All Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits and Their Powers Explained

ancient zoan devil fruits

All Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits and Their Powers Explained – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing All Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits and Their Powers Explained. By now, you might already know that some Devil Fruits give their wielders animal powers. These are the so-called Zoans. Now, the amazing thing about this is that not all animal fruits are current species.

Many of them have already been featured in the story – and guess what: All users of this Devil Fruit have some connection with Kaidou’s gang. Not bad for the one who calls himself the Strongest Creature in the World and Governor-General of the Beasts Pirates. Kaidou’s plan for his group was to create a band where all members were Devil Fruit users .

Namely, at the top of Kaido’s beasts, are three prehistoric animals representing the highest level of the food chain! In addition to them, there is a group of six pirates who also ate the fruits of ancient animals and dispute a place among the three commanders of Kaidou’s gang: The Tobiroppo. So settle down in the chair and grab a bucket of popcorn and now we’re going on a trip back to the Jurassic!

Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli

ancient zoan devil fruits

The first Devil Fruit on the list belongs to Black Maria, an incredibly tall woman who is part of the Tobiroppo, having a bounty of 480 million berries for her capture. She ate a prehistoric model of the Spider Fruit, which allows her to transform into a Rosamygale Grauvogeli, a spider from the tarantula family that existed in the Triassic period.

If she so wishes, Black Maria can either transform into a full version of the Spider, or into a human-spider hybrid form. In her hybrid form, she gains a centaur-like appearance, where her upper body remains fully human, while her legs are replaced with a full spider body, which has its own face. And despite the exaggerated proportions of her transformation, the real-life Rosamygale Grauvogeli was a tiny spider.

But as Black Maria is already incredibly large by nature, consequently her Zoan form will be proportional to her size. In addition to looks, this fruit obviously gives Black Maria several spider-like abilities, including the ability to walk on walls and ceilings, as well as having poisonous stingers on the ends of her spider legs that she uses to attack her enemies.

She is also capable of producing and shooting extremely sticky webs from her body that she can use to trap her opponents, create a shield to block incoming attacks, and even set fire to the battlefield. Finally, Black Maria also has the ability to create illusions using a “mist” that makes her enemies hallucinate, but we don’t know for sure if this ability originates from her fruit or not.

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Triceratops


The second fruit on this list belongs to Sasaki, another member of the Tobiroppo who has a bounty of 472 million berries. He ate the Ancestral Zoan of Triceratops, a herbivorous dinosaur that lived in the late Cretaceous period. And, like the Triceratops that its fruit represents, Sasaki already has dinosaur-like horns, even when not transformed, suggesting that he is of some non-human species, such as an oni.

The main features that the Triceratops Fruit grants Sasaki are an immense increase in his physical strength and a considerable increase in his hardness and endurance, as well as allowing him to switch between his normal and animal form. Being able to transform into a human-beast hybrid version or a full form of a Triceratops.

His resistance and durability were shown mainly during his fight against Franky. Sasaki was able to take several powerful shots from General Franky and still get back up to continue the fight, an ability that made him the leader of Kaidou’s infantry defense division. As its main form of attack, Sasaki uses its three pointed horns to charge and attack its opponents with headbutts, just like a true triceratops.

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Spinosaurus


The Ancestral Zoan Model Spinosaurus was eaten by Page One, another Tobiroppo with a bounty of 290 million berries on his head. Within the Beasts Pirates, he is sent to hunt down and punish those who rebel against Kaidou’s group, being a strict and violent person. His Fruit gives him the powers to transform into a Spinosaurus, being able to assume a hybrid form or a complete form.

Spinosaurus is a large and powerful theropod, semi-aquatic, that inhabited the land in the Cretaceous period, being known as the “thorn lizard” because of the thorn-shaped bones that it had in its back. He is considered the greatest predatory dinosaur of all time.

So, you can already imagine the power that this fruit gives to its user, right? During his transformation into a dinosaur, both his physical strength and endurance increase considerably. When Page One is in his full animal form, his fighting style is completely animalistic, where he uses attacks with his huge tail, devastating bites and slashes with his sharp claws.

These attacks are powerful enough to destroy houses and buildings without much effort. In his hybrid form, he still has sharp teeth and claws and a tail, but he prefers slashing attacks with its claws.

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pachycephalosaurus

ancient zoan devil fruits

The Pachycephalosaurus Model Ancestral Zoan was eaten by Page One’s older sister, Ulti. Who is also part of the Tobiroppo and has a bounty of 400 million berries on her head. This fruit gave her the ability to transform into a pachycephalosaurus, a herbivorous dinosaur from the Cretaceous period known for having a thick, round, ball-like bone at the top of its skull.

This feature has given it the nickname “thick-headed lizard”. When its fossil was discovered, it was assumed by paleontologists at the time that it was used by the dinosaur to attack, which served as an inspiration for Ulti’s fighting style. However, recent discussions among archaeologists have pointed out that this bone would be much more of an ornament to display during mating than for combat.

As mentioned before, her fighting style is mainly based on headbutting, as Ulti has a very tough head and reinforces it with Armament Haki to cause more damage. But her attacks are not limited to that, in addition to her improved skull, she also gains a sharp tail and claws.

In addition, her physical strength and endurance are enormous, as demonstrated in her fights, where she quickly recovered from her injuries and was able to match a blow against Luffy. Despite this, she doesn’t seem to have much stamina, as she grew tired of chasing Yamato across Onigashima and had her younger brother, Page One, carry her around the castle.

Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Saber Tiger


Sabretooth’s Ancestral Zoan was eaten by none other than Who’s Who, a former member of CP9 and current member of Tobiroppo. He has the highest bounty among the six members of the group, with a bounty of 546 million berries on his head. The Sabretooth Tiger, for those who don’t know, is considered the largest and most dangerous carnivore of the Cenozoic Era.

Its main feature is the presence of teeth of extraordinary proportion, reaching about 20 cm. It is believed that its fangs were used to pierce the body of its prey, after the victim had been knocked down under the weight of its huge paws. Who’s Who is capable of transforming into either a hybrid human-animal form or a full animal form.

This fruit, in addition to making him look like a gigantic feline, also increases all of his physical attributes, such as strength, resistance and, above all, his versatility and agility in combat. Of course, we can’t forget about his sharp canines that he uses to attack his enemies.

As a former CP9 agent and master of Rokushiki, Who’s-Who is able to combine his superhuman martial arts prowess with the increased physical strength and animalistic characteristics granted by his transformation, particularly when he is in his hybrid form. Which greatly improves his overall combat skills.

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus


The Ancestral Zoan Model Allosaurus was eaten by X-Drake, the captain of the Navy’s Secret Special Forces, SWORD, and considered one of the 12 pirates of the Worst Generation, with a bounty of 222 million berries before from timeskip. He defected from his position as a Rear Admiral to disguise himself as a pirate and became a subordinate of the Beasts pirates, infiltrating the Tobiroppo.

But in the end, he was eventually discovered and he allied himself with the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. His Devil Fruit gives Drake the power to transform into an Allosaurus, a bipedal dinosaur from the Jurassic period, popular for being the greatest predator of its time. Allosaurus’ main difference from other dinosaurs is its bite.

Its jaw opens wider than other animals and its teeth are smaller and serrated, not for piercing, but for tearing apart prey larger than itself. This dinosaur trait is portrayed in Drake’s animal form, which usually attacks its opponents with bites that it uses to trap them. In addition, the fruit also increases Drake’s physical capacity and gives him sharp claws and a long tail, increasing the range of his attacks.

He also uses haki to strengthen his strikes and wields two weapons, a rapier and an ax with four blades that form an X, just like his name. He even makes use of the immense physical capacity granted by his fruit to increase the power of his weapons’ attacks while in his hybrid form.

Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth


Drought Jack was the one who ate the Mammoth Ancestral Zoan. He is a giant grouper fishman and was the first major Kaido star to appear in One Piece, still in the Zou arc. Jack is a brutal pirate with a bounty of 1 billion berries on his head. Speaking of Jack’s Devil Fruit, it allows Jack to assume a hybrid version or a complete form of a Mammoth.

The mammoth is a mammal of the same family as the elephants and became extinct more than 10,000 years ago. They were considered sociable animals, as they lived in groups. Its ivory tusks, proboscis and exuberant size are its main hallmarks. By assuming the characteristics of this animal, Jack gains an increase in size and extraordinary physical strength.

This allows him to destroy buildings and houses just by ramming his trunk into buildings, as he himself demonstrated on Zou. Despite this, this transformation slows him down by making Jack heavier, making him an easy target. However, this factor is offset by its enormous endurance. So far, its only displayed attack has been swinging its torso to damage its opponents.

However, in his hybrid form, Jack can wield his two blades and use his Devil Fruit powers to increase the power of his swordsmanship in battle. Being a fish-man, Jack can still remain conscious and breathe underwater for an indefinite amount of time, although he remains unable to move under these conditions.

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus

ancient zoan devil fruit

The Brachiosaurus Model Ancestral Zoan was eaten by Queen, another great Kaido star, being the second to appear and show his powers in history and having a bounty of 1 billion and 320 million berries! Despite having eaten an ancient fruit, Queen is a scientist and also uses many inventions and mechanical enhancements in his fights.

This Devil Fruit gives Queen the power to transform into a gigantic Brachiosaurus, a dinosaur that, in the real world, was between 18 and 20 meters tall and about 25 meters long… and it is estimated that its weight reached around 50 tons. With that, by assuming characteristics of this dinosaur, Queen gains a considerable increase in her physical abilities and resistance.

But one difference between Queen’s animal form and the real animal is that the Brachiosaurus had a tough body that naturally defended it from predators, having its huge neck as a weak point. Queen, on the other hand, uses just his neck to fight, headbutting his opponents, just like he did when he knocked out Big Mom in Udon.

Also, being a cyborg, Queen was able to adapt and augment his Devil Fruit capabilities through technological implants. Queen has several weapons equipped on his body, having his hair braided, his tail and his left arm transforming into mechanical tentacles with claws. Additionally, he becomes capable of wielding one of his swords for combat.

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon

ancient zoan devil fruits

Last but not least, we have King, another of Kaido’s 3 big stars, and who ate the Ancestral Zoan Model Pteranodon. His bounty is 1 billion and 390 million berries for his head and he is the survivor of an almost extinct race in One Piece, the Lunars, who are known to be able to produce fire in their bodies and have a resistance greater than that of normal humans.

In addition to the powers that King has because of his race, because of his Devil Fruit, he also has the ability to transform into a pteranodon, a flying prehistoric reptile, much like the pterodactyl, only bigger. The pteranodon lived in the late Cretaceous period and was popular for the crest on its head, which King uses to fire his fire attacks, as demonstrated in his fight against Zoro.

This indicates that the dinosaur would have a greater resistance to heat, being an appropriate figure for King’s inspiration, who has the ability to generate fire in his body. In addition, it is worth mentioning that King naturally already has wings for being a Lunar, not being an attribute granted to him exclusively by his Devil Fruit.

However, the Pteranodon Fruit changes King’s wing to a featherless wing, similar to a pterosaur. In battle, King gained the ability to fly at tremendous speeds, covering great distances quickly. As well as having a significant increase in his overall physical abilities. With that, King takes advantage of the momentum he takes in his pteranodon form to dramatically increase the impact of his blows.


Although there are many dinosaurs and animals extinct in prehistory, these are the ones that have appeared in One Piece so far. They may be few compared to those in zoology, but it’s certainly enough for any Steven Spielberg to fault! Who knows, as the story progresses, other dinosaurs will appear and we’ll bring them to you too.

That is it from today’s post on All Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits and Their Powers Explained. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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