But his father disapproves of it and denies his dream, and he is even allergic to flowers…

He finds a chance when he learns about a virtual reality game called “New World”, a fantasy world where you can be anything you want. Jae-ho joins the game and finally realizes his own dream to become a florist.

5. Levelling Up, By Only Eating!


The main character has a rare illness that makes him can’t stop eating. It got to the point where it gets really dangerous, so a doctor suggests him to play a Virtual Reality Game ‘Athens’.

There, he can eat as much as he wants without gaining any weight. So se plays the game to save his life and grow in strength by doing nothing but eating!

4. I’m Destined for Greatness!

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Tae-Hyun Kim is a guy who love challenge, and will choose the hardest path to take him to the top. He was once has a job as a blacksmith in the virtual reality game, Fantasy Online, and he almost beat the best player there.

He enters the game again in the brand new Fantasy Online II, and this time, he choose jobless for his character, and will focus on the most useless stats in the game, luck.

3. Overgeared

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Shin Youngwoo is a loser both in real life and in the game, and also has terrible luck. He plays the world’s greatest virtual reality game , with a username: Grid. One day, he discovered a reward item in an S-rank quest, ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’.

It’s a legendary item where you can change your class to a “Legendary Blacksmith”. He was planning to sell it for money, but due to unfortunate circumstance, he can’t afford to do it and he’s forced to use the item and get the Legendary Class for himself.

2. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


Lee Hyun is a gamer who lives in poverty, he sells his avatar because he wants to look for a job. To his surprise, his avatar sells for 3 billion won. Unfortunately, his joy is short lived, because most of his earnings goes to a loan shark.

He uses his remaining money to play a popular VR game, Royal Road, so he can make income from there. Thus, the start of the legend of Lee Hyun a.k.a WEED to become rich begins. It’s on hiatus right now and has an art change in the middle of the season.

1. Yureka


This one… is a manhwa right? Since it was made in Korea. I decided to put it anyway because it’s one of my favorite manhwa! It was already completed long ago, but sadly the translation was stopped, and till this day, I’m still dying to know the ending.

A story about Jang-gun, or known as Lotto, just a normal dude who loves to play a virtual reality game, Lost saga. After he gets acquainted with an A.I named Yureka, his life will change and there’s a lot of problem coming his way.

I really love virtual reality MMORPG theme, I wish it will soon happen in our world so I can play the game and escape reality hahaha….

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Virtual Reality MMORPG Manhwa To Read Now. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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