Top 15 Most Powerful Cyberpunk Edgerunners Characters

Top 15 Most Powerful Cyberpunk Edgerunners Characters

Top 15 Most Powerful Cyberpunk Edgerunners Characters – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 15 Most Powerful Cyberpunk Edgerunners Characters. Cyberpunk Edgerunners is an anime series on Netflix, released not too long ago as of writing this script. The show focuses on David Martinez, a hispanic teen in the infamous Night City.

In a place like Night City you need a lot of help, whether it be from guns, blades or cybernetics, there is a series power gap in between each of the distinct characters throughout the show. So, that got us asking, who’s the strongest one here and who is too weak for Night City. So, let’s get started.

15. Gloria Martinez


To no one’s surprise, the weakest character on our list is Gloria Martinez. Gloria is the mother of the main character David and an EMT in Night City. She is the weakest for a number of reasons, but most of all is because of her lack of any cybernetics, cyberwear or weaponry.

She does have knowledge on how to heal and set bones alongside other medical knowledge other characters wouldn’t have, but beyond that, her strongest ability is her connection to Maine and the other Edgerunners, and even that didn’t let her live long. If another season ever comes along and decides to explore her past maybe we’ll learn more, but as it stands, she’s the bottom of the list.

14. Doc


Doc, as his name implies is a ripperdoc, which helps those around him utilize cyberwear and other such things. Doc has access to all kinds of tools, mechanical items and cybernetics he can give his patients. We never see him fight or handle a weapon, but he seems to be a skilled surgeon, a masterful mechanic to some degree and heavily knowledgable in his field.

Combining these facts it’s obvious to see why we would consider him more powerful than Gloria. If he had more time in a fight we could more accurately parse his abilities, but gauging on the fact that we assume he’s the one behind all of David’s upgrades, he seems very good at his job and therefore deserves this spot.

13. Falco


Coming up next on the list is everyone’s favorite wheelman and recluse Falco. Falco is a member of the edgerunners and a pretty important member to David’s crew specifically. While he was a part of Maine’s crew, most of his time was spent in David’s in the second half of the show.

Falco doesn’t really have much to talk about beyond being a healthy adult male who seems really good at his driving job, hence being the group’s getaway driver and wheelman. Falco does seem skilled enough with a firearm to outrank Doc and Gloria, but he also has a few cybernetic upgrades, like his right arm.

His main job being driving does stop him from flying higher as we never see what his implants can do or what his firearm skills are really like. Considering he only carries a Burya Revolver it makes sense that while skilled with some firearms his main strength is in driving and outmanuevering opponents.

12. Faraday

top 15 most powerful cyberpunk edgerunners characters

Everyone’s least favorite fixer, Faraday is up next on our list. Faraday is a fixer who works with Maine and David and their crews, initially working under Militech and then later under Arasaka. Faraday is not very physically strong, and doesn’t have much in terms of cyberware either. His power comes from his status and the way he can pull strings to help him do what he wants.

His only known cyberware are some dermal implants with no known use and a few optical implants that also seem to have very few uses. Faraday does own one pistol, a weak and common pistol known as the Militech M-76e Omaha, which he doesn’t seem very skilled in using. Faraday’s power and status does stop him from falling lower, but as it stands he definitely can’t rank any higher.

11. Jimmy Kurosaki

top 15 most powerful cyberpunk edgerunners characters

The next character on our list is legendary braindance editor Jimmy Kurosaki. Jimmy is not a combatant, at least not typically, however, with the huge amount of cyberware he has it makes sense to rank him above Faraday. Beyond the typical changes to most people with the ability to call from your mind or scan their surrondings, Jimmy has a wide variety of items at his disposal.

He has plates on his face and chest for unknown reason and he has a pair of chrome cyberhands that he seemingly uses for more general tech stuff. But his big items are his back-facing Kiyoshi optics that he can use to see if someone is behind him and maybe even have a 360 view if he so pleases.

He also has the “Shock-N-Awe” implant that has a chance to release an electrical burst when he’s being attacked which is obviously a help, even able to launch an EMP that knocks out even heavy hitters like Maine.

However, his strongest tech and what elevates him is his access to two Militech Wyvern drones that he enhanced to be Bulletproof, however as they are still suspectible to cyber attacks they are easy to dispatch and therefore he can’t rank higher, at the moment.

10. Kiwi

cyberpunk edgerunners

Ranking up next on our list is netrunner and traitor, Kiwi. Kiwi is unlike other characters because her strength comes more from her cyberware and her intelligence rather than any combat skills or weaponry. Beyond the necessary netrunning equipment and typical cybernetics like those used for calls, she has a variety of tools.

Among those are the Cyberdeck which she uses for quickhacking and such, a cybernetic jaw implant that acts as a mask and a neural processor which better helps her hacking. Kiwi does carry a singular weapon we’re aware of, a weak and common pistol called Unity, which she seems semi-skilled with.

She’s also a skilled cyclist, a master manipulator and was able to survive getting her cybernetic jaw mask punched off by Maine. Kiwi does lag behind due to not having much in terms of physical prowess and with her seemingly lack of gun skills it shows that she can’t rank higher…at least for the moment.

9. Lucyna Kushinada

top 15 most powerful cyberpunk edgerunners characters

Similar in some respects, Lucyna Kushida often just referred to as “Lucy” is next on our list. Lucy is another member of both Maine and David’s crews, where she takes up the position of a netrunner, who is said to be even better than Kiwi when it comes to hacking. Lucy is full of surprises and has plenty of unique tools up her sleeves, thanks to being experimented on and trained by Arasaka.

Lucy has the ability to handle Arasaka netrunners quite easily, able to track them and kill them with very little issues. Lucy is able to be tricked by someone like Kiwi and Faraday, despite this, she’s stronger than both. Sure, her gun skills leave something to be desired, only really using a Unity pistol, but that’s not her main weapon.

Her main weapon is a piece of Cyberwear known as the “Monowire”, like Jimmy’s “Shock-N-Awe” this is an item that can be used and equipped in Cyberpunk 2077. This is a long thin wire able to cut through almost anything, including bones, strangle, slice, cut or mutilate at will. It’s also easy to hide, has a very long range and can be used for traversal as well if someone wishes.

Lucy seems highly skilled in the use of the monowire and this really puts her above and beyond, especially compared to Kiwi.

8. Katsuo Tanaka


Moving away from netrunners, up next on the list is Katsuo Tanaka. Katsuo is the son of Mr. Tanaka and a high ranking part of the Arasaka school that David goes to. Katsuo is rich and a corpo who has access to much better cyberwear than poorer people could obtain, this includes the regular items one comes to expect, but also a martial arts implant that makes him a surprisingly good fighter.

Of course, he’s immediately outclassed by the Sandevistan and doesn’t seem to have any hidden cyberwear we’re unaware of. But excluding this, he’s still a threat to an unpowered person, especially David at first.

7. Pilar


Pilar was a major member of the Edgerunners and the older brother of Rebecca, he doesn’t seem to have too much up his sleeves outside of a few cybernetics that were a bit rare compared to what else we see. He used a monovision which while absent in Cyberpunk 2077, popped up in the original RPG.

The monovision allowed you to equip up to six optical enhancements, and one can assume based on Pilar’s personality he definitely did this. He also carried a Militech M10AF Lexington pistol which whilst a generic pistol that’s not very powerful he seems pretty decently skilled in it’s use.

His most important item is the unnamed cyberwear arms that he has, they extend his arms quite a bit and they seem to be quite useful as weaponry, because Maine wanted to give them to David after Pilar’s death.

6. Tanaka


We’re moving on to Mr. Tanaka as the next powerhouse on our list. Appearances can be deceiving and Tanaka is a perfect example as he has plenty of items that make him a threat to those around him. He obviously has the usual cyberoptics and Dermal implants and seems resistant to some torture as he took quite a beating before he died.

He also has the Strong Arms chipware which makes him quite skilled in Martial Arts. However, his secret weapon really makes him powerful as he has many needle projectiles hidden within his arms and body that he can fire off at will. These were sharp enough to kill Jimmy Kurosaki and nearly kill David and crew. However, he was still overpowered by our other strong characters.

5. Dorio


Ranking next on our list is the strongest woman herself, Dorio. Dorio is a high-ranking member of the Edgerunners with plenty of skills under her belt. Not only does she have the typical cyberoptics and dermal implants but she also has cyberlegs that help her speed and jumping. She also has Gorilla Arm implants, which give her intense strength, making her a massive threat in any contest of strength.

However, she also has her fair shair of weaponry that she seems extremely skilled in. She carries a Constitutional Arms Unity pistol that she uses to great effect. She also has a Malorian Overture revolver which is a high power single-action revolver that has the ability to richochet shots.

Finally, she carries an Arasaka HJSH-18 Masamune Submachine Gun, which, while a common gun, can be very helpful in the right situation. Dorio is a threat by all means, but she’s still outclassed.

4. Rebecca

top 15 most powerful cyberpunk edgerunners characters

Rebecca is a member of the Edgerunners and a fan-favorite character, so much more than almost any other character on our list. She is a woman with more than enough skills under her belt, not only in the cybernetics department, such as her giant hands that seem to increase lifting strength and battle prowess. But she’s also packed to the nines with dozens of guns and seems very well skilled in them.

Two weapons we’ve already talked about that she uses are the Unity and the Masamune, but those aren’t her main weapons by any aspect. Amongst her other weapons are the Militech Crusher Shotgun, the Rostovic DB-2 Satara Tech Shotgun, and the Nokota D5 Copperhead Assault Rifle. Each of these are common but powerful weapons that she uses quite well, but they aren’t her heavy hitters.

Excluding the Militech M76-e Omaha, her other weapons are all powerhouses, such as the Constitutional Arms M2038 Tactician, a powerful old-school shotgun, The Arasaka TKI-20 Shingen Smart Submachine Gun with tracking bullets, and the Midnight Arms SOR-22 Precision Rifle being not her typical style.

However, her two main weapons are the Militech Mk. 31 Heavy Machine Gun, which she uses often, even against Adam Smasher, and Guts, her own unique iconic version of the Budget Arms Carnage, capable of applying poison and even stop falls with it’s kickback. Rebecca is a powerhouse with hundreds of guns, but she’s still lacking in the cyberwear department and really can’t reach the top three.

3. Maine


Taking our bronze medal of power is Maine. Maine was the leader of his own Edgerunner crew, old friends with Gloria and the leader of a crew that eventually David is a part of. Maine doesn’t rely on weaponry as much as the others, but he does carry a Militech Crusher Shotgun and the Kang Tao L-69 Zhuo Smart Shotgun.

However, he heavily relies on his cybernetics, so much so he starts to go cyberpsycho. His cyberwear is varied and full of interesting decisions. Firstly, he was originally in line to get David’s Sandevistan, but instead, because David obtains it, he has other cybernetics instead.

He has the typical optical enhancements and seems to have more than those, Dermal implants that seemed to have increased the durability of his skin. His big ones though are the Gorilla Arms, which increases his strength nearly tenfold as he is able to fight with immense prowess. He has a Projectile Launch System which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Maine got so many cybernetics that he grew taller, wider and bigger than he was in his flashback. However, falling to cyberpsychosis does stop him from flying higher.

2. David Martinez

top 15 most powerful cyberpunk edgerunners characters

Taking our silver medal of power is David Martinez. David is the main protagonist of the show and that automatically makes him very powerful. Whilst starting off small and weak, losing to people like Katsuo, he manages to obtain the Sandevistan from James Norris. Now, while Doc expected him not to survive the Sandy, he not only utilizes it but can use it three to four times a day with no major ill effects.

As he got stronger and his friends started to die he started expanding his immense cyberwear. This made him physically larger and gave him plenty of unique abilities. He had cyberlegs that could cause him to jump high, a Projectile Launch System that he took from Maine and Syn-Lungs that he uses to increase his stamina.

He also carries a multitude of weaponry such as the Lexington, Crusher and Satara which we’ve mentioned before, however these aren’t his main form of power. At the end of the series he enters and uses the experimental Arasaka Cyberskeleton which increases his strength tenfold.

However, this cyberskeleton doesn’t give him first place for a reason, and anyone who’s watched the show will know why.

1. Adam Smasher

top 15 most powerful cyberpunk edgerunners characters

Our gold medal of power goes to none other than Adam Smasher. Adam Smasher pops up in the final episode and slaughters most of the remaining cast at that point in the show. He is intensely strong, so much more so than David, able to decimate him in hand to hand combat, he has intense stamina, durability and agility as well.

He has a Sandevistan as well, which takes away David’s main advantage and he’s also skilled in every weapon he uses. Adam Smasher is leaps and bounds above everyone else on our list, and there’s no evidence to the contrary.

That is it from today’s post on Top 15 Most Powerful Cyberpunk Edgerunners Characters. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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