Top 10 Strongest Chimera Ants in Hunter x Hunter

strongest chimera ants

Top 10 Strongest Chimera Ants in Hunter x Hunter – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Strongest Chimera Ants in Hunter x Hunter. We will be ranking the Chimera Ants in Hunter x Hunter from the least to the most powerful. So, let’s get started.

10. Welfin


Welfin was a squadron leader with a wide range of abilities. He was a conjurer and could conjure an organic-looking missile launcher on his back with a shrunken head and four alien limbs, each holding a missile. The ability had 3 steps and when said steps have been executed, the missiles continuously chase the target until they hit, even if Welfin himself can no longer sense the target. Upon contact they explode, implanting live centipedes in the target’s head instead of dealing lethal damage. The centipedes grow by feeding on the target’s defiance, inflicting excruciating pain until they kill the target. He can however if he doesn’t correctly identify the target.

9. Rammot


Despite being only a Chimera Ant Soldier, Rammot was more comparable to the squadron leaders and much stronger than the ant soldiers. Even without nen, he was capable of taking on both Gon and Killua who had become a lot stronger with Hatsus. He took their hatsus head on with no damage and would later become stronger by gaining nen. He was defeated by Killua but that doesn’t matter as Killua would defeat many squadron leaders anyway. He was an enhancer with the ability to turn the feathers on his arm into sharp blades and use to attack the opponent.

8. Palm Siberia


Palm was an enhancer and as a Chimera Ant, she became much stronger than she normally was. She retained her previous nen ability, although it changed slightly, and developed a new one “Black Widow” where she wraps her entire body with her hair to form what seems to be a dress with a wide brim hat. It changes shape according to her emotions and can efficiently protect her body from attacks, enabling her to concentrate all of her aura on attacking using Ko instead of splitting it between offense and defense. She was physical enough to shatter one of Killua’s yo-yos with a single, Ko-enhanced punch, and injuring his arms despite him parrying her blows.

7. Cheetu


Cheetu is mainly a speedster but that’s what makes him difficult to part. He should be faster than all Chimera Ants except for Meruem and Pitou (when he/she uses their jump speed). He displayed decent hand-to-hand combat skills, which coupled with his speed, allowed him to take on Knuckle and Morel simultaneously. His nen category is conjuration and he initially didn’t have a nen ability. He however developed one during the contest with Morel where he conjures crossbows and claws for battle. He later developed another nen ability “Monroe Walk” but before we could see him use it, he was taken down by Silva.

6. Leol


Leol was a specialist capable of borrowing the abilities of others after fulfilling two conditions. He is able to adapt very quickly to his borrowed abilities, identifying their main strengths efficiently and selecting the most suited to the situation. He was able to borrow abilities such as; Flutter’s Satellitonbo and Super eye for conjuring dragon flies and scouting areas like a satellite. Grachan’s ability Inamura for conjuring a surfing board and a trident harpoon to float on water. This ability alongside Tornave for creating a vortex of water and hurl at the opponent and big wall for swelling up the water allowed him to almost defeat Morel one of the most skilled and intelligent hunters in the series.

5. Zazan


Zazan is a very powerful Chimera Ant and is the closest to the Royal Guards in power. She was a manipulator and by stinging a human, she can transform them into a grotesque human-animal hybrid who becomes utterly loyal to her. As a last resort, she could transform into a crocodile-like creature, greatly increasing her durability and strength. She was strong enough to inflict immense damage to Feitan one of the strongest in the Phantom Troupe and the series as a whole. He was unable to defeat her through normal means and had to use his powerful Rising Sun Technique to completely burn her.

4. Shaiapouf

strongest chimera ants

One of the Chimera Ant King’s Royal Guards, who are the most powerful among the Ants asides from the king himself. His nen abilities are mainly focused on support and indirect strategies; He can read his opponent’s emotions through the fluctuations in their aura using the technique “Spiritual Message”, he can break his body into multiple miniature segments of himself. Most of these abilities of his aren’t really battle oriented but he’s still very powerful as a Royal Guard and only seems weaker than the other Royal Guards who are the battle types.

3. Menthuthuyoupi

strongest chimera ants

Youpi was kept closest to the king mainly because he was the one suited for battle the most amongst the Royal Guards. An enhancer with durability and strength that should surpass the other Guards. He easily took on a bunch of hunters without too many problems; Morel, Knuckle, Shoot, Killua etc. and continued to evolve, developing new abilities during the battle. There’s a debate who is actually stronger between him and Pitou but in my opinion Pitou is more powerful one. Pitou is faster and more intelligent, but Youpi should be the superior in all other aspects and he’s a savage in battle.

2. Neferpitou

strongest chimera ants

Another of the King’s Royal Guards. Pitou was shown to be immensely powerful capable of defeating Kite after just learning nen. When Netero initially saw him/her he said he cannot defeat him/her (this was before his meditation). This goes to show that Pitou is clearly above the humans in raw power. His/Her speed, durability and intelligence were on another level and it took Gon to use a nen contract to gain power that would require decades of constant training to achieve even for him to defeat him/her. While already unconscious after transformed Gon’s First Jajanken, it took multiple to finally kill him/her.

1. Meruem

strongest chimera ants

The Chimera Ant King himself and by far the strongest one. Meruem’s portrayal clearly put him above all other characters in the series and even the strongest human and one of the best nen users; Netero was still incapable of defeating him. Most of the latter’s attacks barely scratched including the most powerful one “Zero Hand”. The Rose Bomb used by Netero is what actually took him down. But he would later survive and become many times more powerful by consuming the Aura of his Royal Guards; Youpi and Pouf, gaining their Aura and their abilities.

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