Top 20 Best Anime Girls With White Hair

anime girls with white hair

Top 20 Best Anime Girls With White Hair – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 20 Best Anime Girls With White Hair. Anime girls with white hair are quite common in a variety of anime. It may not be an iconic colour for some big names but real Otakus will know that some famous anime girls have their hair colour as white. Similar to others, white is also a colour that makes certain characters stand out. So, let us jump straight into the list and discuss the 20 best anime girls with white hair.

20. Togame (Katanagatari)

anime girls with white hair

Togame is the lead female character in Katanagatari and is one of those anime girls with white hair. She works under the Shogunate and does a great job with the help of her keen intellect. She seems perfect in all sorts but after she is a human and can be clumsy at times. She knows how to balance her royalty style with her job of making intelligent schemes.

This also doesn’t mean she is a scary girl to interact with. She is quite cheerful making her easily approachable. Working under the Shogunate is not an easy job. This is why she is very wary of trusting just anyone. She has been this way after a brutal betrayal in her past.

19. Origami Tobiichi (Date A Live)

anime girls with white hair

Origami Tobiichi is the embodiment of a perfect girl in this story. Name any attribute and she has it. From grades to athleticism to good looks, she just has everything. She also has a vengeful motive in the story and that is to revenge for her parents by terminating spirits.

But it is quite ironic that later in the series she became a spirit herself. Apart from that she is a part of AST too with her skills in wizardry one to admire. The only drawback is that she can mess up sometimes while fighting against spirits because her motive of revenge is always playing at the back of her mind.

18. Orphelia Landlufen (Asterisk War)


We better know Orphelia Landlufen as Julius Riessfeld’s childhood friend. Her past is kind of traumatic since she got experiments done on her by Hilda. The experiment’s cost paid for the debts of the orphanage and Orphelia got turned into a Genestellar and Strega.

Although Orphelia currently has long and shining white hair, when she was a child, she used to have brown coloured hair. Orphelia possesses red eyes that match well with the colour of her hair and adds to her beauty.  

17. Kanna (Inuyasha)


Kanna is Naraku’s incarnation in this story and is the first one of those incarnations. Her name translates to that of God of Nothingness and there was a very special purpose for creating her. It was to bring forth destruction on Tessaiga.

It was hard for Inuyasha to feel her presence since she didn’t give off any scent or aura. Her ability to negate the effects of demonic aura also allowed Naraku to trust her with important matters. In terms of personality, she had none at all. She was kind of like a void who executed every order of Naraku word by word.

16. Index Librorum (A Certain Magical Index)


Index Librorum is a very interesting character in this series. Firstly, she was a part of Necessarius. Secondly, she had the ability of Perfect Memory. Thirdly, reading grimoires did no harm to her which is why she had enclosed herself in about 103000 grimoires at the start of the story.

She is small and cute in her looks and her white hair makes her appear like an angel. Her usual outfit consisted of Walking Church that boosted her defence quite a lot. But unfortunately it got destroyed by the right hand of Touma. She can still wear it but it needs to be held in its place by many safety pins.

15. Sorano (Fairy Tail)


It is likely possible that you may have forgotten about Sorano from Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail has quite a few anime girls with white hair and Sorano is one of them. She was on the side of the villains and was a part of the notorious dark guild, Oracion Seis.

She used Angel Magic and caused lots of trouble for the Guild Alliance. She was ultimately defeated but later grouped together to form a revamped version of Oracion Seis. Apart from Angel Magic, she was proficient with Celestial Magic too and Lucy found it hard to deal with her.

14. Tama (WIXOSS)


Tama is a white haired character in this anime who is essentially a LRIG for Ruko Kominato. She has an overall whitish appearance that makes her seem like she has come from a cold country.

Although she has white hair initially, it is important to note that her level 5 form has dark hair. She can be compared to a child because of her behaviour and just like a cat she can quickly get attached to someone.

13. Alisa Illinichina Amiella (God Eater)


Alisa is a character in God Eater with silver white hair. She has a Russian origin and is an extremely powerful fighter. Her eyes especially speak of her strength and anyone can be afraid just by looking at them.

She is very determined to succeed once she is set on a target. She will not let anything come between her and her goal but that can also make her overconfident at times. She suffered a very traumatic experience in the past and tries to avoid anything that triggers it.

12. Meiko Honma (Anohana)


It is kind of debatable to consider Meiko Honma as the main female character in Anohana. But she is the reason for the story and all the events are surrounding her. Meiko has always been a cheerful girl and she was a part of a group in her childhood.

Unfortunately, she died in an accident which caused the other members of her group to blame themselves and each other. She came back later as a memory to the lead male character who gathered everyone to pay one last tribute to Meiko.

11. Koneko Toujou (High School DxD)

anime girls with white hair

Everyone who has watched High School DxD is well aware of the feisty Koneko Toujou. She is the cat-like girl in Rias’ group who is always very serious. When Issei first joined as one of Rias’ chess pieces, she did not like him at first sight.

But she slowly came round to the idea and they grew closer with the passage of time. She is a very cute character in the series with a short and petite build. But even then, you definitely do not want to piss her off.

10. Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

anime girls with white hair

The demon in the Fairy Tail guild, Mirajane Strauss is a beautiful girl with white hair. She is the poster girl of her guild and due to her attractive features she has been in the cover pictures of magazines too.

But that should not let you think for one moment that Mirajane is only about looks. Her demon form is very scary and she is one of the few high class wizards in the guild. Once she is in her zone, it is very difficult for the enemy to bring her down.

9. Nao Tomori (Charlotte)


Nao Tomori is like the figurehead character in Charlotte. She is the president of the Student Council in Hoshinoumi Academy that looks after a very complicated matter. Their job is to gather all those people who are misusing their special powers.

She can be quite an authoritative figure which probably explains a bit of her narcissistic attitude. The only thing that she understands is hard work and anyone not noticing it can rile her up.

8. Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)

anime girls with white hair

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland is one of the more popular anime girls with white hair. If you look at her for the first time, you would probably think that she is sick or something since she looks very pale.

She is an albino and the red colour of her eyes is very prominent. Unfortunately, Shiro has a dual personality due to the inhumane experiments that were done on her. One of those personalities is cheerful and joyous while the other one is sadistic and mean.

7. Neferpitou (Hunter x Hunter)


Neferpitou is one of the main villains in Hunter x Hunter and she was quite a tough character to deal with. She was a cat-like humanoid and her white hairs are wavy in shape. As a result, she has all the senses of a cat ranging from heightened vision to insane mobility.

Her Nen type was specialisation which made her all the more fearful. She could easily control her aura nodes at will and the way she could learn anything at a fast speed was really scary.

6. Lisanna Strauss (Fairy Tail)

anime girls with white hair

Lisanna Strauss is the sister of Mirajane Strauss in Fairy Tail and just like her she has white hair in the series. Lisanna also has a beast like magic and has always been a cheerful girl since her childhood.

She is not as powerful as her sister, Lisanna but she can always be counted on to put up a great fight. When she was small she got lost and went off to an alternate world accidentally. But she could ultimately rejoin with the original Fairy Tail guild that made for a teary reunion.

5. Isla (Plastic Memories)


Isla is a humanoid in Plastic Memories who is also referred to as a Giftia. She is one of the best creations of Terminal Service One and worked with them. Since a Giftia is not supposed to have any feelings, Isla did not have them either.

But when her partner changed to that of Tsukasa Mizugaki, it changed her and she started developing human feelings. Since her job involves other Giftias she knows about their fate at the end and takes it strongly.

4. Najenda (Akame ga Kill)


Najenda from Akame ga Kill is the main brain behind the group Night Raid. She used to be a part of the corrupt government but later decided to form her own group to take them down. She leads the band of assassins with perfect leadership and is no slouch in the battlefield either.

She knows about the hardships that come in the line of their job and is not faltered by them. She has a mechanical arm and it goes without saying that it does not make her a pushover at all. Instead she knows how to make use of it in the best tactical way.

3. Julie Sigtuna (Absolute Duo)

Julie Sigtuna is the main female lead character in Absolute Duo. She is not a native from Japan and has only come to that place to get revenge for the death of her father. Julie is a beautiful girl with a mysterious personality that makes her very hard to figure out.

Using her Blaze ability she can form Twin Blades that makes her very hard to face against. She can slash through her opponents consecutively giving them no time to strike back.

2. Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto)

anime girls with white hair

It is crazy that the most prominent girl in Naruto with white hair is Kaguya Otsutsuki. She is a part of the Otsutsuki clan whose main plan is to cultivate the chakra fruit and destroy the planet in that process.

She had also been the main villain of the Naruto series from the beginning and that was quite a twist at the end. There was no hint given that she existed and it felt as if she was almost invincible.

1. Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats)

anime girls with white hair

A very interesting fact about Kanade Tachibana is that she was presented as an antagonist in the series. But it later turned out that this fact was not at all true. She was known as the Angel and was also the president of the Student Council.

She often clashed with Yuri Nakamura from the Afterlife BattleFront due to their contrasting ideas. Kanade has always felt like a character who does not have any feelings since she always remains unfazed even by the most intense things.

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