Top 30 Most Badass Anime Characters

badass anime characters

Top 30 Most Badass Anime Characters  Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 30 Most Badass Anime Characters. You all anime lover must be aware that Anime is a great source of entertainment because of their unmatched comedy, exceptional visuals, music, deep life and friendship lessons portrayed, and unbeatable action. No matter what you like or in which genre you are interested in, anime has something for you always.

Anime characters have never left any chance to provoke our emotions. They make us laugh, cry, and love or hate a character.

Badass anime characters are vigorous, entertaining and enchanting at a single time. Here is a list 30 badass anime characters that are must watch for you guys! So, let’s get started.

30. Guts From Berserk

badass anime characters

Black swordsman is the man who had all the necessary powers and badass attitude he needed to survive and protect others. You may also know him as Guts. A great deal of trouble hindered his path from his childhood and continued till his adolescence but his extreme early training did nothing else but to improve his badass character day by day. The aggressiveness in his light brown eyes create the real rigidity in the way he fights. Black Swordsman grew unforgiving with each passing day and the only purpose in his life became nothing else but to kill everyone in his way and fight with every obstacle. Lack of social relationship because of the fear of attachment is one of the significant characteristics of Guts.

29. Erza Scarlet From Fairy Tail

badass anime characters

There wouldn’t be not a single anime lover who don’t know or even don’t like Fairy Tail. Erza Scarlet is one of the prominent badass characters in Fairy Tail anime. A true representation of becoming valuable diamond from a stone. Living a miserable life as a slave, she polished herself bearing a lot of pain and sufferings. The additional thing which adds sparkle in her personality is her calmed and composed nature. A read headed wizard who can change any weapon with her magic is not someone or something that can be ignored while making list of badass character anime.

28. Revy From Black Lagoon


Revy from Black Lagoon series is playing a protagonist role. She’s is famous for her love for heavy smoking and drinking. Killing people mercilessly even common civilians is he favorite thing to do. She is red headed, Competitive warrior and rude in nature. Her all qualities sums her into a perfect badass anime character.

27. Satsuki Kiryuin From Kill la Kill

badass anime characters

Satsuki Kiryuin , an aristocratic, arrogant, and snobbish teenager at school with angular face and slim body. Her long thigh lengthened hair beautified her appearance when she was a child which was later cut short. Intelligence was her main tool and the quality that added charm to her personality was her determination to achieve her goal even at the risk of her life. She had Discipline, strict ruling and ability to lead people.

Despite her haughty nature she had profound love for her sister and father which depicts the soft corner of her heart . The badass character was fond of drinking tea to grew her personality even more fierce.

26. Byakuya Kuchiki From Bleach

badass anime characters

Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach, a person who don’t like to eat sweets but is really sweet as a person deep inside, His badass aspect you can’t ignore though.

The most highlighted aspect of his personality is him being very strict to follow laws and orders at any cost. His life is disciplined by the fact that he considered violation of law as a crime which must not be committed even by a renowned person like him. His kenseikan, a scarf made from expensive silk enhances the charm of his badass personality. He brought many innovations in his life and one of them was a turn in his behavior which transformed from being hot-headed to adding a comic side in his personality.

25. Mikoto Misaka From A Certain Magical Index


Railgun or Mikoto Misaka, the strongest badass character in the anime a certain magical index.

She is notable for her electromagnetic powers which can be used to turn world into ash or projectile anything anytime. A teenager of 8th standard but of unremarkable intelligence and vigor in her actions. She is really tough and can survive and combat without even a single moment of rest. She has sheen eyes and sharp features. The immense popularity of this badass character is due to her strong sense for justice and efforts to save her clones. She once got help from a friend to save her life and later fall in love with her.

24. Shinya Kogami From Psycho-Pass


If an enforcement officer who is tasked with crime management can’t be a badass anime character who else can be? He is a mastermind behind creating or solving anything related to crime and that’s what make him a perfect detective.

His grey eyes and black her compliment his mind and detective personality but along with them his sexy body is a plus. The way his minds work to solve a case is what a investigator need plus humorous aspect of character is fascinating for anime lovers.

23. Roy Mustang From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a perfect badass anime character who has antiheroic charters but is filled with profound attraction for heroic goals. Roy is a true picture of what we call perfection with his wise eyes, sophisticated body language, and black hair are enchanting. He joined military although his alchemy master was displeased at this. Alchemy was his main power which contributed a great deal in making him a badass. Blessed or notorious for the title “flame Alchemist”, as he had the ability to create fire from alchemy. His alchemy master was the major reason of him becoming a badass though he didn’t intend to do so and was only teaching him alchemy for the humanity service.

22. Baki Hanma From Grappler Baki


The main character from anime series Grappler Baki who first got inspired by his father’s marital arts techniques and later became disheartened and tried to defeat and destroy him. A perfect example of badass anime character who improved his fighting style “Total Fighting” using many techniques of many types of marital arts.

The man who became his own trainer at very young age and tried to teach himself the fighting skills. The honesty and dedication he showed in battles and fighting is worthy despite what are the outcomes of fighting. He fought in “No rules” arena and ultimately, he was the winner of it. He was the most careless yet the most aggressive in rivalry and perfectly organized in his own ways.

21. Ghislaine Dedoldia From Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation


Who don’t love a complete package of badass characteristics, Black Wolf Sword King? Having a body full of scars, an eye patch complementing mysterious look and dark body embellished with leather dress is a more than perfect combination of a boss lady. She was a daughter of a village ruler and a resilient willed warrior herself. Her expressionless face makes her actual feelings conceal and make her tougher. Her muscular body helps her strong will to do anything for the people she serves and to protect her own self. It makes her to go any extent to get what she actually wants.

20. Ken Kaneki From Tokyo Ghoul

badass anime characters

Ken Kaneki is the main hero of the series. A shy and reserved person whose most of the time is committed to book reading. Appearing gentle and soft by look he has the deep fear of being left alone and this thought is provoking him to look after the people he really cares for. Although he is the protagonist but a number of evil activities, he had performed in the series make a person doubtful. A part of his personality has the most brutal and criminal characteristics.

19. Mugen From Samurai Champloo

badass anime characters

A unique, eccentric and audacious fighting style of Mugen made all the anime lovers love this badass character. He is the main protagonist of this series and adds sparkle through his unpredictable fighting style. He was snobbish, substantial, temperamental, unbalanced, and rude and all these aspects played a major task in enhancing his badass character day by day. very tough and strenuous, love to fight and make his mark by securing a victory, has the stamina to rescue any defeat. His competitive and lawless nature made him loathe all kinds of dominative, oppressive and ruling behaviors around him. He was a true badass indeed.

18. Roronoa Zoro From One Piece

badass anime characters

Roronoa zoro or “pirate hunter zoro” was an exceptional fighter. This tittle is unquestionably awarded to him for a reason and the reason was his powers and fighting competencies with his sword. He was recruited in pirate hunts as an ill-famed fugitive hunter and he made his mark in top three swordsmen as he used sword during fights in an unassailable way. This made him a genuine badass character and a bandanna tied around his head indicated his furious mood. His goal for which he endeavored was to become world’s best swordsmen. His body and muscles also participated in developing him into best fighter.

17. L From Death Note


Perplexing, cunning, sharp, extremely intelligent detective- L from death note. He is an antagonist and a very strong character; he works against light who is the main protagonist of the series and is defeated by L at last. He had a great attraction for sweets baked foods, cakes, candies and all that stuff. He spent all hi childhood in solving crime cases in which he had great interest and grew up as a badass with attributes of a villain, very cruel and hideous villain. It was not really the love for justice that made him solve the cases. In fact, it was just that he found them inquisitive. He like many other badass characters discussed before despised downfall.

16. Alucard From Hellsing

badass anime characters

Alucard of 598 years- he spared no efforts in making himself the most dominative and intense character of the series. As a vampire, he had supernatural abilities and vey fast reflexes and instincts. No human eye can capture or follow his speed. Blood and souls were in his hand and he was devoid of all the materialistic weaknesses. He had the ability to regenerate himself with souls of others. Though this immortality thing seems really ambiguous yet it is true and this thing made this badass character unusual and notable among all the other vampires of average qualities.

15. Spike From Cowboy Bebop


Spike had a lot of extraordinary yet queer abilities that a normal person can’t even imagine of. Exceptional and very strong eyesight, and great perception. One of his have been surgically replaced. This badass character was very charismatic in his looks. Tall, lean body, dark green thick hair, and sparkling brown eyes all of them had a hidden charm. His personality shown is quite calm, resting, sluggish and nonchalant. He really had a stroke of good luck every time and his hand movements were very deceptive which added to his powers and aided him to pick pockets, cheat in playing cards and many more.

14. Light Yagami From Death Note


Light yagami from death note is the main protagonist character of the series and is endeavoring hard to set up his world of justice against his L who is antagonist and is already discussed in the article. Light was a true depiction of how a badass character should be written and displayed. Light also known as Kira aimed at becoming a god. He was blessed with the power of killing and taking life of anyone and at anytime by just writing the person’s name in the death note. Light like many other badass characters mentioned earlier is petrified of being wounded and defeated by someone else. In spite of his incomparable powers, he died at the end of the series because Ryuk wrote his name in death note himself and his unbeatable journey ended.

13. Satoru Gojo From Jujutsu Kaisen

badass anime characters

Satoru, a powerful diviner who considers himself to be unassailable and undoubtedly, he really is. Extremely enchanting, vigor, charm, honor, arrogance, strength, valor, fearlessness and courage are all the words that explain how tough and unflinching this badass character is. He was lean and towering man with white spiked hair and sparkling blue eyes. He was very dominative tyrant and oppressive for his enemies ana at the same time very soft, kind and lighthearted for his students and friends. He was very coolheaded but it didn’t take him a moment to convert into warm headed for his enemies. This badass character got six eyes and limitless powers through hereditation. He was the most authoritative sorcerer of the series with immense cursed energy which he can use several times per day and this distinguishes him from other sorcerers who are able to use this energy only once in a day.

12. Itachi Uchiha From Naruto Shippuden


Itachi is the most loved and praised character of all times both by allies and foes alike.

He possesses exceptional ninja skills and spiritual powers to deal with air, fire, and water. He was a very good person with great qualities. He killed his clan in his early age freeing only his younger brother. It is a great example of his bravery. He killed them because they were planning something that would affect the lives of other people. He was very intelligent and sharp, committed a brutal crime and then got missing from eyes of people. He was willingly killed by his brother for the transfer of powers. This badass character has all my heart!

11. Levi From Attack on Titan

badass anime characters

Levi with great Ackerman power, is a strong and tough character admired by everyone. He has profound love for humanity deep inside and strives to protect them and is considered as the strongest soldier of humanity. But despite of having all he rarely shows emotion and is famous for his blunt comments on others. His face is mostly cold giving no expression of emotions to others. His rigid face defines his rigid and stiff temperament and his arrogance helps him to become a great warrior.

10. Chrollo From Hunter x Hunter


Chrollo – a very tranquil and calm individual who was born to be a leader. He struggled to keep his phantom troops together despite the aggressive personalities and behavior of its members. This badass character is resolute and very much unwavering. He believes in his strength so much that he doesn’t even fear death.

His powers are depicted by the book “skill hunter”. He has the power to steal anyone’s abilities and save in the book. The one whose abilities are stolen is no longer able to use them ever again. This aspect makes his personality more strenuous. His vigor is somewhere hidden in his sheen grey eyes.

9. Hyakkimaru From Dororo

badass anime characters

Hyakkimaru from Dororo is the main protagonist of the series with an undying desire and determination to get his body parts back from demons. And for them he is ready to cruelly slaughter his father and brother. The darker and rigid side of his personality is driven by these wishes. His personality cannot be known much due to his indefinable face expressions and lack of speech. He was curious and naive at first but getting to know all facts his mercy and sentimental personality gradually went away and inflexible persona came over it. He became a person who will not hesitate to kill anyone and destroy anything that will come in the way of his plan.

8. Thorfinn From Vinland Saga


Thorfinn from vinland saga is the main protagonist of the series and a very skillful person. He was a successful captain but suffered a lot in his life. He lost his father but he developed himself into a very strong person and a battle field fighter who is extremely rigid and can fight with the men even older than him. His ferocious personality enabled him to endeavor and avenge his father’s death. This scenario transformed him into a person who is not hesitant to slaughter anyone or devastate anything that hinders his way of achieving his goal.

7. Yami Sukehiro From Black Clover

badass anime characters

Yami Sukehiro is the most reckless knight who will kill or destroy anything that caused even a slightest inconvenience for him. His head always fill of killing threats that he is ready to give. His actions not words show his real intention. A knight with a short temperament who will go to the edge at slightest trouble and interruption. The sharp brain inside his head make the exact and tough strategies to put his rivals into difficult and miserable positions. He knows the comebacks even before they attack him.

6. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji From Classroom of the Elite


The badass young boy having a great insight to dig people’s feelings and know their emotions. He is the main lead and one of the best badass anime characters from the series Classroom of elite. Shyness and reservedness are the main aspect of his nature and his is kind of a mystery to explore. His body is amazingly fit even though he doesn’t play any kind of physical sport. The student with average academic score but above average at ant other thing. His expertise skills in manipulating others are above average and the plus point is he also know how to get advantage of it.

5. Shiba Tatsuya From The Irregular at Magic High School

badass anime characters

Shiba Tatsuya is the main protagonist character of the anime irregular in the magical high-school. He is a first year student at magical high school. Although, magic is his main quality yet he is very strenuous and well-developed physical capacity. His muscular body is strong enough to support him in the battle field against other magicians who can’t match his powers and use the power of their magic to enhance their physical sustainability. This badass character is unflinching and immortal. Even a bullet right in his heart is not able to stagger his feet. In addition to his magical abilities he also had unmatchable intelligence and sharpness with which he can create new magical codes. This all developed him into a badass character who is capable enough to conquer the whole world through his magic.

4. Madara Uchiha From Naruto Shippuden


Madara Uchiha is a major villain from the series Naruto Shippuden. But his personality makes him more of a hero than a villain. His childhood grew him into an unbeatable warrior. He suffered all his childhood, saw the death of his family and these sufferings made him perfectionist. He conquered the battles he fought and these battles made him more proficient in his skills.

3. Cosmo Imai From Kengan Ashura


A bright, cheerful optimistic fighter who finds it very easy to make friends with new people. But his smiling face in a difficult situation makes people confuse about him. He was called “social Butterfly” in his school because of his unending friend’s list. The king of the strangle is famous for his Adaptable and quick skills in a battleground.

2. Satou From Ajin


Satou from Ajin possess ordinary qualities of Ajin but is an evil one. He has a profound love for killing others and be tyrant.

He, unlike other badass characters is soft, playful and lenient on outer side and inside is a merciless, oppressive and dominative person. He only wants to live his life by killing and destroying others as destruction and being reckless is his hobby. He is immortal himself and he don’t enjoy killing one person at a time and so he usually kills a group of people to have some nice spectacle to see. The ability to paralyze any man by just screaming is the power that adds vigor to his personality and make him fiercer and eviler. He can make quick plans with inquisitive approach because of his shrewdness.

1. Soma From Shokugeki no Soma


Soma, a restaurant owner with strong love for cooking even more than his love for humanity. His personality and his battle field differentiate him from other badass characters. He is very much challenging, energetic, fervent, eager to learn and explore new things, often remains cool and playful in intense situations that can easily make a person red headed.

He is a young and passionate boy who can willingly accept any sort of challenge given to him and can face it innovatively by quitting his ordinary dishes and introducing some new recipes to enhance the flavor.

That is it from today’s post on Top 30 Most Badass Anime Characters. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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